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30th March 2001: Dear Everyone,

Today is Sunday and I am musing and looking out of the window, taking in all the different wildlife swooping through the trees. My nuts are proving very popular especially with the squirrels and pigeons. As the official pigeon-feeder of Trafalgar Square has lost his license I have a feeling my patio will become the replacement. Anyway, I'd like to extend, officially, a warm welcome to you all and a big THANX  for visiting my website. Who would have thought twenty years ago that with a click  of a button one could gather almost any information on any subject. Mind you, I have to say I am not an internet afficionado as I am hopelessly technophobic, but then we all have talents in different areas don't we? I plan to keep you posted on my whereabouts etc. and share with you all the juice, even my first child., which will be a miracle in view of my advanced years! Am looking forward to travelling to Cannes at the beginning of April to attend what isostensibly a gathering of radio and TV executives to meet and mingle and, hopefully, convince worldwide programme controllers that they would be mad not to buy a new  animated cartoon series called The Little Robots.

I had tremendous fun recording it along with other luminaries such as Lenny Henry. We all have our own little characters and we live in a twilight world, with no humans, but it is very educational too, as we care about the environment etc. My character is a bit of a drama queen and lives life like she's in amateur dramatics - always singing, whistling and making loud bangs, not surprisingly she's called "Noisy". I can't imagine why they asked me to play it!!! Anyway, look out for it. Also, I've done an edition of Songs Of Praise. Don't worry I'm not retraining as a vicar. Because the programme is based around clowns, i.e. The International Clown Federation's  Annual Festival, and I was once a clown in the musical Godspell, the director asked me to sing "Day By Day" and I had a great time recording it. I was inundated with dogs, cats and exotic birds, all made of balloons. The programme is being shown on April 1st. I wonder if that should be cause for concern! I'm also delighted to say I am resurrecting my one-woman-show, something I have always had on hold, as it is a real passion for me. I will be performing on a Sunday concert basis throughout Great Britain and when details are firmed up I will be posting them on the website.

As I luv theatre more than anything I'm really excited about the project. Without giving too  much away at this juncture, I can confirm the evening will consist of all-round entertainment,  including audience participation - but, fear not, you won't be expected to throw underwear or join me on stage for humiliating rituals. Leave that to me... And, rest assured, my show will  be affordable and definitely value for money. Well, that's all for now. Have got to decide what to wear for luncheon at Grosvenor House next week. I've been invited to the Television and Radio Industries event. Another meet-and-mingle and-eat-boring-canapes event. I'll let you know how I get on.

Terra for now and much love,

SU xxxx