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3rd June 2005: Hello everybody,

How luvly to be in touch with you all again. And may I welcome new visitors to the site.

Well, where to start?

Firstly, we had a great finale to the 'Annie' tour, finishing at Ashton-Under-Lyne, a beautiful theatre, with very supportive staff in every department, especially the wardrobe, with the help of the luvly Twinkle, who made my wig, as Miss Hannigan, look "designedly dishevelled"!

I then spent two weeks catching up with mates in-between "domestic stuff" and getting teeth etc. checked out. Well, a girl has to have favourable gnashers! Then a couple of hours organising my holiday in Sydney, 'cos I just decided on the spur to visit mates I hadn't seen in years.

I had a great adventure! My flight was with Gulf Air. Who, on this showing, I will definitely use again. Everything was smooth as silk. From the moment the limo picked me up, to the moment I collected my luggage from the Sydney carousel.

The campest part was getting a personal visit from the in-flight chef, who went through the menu thoroughly and was quite prepared to mix and match requirments to the individual's taste.

The lounges were fab, but I wasn't very successful with Duty Free. I was disappointed with the lack of choice from the perfumery, so anyone reading this who has any interest in representing good products - i.e. any "chairman of the board", please do a shake-up.

My friend, Lee, a fab woman and very gracious to me, has a fab apartment overlooking one of the many bays in Sydney, focusing on the Harbour Bridge. it was gorge to sit or stand, or nearly fall over on the deck! Even at 6am, sometimes, which is rather on the early side for me.

Every day I did something different, even just pottering. Not having to adhere to discipline and a schedule was really freeing and liberating. I adore my work as you know, but it's fabulous for us all, I think, to get re-energised and focused and now I'm ready for my first Oscar!

Anyway, I fell totally in luv with Lola, Lee's poodle, who's also called Lolly. I took her for walks and played and rolled around, loving it all. I can really understand how people luv their dogs - you get so attached. I really miss saying; "Lolly, get the ball" and her being so luvly and obediently bringing it back, usually twelve feet away!

I have begun to morph into a king prawn. The size of the things! I think every vein I've got has been infused with the essence of Morton Bay bugs, green prawns, giant scallops. marvellous sea food. I ate so well in Oz. Not necessarily big-ly, but wel-ly, and without this sounding like an Egon Ronay celebration, now I'm home, I can't get used to tiddlers! 

Went to a fab restaurant with my luvly mate, Ray Meagher, Alf in 'Home & Away', and caught up once again with luvly Kate Ritchie, who plays Sally and Cordelia, who plays Morag. What a fab night! We all signed several autographs 'cos some American diners had seen 'You Rang, M'Lord?' on cable TV. So we all had a great chat, good laugh, and finished off with party poppers, a must for every girl's handbag.

There followed a tour of Luna Park, the luvly Blackpool Pleasure Beach-like attraction, which Ray's apartment overlooks, 75 storeys up. Needless to say, I kept at least 10 feet away from the balcony. I'm a real Wendy Wimp when it comes to heights.

A major fab time was a party at Lee's on the first Saturday of my stay. Lee tried to teach me at least the rudiments of the proper peeling of a prawn. She was brilliant and I was dead chuffed having reached the grand total of three in 10 minutes. Lee decided that, although I was a good student, I would still be peeling when the guests arrived. I was allocated the task of preparing the table, flowers, salads, glasses, outside candles and seating arrangements. I am never going to be a party planner! Four hours later I was stuffed. 

Anyway, it all went fabulously and all the guests were marvellous. Some of you may know Fiona Spence, "Vinegar Tits" in 'Prisoner: Cell Block H', the wonderfully "inept" soap from Australia.

I really enjoyed my time with everyone. We danced away, the obligatory party poppers were released, all the food was consumed and everyone was sated satisfactorily.

Caught up with a luvly mate, Lou Stark, who I was in 'The Good Sex Guide Revue' with. He's been domiciled in Sydney for eight years. He took me to Doyles Fish Restaurant, then a party at the Harbour Bridge, with magnificent flashing lights and music till dawn, then two transvestite bars.

Arrived back at Lee's to pack and bid a tearful farewell to Lolly, who whimpered her way to the door with her ball. Ah! Really sad!

Great trip home - no hassles - luvly driver waiting to take me back to Campus R. Soles, and a reunion with every room. Do you ever do that? Say hello to your usual surroundings on your return from visiting?

Anyway, got into work mode almost immediately, by being invited to a cat-walk show of Giles Deacon, Britain's hot new female-wear designer. Really great collection and marvellous to get a front row seat. Giles is definitely a new star in the firmament, and he's from Darlington, which is a bonus as I luv that town.

Have recently completed another infommercial for the luvly Home-tek people, which continue to be shown on the Shopping Channel and the new commercials I've made will start showing on terrestrial TV around about now too.

Must warn you - if you're an insomniac, avoid the Shopping Channel, it's very addictive and can drag you screaming and kicking into the "wee small hours" without you even realising bedtime was three hours ago!!

Got lots in the pipeline, most of which you will learn about on the News page over the coming months, so please stay tuned. I promise another webletter update in the not-too-distant future.

Till then, take care, thanks for visiting, and have fun!

Have a wonderful Summer.

Much Luv,

Su x x x