Excuse me, My Mate Fancies You!

Toyah on Curt Smith (Tears For Fears) 

"I kind of like Tears For Fears. He's good looking in a boyish way; he's sort of got a roundish face. My first visual impact is that he's very attractive." 

Toyah on Nick Heyward

"He's very good looking in a different way. He looks totally English and always looks well scrubbed behind the ears. Very attractive, nice dimpley smile." 

Toyah on Paul King

"Very handsome. He makes me think of Roman Gladiators. I don't think I could go out with him as I'd hate to go out with a rock star. He hasn't got a pretty face, it's unique...he has a strong profile. An acquired taste but very handsome." 

Toyah on Paul Weller

"Not my type atall. A great songwriter but too thin for me. I like big muscley hunks." 

Toyah on Martin Fry (ABC) 

"I quite like him. I like his height; he's also very attractive. I prefer the way he used to look rather than with his new outfit." 

Toyah's Choice : Paul Young 

"I just love tall men and he's got wonderful legs. I like men to look like men - I go for natural sex appeal. Paul Young looks very rugged. But only to look at."

Curt Smith on Toyah 

"When she's got all her make up on she looks good. Not a very good actress though." 

Nick Heyward on Toyah 

"I wouldn't go out with her. She looks quite headstrong and she's ambitious which is good. She's good looking but there again I've never seen her without any make up on." 

Paul King on Toyah 

"I think she has a charming personality, lovely complexion and would totally win you over with her charm and beauty. The fact that she's quite tiny wouldn't bother me." 

Paul Weller on Toyah 

"Stick to acting." 

Martin Fry on Toyah 

"Tiny, too short for me. Looks like she has a heart of gold but she's no Aretha Franklin."

Smash Hits Annual, 1986

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