January - March: Presenting Look! Hear! / 'Bird in Flight' Tour


March: 'Sounds' ... But The Little Boys Understand + others from same session


March: The Old Grey Whistle Test


April: 'Jackie' magazine photo shoot +


April/May: On The Stairs: band + Solo shots


April: Live with The Stranglers: The Rainbow, London

Thanks to Andi  Thanks to Andi  Thanks to Andi  Thanks to Andi  Thanks to Andi  Thanks to Andi

Thanks to Andi  Thanks to Andi  Thanks to Andi

May: 'The Blue Meaning'


May: 'The Blue Meaning' era shoot


Various Months: Band/Solo photos


May: 'Ieya Tour' - Tiffanys, Edinburgh



May/June: 'Ieya' Tour


May/June: 'Ieya' Tour - Various UK Dates



Summer: Rare Photos


Summer: Session filmed for ATV docu, TOYAH


Late Summer: Straight Talk - Guest appearance


Late Summer: 'Neon Womb'


Summer: 'Time Out' magazine


Summer: Junkyard session - filmed for ATV docu, TOYAH


Summer: Smirnoff Press Ad Campaign

  Restored photo - Thanks to Andrew York

September: 'The Face'


September: Live at ICA, London


October: Sugar and Spice: The Royal Court Theatre


October: 'Danced' cover +


October: Minder


November: 'Smash Hits'/'TV Times'/ + Miscellaneous


November 1980: "Records" session


October: 'NME' - The Girl Who Would Be King


September/October: Fin Costello session



November: 'Sunday Telegraph Magazine'


November: Friday Night, Saturday Morning

Various Months: Miscellaneous Photos




(Thanks to Andi, Minna, Ghost, Michael, Paul Lomas & Dan Greensmith)

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