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Toyah Live! 2010: The Asylum: News Archive 1st May, 2010
Check out Dreamscape’s archive of news coverage for Toyah’s “homecoming” gig at The Asylum in Birmingham last month:

There’s pre-show info; press interviews; video clips; excellent fan photos, and a great review by Greg Fowler.

Thanks to everyone who contributed. View The Asylum news archive here.

Toyah @ The Asylum: Newsy Bits & Pieces! 27th April, 2010
• Check out the Toyah Fans Club Facebook for some great photos of Toyah from The Asylum. There’s also a video clip.

• This photo to the left is by Stephen Bennett, who says of the gig (and I hope he doesn’t mind me reproducing his words here): “Toyah unusually kept to one spot thanks to broken hip and crutches, but performs well. Setlist the usual and would prefer removal of certain choices, but a great show. Highlights ‘Latex Messiah’, ‘Danced’ and crutch waving performance of ‘Neon Womb’!

• There’s a growing number of video clips from The Asylum over at ‘YouTube’. View almost the entire gig (via seven clips) here, a cool one of ‘Lesser God’ here, and there’s also a lengthy highlights montage featuring ‘It’s A Mystery/Race Through Space/I Want To Be Free/Echo Beach/Jungles Of Jupiter’ here. You can also view Stephen’s Facebook clip at ‘YouTube’, here.

• There’s also been lots of positive feedback, at The Official Toyah Facebook, for The Asylum gig, as well as the MCN Live! show the following night.

• Finally, a great clip, here, of a glowing Toyah performing ‘It’s A Mystery’ at the ’80’s Madness Weekender’ concert on 16th April.

Toyah Live! 2010: The Asylum: More Gig Photos 25th April, 2010
Four more fantastic photos from The Asylum on Friday. Please click here for larger versions.

• Thanks to, longtime friend of Dreamscape, Angus Turner for these great photos. Check out Toyah Fans Club Facebook for yet more excellent photos and video clips from The Asylum gig.

Toyah Live! 2010: The Asylum: Greg Fowler Review 25th April, 2010

A fantastic review of Toyah’s gig at The Asylum, Birmingham last Friday, by Greg Fowler:

Ok. I have waited a LONG time to see Toyah perform live. Having been an on/off fan for pretty much all of my life I have spent the last 2 years of it buying up and completely immersing myself in this lady’s varied back catalogue – and I’ve enjoyed every minute. Only one thing left for me to find out now…Can she cut it live?

I’d seen the “Wild Essence” DVD of course, so I had an idea of what to expect. I’d even managed to watch some of the old concerts from the early 80’s – Toyah at her performance peak?  I was about to find out! Her infamous penchant for ill advised cover versions had me feeling nervous to say the least. With so many great songs of her own under her huge orange belt, why so many covers?

Please click here or below to view the full feature, with a selection of great photos by Greg.

Toyah Live! 2010: The Asylum: More Photos 24th April, 2010
More photos of Toyah from last night’s gig at The Asylum in Birmingham. Please click on these for larger versions. Thanks again to Michael O’Brien for the photos and video clips.

• Toyah Live at The Asylum, April 2010 • View Dreamscape’s full coverage here.

YouTubing At The Asylum: Neon Womb/Latex /Mystery 24th April, 2010
Toyah, at The Asylum, last night: The clips below, and at ‘YouTube’, feature ‘Neon Womb’, ‘Latex Messiah (Viva La Rebel In You)’, ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin’, It’s A Mystery’, and ‘Rebel Yell’.

Thanks to Michael O’Brien for these great clips.

Please click below to watch, or double click to go to ‘YouTube’.

Toyah Live! 2010: The Asylum: Photos 24th April, 2010
Toyah onstage last night at The Asylum, Birmingham. Apparently, the set-list for the gig was identical to last month’s at The Robin. Please click on the photos for larger versions, and check back later for more photos from the gig. [ Thanks to Michael O'Brien ]

Toyah Live! 2010: Toyah in Concert: The Asylum Tonight! 23rd April, 2010
Toyah and her band bring a little mayhem to Toyah’s hometown of Birmingham tonight. Tonight's show will be the first time she has played a full-band gig in the city for quite a while.

They play The Asylum in Hockley – Toyah has talked about the potential set-list in recent press and radio interviews, so expect selections from ’Sheep Farming In Barnet’, ‘In The Court Of The Crimson Queen’, and who knows what inbetween!!

Xposed presents Toyah Willcox in Birmingham on April 23rd at the Asylum with support from Last 3 Victims, Gundogs and Deadfilmstar.

The Asylum Bar & Venue
38-43 Hampton Street
Birmingham B19 3LS

Midlands Rocks/Rokpool: New Toyah Interview 16th April, 2010
A great new interview with Toyah, published yesterday, from ‘Midlands Rocks’:

Toyah Willcox is a true renaissance woman and die-hard Midlands lass. Her career spans over three decades and ranges from stage and song as well as ticks in the bestselling author and charitable activist columns. In 2010, she emerges again as a rock star, touring and recording with new band The Humans.

In advance of an upcoming appearance at the Asylum, Juanita Appleby speaks to this punk, new wave icon about her passions, her thoughts on the music industry and what people can expect from her concert on April 23rd.

JA: I’m going to throw some stats at you, Toyah, because it just blows my mind. 30 albums plus, 13 UK Top 40s, best-selling author, musicals, stage, TV, movie, radio, presenting, voiceovers, charitable activist…so tell me what’s your real passion?

TW: Wow, that’s a good question. I prefer work in front of the camera but work like that is few and far between so I need to be constantly engaged with a kind of creative experience. I’m the kind of person if there isn’t an opportunity happening in one genre I’ll find it happening in another. So that’s probably why I have so much on my CV.

JA: So you get cabin fever if something isn’t happening?

TW: I have cabin fever daily, hourly even.

• Read the full interview online at ‘Midlands Rocks’ here. An expanded version of the interview is also available at the ’Rokpool FM’ website, here, accompanied by a brilliant photo of Toyah, and fans, at The Robin. It’s also available at ‘’ here, the interviewer’s personal blog.

Toyah Live! 2010: Robin 2 & The Asylum 4th January, 2010
Toyah plays two solo gigs in March and April in Wolverhampton and Birmingham. Please click below for further details and ticket information.

Drunken Dragon Promotions & XiStance Xposed present Toyah at The Robin 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton on the 27th March 2010, and The Asylum Venue in Birmingham on the 23rd April 2010.

These will be two amazing nights and tickets are selling fast so get yours now. Visit Drunken Dragon Promotions & XiStance Xposed MySpace here, or their Facebook here.

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