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2nd February 2004: Hello everyone,

It's missive time again.

Firstly, I wish you all the very best things in life in 2004 - let's all make it our goal to achieve only good things.

I am enjoying some time off at the moment, having finished my panto season in Reading. I gave my Wicked Queen once again, flouncing around the stage in a beautiful black and red creation, complete with red wig and diamond tiara. I wanted to wear it in Sainsburys but the producer had other ideas. I think he was coveting it himself! The panto had a short run - four weeks - with two a day, so it was very compact. I do prefer that, as opposed to a seven-weeker with audiences dwindling after the New year.

The social treadmill I'm now on is almost as time consuming as panto. I've had several gorgeous dinners recently - though tried not to gorge myself - and caught up on everyone's news. had a great time at my friend Mother Alder's the other day. He's such a hoarder, one never knows where one is going to sit. Went with my friend, Vince, to the Dorchester for his birthday. michael Winner, for once, was not there. Probably being witty in Barbados.

Valentine's Day is looming and I'm off to Barcelona, courtesy of luvly friends. I shall sit sipping something in the Square, followed by a light lunch, and a little sightseeing - so long as its all in the same area - then dinner and a nightclub. I must say I do luv Spanish architecture - well built, good, solid structure - and that's just the guys!

On my return, I shall be seeing my friend, Paul Shane, who is appearing in Ray Cooney's 'Out Of Order' in Guildford. Shaney's very good in farce, and we'll be able to catch up once again.

Just before 'Annie' finished, we were able to see Tommy Steele in 'Scrooge' at a matinee performance in Birmingham. Excellent. My mate, Barry Howard, played Jacob Marley. I have to say he was just great. Pure, audible diction, beautifully delivered. Tommy's legendary energy was evident, and the ensemble singing superb. We were all inspired to give 'Annie' our best shot that night.

We had an extremely fab rest-of-tour, with all manner of "happenings". I was very fortunate to work with the same luvly people, all great pros - even the weekly orphans all had theatrical leanings. Sadly I had to leave a week early owing to panto commitments. A huge thanks to the cast, crew and everyone who took the time to come see the show.

Well, I'm back from Barcelona. Fab place. My friend, John, is a great shopper and we all sped to the vicinity - usually I find shopping tedious, but immediately spotted something in an attractive window. Unfortunately for my bank balance I bought several items and had to sit down!

The sights were terrific. Didn't do many, but enough to satisfy the cultural thirst. The clubs were great, if a little 20th Century. Still, we all had a good bop. Bar open all night in the hotel, so really, a great time was had.

Watch this space for details of a test advertising campaign I'm doing, to be shown in the Yorkshire region. Sounds funny and is due to go out in April, round about Easter. I'm due to shoot it in three weeks, so i'm about to have a busy schedule.

'A Happy Medium' is going to be an intense workout. A lot of preparation has already been done, with script meetings, costume design, fittings, and wigs, etc. We seem to have a good team and I'm looking forward to a happy tour. Davie will, I'm sure, keep you up-to-date with tour lists, etc. So, if we're in a venue near you, please make yourself known. I'm sure we can enjoy a drink at the bar.

I'm very seriously thinking of putting a "One-man" show together again. Still with some of my favourites, but with some wonderful torch-type songs added. I feel that 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go' is a little past its sell-by-date for me now as I, obviously, won't be seeing 29 again *sob!* So, once again, I'll be posting all updates via the luvly Davie.

Other projects for next year are also looming, but as actors are notoriously superstitious, I shall refrain from disclosing more details until things are a little further down the line. The phrase 2in talks" conjours up tentivity - I think I've made that word up!

I'm closing. I would like to thank Rob for his continued support and Davie for tirelessly working to make my website entertaining and informative for all. A big thanx to everyone who surfs me, too. Continued success and happiness to you all.

Much luv - Su xx