Smash Hits Reader's Poll 1981:

Best Female Singer:

Toyah is not one to let the mould gather. During the last couple of weeks she's been hopping from one European capital to another in a kind of promotional mini-tour. It's also a warm up for a mammoth world tour that starts next May and should last until Christmas '82.

But this is just scratching the surface. After her British tour and Christmas Eve Old Grey Whistle Test Special, she's only going to make a movie, take part in a new BBC2 comedy series called "Dear Heart" (says Toyah: "It's a teenage version of Not The Nine O'Clock News") and record a new album come April. But what about the movie?

"It's a horror film about a singer who goes mad and starts living in her hallucinations. It's very black comedy.

"But we're going to take the horror clichés out of it. We're not aiming at the musical angle but what's going on in the woman's brain. I think it'll be quite a psychedelic movie. I'm also the consultant on the occult side."

Famous fashion designer Zandra Rhodes is in charge of the sets.

"Zandra and I get on because we have something in common. We both believe in fairies. We're aiming at creating something that's very beautiful and also very macabre.

"It's not going to be part of any trend in the music world so that people can watch it in five years' time and not associate it with New Romantics or punks or whatever."

Hold on a tick, Toyah, have you heard the news? You've been voted by a veritable landslide Best Female Singer of '81.

"That's great! Fantastic! I'm delighted."

And the Christmas present of your dreams?

"Oh I don't know... What can I say? I think I'd like to go somewhere that's hot... maybe a desert island. Everywhere's so cold at the moment... I know... I'd like to be given a holiday in Bermuda!"

And the big day itself?

"On Christmas Day I'm going with my mum and dad somewhere that I'm keeping a secret, but it's somewhere that people know."

Solve the riddle and you might see her there.

Most Fanciable Female:

There was a unnerving three second delay when Toyah was informed that she had won Most Fanciable Female award. Are you still upright, Toyah?

"Oh God. I never expected that. It's amazing. I thought Kim Wilde would have got it. A kiss from Toyah to everyone who voted for me!"

1. Toyah, 2. Kim Wilde, 3. Clare Grogan, 4. Sheena Easton, 5. Debbie Harry, 6. Kate Bush, 7. Bo Derek, 8. Pamela Stephenson, 9. Joanne Catherall, 10. Olivia Newton John.

Best Album:

1. Dare - The Human League, 2. Duran Duran - Duran Duran, 3. Ghost In The Machine - The Police, 4. Dance - Gary Numan, 5. 7 - Madness, 6. Rage In Eden - Ultravox, 7. Anthem - Toyah, 8. Prince Charming - Adam & The Ants, 9. Present Arms - UB40, 10. Architecture And Morality - OMD.

Best Single:

'Thunder In The Mountains' was voted 12th Best Single of 1981.

How Toyah Voted:

Best Group - Fad Gadget : Best Female Singer - Joan Armatrading : Best Male Singer - Peter Gabriel : Best Album - nothing : Best Single - 'Tainted Love' Soft Cell : Best TV Programme - 'The Shogun Inheritance' : Best Radio Show - John Peel : Most Appalling Record - 'The Birdie Song' The Tweets : Most Promising New Act For 1982 - Bow Wow Wow, Altered Images : Most Fanciable Human Being - David Bowie.

Smash Hits, 24 December 1981

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