1984: Session used for 'Outlook' magazine ad


1984: Session used for Fan Club Christmas Card


Early '84: Filming Movie Queen for ITV

Mid '84: Photo Session One


Autumn '84: Photo Session Two


December '84: Toyah attends the Olivier Awards +


December 1984: Pop Quiz +


Mid 1985: Terence Donovan session


Various Months (1984/85): Various



April: 'Don't Fall In Love (I Said)'


April: Guesting on BBC1's Wogan

June: 'Soul Passing Through Soul'


July: 'Minx'


Mid '85: Radio Aire 'Minx' Interview


Mid '85: Session used on cover of German magazine 'Musik Szene'

Summer: Performing 'Don't Fall In Love' in Europe

Mid 1985: British Rock & Pop Awards


Mid - Late '85: Various photos




(Thanks to Paul Lomas, Andi, Andrew York & Kurt Jones)

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