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• New for 2010! 'Crimson Queen' Japanese Edition CD: Available from Eil, Ideal Copy & other Import CD stores •

Rewind Scotland 2011: Toyah Tweets 31 July, 2011
At around 1pm today Toyah tweeted some great news: "Just setting off to rewind site. Can't wait. I will be in full vintage '81 costume xxx". Toyah is onstage @ 5.45pm.

A couple of hours later there was another tweet from Toyah: "Robert fripp has retired from touring to do security for the wife. Vicious Security :-)", accompanied by this brilliant
photo of Mr Fripp.
Toyah Live 2011: Rewind Scotland: Today! 31 July, 2011
Toyah plays Scotland's 'Rewind: The 80s Festival' today at Scone Palace, Perth. Toyah's been rehearsing with the 'Rewind' band this week and tweeted a photo of them on Wednesday. She also tweeted on Saturday: "364 miles to scone castle for Rewind. But my chauffeur is the legendary robert fripp". Have a great time in beautiful Perth Toyah and Robert. 'Rewind England' takes place in three week's time at Henley!

Above: Toyah plays her first 'Rewind Festival' at Henley on Thames in August 2009; This year's 'Rewind' logo and Toyah imagery; Toyah, the last time she played an outdoor festival in Scotland: 'Live on The Lawn' @ Culzean Castle, Ayrshire in August 2005.

Right: Promotional flyer advertising the launch of the first 'Rewind Scotland'. Please click on the image for a lerger version.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 31 July, 2011
• View a collection of rare live Toyah photos, from November 1981, at 'The Official Friars Aylesbury website'. There's some really great shots "unseen from the Bucks Herald archives".

• A couple of recent 'Rewind Scotland' press stories, from
Aberdeen Press & Journal and Scotland Courier, both namechecking Toyah.

Dinnington Today are Counting down to the big Clumber concerts. Toyah plays Clumber on Saturday 20th August along with The Human League, Level 42, Heaven 17 and Nik Kershaw

Wickham Festival is still going ahead, reports the
Romsey Advertiser. It appears that someone would prefer it wasn't!!
Shoestring: Series One: UK DVD Release 30 July, 2011
Following the recent news that The Ebony Tower is to be released on DVD in the UK in September it looks like another classic Toyah television appearance will also be made available on DVD the following month.

Shoestring: Series One is set to be released on DVD in the UK in October of this year.

The, late 70's/early 80's, series had almost been released on UK DVD on a number of occasions through the Noughties but, unfortunately, all were cancelled due to the high cost of licensing the music included.

Shoestring: Series 1 (3 Discs)
Featuring: Trevor Eve, Doran Godwin & Michael Medwin
Label: BBC DVD/2entertain
Release Date: 03/10/2011

Lighthearted detective series set in the West Country, about Eddie Shoestring, a radio-phone-in detective. Eddie Shoestring, a crime-solving former mental patient with a penchant for wearing pyjama jackets instead of shirts was played by Trevor Eve. Its creators went on to create the much longer-lived Bergerac. First broadcast in 1979, Shoestring became one of the most popular British private detective shows of all time, with Trevor Eve playing the dishevelled, private eye-turned-radio show host, Eddie Shoestring.

Episodes: 1. Private Ear; 2. Knock for Knock; 3. Higher Ground; 4. An Uncertain Circle; 5. Listen to Me; 6. Nine Tenths of The Law; 7. The Link-Up; 8. Stamp Duty; 9. Find the Lady; 10. The Partnership; 11. I'm a Believer.

Toyah, and the Toyah band, guest in the first series, in the episode Find The Lady, with Toyah playing a singer, "Toola", and the band appearing sporadically through the epiosde and over the end credits with an amazing version of 'Danced'. This also stars Gary Holton and Christopher Biggins.

The Humans: Sugar Rush 29 July, 2011
The finalised cover artwork for the second album by The Humans, 'Sugar Rush', tweeted by Toyah yesterday.

The twelve-track LP, produced by Humans band member Bill Rieflin, includes the songs Sweet Agitation, Fragment Pool, Put A Woman On The Moon and the title track, all of which were previewed live on The Humans' February 2010 UK tour. Sugar Rush was recorded in the UK and features guest guitar on all tracks by Robert Fripp.

Details of the album release will be announced on soon. In the meantime preview clips of four tracks from the album can be heard in the Multimedia section of the website.

1. Titanium Girl; 2. Love In A Different Way; 3. Sea Of Size; 4. Pebble; 5. Small Town Psychopath; 6. Sweet Agitation; 7. Playing In The Dark; 8. Snow At 10:23; 9. Sugar Rush; 10. This Reasoning; 11. Fragment Pool; 12. Put A Woman On The Moon

• Information from The Humans Official website | Visit
Dreamscape Audio/Video: A Trip Through Time 29 July, 2011
Check out the Dreamscape Audio/Video section. There's dozens of great Toyah interviews...

Classic Toyah: Fitness (1984): My Body Myself 29 July, 2011
I’m always changing my hairstyle. Quite often I change my entire image. After all, it’s my body and I’ll do whatever I like with it.

We’re raiding the Toyah archives again…‘Fitness’ magazine; 1984: Toyah Willcox My Body Myself:

In her comfortable new home in North London, she talked to Maureen Stevens about fitness and health

“When it comes to fitness, I’ve done the lot. You see, I’ve had to. I was born with a bone deficiency disease and the problems grew as I grew. Looking back on it, I suppose that was why my parents sent me to all sorts of dancing and gymnastics classes from the time I was a toddler. But ice skating was what I really liked. When I was 10, I was working six hours a day at it and having lessons from John Curry’s teacher. Then the blow fell: one of my legs had gradually become much shorter than the other. I had to give up skating, go into calipers and have several operations. It put paid not just to ice skating, but to several years of my life.

• Read the full classic interview here. Or view a larger scan of the original article here. Visit Dreamscape’s Press Archive here. View all of our Classic Toyah Interviews here.

Dreamscape Gallery: 30 New Photos 28 July, 2011
Approximately 30 'new' photos have been added to the Gallery. Including early Toyah photo shoots from 1979 and 1980. Live at The Robin, Toyah in Guernsey, Nightingales and The Hazel O'Connor Collective all from 2010. Plus one each from 1983 and 1984. (Thanks to Richard Smith & Andi)

Somewhere In The Distance: Desire 27 July, 2011
24 Summers ago... this extremely underrated album was released. Desire: Complex and intelligent, with great songwriting, vocals and melodies. View Toyah's full discography at

Custom Toyah 'Anthem' Doll 26 July, 2011
Another unique, and magical, way of marking the 30th Anniversary of the release of 'Anthem':

A new, fantastic, custom Toyah doll, by Andi Westhorpe, based on the artwork of the 1981 album. Please click below for larger versions of the photos, and here to view Andi's collection at Dreamscape's Gallery.

From Sheep Farming...: New Dates... Plus! 26 July, 2011
Two more new confirmed dates for the 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' Tour 2011.

14th October at The Factory, Porth in Wales, and 15th October @ Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham-By-Sea.

Toyah's set at Wickham Festival, on Sunday 7th August, will also now be a 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' set (set duration: 1hour & on-stage time: 6pm).

• Other live Toyah news: A new PA has been confirmed at New Forester's gay club on Saturday 17th September. Toyah's third PA, in as many years, at this venue.

Visit the
Gigs page at The Official Toyah website for more info and links to buy tickets for all of the above new dates.

Express: Still Shocking In Pink, Toyah Willcox At 53 25 July, 2011
Toyah Willcox has gone back to her shocking pink, punk roots.

The performer, who famously sang “don’t want to be told what to wear” in her 1981 hit I Want To Be Free, donned a pink, fan-shaped hairpiece on stage in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, at the weekend.

Still fresh-faced at 53, Toyah, who has admitted to plastic surgery, has decided to wear all her original stage costumes on her latest tour, Sheep Farming To Anthem, celebrating her three decades in the music business.

She said: “These costumes have sat in storage for 30 years. They deserve a new spark of life. It is rather nice to be groping around in the dark again doing quick changes.”

Known for her theatrical style, the actress and singer enjoyed a string of hits with 13 Top 40 singles.
In 1977, aged 19, Willcox starred in the violent punk film Jubilee directed by Derek Jarman.

Rock & Bike Festival 2011: Review 25 July, 2011
The Rock & Bike Festival 2011
Review by Reg Enderby
Editor, The Nottingham Gig Guide

...Special guest for the day was Toyah Willcox, who not only sang for her supper, but was on hand to award trophies and have her picture taken with the winners, the bands and the public...

Local band “Stone” really embraced the theme and the whole band were dressed as pirates, but their thoughts were more with how they were going to perform alongside Toyah. A poor show would see them walking the plank and a quick acoustic run through in the dressing room was all they were going to get. All fears were soon allayed as Toyah joined the band mid set and quickly whipped the lads into shape with a very raunchy costume as she belted out “Rebel Yell”

• View Reg's full review at the 'Rock & Bike Fest' website,
Classic Toyah: The Ebony Tower: More 1983 Stills 25 July, 2011
Another selection of fantastic stills from The Ebony Tower, featuring Toyah, Laurence Olivier, Greta Scacchi and Roger Rees. The 1983 drama is released on region 2 DVD on 19th September. Please click on these for larger versions. (Thanks to Andi)

From Sheep Farming To Anthem: Harrogate 25 July, 2011
Click below to view a clip of Toyah performing 'Neon Womb' from the gig. 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' headlined the Harrogate Fringe Festival last Friday night. (Thanks to Howie)

Classic Toyah: The Ebony Tower: 1983 Promotional Photos 25 July, 2011
Two promotional photos from The Ebony Tower. Click on each for larger versions. (Thanks to Andi)

From Sheep Farming To Anthem: Oxford @ 'You Tube' 25 July, 2011
Check out Godsholytrousers' channel at 'You Tube' for extensive, great quality, footage of 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' at The Regal, Oxford, from the beginning of July.

Bio's 'Psychic Thursdays' Trailer 25 July, 2011
Bio are re airing the recent Celebrity Ghost Stories UK series as part of their new "Psychic Thursdays". Toyah is included in the trailer currently running on the channel.

Rest in Peace Amy 25 July, 2011
Toyah, via Twitter, reacted to the death of the, incredibly talented, Amy Winehouse on Saturday at just 27.

"My god this is so bloody sad! God bless you ms winehouse"

Rest in Peace Amy.
From Sheep Farming... Bromsgrove: Live! Tonight!! 23 July, 2011
More Excitment!! Toyah brings 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' to the Artrix, Bromsgrove tonight...

Toyah @ 'Manchester Pride 2011' 23 July, 2011
Toyah plays 'Manchester Pride' next month. She has now been added to the "What's On" section of their website.

Toyah has had a highly successful, prolific and incredibly diverse career, with major hit records and many stage and screen roles to her credit, which has made her one of Britain’s biggest household names. A star of both stage and screen, we're looking forward to rocking out with Toyah and taking a trip down memory lane to what it was like 21 years ago when Manchester Pride still only a twinkle in everybody's eye!
Dreamscape News Archive: June 2011 23 July, 2011
Dreamscape News for June 2011 has now been archived. June was a busy month for Toyah news and updates but Toyah bringing 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' to London's Leicester Square Theatre overshadows everything else. Dreamscape brought you numerous updates and wonderful photographs from the gig, courtesy of Lärwi, Damon & Greg. Visit our News Archive below. Toyah Willcox (On Motorbike) 22 July, 2011
Toyah compered at last weekend's 'Rock & Bike Fest 2011'. and also performed a song with Stone. Toyah also found the time to pose on a motorbike at the festival.

• Check out the photo at

'Harrogate News' have also published a great Dean Stockings photo of Toyah today, along with a mini article detailing some career achievements.

They are celebrating 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' playing at the Harrogate Theatre tonight, as part of the Harrogate International Festival Fringe.

• View at the 'Harrogate News' website, here.

From Sheep Farming... Harrogate: Live! Tonight!! 22 July, 2011
Exciting!! Toyah brings 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' to the Harrogate Theatre tonight...

• Thanks again to Lärwi & Damon King for their FSF-A London photos, above in our banner.

Dreamscape Gallery: Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! 22 July, 2011
BBC Hereford & Worcester: BBC Introducing 22 July, 2011
Toyah guests on BBC Introducing in Hereford & Worcester this evening at 7pm on 'BBC Hereford & Worcester'.

Toyah Willcox has just announced a brand new UK tour, taking in Bromsgrove as she relives some of her 80's hits that launched her to fame. The singer-come-TV star, who lives in Pershore, still performs all over the world and travels to London on virtually a daily basis - saying she'd rather stay at home than live in the big smoke!

Hear how she's still described by many as the Pershore Pin Up while she's shopping for her groceries - and show's had the ultimate compliment from both Florence & The Machine and Marina & The Diamonds.

This sounds like it could possibly be a repeat of a part of the recent Andrew Easton Show interview, or it could, possibly, be a new interview.

Listen online at the website,
here. This will also be available at BBC iPlayer, here, after broadcast.
My Spirit Radio: Celebrity Interview Archive 22 July, 2011
Toyah's interview with 'My Spirit Radio', originally aired in 2006, is currently on the website's entry page: Toyah Willcox: The prolific singer, writer musician and actress talks about her career, love life, and being a Taurean. Click below to visit the site.

The Changeling +: Lyrics: 'Warrior Rock' 21 July, 2011
A bonus 'The Changeling' lyric, Warrior Rock the b side to 'Brave New World', and certainly worthy of inclusion in The Changeling | The Complete Lyrics. Click on either of the below for larger. (Dedicated to another good friend, Michael Cooney, as I know he loves 'The Changeling')

Classic Toyah: The Ebony Tower: Stills From 1983 21 July, 2011
The Ebony Tower is, finally, released on standalone DVD in a couple of month's time in the UK. Only 27 years after the drama aired on ITV. Toyah looks amazing in this, so here's a selection of rare stills from the filming in France, Summer 1983. Click for larger versions. (Huge thanks to Andi)

Rewind Festival, Henley: Airing on Sky Arts 21 July, 2011
'Sky Arts' are once again airing the 'Rewind Festival' at Henley, taking place 19th - 21st August.

Great news! Toyah has
tweeted today that the channel will be filming her set at the festival. Toyah is playing both Rewind Festivals this year; Henley and Perth, Scotland (29th - 31st July). Visit the Official Rewind Festival website, here, for ticket info and much more.
The Changeling: Lyrics: 'Brave New World' 21 July, 2011
It's the final of our lyric pages for 'The Changeling' ( ... or is it? ). It's Brave New World, one of the best singles of 1982. Beautiful imagery but even without that it's just a great song. Click on either below for larger versions. (Dedicated to Andrew York: A good friend & creator of stunning Toyah art)

Wetherby News: All Change For Hitmaker Toyah! 21 July, 2011
Flamboyant hit 80s singer Toyah Willcox is planning not one but six changes of costume for her forthcoming Harrogate Theatre show. Toyah, who appears this Friday, July 22 as part of Harrogate international Festival Fringe, said: “We start at year 1981 with quite grounded theatrical songs and regress towards the punk era, with the show building in intensity and sheer exuberance, back to the music of 1978! It feels quite odd exiting stage for a quick change, there’s six in all!”

The show is part of TV celebrity Toyah’s year-long From Sheep Farming To Anthem Tour which has been receiving plaudits across the internet and social media.

The striking Toyah visuals which she created in the 1980s were an innovative forerunner of the styles and approaches adopted by the hitmakers of today including Lady GaGa and Gwen Stefani.

• Read the full article at the 'Wetherby News' website,

Tickets available at Harrogate Theatre Box Office on 01423 502 116 or at

Classic Toyah: Toyah/The Changeling on TV 1982 21 July, 2011
Continuing the 1982/The Changeling theme... Here's a selection of screen caps from that year, most either related to 'The Changeling' or aired around the time of the album's release: 6.55 Special, Nationawide, Hold Tight, Razzmatazz Toyah Special, Cheggers Plays Pop, Get Set For Summer, CB-TV, Three Of A Kind, Madabout, Rock Aus Dem Alabama, Razzmatazz Toyah Special, and Pop Quiz. Please click on these for larger versions. (Thanks to Andi)

The Changeling: Lyrics: 'Run Wild, Run Free' 20 July, 2011
The lyrics to, just an incredible song from 'The Changeling', Run Wild, Run Free. Another fan favourite, though everything on this album is flawless. Click on either below for larger versions. (I'd like to dedicate this to Paul Lomas, just for being a great, loyal, friend over the last 13 years, and also to Paul Cable, wherever he may be ;)) View The Changeling | The Complete Lyrics section.

Club i: New Promo Flyers/Imagery 20 July, 2011
More new promo flyers for Club i's "Girl Icons" night: To celebrate our Girl Icons night, we have some amazing Toyah goodies to give away to mark the Toyah: Classics Revisited Live 2011 tour, including a pair of tickets for the Islington date, a copy of 'Crimson Queen' album CD, a Humans rare radio promo CD single of These Boots and a Sugar Rush snippets album sampler! Start making your costume now! Click on each below for larger versions, and go here for info on Club i.

Dreamscape Facebook/Forum 20 July, 2011
Just to confirm that I've closed the Dreamscape Facebook. Apologies to anyone who was enjoying it and thanks to everyone who became friends with Dreamscape there. I tried to be enthusiastic with it, but I wasn't enjoying it. I just have to finally accept that I'm not a Facebook fan and move on. I have also closed the Forum (again). Apologies, too, to the very few who were still using the Forum, but it just wasn't being used enough to justify keeping it online.
WFMU's Beware Of The Blog: It's A Mystery 20 July, 2011
Julie Bennack of 'WFMU', who interviewed Toyah in May and met up with her in London in June has this week blogged about both.

This spring I excitedly told friends and family that I'd be interviewing one of my childhood idols, singer/actress Toyah Willcox. This announcement was met with blank stares and silence from those who assumed they didn't know her due to their age or a "Who's that?" from the unembarrassed. At least one responded with, "Oh, Robert Fripp's wife." When I explained she was a household name in the UK, with huge hits like "I Wanna Be Free," and "It's a Mystery," they may have thought I exaggerated her fame because of my excitement.

So why don't people in the U.S. know Toyah Willcox? Her biggest claims to fame here, aside from the Fripp connection, may perhaps be her appearance in the film "Quadrophenia," or her narration of "Teletubbies." Toyah blames her reluctance to tour outside the U.K. for her relative anonymity. But there are other English performers who never played the U.S. -- Kim Wilde and Kate Bush for example -- who still managed to have American hits in the '80s. So what is it about Toyah that people here never picked up her records? Why no airplay?

• Read the full blog,
Snow White 2011: Promo Video Screen Caps 20 July, 2011
A selection of screen caps, taken from the Snow White 2011 promo video. Click on these for larger.

Snow White 2011: Promo Video @'You Tube' 20 July, 2011
A new promo video for Snow White & Seven Dwarfs, Toyah's panto for 2011 at The Alban Arena, St Albans, has recently been uploaded to 'You Tube'. It includes an interview with Toyah. View here.

Classic Toyah: Pop Quiz 1982: Rare Video Clip 19 July, 2011
A short, and very rare, video clip of Toyah guesting on Pop Quiz in 1982. (Thanks again to Andi)

Classic Toyah: Pop Quiz 1982: Screen Captures 19 July, 2011
Toyah guested on BBC1's Pop Quiz on a number of occasions in the early to mid 80's. This appearance, from 1982, is probably the rarest. Please click on the screen caps for larger versions. (Thanks to Andi, who sent me these about six years ago and I've just rediscovered the disc)

The Changeling: Lyrics: 'Dawn Chorus' 19 July, 2011
The lyrics to, many people's favourite song from 'The Changeling', Dawn Chrous. Shoulda, woulda, coulda been a single. Click on either below for larger versions. (Dedicated to, the wonderful, Lärwi).

Post Jubilee: Rare Toyah Photo 19 July, 2011
An amazing, and rare, photo of Toyah, post-Jubilee, but definitely taken in 1977 shortly after the film was completed, has materialised online. It looks like this was taken after Jubilee but before this other publicity shot, of Jenny Runacre and Toyah, was taken for press promotion of the film. Click on both for larger versions. (Thanks to Nick Goodman for the 'new' photo, and to Andi)

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 19 July, 2011
HMV are currently listing 'Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!' as being "available for pre order" and "released on 1st August 2011". Still on Cherry Red, same tracklist and catalogue no. Possibly just an error listing? (Thanks to Paul Lomas)

• It looks like another Welsh date for 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' will be taking place in October. Not officially confirmed yet. View
here. (Thanks to Roger)

• A lively
debate has recently been taking place at the 'Birmingham History' forums, on whether Toyah should have a star on the Birmingham Walk of Fame. No need for a debate really, of course she should!
The Changeling: Lyrics: 'The Packt' & 'Life In The Trees' 18 July, 2011
Another two from 'The Changeling': The amazing The Packt and, the brilliantly bonkers, Life In The Trees. These have been added to our new The Changeling | The Complete Lyrics section. That's seven down, three to go, plus maybe a 'Warrior Rock' bonus!

The Changeling: 25 Years Of... 18 July, 2011
The 30th Anniversary of the release of 'The Changeling' is next year but why wait till then... Our massive 25th year celebration has everything you ever wanted to know about this incredible album!

Toyah on TV 18 July, 2011

TV Scrabble : Challenge - Saturday 23rd July : 5.10am
TV Scrabble : Challenge +1 - Saturday 23rd July : 6.10am

Toby Anstis presents a celebrity edition of the world's most popular word game turned TV game show. The familiar faces include Toyah Willcox and Rick Wakeman.

The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies Indie - Tuesday 26th July : 9.35am
Satirical comedy with Kris Marshall, Kathy Keira Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Olivia Nash, Pauline McLynn, Tara Lynne O'Neill, Toyah Willcox, Harry Towb, Marc O'Shea and Paddy McCarney. Also airing on Sky Movies Indie HD.

Celebrity Ghost Stories UK : Bio - Thursday 28th July : 9.00pm
Celebrity Ghost Stories UK : Bio - Friday 29th July : 4.00am
Celebrity Ghost Stories UK : Bio - Friday 29th July : 8.00pm

Part 6. Sue Cook reveals creepy encounters with a malevolent nutcracker and a UFO, Toyah Willcox speaks of a spooky apparation, and Alex Fearns discusses sinister sounds he once caught on tape.

Celebrity Fantasy Home : Watch - Saturday 30th July : 12.00pm
Celebrity Fantasy Home : Watch +1 - Saturday 30th July : 1.00pm

Celebrities hunt for a new home. Gaby Roslin helps punk pop princess Toyah Willcox search
for a second home, in Richmond upon Thames, with a budget of £650,000.

The Changeling: Lyrics: New Section 17 July, 2011
'The Changeling' Lyrics now have a new, permanent, home...

Dreamscape Gallery: 1982 Update 17 July, 2011
'The Changeling' lyrics pages have inspired a small update to the 1982 Gallery. Nothing too exciting, just an additional 18 Toyah photos from that year. Please click below to view the 1982 Gallery, or here for the Gallery Index. (Thanks to Paul Lomas & Andi)

The Changeling: Lyrics: 'The Druids' & 'Angel & Me' 17 July, 2011
Two more from 'The Changeling': The Druids and, the intense, Angel & Me. That's the A-Side done and dusted. I'm talking vinyl here kids - Ask your Granny :) (I'm dedicating these to Andi Westhorpe for his constant Toyah inspiration, particulary 70s/80s, and especially with 'The Changeling')

Toyah at 'Rock & Bike Fest 2011' Today! 16 July, 2011
Toyah is in Loughborough, Leicestershire today. Back for the second year running at the 'Rock & Bike Fest'. The festival website says: "Toyah Willcox - Back this year due to popular demand!". This year Toyah is compering, and will also play one "surprise" song at some point. Headlining on the Main Stage tonight are New Model Army (I wonder if they'll play the awesome 'Vengeance'? Toyah duetting would be even better). Here's a few reminders of Toyah, headlining with Vampires Rock, at last year's festival.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 16 July, 2011
• Maneaters 'Nine to Five' was played on Thursday Night with Robert Puricell on 'Radio Thetford' last, yep you guessed, Thursday. (Thanks to Giddy Gavin)

• Earlier this week Toyah tweeted this photo of herself and Tony Blackburn ready to start filming for Children In Need 2011.

• There's also been some, wobbly, video footage uploaded to 'You Tube', of Toyah and Tony in Yorkshire.

• 'Manchester Evening News' report on Manchester Pride's 21st Anniversary, taking place over the August Bank Holiday weekend. This will include Toyah. Others also taking part: Pixie Lott, Sugababes, Blue, Pam Ann, Bucks Fizz, Horse, Denise Black, Hazel Dean and many more. (Thanks to Michael O'Brien)

• Ten classic Eighties acts will perform in Ascot on Saturday, August 6. The full line-up is Paul Young, Jason Donovan, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Jimmy Somerville, Toyah, China Crisis, Odyssey, Altered Images, Brother Beyond and Visage. Win tickets here.

The Changeling: Lyrics: 'Street Creature' & 'Castaways' 15 July, 2011
Two more from 'The Changeling': Street Creature and, the beautiful, Castaways. I can't promise to be as prolific with the rest of the album but who knows! Please click on these for larger versions.

Bromsgrove Standard: Toyah Ready To Celebrate 15 July, 2011
Celebrating 30 years since her breakthrough hit 'It's a mystery' Toyah will be making her debut on the Artrix stage in Bromsgrove later this month.

Joined by her band the Worcestershire resident will be belting out hits from her first three albums - including the platinum selling 'Anthem' - as well as a sprinkling of material not heard since some of her tours from the 1970s and '80s.

The show, on Saturday July 23, starts at 8pm and tickets cost £17.50. To book visit or call the box office on 01527 577330. Please note this is a standing and limited seating show so early attendance is advisable.
The York Press: Tony and Toyah Visit York 15 July, 2011
Tony Blackburn and Toyah Willcox visit York to film antiques programme

Two familiar faces have been spotted motoring around York while filming a BBC television programme in the city.

Legendary DJ Tony Blackburn and singer Toyah Willcox have been in town to film the prime-time programme, Antiques Road Trip Celebrity Special.

The show sees the pair competing against one another, with the help of experts, to buy antiques and then to make the most money at auction in aid of Children In Need.

They have spent two days driving around York in vintage cars, visiting the Minster and the Castle Museum as well as Red House Antiques, The Antiques Centre and Banana Warehouse.

• Read the full article at 'The York Press' website,
Club i: Celebrating 'Girl Icons' 14 July, 2011

Friday 5th August 2011

For their third outing into the nightlife, London’s most vibrant alternative club night will pay tribute to some of the best female vocalists of our generation.

On Friday 5th August, Club i will be celebrating the very best of Bjork, Kate Bush, Goldfrapp, The Knife, Siouxsie Sioux, Toyah, and many other unique female artists who have made alternative music what is today.

Club i will once again be positively encouraging you to DRESS UP. Come dressed as your favourite female icon, and there may be a surprise for you on the night!

OPENING TIME: 10PM-4AM at Factory (Vauxhall, London).
The Changeling: The Complete Lyrics 14 July, 2011
A lot of you liked the 'FSF-A' lyrics "build up" pages from a few months ago so I've decided to do similar with the 10 songs from the original 'The Changeling' album. I'll add each sporadically as I do them... beginning with Creepy Room. Please click below for larger versions.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 14 July, 2011
• Another great Toyah rarity from "the old days" has just appeared online: The ticket for Toyah's concert at Theatre La Palace, Paris on 12th December 1981, part of the 'Good Morning Universe' European Tour, featuring the iconic 'Thunder In The Mountains' image.

Click on this for the larger original version. (Thanks to Philippe J. Colibert for the photo and to Andrew York for his restoration work)

• Newly added to the 'Toyah Willcox Interview Archive', the full transcript of Toyah's interview on Tuesday's The Andrew Easton Show from 'BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester'. View, another of Minna's mighty transcripts, here.

• The promotional poster/flyer for Toyah's 2011 panto has now been revealed. Toyah will be starring, as the Wicked Queen, in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at St Albans Alban Arena from 9th December until 1st January, alongside Brody Hutzler (Days Of Our Lives soap legend, apparently), Phil Gallagher, Bob Golding and Jemma Carlisle. Go here, for more details on the panto.

Dreamscape Gallery: 90 New Photos by Stephen Bennett 13 July, 2011
Another sizeable update to the Gallery today, with another 90 new, old, Toyah photos added. These include numerous fantastic live and candid shots of Toyah, featuring some really rare photos, making these a very welcome addition to the website. All of the latest can be found in the 1986 - 1989, 1990 - 1999 & 2000 - 2009 pages. Thanks to Stephen Bennett, who owns all of these photos, for helping me to fill the Dreamscape Gallery with even more amazing Toyah pictures.

You Tubing With Toyah: Jim'll Fix It 1982 13 July, 2011
Toyah's 1982 guest appearance on Jim'll Fix It has made it to 'You Tube'. Toyah fan Wanda Bennet was given a Toyah makeover on the BBC1 show. This is an interesting clip; It's the only time Toyah ever used this image for a tv show. As well as the wig and cape, Toyah also gifted Wanda her famous dress she wore to perform 'Thunder In The Mountains' on Top Of The Pops, and her gold & black bangle, used in numerous photo shoots. Melissa Caplan is also thanked in the credits as she made the cape, possibly especially for this show as Toyah had never previously been seen wearing it. View the clip at 'You Tube', here, and click on the caps for larger versions. (Thanks to Andi)

BBC Hereford & Worcester: Toyah Interview @ iPlayer 13 July, 2011
Toyah guested on yesterday afternoon's Andrew Easton Show on 'BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester'.

We talk to Toyah Willcox about her tour and we're with a creative bunch of Worcester students preparing for an evening's arts festival.

Toyah talked Pershore, 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem', supermarket shopping :) and much, much more.

Toyah appears at approximately 16m 30s into the show, and she guests till around 39m, including a break for a song and a weather report.

There's also a play of 'It's A Mystery' (@ just after 40m)

• This will be available at
BBC iPlayer until next Tuesday at around 4pm.

The Wyre: Toyah Interview 13 July, 2011
Toyah was interviewed on 'The Wyre' yesterday mid morning on The Tom Campbell Show.

Tom said at 'Facebook': I'm speaking to an awesome 80s singer after 10 o'clock today who's on her way to Bromsgrove this month.

I didn't manage to hear this when it went out, and they don't seem to have a "listen again" option at their website, so I'm not sure what was said.
Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 11 July, 2011
• A couple more, 'FSF-A' @ London's Leicester Sq Theatre, photos (including this one) have been added to the 'FSF-A' Gallery, which is now part of our new 'FSF-A' section. (Thanks to Mark Ulrich for the great photos)

• 'FSF-A' plays The Classic Grand in Glasgow on 26th October. Win tickets for the gig. Enter

• Newsy bits from Toyah's recent
tweets: Toyah starts filming for Children In Need this week; She has received gig offers for Norway, Germany & the USA; Toyah had a meeting last week with the Calendar Girls director to discuss a "poss fun part in his next film"; She was filming at Croome Park for the 'National Trust' last week, tweeting this photo; & played a gig to 2000 this morning at 9am!
Toyah on TV 11 July, 2011
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies Indie - Tuesday 12th July : 1.45am
Satirical comedy with Kris Marshall, Kathy Keira Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Olivia Nash, Pauline McLynn, Tara Lynne O'Neill, Toyah Willcox, Harry Towb, Marc O'Shea and Paddy McCarney. Also airing on Sky Movies Indie HD.

From Sheep Farming To Anthem: Dedicated New Section 11 July, 2011
Just added today: Dreamscape's new 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' dedicated section, with comprehensive 'News' pages, a 'Gallery' of fantastic related photos and Lärwi's excellent 'Review' of the London concert. Please click below to spend some time browsing all things 'FSF-A'!

Toyah Interviews: Four Recent-ish Best 10 July, 2011
Taking another look at four great Toyah interviews from the last few years. All of these are still available and make interesting reading. Reminiscin' (2006), Remember The Eighties (2011), One Nation (2009), and GScene (2007). Please click on the previews below to read the full articles.

All Over The World It's Sunday... 10 July, 2011
Toyah 1 - NOTW 0. The original 'News Of The World'' 1981 street poster, advertising their "Toyah's Story" article. Click here or below to view a larger version. (Thanks to Andi)

• View the 'NOTW' article/interview, that accompanied this headline, here. (Thanks again to Andi)

Dreamscape | Toyah.Net Facebook: A Brave New World! 10 July, 2011
We've taken the leap... and Dreamscape now has a Facebook page. There's lots to see: Photos, links to great Toyah videos, articles and much more. Come to the Dreamscape FB and be our friend!

BBC Radio Leicester: Toyah Interview @ iPlayer 10 July, 2011
Toyah guested on yesterday morning's Tony Wadsworth Show on BBC Radio Leicester. She chatted about 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' and the great year she is currently having, enjoying her eclectic career, what inspired her, compering at next week's 'Rock & Bike Festival' (Toyah will be MDing on the Saturday and will also be playing one "surprise" song), motorbikes and more.

Toyah's interview starts at approximately 2hrs 6ms in, after a play of 'Thunder In The Mountains'. The interview lasts for around 13 minutes.

• This will be available at
BBC iPlayer until next Saturday at around Midday.
Classic Toyah @ 'You Tube': Razzmatazz 1981 9 July, 2011
More classic Toyah Eighties television footage has been added to 'You Tube', including the fantastic clip of, an amazing looking, Toyah limbo dancing on Razzmatazz in May 1981. The band also perform 'I Want To Be Free'. View this here. Click on the screen captures for larger versions.

The Ebony Tower: UK DVD Release 8 July, 2011
Good News: The Ebony Tower, the 1984 ITV "tv movie", starring Laurence Olivier, Greta Scacchi, Toyah & Roger Rees, is finally being released on standalone DVD in the UK later this year.

On the Network DVD label, it will be available to buy from 19th September 2011. There is no mention of any special features.

Featuring a formidable central performance by Laurence Olivier, one of Britain s most revered actors, this BAFTA-nominated television play was adapted by John Mortimer (Rumpole of the Bailey) from the novel by John Fowles; a distinguished supporting cast includes Greta Scacchi and Roger Rees. Henry Breasley (Olivier) is an elderly painter whose secluded retirement is invaded by David Williams (Rees), a brash young artist commissioned to produce a biographical study of the great man. Breasley shares his home in the South of France with two young English girls, both former art students, Diana and Anne. In this strange ménage, David is left in no doubt about his host s views on modern abstract art. However, he is puzzled by the old man s relationship with the girls, especially when he also finds himself strongly attracted to Diana...

Catalogue Number: 7953581 | Running Time: 80 mins approx | Region: 2 / PAL | Subtitles: None | Sound: Mono / English | Picture: 1.33:1 / Colour | Number of Discs: 1 | Classification: 15 | Barcode: 5027626358143

• Visit the 'Network DVD' forthcoming releases page,
here, and The Ebony Tower page, here.

BBC Radio Leicester: Toyah on 'Tony Wadsworth Show' 8 July, 2011
Toyah guests on The Tony Wadsworth Show on 'BBC Radio Leicester' tomorrow morning. Tony's show airs from 9am to Midday.

TOMORROW, 09/07/2011: 09:00 on BBC Leicester
Tony brings you music, entertainment and special guest punk princess, Toyah.

Listen online at the
website. The show will also be available at 'BBC iPlayer' post broadcast.

• Thanks to Andrew York and Timo.

FSF-A: Official 'Blue Meanings' @ Leicester Sq Theatre 8 July, 2011
More, stunning quality, official 'FSF-A' footage has just been added to 'You Tube'. View 'Blue Meanings' live from Leicester Square Theatre, here. 'War Boys' is also at the Official Toyah You Tube channel, here. Click on the caps, taken from the video footage, below for larger versions.

Screen captures from video footage by Simon Booth

FSF-A: Official 'War Boys' @ Leicester Sq Theatre 8 July, 2011
Toyah's Official website now has fantastic footage, filmed by Simon Booth, of Toyah performing 'War Boys' at last month's 'FSF-A' concert at London's Leicester Square Theatre. View the video at here. Click on the caps, taken from the video footage, below for larger versions.

Screen captures from video footage by Simon Booth

Toyah Willcox Interview Archive: WFMU Toyah Special 8 July, 2011
There's now a full transcript of the recent 'WFMU' Toyah Special over at 'The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive'. The three hour radio show, totally dedicated to Toyah, and including a lengthy interview by show host Julie Bennack, aired in May. View the transcript here.

Official Toyah: July 2011 Blog: "Eclectic Hectic" 6 July, 2011
Toyah’s July 2011 Blog has been added to The Official Toyah website. It's a great read, with Toyah talking about 'FSF-A' (more Melissa Caplan outfits have been unearthed), recording her new dance track with Paul Masterson, filming a new documentary for the BBC, The Humans and more.

Classic Toyah @ 'You Tube' 6 July, 2011
A great collection of classic Toyah 80's performances, interviews and drama clips have recently been added to 'You Tube', including the six below. Click on the screen caps to view at 'You Tube'.

Toyah Tribute @ 'You Tube': Live 1981-2011 6 July, 2011
Lärwi, of 'The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive', has created an excellent "audio & slide" tribute to Toyah, just recently added to her 'Toyah Fan Videos' You Tube channel. Check it out here.

Lärwi says: This is a tribute to Toyah's amazing 30 + year career: The song is from the legendary "Good Morning Universe", Theatre Royal, Drury Lane gig, London, 24.12.1981 and the photos are from "From Sheep Farming To Anthem", The Leicester Square Theatre gig, London, 17.6.2011.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 6 July, 2011
• 'Dangerous Minds' have just published an article on Jubilee/Derek Jarman, complete with a rare photo of Toyah and Jordan from a 1978 issue of 'Films and Filming' magazine. View here.

• Another recent article on Derek Jarman, from, can be viewed

• Toyah is possibly guesting on BBC Radio Leicester at some point this Saturday. No other info available at the moment. (Thanks to Andrew)

• 'Change of Scenery', from 'Mayhem', was included in last night's Dark Night Of The Soul With Julie
playlist on 'WFMU'. Julie's three hour Toyah Birthday Special, from 17th May 2011, is still available to listen to here.
From Sheep Farming... Oxford: Photos By Manuel Seuwin 5 July, 2011
A selection of photos from the fifth 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' gig, which took place last Saturday night at The Regal, Oxford. View larger versions by clicking on each. These photos and more have also been added to the FSF-A Gallery. (Huge thanks to Manuel for his great photos)

YouTubing with FSF-A @ Oxford: Ieya 5 July, 2011
Toyah sounding and looking ruddy amazing: An awesome 'Ieya' from Saturday night's 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' gig at The Regal, Oxford. (Thanks to

Toyah on TV 5 July, 2011
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies Indie - Wednesday 6th July: 9.40am
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies Indie - Monday 11th July : 8.00am

Satirical comedy with Kris Marshall, Kathy Keira Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Olivia Nash, Pauline McLynn, Tara Lynne O'Neill, Toyah Willcox, Harry Towb, Marc O'Shea and Paddy McCarney. Also airing on Sky Movies Indie HD.

Top Of The Pops: The Story Of 1976, featuring Toyah, has its first BBC2 airing this Saturday.

Top Of The Pops: The Story Of 1976 : BBC2 - Saturday 9th July : 10.45pm
Documentary examining how the BBC's flagship pop show reflected changes in British music and culture during 1976. Featuring contributions by Tony Blackburn, Paul Morley, Toyah Willcox, David Hamilton and Dave Haslam.

Dreamscape Gallery: New 'Art +' Page 3 July, 2011
Another new section added to the Gallery: "Toyah Art +"... Many thanks to Andrew & Andi.

Dreamscape Gallery: More Photos 3 July, 2011
Another batch of Toyah photos just added to the Gallery. Mostly live shots from various 2010/11 gigs and PAs, plus a few from the 1990s/80s. Please click below to visit the expanding Gallery.

• Thanks to Brian Marsh, Alec Kelly, Glyn Whelan, Michael O'Brien, Paul Lomas, Stephen Bennett and Myke Crombleholme.

Express: My Six Best Books: Toyah Willcox 2 July, 2011
Toyah chose her "Six Best Books" in yesterday's 'Express'.

TOYAH WILLCOX, 53, is a punk singer, actress and TV presenter.

She is married to the musician Robert Fripp and is best known for her singles It’s A Mystery and I Want To Be Free. She will be part of the Rewind The 80s Festival from August 19 to 21 at Henley-on-Thames. For more information go to

The End Of Overeating by David Kessler; Penguin, £9.99

I love books about food and couldn’t put this one down. It’s about taking control of our insatiable appetites and the way the food industry has used sugar, salt and fat to cause compulsive eating. I couldn’t put it down.

• View Toyah's five other best books, and the rest of the article, at the 'Express' website,
here. Nick Tauber Talks Toyah 2 July, 2011
The, previously mentioned, Nick Tauber video interview has been viewable to some of you after all, including Andrew York, who created this mini feature from it. Nick does mention working with Toyah.

Nick: "I got a job with Safari Records, doing a band called "The Boys". they were a punk band, and from that I got the Toyah gig. I did 4 or 5 records with her.

I did "It's A Mystery" and the whole thing just took off, she just went ballistic! She became like the Queen of Punk and Adam Ant became the Prince of Punk, and they were both doing really well."

• View all of what Nick says about Toyah,
here. (Thanks again to Andrew York)
In The Eighties: Two From Toyah! 2 July, 2011
Two rare photos of Toyah: The first is from October 1983, at the 'Just Seventeen' magazine launch party, and the other was taken in March 1984 when Toyah was filming Movie Queen in Bristol. Please click on both for larger versions. (Thanks to Andi for these great pictures)

Birmingham Post: Fighting Fifties For Toyah 2 July, 2011
Sexism and ageism are the themes of a new budget production starring former 80s singer Toyah Willcox. Roz Laws spoke to her.

Calendar Girls was an award-winning, inspiring film which showcased the abilities of older women.


Not exactly, says criminal lawyer Ann Cameron. She is so disappointed with movies on offer at the cinema that she set about making her own, written by, produced, directed and starring women over 50.

“Chick flicks are almost always produced by men, and it shows,” says 59-year-old Ann.

• Read the full interview at the 'Birmingham Post' website,
here. (Thanks to Paul Lomas)
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