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Livingston Ledger: Toyah Answers Our Questions
Daily Star: Toyah & Hazel - Electric Ladies Tour
Leicester Mercury: ‘My Voice is Fantastic’
The Argus: Punk Or Dinosaur? Toyah Willcox Is Still A Rebel

Ev Telegraph: Toyah Can't Wait To Get Back To Rewind
Write Wyatt: Getting Up Close & Personal With Toyah
Herald: Worship The 80s With High Priestess Toyah
Sunday Post: 10 Questions For Rebellious Toyah Willcox
The Birmingham Press: It's No Mystery
Sunday Post: It's A Mystery Where All The Money Went
Bath Chronicle: February 2015: Toyah Interview
UK Music Reviews: March 2015: Interview Toyah Willcox
Mearns Leader: Toyah Looks Forward To Stonehaven Gig
Daily Mail: How Toyah Can Make A Style Splash
ITV Press Centre: Splash! Heat 2 Interviews
Sunday Post: Diver Toyah Terrified Of A Plunging Neckline!
Express: Toyah Willcox Flaunts Her Fabulous Figure
Chronicle Live: Toyah Reflects On Her Favourite Year
The Telegraph: Toyah Willcox's Travelling Life
Express: Toyah Willcox: Five Things I Can’t Live Without
Birmingham Review: Interview: Toyah Willcox
Worcestershire Living: It's A Mystery
Herts & Essex Observer: New Twists On Classic Tracks
The Weekender: Q&A: Toyah Willcox – From Punk To Panto
Dreamscape Interviews Toyah: April 2011: Toyah Talks Music
The Telegraph: June 2011: Flashback
Gaydar Radio: August 2011: Paul Masterson Talks 'Fallen'
Boyz: September 2011: Willcox Wigs Out
Metro: September 2011: Toyah Can't Wait To Be Diva For The Day
Dreamscape Exclusive: January 2010: John Wain Interview
The Star: January 2010: Where There's A Willcox...
Record Collector: January 2010: Toyah Story (extracts)
The Northern Echo: February 2010: Vampires Rock Darlington Review
Gloucestershire Echo: February 2010: Toyah Ready To Rock
Coventry Telegraph: February 2010: Pop Icon, Toyah Willcox
Mojo: February 2010: All Back To My Place
Classic Rock Society: February/March 2010: Toyah And Other Humans
Daily Mail: February 2009: How I Went From Flabby to Fab
Belfast Telegraph: February 2009: Toyah Bites Back
Daily Mail: April 2009: Ashes to Ashes
Round Town News: May 2009: Exclusive Interview
Whitehaven News: June 2009: Eighties Punk Icon Toyah - Feisty As Ever
Northern Echo: June 2009: Rock On, Toyah
FlyBe: Summer 2009: Riviera Rocks (Part One)
FlyBe: Summer 2009: Riviera Rocks (Part Two)
South Yorkshire Times: June 2009: Ice Say! It's Panto Time Again
Journal Live: June 2009: Toyah Just Loves Getting Back To Her Roots
Celebs on Sunday: July 2009: Fab Over 50 - My Life In Pix
Cotswold Life: August 2009: Toyah Interview
Whitehaven News: August 2009: Toyah Willcox & Other Musical Stars...
Whitehaven News: August 2009: Where Toyah Leads...
The Sentinel: Sep 2009: It's Such A Devil Of A Job Says Toyah
Basildon Recorder: September 2009: Toyah Rocks As Wicked Queen
Bury Free Press/Lifestyle: September 2009: Toyah’s Loving A Job...
Bournemouth Daily Echo: September 2009: Toyah Story
Inverness Courier: Sep 2009: Toyah Gets Teeth Into Vampire Tale
Press & Journal: Oct 2009: A Rocking Show To Get Your Teeth Into
Sunday Mercury: October 2009: It's Only Humans Nature
Edinburgh Evening News: The Guide: October 2009: Vampire Rock Queen
Kent On Sunday: Review: October 2009: Devilishly Entertaining
York Press: October 2009: Toyah Willcox Stars In Vampires Rock
Tea & Ten: October 2009: Tea With Toyah
Midlands Mag: Oct 2009: I Have Enjoyed Not Being Bound To One Medium
Your Sheffield: November 2009: Wicked! Boo! Hiss! Toyah's In Town
Formby Times: Nov 2009: Toyah In Vampires Rock At Southport Theatre
Buy Association: November 2009: Toyah's French Property Success
Buxton Advertiser: November 2009: Toyah Goes Live With The Undead
Brighton Music Scene: December 2009: Toyah Willcox Talks To BMS
Sheffield Telegraph: Dec 2009: From Punk To Panto For Versatile Toyah
The Star: December 2009: Star Toyah's Panto Agony
Radio Times: February 2008: Karma Chameleons
Lincolnshire Echo: February 2008: Toyah Willcox
The Telegraph: March 2008: Fame & Fortune
Yahoo News: April 2008: It's A Mystery/The Next Chapter
The Sun: April 2008: Toyah calls Ghostbusters
Daily Mail: April 2008: Why Toyah Willcox Refuses To Take Sleeping Pills
Closer: April 2008: 'I don't have sex anymore!'
Mail on Sunday: April 2008: The Riviera Landlady (Pt 1)
Mail on Sunday: April 2008: The Riviera Landlady (Pt 2)
Mail on Sunday: April 2008: The Riviera Landlady (Pt 3)
The Sun: April 2008: Now That's What I Call Fashion
Digital Spy: May 2008: Living With The Dead
Southern Daily Echo: May 2008: Be Quick, I'm Famous
Daily Mail: June 2008: I've Had A Facelift...
Bradford Telegraph: June 2008: Still Loud & Proud!
Venue: August 2008: Toyah Interview
A Place In The Sun: August 2008: Toyah's Menton...
The Telegraph: September 2008: Madonna 'ashamed' Claims Toyah
Hello!: September 2008: Why Toyah's No Desperate Housewife
Bella: September 2008: The Big TV Interview
Fabulous: September 2008: Toyah Invites You Into Her Home
BBC Somerset: October 2008: Weston Prepares to Rock
Daily Mail: October 2008: I Confessed...
Reveal: October 2008: I Couldn't Risk Dodgy Surgery
Crackerjack: October 2008: Toyah Willcox Interview
7 Days: October 2008: Born To Be A Vampire
Liverpool Daily Post: October 2008: Toyah Rocks On
Travel Mail: October 2008: Speaking To The Dead
Daily Record: October 2008: Toyah is One Vampy Lady
Ipswich Evening Star: October 2008: Toyah Interview
Aberdeen Journal: November 2008: Vampires Come Alive
Blackpool Citizen: November 2008: Toyah in Vampires Rock
Halifax Courier: November 2008: Toyah's Wicked Side
Blackpool Gazette: November 2008: Vampire Rocking
Daily Express: November 2008: Toyah & The Vampire Curse
Sunderland Echo: November 2005: Rock With Bite
The York Press: November 2008: Preview: Vampires Rock
Discover Jersey: November 2008: Little Big Island
Daily Express: December 2008: Feeling Fab At 50
Good Times: December 2008: Crimson Queen Review
Liverpool.com: December 2008: Toyah Interview
First: January 2007: Back To The Future
Daily Mail: January 2007: Children Are Our Future...
Record Collector: February 2007: Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!
London Lite: May 2007: Why I Live in Chiswick
The Times: May 2007: Remembering Derek
Manchester Evening News: May 2007: Toyah's Open Book
Bexhill Observer: May 2007: Battle Abbey Proms
Consulting Rooms: June 2007: More Plastic Surgery
Sunday Times: June 2007: Moving On
Northumberland Gazette: June 2007: Toyah's Still A Star
Birmingham Post: June 2007: Toyah's Tolkien
Scotland on Sunday: June 2007: Q&A with Toyah Willcox
The Guardian: July 2007: A Right Royal Knees-Up
SFX: July 2007: My Sci-Fi
Culture: August 2007: Cult Status
Sunday Times: August 2007: Finance? It's No Mystery
Sunday Mercury: October 2007: It's A Mystery...
Reading Arts: October 2007: Toyah Interview
IC Cannock: October 2007: Toyah On A Health Kick
GScene: November 2007: Messiahs, Latex & Nuns
New!: November 2007: I don't regret not having kids
BBC Berkshire: November 2007: Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!
Express & Star: November 2007: Caves - It's A Mystery For Toyah
Radio Times: December 2007: Face Behind The Voice
The Stage: December 2007: Jack & The Beanstalk Review
Daily Mail: December 2007: Growing Old Disgracefully
Daily Mail: December 2007: Toyah Interview
Oxford Times: December 2007: Jack & The Beanstalk Review
The Telegraph: December 2007: How To Lose Weight In 2008
Woman's Weekly: December 2007: Toyah Interview
Now: January 2006: Email Interview
Woman's Own: April 2006: Truth About Sex
The Independent: April 2006: Astrology Affects Us All
Metro: May 2006: Doing The Time Warp
Suffolk Journal: May 2006: Golden Girl
BBC Nottingham: July 2006: 101 Dalmations
France Magazine: Summer 2006: Interview with Toyah
101 Dalmations Programe: July 2006: Toyah Biography
BBC Nottingham: August 2006: 101 Dalmations Review
Daily Mail: September 2006: Turning Our Backs on Fur
This Is Lancashire: September 2006: Hitmaker Toyah
The Argus: September 2006: Toyah Teams Up With Chico
Messenger: September 2006: Trying To Be More Ladylike
RTE: October 2006: Take The Leap! Review
BBC Ceefax: October 2006: 80s Hitmaker Toyah
GScene: November 2006: A Lad 'N' A Genie
Sunday Express: November 2006: In The Closet With
Get Reading: November 2006: Hitmakers Interview
Sunday Mercury: November 2006: I'm Being Terrorised...
Record Collector: November 2006: Take The Leap! Review
Somerfield Magazine: December 2006: Star Turns
Daily Mail: December 2006: Our Brush With The Airbrush
The Independent: December 2006: 5 Minute Interview
The Argus: December 2006: Aladdin Review
Change: January 2005: My First & Last
Daily Mail: February 2005: Tired Eyes
Mail on Sunday: March 2005: Diary of Toyah
Daily Telegraph: March 2005: Nobody's Mother Figure Now
RTE: March 2005: Warrior Rock Review
RTE: April 2005: Love Is The Law Review
Daily Mail: May 2005: You Only Live Twice
A View Of Wales: Spring 2005: How Green is My Valley?
Fitness First: Summer 2005: New Romantic
Closer: July 2005: M.O.T. My Body
Birmingham Express & Star: September 2005: Punk Star
Dundee Courier: September 2005: Toyah Toyah Toyah
BBC Three Counties: September 2005: Snow White
Hendon Times: October 2005: Facing up to Reality
RTE: October 2005: Minx Review
Word On Worcestershire: October 2005: My Worcestershire
Daily Mail: November 2005: Therapy On The Couch
MickMercer.Com: November 2005: Mayhem Review
Daily Mail: December 2005: How I Broke Free
What's On Anglia: December 2005: Snow White
The Stage: January 2004: Snow White Review
TV Times: January 2004: Mill Power
BBC Essex: March 2004: Ask Toyah Willcox
Daily Mirror: April 2004: Cash Was A Mystery
ITV Teletext: May 2004: Toyah Reveals Comedy Streak
Sunday Times: May 2004: From Punk to Pastoral
Daily Mail: May 2004: Are These Really Miracle Tights?
Outdoors: Summer 2004: Me & My Garden
Discoveries: August 2004: Ophelia's Shadow Review
Body Talk: Autumn 2004: My Health, My Life
Patient Focus October 2004: Toyah's Seal of Approval
Edinburgh Evening News: October 2004: Punk Princess
Edinburgh Evening News: October 2004: Best Of The 80s
Aberdeen Evening Express: October 2004: Small But Perfectly Formed
OK!: November 2004: Where Are The Now?
The Stage: December 2004: Sleeping Beauty Review
Daily Mail: January 2003: Punk Shock
Sunday Post: January 2003: Johnny Rotten Was A Gent
Glasgow Herald: January 2003: Thriving on Calamity
M Magazine: January 2003: Free Spirits - Teenage Kicks
Woman's Own: January 2003: Real Face of 2003
Sunday Telegraph: February 2003: Home Truths
Daily Mirror: April 2003: Toyah's Ready To Rumble
RTE: May 2003: Velvet Lined Shell Review
Hello!: June 2003: Toyah At Home
Woman's Own: June 2003: Big Brother
What's On: June 2003: Whip-Crack-Away!
Metro: June 2003: Theatre Profile: The Cult of Willcox
The Times: June 2003: Love etc.
Daily Mail: June 2003: Saved Marriage...
Evening Standard: June 2003: Now, I'm a Calamity
The Mirror: Summer 2003: My Life As A Movie
M Celebs: 2003: Truth Behind My Pap Pix
Daily Mail: 2003: Brave Nude World
Daily Mail: 2003: Learning Curve
The Observer: 2003: It's A Jungle Out There
Woman's Own: 2003: Toyah's Beauty Survival Tactics
The Guardian: 2003: Home Entertainment
Metro: 2003: Top Tables
Sunday Times: July 2003: My First Crash
Sunday Times: July 2003: Get Me Out Of Here
Daily Mail: August 2003: Dyeing For A Change
Daily Star Sunday: 2003: A Free Spirit
Now: October 2003: Three-Day Facelift
Chiswick W4: October 2003: Community Spirit
Candis: October 2003: Out To Lunch
Disability View: December 2003: I'm Very Aware Of What My Body Needs
Daily Express: February 2002: Back On The Road
Daily Star: March 2002: Touring Toyah's A Real Calamity
M Magazine: March 2002: I Love My...
Pure: Spring 2002: Free Spirit At Large
The Scotsman: April 2002: Wardrobe Of The Week
Newcastle Chronicle: April 2002: Here To Have Fun
Here & Now Programme: April 2002: Toyah Biography
The Telegraph: May 2002: From Punk Rocker...
Now: May 2002: Return of the 80s Pop Princesses
Sunday Times: September 2002: Time & Place
People: October 2002: Toyah's Treasures
Good Housekeeping: October 2002: Devoted Gardener
Daily Record: 2002: Why I Detest Corrie...
This is Oxfordshire: Feb 2001: Sexy Lisps...
Sky News: May 2001: Toyah Still Wants To Be Free
On Guide: 2001: The Chatroom
Night & Day: 2001: Guardian Angels
Metro: November 2001: 60 Second Interview

Sunday Herald: 2000: On The Line
Stoke Sentinel: April 2000: Toyah's Dream
Gay.com: 2000: Sex, God & Rock 'N Roll
TV Times: 2000: My Style
Now: 2000: Toyah Moves Into A New Field
Woman: 2000: Why Toyah Is Still Unconventional

Heat: 1999: Whatever Happened To...
She: 1999: Hit Girls
Sunday Magazine: 1999: Remembering 1981
This is Hampshire: October 1999: The Big Interview

Sunday Mirror: January 1998: Me & My Passport
Daily Mirror: October 1998: The Real Real Me

Empire: February 97: Parkalife - Quadrophenia Remembered
Empire: February 1997: Quadrophenia DVD Review

Candis: February 1996: What Makes Her Tick?

Daily Record: March 1993: I'm Bigger Than Ever

Brum Beat: 1991: Think Positive
Birmingham Post: 1991: Out Of The Shadows
Select: 1991: Ophelia's Shadow Album Review
Q: 1991: Ophelia's Shadow Album Review
Evening Standard Magazine: July 1991: Two Divine
Huddersfield Examiner: September 1991: Wedded Bliss

Daily Mail: 1990: How Toyah Became Mrs Fripp
Faces Of The 80s: 1990: Toyah Willcox
The Sun: 1990: Toyah's Broken Jaw
Daily Mirror: 1990: My Vice

Daily Mail: 1989: Weekend Brunch
Salisbury Press: 1989: Seventh Salisbury Festival

Best: 1988: The Moment I'll Never Forget
Daily Express: 1988: Toyah Gets Her Own Back
Chichester Press: 1988: Pop Pair Play For Free
Today: 1988: Toyah Goes Back To Rock School
Q: 1988: Prostitute Album Review
Radio Times: 1988: Great Briton

Daily Mail: January 1987: Life's A Cabaret
Daily Record: 1987: Toyah Tells All (Part One)
Daily Record: 1987: Toyah Tells All (Part Two)
Music Interview: 1987: The Changeling
Daily Mail: Summer 1987: Princess & The Punk
UK Tabloid: Summer 1987: Chatterbox Willcox
UK Tabloid: Summer 1987: Princess Di In 2-Hour Pow Wow With Toyah
The Sun: 1987: Toyah The Moll
Daily Mail: 1987: Tough Guy Toyah
Daily Mail: 1987: Tough Bowles 'Em Over
The Sun: 1987: Toyah Takes A Bow
Daily Mail: 1987: Suddenly She's Sally
The Sun: 1987: Toyah Slips In (And Out)
MS London: June 1987: On With The Show
Sunday Express Magazine: June 1987: Toyah's Mini Secrets
No.1 Magazine: Summer 1987: The Many Faces Of Toyah
Daily Mail: July 1987: Toyah's Stately Home
No.1: 1987: The Incredibly Talented Toyah
Screens: 1987: Castaways
Daily Mirror: 1987: Toyah's Stocking Thriller
Star: 1987: The Changing Face Of Toyah
Just Seventeen: 1987: Ro Newton Meets The Woman Who Clobbers Men
Me & My Looks: 1987: Toyah's True Colours

Number One Annual: 1986: Obsessions
Smash Hits Annual: 1986: Excuse Me...
Smash Hits: 1986: Toyah & Fripp
Smash Hits: 1986: Toyah's Wedding
Daily Mirror: 1986: Toyah's Wedding Snub
Woman's World: 1986: Something To Say

Number One: 1985: Person 2 Person
Number One: May 1985: Rebel With A Cause
Record Mirror: May 1985: Into Battle
Sounds: July 1985: Tempest Fugit
Smash Hits: 1985: Personal File
Daily Record: 1985: "I don't need drink or drugs"
Daily Record: 1985: She's Toyah
Daily Record: 1985: Toyah Runs Off With A Rocker
Beat: 1985: Everything You Always Wanted To Know
Express Magazine 1985: From Punk To Perfect
Etcetra: 1985: Free The Spirit
Bubbling Under: 1985: The Naked Truth
Daily Mail: 1985: Toyah Wins Boadicea Role
Woman: 1985: Totally Hooked On Success

Video Review: 1984: Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! Review
Outlook: 1984: The Time Of My Life
Fitness: September 1984: My Body Myself
Outlook: December 1984: Toyah's Triumph Of The Will

Number One: December 1983: Christmas Memories
Number One: December 1983: Public Images
Top Of The Pops Annual: 1983: Toyah
Radio Annual: 1983: Toyah
Suzy: Summer 1983: Pop Pocket Book
Sunday Times: 1983: Nicking Jung
Record Mirror: 1983: Bereted Treasure
Sounds: October 1983: Rebel Without A Pause
Melody Maker: November 1983: In The Arms Of The Law
Music: December 1983: Rebel Run Tour Review

Record Mirror: 1982: Fine Whines & Spirits
NME: June 1982: The Changeling Album Review
UK Tabloid: April 1982: Toyah's Funny Turn
TV Times: April 1982: A Voyage Around Toyah Willcox (Part One)
TV Times: April 1982: A Voyage Around Toyah Willcox (Part Two)
Scottish Tabloid: June 1982: Toyah's In The Toils
Jackie: Summer 1982: Toyah's In Town
Sounds: August 1982: Toyah reveals her secret desires
Pop Mag: 1982: Spotlight On
Blue Jeans: October 1982: Toyah's Troubles
Melody Maker: October 1982: Warrior Rock Review
Daily Mirror: 1982: My Old School Friend
Smash Hits: 1982: Toyah Bio
Look In: 1982: Toyah
Star Shots: 1982: Toyah Toyah

Record Mirror: February 1981: Toyah Top at Lyceum
Record Mirror: February 1981: The Bewildered Squirrel
NME: March 1981: Toyah's Going Out Again
Hot Press: April 1981: 30 From Toyah (Part One)
Hot Press: April 1981: 30 From Toyah (Part Two)
NME: 1981: I Had A Vision
UK Tabloid: 1981: I'm Toyah, Buy Me
Record Mirror: 1981: Anthem Review
The Futurists 2: Summer 1981: Toyah Willcox
Rock Times: 1981: Toyah
Snap: 1981: The Lisping Ferret
Jackie: 1981: Spotlight On Toyah
Smash Hits: Readers Q&A: September 1981
Titbits: November 1981: Black Magic And Me By Toyah
Daily Record: October 1981: A Bonus For Toyah Fans
UK Tabloid: December 1981: Why Toyah Is Going To Be Shattered
UK Music Paper: December 1981: Christmas Special For Toyah
Smash Hits: December 1981: Poll Results

Record Mirror: January 1980: Marquee Gig Review
NME: February 1980: Bird In Flight Gig Review
NME: April 1980: Toyah Sings The Blues
Record Mirror: 1980: Boiling Over
UK Tabloid: 1980: Toyah - The Rebel With A Cause
Fab: 1980: Tea With Toyah
NME: 1980: Sheep Farming In Barnet Album Review
Time Out: 1980: Looking for Toyah
Musicians Only: September 1980: ICA Review
ZigZag: 1980: Toyah
NME: October 1980: The Girl Who Would Be King
ZigZag: December 1980: Toyah

Sunday People: May 1979: Second-Hand Coffin
NME: July 1979: Ressurection Tour Review
Melody Maker: November 1980: Marquee Review
NME: December 1979: Music Machine Review

NME: 1978: Toughness Is: Getting Your Act Together

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