January: British Rock & Pop Awards: Best Female



January: British Rock & Pop Awards - 'Daily Mirror' photoshoot

January/February: Shots used in 'Smash Hits' & 'ZigZag' magazines


February/March: Dear Heart (BBC2)


March/April: Recording 'The Changeling'


April: 'Brave New World' - Making the video


May: 'Brave New World'




June: 'The Changeling'


June: 'Noise' magazine


Miscellaneous: Various Photographs


Summer: Performing 'Ieya '82 on Hold Tight

Summer: 'Jackie' Magazine Session


June/July: 'The Changeling Tour' - Various Dates





June/July: 'The Changeling Tour' - Behind the Scenes


August/September: 'Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard)' - By The Sea




August/September: 'Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard)' - Studio Session

Thanks to Asher Meekins          

August/September: 'Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard)' - Studio Outtakes


Autumn: Post Proud!


Autumn: European photo session


Autumn: Performing 'Be Proud' and 'Good Morning Universe' on Saturday Superstore


December: 'Mini Tour'



(Thanks to Andi, Craig Watkins, Paul Lomas, Andrew York, Stephen Bennett, Chris Limb, Minna, Sean, Ghost, Asher Meekins & Shaun)

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