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Random extra Dreamscape content from Toyah's incredible, colourful, and always exciting past... Dive In!

Brave New World: 1982
The only single from Toyah's 1982 album 'The Changeling', featuring stunning futuristic visuals and one of Toyah's most memorable images from her music career. Visit Here
The Tempest: Toyah Willcox as Miranda
Toyah takes on Shakespeare in Derek Jarman's The Tempest: The star of the piece though, is Miranda. Played with panache by Toyah Willcox, that wild child of the punk era.... Visit Here
Little Tears Of Love
The first new Toyah music of the Millennium. The 'Little Tears Of Love' EP, featuring the title track, 'Mother', 'You're A Miracle' and 'Experience', is something very special. Visit Here
An Audience With Toyah Willcox
Toyah took her one-woman-show on the road in 2005 for a small select bunch of UK appearances. She talked about her career and sang songs in an enjoyable evening of entertainment. Visit Here
Faith & Music: 2006
One-hour ITV1 documentary: Toyah talks about her faith, and her... music. Featuring numerous classic photographs, plus four fantastic live performances. Visit Here
Toyah's first acting role. This mirrored what would happen in her own life a few years later. The story of a girl who dreams of being on Top Of The Pops. Visit Here
The Seventies "punk epic" - Loathed and loved in equal measure, this was a brutal beginning for Toyah's film career. She plays Punk pyromaniac Mad. Visit Here
Rock Legends: 2003
30 minute Toyah Special, with contributions from friends, journalists and Robert Fripp. Toyah performs the underrated 'Little Tears Of Love' at the close. Visit Here
Love Is The Law: 20th Anniversary
Toyah's final album for Safari Records and with the Toyah band. Still a fan favourite, this is Dreamscape's celebration of it 20 years after its release. Visit Here
Joel Bogen
Toyah's right-hand-man for the first seven years of her career, Joel co-wrote many of Toyah's best songs and his importance can never be underestimated. Visit Here
25th Anniversary Gig: Mean Fiddler 2003
Dreamscape's micro-site: Dedicated to Toyah's fantastic gig at the Mean Fiddler, London on Friday 10th October 2003. A celebration of 25 years playing live gigs - A great night. Visit Here
Calamity Jane
In 2002/03 Toyah toured the UK, and played a six-month residency in London's West End, in the title role of Calamity Jane. Toyah was Jane! Dreamscape's micro-site remembers. Visit Here
I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!
Toyah participated in the second series of IAC. Dreamscape documented the huge coverage it received, which can now be viewed as a comprehensive "Toyah in IAC" micro-site. Visit Here
On The Cover Of A Magazine
With over 30 years of Toyah magazine covers to choose from - Dreamscape looked back at them as part of our TOYAH50 birthday celebrations in 2008. Visit Here
Press Adverts
A collection of Toyah press adverts - Singles, albums, tours, plays, books, magazines and much more - From UK music papers, magazines and newspapers. Visit Here
Toyah's Magic Patch
Travel through time and space with... Toyah, in the 'Toyah's Magic Patch' comic strips. Originally published in 'Suzy' magazine, circa 1983. Visit Here

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