March - August: Trafford Tanzi - In The Ring


March - August: Trafford Tanzi - Out Of The Ring


April: 'Patches' magazine - Fashion Special photos + outtakes



April/May?: Bunny Toyah


May: Andre Csillag photo session


September/October: 'Rebel Run'/'Love Is The Law'



September: Performing 'Rebel Run' on ITV's Hold Tight


Summer: "All Grown Up" photo session


Late Summer: Filming The Ebony Tower in France


Late Summer: Toyah in France


Late Summer: The Ebony Tower - Toyah Promo Photo

October/November: 'The Vow' era photo shoots



October/November: More 'The Vow' era photo shoots


October: 'Just Seventeen' - Magazine Launch


October: Saturday Superstore


October/November/December: Other late 1983 pictures


Late 1983: Photos used in 'Vogue' article in 1984.


November/December: 'Rebel Run' Tour - HQ pics


November/December: 'Rebel Run' Tour - Various Dates



1983: Miscellaneous Photo

Calendar: The Official Toyah Calendar 1983




(Thanks to Paul Lomas, Andi, Kevin, Andrew York, Dan Greensmith, Stephen Bennett & Sean)

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