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GBG Magazine: Toyah Interview • 3rd July, 2010
Toyah is interviewed in the July 2010 issue of, Guernsey based, 'GBG' magazine.

GBG was lucky to spend time with Toyah Willcox whilst she was here in Guernsey, so when we asked our readers to come up with some probing questions for her, she had to answer... Here are the questions you asked Toyah.

When you look back at how you dressed in your day, do you think you would be the Lady Gaga of today?

I'm a huge fan of Lady gaga. I'm inspired by her talent but not sure about all the outfits - I'd like her to stick to a particular look for more than one day. I suppose there are similarities between her and me but there's two generations between us.

• Read the full interview, plus a review of the concert, at 'GBG' magazine by clicking below.

GBG Magazine: Guernophenia • 3rd July, 2010
Toyah took part in a special Guernophenia photo-shoot for 'GBG' magazine.

We were lucky to have Toyah Willcox over in Guernsey alongside The Beat and she was such a good sport posing for an amazing shot. Local Vespa owners joined in this super shot and we enjoyed a fun day at Cobo, where Toyah was taken aback when she walked around the corner to find the recreation of Quadrophenia!

Toyah Willcox took Guernsey by storm in May by visiting us to perform at The Best 80's Party In The World... Ever 2. GBG just can't resist doing something a little bit different and couldn't refuse setting up this fabulous recreation of the film Quadrophenia that Toyah is famous for from the eighties... Toyah was dead impressed when she walked along Cobo and arrived to find the stage set and ready to shoot!

• View a larger version of the feature at 'GBG' magazine by clicking below.

The Star: Stars Named For Gay Pride Show Line Up • 3rd July, 2010
Doncaster's gay pride event has lined up three big name music acts to headline its festival next month.

Eighties star Toyah Willcox has been confirmed for the event, along with former Atomic Kitten star Liz McLarnon and several former members of 1990s teen pop group S Club 7.

Pride spokeswoman Jenny Dewsnap said: "This is just for starters! We've also got a number of local and national bands and artists, some of whom are on the brink of major success.

"We've teamed up with Real Radio to acquire three acts that are all potentially going to be in chart positions in the time between now and Pride."

The event is at Doncaster Racecourse on Saturday, August 21

• Read the full article
here. [ Thanks to Paul Lomas ]
Toyah on TV • 3rd July, 2010
Shameful Secrets Of The 70s : Sky 3 - Monday 5th July : 1.00am
Shameful Secrets Of The 70s : Sky 3 - Sunday 11th July : 2.10am

First broadcast in April 2006, this three-part series, there's also a Shameful Secrets Of The 80's and 90s, "exposes the truth behind the nostalgia". Toyah talks punk clothing and polyester!

Shameful Secrets Of The 80s : Sky 3 - Monday 12th July : 1.00am
Shameful Secrets Of The 80s : Sky 3 - Sunday 18th July : 2.10am

Nouvelle cuisine, mobile phones, big hair, Sodastream, Maggie Thatcher...this is the story of what was really going on in the decade that taste forgot.

Kavanagh QC : ITV3 - Saturday 17th July : 2.30pm (ITV3 +1 - 3.30pm)
Kavanagh QC : ITV3 - Sunday 18th July : 11.20pm
(ITV3 +1 - 0.20am)
A Family Affair (1995). Legal drama series, starring John Thaw, with Holly Aird, Robert Ashby, Toyah Willcox and Lisa Harrow.

Celebrity Brides Unveiled : Wedding TV - Monday 19th July : 0.00am
In this episode punk rock Princess Toyah Willcox talks about the heartbreak of her first love, while we quiz T'Pau's Carol Decker on whether she had china on her wedding list!

Never Mind The Buzzcocks : Dave - Monday 19th July : 2.05am
Never Mind The Buzzcocks : Dave ja vu - Monday 19th July : 3.05am

Mark Lamarr hosts a special anniversary edition of the long-running pop quiz, with Phill Jupitus and Bill Bailey. Guests include 80s pop icon Toyah Willcox and Sumon Sunyal.

Hole In The Wall : BBC HD - Tuesday 20th July: 7.30pm
Anton Du Beke hosts the madcap gameshow. The celebrity contestants are TV chef Simon Rimmer, singer Toyah Willcox, actress Zaraah Abrahams and presenter Barney Harwood, captained by rugby legend Austin Healey and EastEnders' Joe Swash.

Summer of Toyah • 29th June, 2010
Summer 2010 is well and truly under way, with bursts of brilliant sunshine (there you go, even a weather report!!) and a quartet of outdoor Toyah gigs to look forward to.

To the right is just some of the advertising currently doing the rounds for these gigs: In July Back To The 80s in Peterborough; Vampires Rock at the Rock & Bike Festival in Derbyshire; and The Greatest Eighties Party Ever... 2 at The Open Air Theatre, Scarborough. In August there's Flashback To The 80s in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

Please click on the ads for larger versions.

'The Co-operative Magazine' recommend Flashback To The 80s in their current issue's "What To Do This Summer" feature:

We've selected some great events and attractions from up and down the country to keep you entertained this summer...

20th & 21st Clumber Concerts at Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire
Friday sees a Flashback to the 80s with performances from the likes of Rick Astley and Toyah, a perfect picnic spot and a fireworks show. Saturday brings you bang up to date with a Pop party in the Park with headliners Peter Andre and N-Dubz.

Toyah @ The Asylum... & Everywhere Else!! • 28th June, 2010
Over the last couple of months Dreamscape's collage of Angus Turner's excellent "Toyah At The Asylum" photos have been spotted in numerous places online.

The latest website to use them is "The UK's round-the-clock entertainment guide"

Thanks again to Angus for capturing these images of Toyah onstage in Birmingham this April. View all of Dreamscape's "Toyah At The Asylum 2010" news

Dreamchild Special Edition CD: Release Delayed • 28th June, 2010
Contrary to last Monday's news, the 'Dreamchild: Special Expanded Edition' CD isn't available as yet.

A number of online music retailers, including Rough Trade Distribution,
here, are now listing its release date as 7th September 2010. How accurate this info is, I'm not sure.

UPDATE: Amazon now have the release date of 'Dreamchild' as July 5, 2010 (Thanks Paul)

Rare French Blue Meaning Press Ad + Photos • 26th June, 2010

A very, very rare French press advert for Toyah's 1980 Safari Records debut studio album, 'The Blue Meaning'. Plus, also just a wee bit rare, five excellent photos of Toyah from early 1980.

• Please click above for slightly larger versions of these. HUGE thanks to Andi.

Toyah @ BBC iPlayer • 26th June, 2010
This evening's BBC1 repeat edition of Toyah's Hole In The Wall is now available to watch online at BBC iPlayer, here.

Anton Du Beke hosts the madcap gameshow where celebrities dress in tight silver suits and try to avoid getting pushed into a pool of cold water by a fast-moving wall.

Toyah Live 2010: More Dates: Minx Plays Manx? • 23rd June, 2010
Two more live Toyah dates, both later in the year, are being advertised online. As with all dates it's advisable not to book tickets for these until it has been officially confirmed that Toyah is playing.

Saturday 23rd Oct: Gaiety Theatre, Douglas, Isle Of Man
Sunday 24th Oct: Jack Rabbit Slims, Hoylake, Wirral

Toyah Willcox in Hoylake at Jack Rabbit Slims: Toyah hit the charts in 1981, with "It's a Mystery." This was followed by several other huge hits including "Thunder In The Mountains" and "I Want to Be Free." These singles were also successful on an international level.

• View further details and ticket info on the Jack Rabbit Slims date
here and here. Further information on all of Toyah's confirmed forthcoming live dates for 2010 can be viewed at The Official Toyah MySpace.

UPDATE: Both these gigs are now confirmed. More info at Toyah's Official Facebook.

SFX: Cult Movie: DVD Review: Jubilee • 23rd June, 2010
Join us every Monday, as we look at a cult movie. Our film of the week (31/05/2010) this time is a punk dystopia featuring Toyah and Adam Ant!

Back in 1977, Johnny Rotten wailed “there is no future in England’s dreaming”. Jubilee is Derek Jarman’s bleak daydream of that punk no-future, set in a lawless near-future England where the air is thick with smoke and machine-gun toting gangs roam the streets. It recalls other dystopian visions of Britain, such as Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and some of the works of JG Ballard.

It’s a curious film: verbose, plotless and schizoid. It combines poetic dialogue and intellectualism with a hooligan blood-lust and a sociopathic need to shock. One moment it comes on all obtuse and sociological like some late ’60s Jean-Luc Godard film, the next minute it’s She Devils On Wheels in bondage trousers.

It cuts between state-of-the-world speeches and random flashes of sex and violence, so there are some disconcerting jolts as the film suddenly shifts gears. One minute you’re listening to a lecture about England’s decline and fall, the next minute you’re watching a polysexual orgy or a copper being castrated with a switchblade.

The casting is odd too, with self-conscious amateurs and punk musicians rubbing shoulders with RADA lovies spitting working class gor-blimeyisms in ersatz cockney.

• Read the full review at 'SFX' here.

Birmingham City University: Honorary Graduates • 23rd June, 2010
Birmingham City University has recently updated the "Honorary Graduates" section of their website. This includes Toyah, along with Melvyn Bragg, Frank Skinner and others.

Toyah was awarded her Honorary Doctorate in March 2001, in recognition of her distinguished achievements in performing arts, media and broadcasting.

Toyah Willcox: Birmingham-born Toyah Willcox is an actress and singer who enjoyed a string of hits in the 1980s with her band, Toyah. She also starred in a number of feature films, including Jubilee and Quadrophenia, and more recently has worked as a TV and radio presenter.

• Visit Birmingham City University's website
Catmachine: I Was A Teenage Toyah Fan: Part 2 • 23rd June, 2010
The second part of Chris Limb's Toyah memories blog is now online: I Was A Teenage Toyah Fan 2: Up Close.

For those who aren't aware, Chris used to run Toyah's official fan club, 'Tellurian', in print from 1986 right through until the late 90's online.

He also managed to do something many of us aspiring musicians would dearly loved to have done - he recorded a single with Toyah. 'Killing Made Easy' by Family Of Noise, with Toyah on lead verbals. This was released in February 2004.

'Killing Made Easy' is still available to buy on CD. Go
here for further details.

• Read I Was A Teenage Toyah Fan 1: From Afar,
here, and I Was A Teenage Toyah Fan 2: Up Close, here.
Memories In Music: Toyah Fans Needed For Exhibition • 23rd June, 2010
Memories in Music C.I.C (Community Interest Company) is staging an event of music, memories, and memorabilia representing the history of music in the Midlands from 18th September to 17th October, 2010. Memories in Music is a non-profit company, and the proceeds of the event will benefit Macmillan Cancer Support and Task Brasil’s Casa Jimmy, a home for the abandoned street children of Brazil.

Memories in Music would like fans of Toyah to contact them regarding taking part in creating a portion of the display to represent her as one of the influential artists of the area. The event has support from many musicians who are loaning items from their personal collections; among them Bev Bevan, Steve Gibbons, Trevor Burton, Carl Palmer, and Steve Winwood.

They are looking for items of memorabilia to display, such as photographs, concert tickets, posters, signed items, and fan memories of concerts or of meeting Toyah. All items will be insured, kept secure during public viewing hours, and promptly returned at the end of the exhibit. If any fans are able to help put the exhibit together or staff it during opening hours, that would be great too. 

The exhibit will be held at the St Pauls Gallery in Birmingham running for one month from September 18th. Contributors are invited to the private party in the Gallery on September 17th. The proceeds will benefit Macmillan Cancer Support and Task Brasil, who work with the street children of Rio.

Further information on this and contact details can be found at the Memories in Music website here.

Dreamchild:Special Edition CD: Out Now! • 21st June, 2010
Toyah's 1994 album, 'Dreamchild', is released today on a, Special Edition, expanded CD via Cherry Red Records. Toyah's 10th studio, and sixth solo, album, is often described as "dance", "ambient", "trance", or a mix of all three. Others even suggest it's some sort of "concept album". Though she has a songwriting credit on just one song, 'I Don't Know', Toyah's vocals are incredible throughout!

'Dreamchild' which has previously been reissued, in 1997 as 'Phoenix', includes the singles 'Out Of The Blue' and 'Now and Then'. It was born out of a proposed stage musical, Cindy X, which subsequently never happened. In 1994 Toyah previewed the album via two acoustic concerts at London's Mean Fiddler. Later that year she travelled the UK on the 'Acoustic Dreamchild' tour.

Toyah's highly distinctive delivery and understated vocals evoke moody and surreal imagery, giving the album the feel of a metaphysical journey. This is far more than just a "dance" album.

Toyah Live 2010: Back To The 80's/Rock & Bike Festival • 18th June, 2010
Toyah will, after all, be playing at both the ‘Back To The 80’s’ concert at the Embankment, Peterborough and the Vampires Rock show at the 'Rock & Bike Festival' in Derbyshire, on Saturday 17th July.

That date clash resulted in some confusion as Toyah was mentioned in recent advertising for both concert events. It's now been officially confirmed that Toyah will be playing both: A half-hour playback (7.30-8pm) at 'Back To The 80s', Peterborough, and resurrecting the Devil Queen for Vampires Rock in Derbyshire later that night.

Visit the
Events section at Toyah's Official Facebook for more info on both. Please click on the 'Back To The 80's' logo above for ticket booking details, and to the right for further details on the 'Rock & Bike Festival 2010'.

MA Concerts have combined some of the best supergroups and artists from the iconic decade that was the 80s, performing classic hits in the ultimate feel-good concert. Back To The 80's features some of the biggest names in 80s pop, performing live this summer at Embankment, Peterborough, including international punk rock queen Toyah rocking out with her chart topping 80s classic hits Thunder In The Mountains, I Want To Be Free and Brave New World.

Rock & Bike Festival 2010: A unique opportunity to see Steve Steinman's fabulous Vampires Rock at an open air UK festival! A full show with TOYAH WILLCOX and The Lost Boys. Don't miss this marvellous extravaganza!

Saturday 17th July: Back To The 80's, Peterborough 7.30pm
Saturday 17th July: Rock & Bike Festival, Derbyshire [Vampires Rock] 9.00pm
Saturday 31st July: The Greatest Eighties Party Ever…2: Open Air Theatre, Scarborough
Friday 20th August: Flashback To The 80s: Worksop, Nottinghamshire
Friday 10th September: New Foresters: Nottingham: Live PA

Dreamscape News Archive: March/April/May 2010 • 18th June, 2010
Dreamscape's Toyah news for March, April and May 2010 has been added to the News Archive. Hundreds of news posts covering Toyah interviews, CD releases, gigs, photos, reviews, tv appearances, site news and much more.
Toyah on TV: Hole In The Wall/Psychic Therapy • 18th June, 2010
Hole In The Wall : BBC1 - Saturday 26th June : 5.35pm
Anton Du Beke hosts the madcap gameshow where celebrities dress in tight silver suits and try to avoid getting pushed into a pool of cold water by a fast-moving wall. The celebrity contestants are TV chef Simon Rimmer, singer Toyah Willcox, actress Zaraah Abrahams and presenter Barney Harwood, captained by rugby legend Austin Healey and EastEnders' Joe Swash. Joe gets to play a special wall with a mystery guest.

Psychic Therapy : Bio (The Biography Channel) – Friday 2nd July: 11.00am
Psychic Therapy : Bio (The Biography Channel) – Friday 2nd July: 5.00pm
Toyah Willcox (2009). Documentary biography, backed by music. Gordon Smith journeys into the remarkably diverse career of Toyah Willcox – singer, songwriter, actress, television presenter, writer and businesswoman. Psychic medium, Smith, reveals some of the star’s innermost secrets, delving into her past and predicting her future with help from the spirit world.

Site Updates: 1984/85 Gallery • 16th June, 2010
It’s the 1984/85 Gallery! Toyah gets sophisticated, goes solo, joins Portrait/CBS Records, does photo sessions with Terence Donovan, makes a movie with Roger 'fishfarm' Daltrey, & is completely Minxalicious!

• There's approximately 85 photos from 84/85. There’s also a few additions to the 1983 Gallery page.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! • 16th June, 2010
• Brian's 'Like Punk Never Happened: Smash Hits Archive' is celebrating one year online. To mark this the site now includes the, very rare, first three issues of 'Smash Hits' from November/December 1978, and January 1979. Visit the archive, here. There's plenty of Toyah to look forward to in future updates.

• "I Was A Teenage Toyah Fan 1: From Afar", Chris Limb's blog at Catmachine is an unmissable read. Go

• Toyah was namechecked in yesterday's 'Daily Record' in an article on Nicolas Aujula, a past life regressionist (yes!). Read it
Official Toyah: June 2010 Blog • 14th June, 2010
Toyah’s June 2010 Blog has been added to The Official Toyah website and MySpace. Read it here.

Dreamscape's Crimson Queen News/Press Archive • 14th June, 2010
An archive of 'In The Court Of The Crimson Queen' news and press updates is now available to browse at Dreamscape. Three years of information is included, covering all the major updates and related news. A great resource for any fan of this incredible Toyah album. View the archive here.

All of Dreamscape's coverage of Toyah's gigs from earlier this year at The Robin, Wolverhampton, and The Asylum, Birmingham is also now back online. This includes photos, reviews, interviews & much more. Click here for The Robin, here for The Asylum, or on the respective banners below.

Toyah on TV: Bargain Hunt Famous Finds • 12th June, 2010
Various digital channels have been airing ads for Home's Bargain Hunt Famous Finds Day. Numerous editions of this air tomorrow, including Toyah's. Here are a few captures from the advert.

Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home – Sun 13th June : 2.00pm
Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home +1 – Sun 13th June : 3.00pm

Toyah Willcox v Kiki Dee. The bargain-spotting continues, here with rock queens Toyah Willcox and Kiki Dee shopping for hidden gems at an antique centre in Farnham, Surrey.

Toyah Live 2010: Gig Dates Diary: Update • 12th June, 2010
Saturday 31 July: Greatest Eighties Party Ever…2: Scarborough
Friday 20 August: Flashback To The 80s: Nottinghamshire
Friday 10 September: New Foresters: Nottingham: Live PA

• Please note that a number of other gigs and appearances are being advertised by promoters/ticket bookers/websites – None of these have, so far, been officially confirmed by Toyah.

Toyah for Trashion at Brighton Fashion Week • 12th June, 2010

Toyah, looking trashionably awesome, on the catwalk at Brighton Fashion Week 2010 on Thursday.

The Guernsey Press: Going Out: The Beat Surrender • 12th June, 2010
The recent 'Best 80s Party...' in Guernsey has been reviewed by 'The Guernsey Press/This is Guernsey' in their "Going Out" section.

I’d never seen the big hall at Beau Sejour so packed since, well, that very decade. The Best 80s Party in the World Ever…Part 2! was an excuse for 2,000 or so islanders to don various 80s attire, eyeliner, pork pie hats, Harringtons, spray industrial quantities of hairspray up top, and get into the groove.

It's a so-so overview of Toyah's performance but the reviewer does concludes his review of Toyah's set with... "all in all she put on a good show"

• Read the full review

Guernsey Insight: Celebs Join Lord Taverners • 12th June, 2010
The Lord Taverners Amazing Sark weekend is set to be star studded event.

Chris Tarrant, Toyah Willcox and stars from Holby city and Eastenders will be jetting over to take part in the fun this year. If you want to join in too, there are still a few tickets left.

It all starts on the 26th of June when 80s Icon Toyah will be performing at the dinner dance.

Its all to raise money for charity, so if you want to wine and dine with the celebs for a good cause, then call 244544.
The Guernsey Press: Toyah Story/Rock Face • 11th June, 2010
Toyah featured on the cover of, and was the subject of a double-page interview in, 'The Guernsey Press' on Monday 17th May.

Click on the pictures for larger versions of each scan.

She was the punk queen of the late-70s and 80s who dared to be different - and even 30 years on, she remains adamant she's just being herself. Ahead of a performance in Guernsey later this month, Toyah talks to Nicci Martel about making music, following fashion and going under the knife.

Toyah Willcox has a CV as colourful as her 80s neon hair. Bouncing from cult films to narrating the Teletubbies, presenting Songs Of Praise and singing songs called Latex Messiah, the woman who was once punk's leading sprite has had an unpredictable career.

But since exploding onto the scene in the late-1970s as an anti-establishment figure, dolled up like Ziggy Stardust's mad little sister, Toyah has always made one thing abundantly clear - she does things her own way.

'I didn't want to be different, but the thing is, I am different. And I don't mean that to sound big headed - I was born the way I am,' said a characteristically chirpy Toyah.

'I'm very, very small, I have a lisp and a slight gait in my walk, and these kind of things are hard to iron out. To conform, you can't be quirky and different. I think I probably did things differently but it wasn't deliberate. It was just me.'

Toyah is a dynamo. She enthuses at a million miles an hour. No subject was off limits as she conversed me through a whistle stop tour of her life, making the bizarre and outrageous sound as ordinary as toasting bread...

Read the full interview here.

• Many thanks to Paul Lomas for these. Visit his Toyah Fans Club Facebook, here.

Mirror: Celebrities Go Under The Knife? • 11th June, 2010
Toyah was included in another one of those "compare photos" tabloid features recently.

This one, titled 'Celebrities Go Under The Knife?', in the 'Mirror', had various well-known people who have possibly had some work done.

Strange that they should include Toyah, who wrote a book titled 'Diary Of A Facelift' in the guessing game.

Oh well! At least they used some great photos.
Jez Eaton's Trashion Show Takes BFW By Storm • 11th June, 2010
Last night Toyah modelled for Jez Eaton in her Trashion Show at Brighton Fashion Week 2010, currently taking place at Brighton Corn Exchange.

...Instead of the usual ‘reserved’ signs that you’d expect on the seats of a fashion show, guests to Jez’s show were greeted with a packet of Kettle Chips, they were everywhere, a packet on every seat in a variety of flavours. These came in very handy during the 30 minute delay to the start of the show. Who doesn’t idly eat when faced with snacks and waiting time?

When the show finally commenced, it was to an absolutely eye-popping start. Musical duo My Bad Sister wrestled each other down the length of the catwalk, clad in black micro-mini playsuits made entirely of bin liners. Looking like a feisty pair at the best of times, the girls stunned the crowd by literally tearing strips off each other, leaving black bin liner trailing in their wake as they left the stage. This was closely followed by a change of pace as the auditorium of the Brighton Corn Exchange was filled by the sounds of Goldfrapp, while a troop of models dressed in Lidl’s finest took to the stage. Not since Jason Donovan turned up in the Iceland adverts has a budget supermarket looked so attractive. Mini dresses, kimonos and even a hooded shrug were all adorned with the not normally enticing Lidl logo.

Read a full report on Jez's Trashion Show
Classic Toyah Interviews • 11th June, 2010

All of Dreamscape's recent "Classic Toyah Interviews" are now back online. View them here.

The Guernsey Press: Lobster Rocks, Says Toyah • 11th June, 2010
Toyah featured on the cover of, and was interviewed in, 'The Guernsey Press' on Friday 28th May. Click on the pictures for larger versions of each scan.

Lobster Rocks, Says Toyah Toyah Willcox best remembers Guernsey for its lobsters.

The 80s pop star, in the island to co-headline an event with that theme at Beau Sejour tonight, had not seen one before a day trip here at the age of seven and was amazed by the size of them.

Toyah's Holiday Memories Lobster was on the menu for a visiting celebrity yesterday.

Eighties pop star Toyah Willcox - pictured on the baclony of the Cobo Bay Hotel, which has been at the centre of a controversy over musical matters - is in Guernsey to co-headline with The Beat at tonight's 80s party at Beau Sejour. The island left an impression on her when she was last here as a young girl.

The singer and actress visited on a day trip while holidaying with her family in Jersey. 'I think I was about seven at the time and I remember coming over on the hydrofoil. My mother ordered a lobster and I had never seen anything like it. I was overwhelmed by the size of this crustacean,' she said.

Ms Willcox said she loved the islands' coasts. 'The coastline of the Channel Islands is spectacular, especially when the tide is out - it almost looks space-age. I am a very keen walker and it is definitely a place I would like to come back to,' she said.

Ms Willcox said she was looking forward to tonight's party. 'I don't know what to expect. No performance is ever the same and you can never predict what they are going to be like but I am hoping there will be a good crowd who remember the 80s as well as a new generation,' she said.

• Many thanks to Paul Lomas for these. Visit his Toyah Fans Club Facebook, here.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! • 9th June, 2010
• Welcome to the newish look Dreamscape. I've rejigged this entry page yet again, bringing back some of the content from the previous html version, retaining the best bits from the WordPress version and adding some new bits and pieces. Lots of content, lots of Toyah! I hope you like it.

• Cakestands and fart machines! Robert Fripp's Diary updates for May include some great information and photographs of Toyah's birthday, Robert's birthday, and their anniversary. Visit Robert's Diary,

• The Humans are currently recording the follow-up album to 'We Are The Humans'. View photos from the recent recording sessions at Robert Fripp's Diary,

• Dreamscape news for January and February 2010 has now been archived. View that here.

• 'Guernsey Press' featured two articles on Toyah in May, including a double-page interview. [Thanks to Paul Lomas for the info]

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