After training as an actress, Birmingham-born Toyah became one of Britain's most successful solo singers in the early '80s. She's since been a regular on the UK's TV screens, plying her trade on programmes ranging from Holiday to Teletubbies. 

"I like all the Aliens, I like Pitch Black, and I'm a big fan of Chronicles of Riddick. I actually think it's a superb film and I get very angry when I read bad reviews about it. I think all the cast are stunning in it, and the effects are stunning." 

"I like sci-fi horror, so Alien Vs Predator is for me. Anything with monsters in I absolutely adore. In fact, on Sunday afternoons my hubby and I like to go to bed and have sci-fi to watch on DVD, and there's just not enough made. I have a personal ambition myself to be in a sci-fi horror film. I'd love it. I beg my agent daily, find me a sci-fi horror." 

"I watch very little TV because I'm always working in the evenings.  I loved Christopher Eccleston's Doctor Who, but I'm not quite sure about the latest Doctor. I like my Doctor Who to be a little more adult orientated. But I'm absolutely addicted to Medium. I've probably seen every episode at least six times. I'm enjoying Heroes and I always loved Buffy. I always tend to watch sci-fi on TV - that's my passion." 

"I love books. That said, I haven't really got round to reading many lately. The one I'm still ploughing through is Perdido Street Station by China Mieville, because I love his writing. But then I love Michael Faber who is a very light science fiction writer - he's a surrealist writer and I enjoy him immensely." 

"Probably Galaxy Quest, which is a brilliant film and puts a smile upon my face. I do love Space 1999 and Fireball XL5, as well. I suppose they probably count as guilty pleasures." 

SFX Magazine
July 2007
Thanks to Andrew MacDonald