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1st March 2003: Dear Everyone, 

Firstly, a very belated Happy 2003. I do hope it's wonderful in every way for us all.

Secondly, a million apologies for not communicating this letter earlier. Honestly, I had intended to start it during week three of the panto, to keep you up to speed with the show etc., but the schedule was so hectic any "interruptions" would have made it impossible to concentrate on being a "Queen"! Speaking of which, I had a ball. It was my first time playing a "baddie" and Snow White is the perfect vehicle for any female who wants to tackle this sort of role. Chris Monero, the producer, also wrote the script and co-wrote the songs, which were very "show" tunes. A joy to do. I must have been fairly realistic at being evil as one child threatened to chop me head off at the stage door, with his special "magic sword"! Anyway, the show sold out and became the biggest selling show in the theatre's history, so, of course, everyone was ecstatic, the producer, cast and audience. All in all, a great experience. By the way, I can recommend a FAB shop in Lincoln. POUNDLAND! I find it extremely orgasmic. If you're a bargain fiend, you'll never leave. I fed the crew with cakes and goodies every day. And, my dears, the household goods are T.D.F. Who needs Harrods?

For those of you who keep up-to-date visits to the website, you'll be aware of the great success of Annie - the Tour. We all had a ball and it was really emotional at the end of each performance to see the audience cheering and being generally moved by the show. The producer is currently "in talks" with a management who want to take the show to the Far East and Dubai. I'll keep you posted, but it's definitely on the cards. I've been in Dubai before, courtesy of Piers Nimmo, in a play called Habeus Corpus. Dubai is a great place - hot, gorgeous hotels, fabulous food, interesting culture, men in those long, flowing white robes - jalababs they're called. I remember going to a disco with Melvyn Hayes and  I was the only person on the dance floor - mind you, I luv a bit of space to strut about - wondering where all the other ravers were. I later found out the ladies were in the upstairs bar discussing their fees-per-hour. Most of the girls, apparently, come from Russia - with love?

I am currently enjoying a few weeks off and having a fabulous time. My ethic has always been "work hard, play hard". If I play any harder I shall have to be hospitalised! In between revelling, I am still recording voiceovers for Little Robots, which, according to the producer, is proving very popular, now beating Bob The Builder. Success, indeed!

Currently, 'UK Gold' are re-running Hi-De-Hi!. I still get 4th generation young fans knocking on my door asking for Peggy. It's a ceaseless joy for me to know the show is a perennial favourite and something I will always be especially proud to have been involved in. I never forget that it was a springboard for me, a fabulous break that all actors would kill for.

I have recently turned down several TV projects, such as Dom Joly on BBC3, as I felt they were not right for me, but will keep you posted on the TV score.

The Hexagon Theatre, Reading, is my host for panto this year - another Snow White. Christopher Lillicrap, what a fantastic name, is producer and Dame and we are currently "in talks" with regard to script, music etc. Preparation is very important, as the rehearsal period is somewhat "limited" - she says, tactfully! It's a bit of a sixties dinosaur, building-wise, but a well-respected venue and the crew are very welcoming and co-operative. Last time I played there, as Ruth in The Pirates Of Penzance, we made each other cups of tea, and I remember performing the "Opening Ceremony" of their refurbished ladies' toilets! I do like to diversify!

The tour dates for Annie are almost finalised. I really enjoy performing in this uplifting musical. I honestly love the way the audiences are genuinely moved by what they see. In today's climate of doom and gloom, people do seem to want good, old-fashioned "I-enjoyed-that-show" feelings. 

I do want to THANK ALL OF YOU for your emails, letters etc., and I do try to reply to you all. It's very important for any artiste to have loyal fans, old and new. You all give tremendous support and that's what encourages us to continue to give the best standard we can, in order to give you value for money.

I had a luvly Sunday lunch with Gary Wilmot. His roast potatoes are T.D.F.! Better than Hilda's!, but don't tell her. It was nice catching up and having a good goss. I do have great respect for Gary - a talented artiste and "good bloke". Also I had a great meet-up with my mate, David Griffin - Clive in Hi-De-Hi! and Emmet in Keeping Up Appearances - We both appeared in The Good Sex Guide Revue in New Zealand. When you've experienced an adventure like that, nothing else matches up!

Just before I sign off, I want to extend a personal, heart-felt thanx to Davie, who is responsible for my website. I think he does a truly magnificent job, and have been told so constantly, especially by people in the media. No mean praise coming from those who are constantly in touch with other websites. The time and effort he puts into it are really appreciated - thanx Davie.

Finally, thanx to all of you for "logging-on" - is that correct? I'm afraid I'm a bit of a virgin when it comes to terminology - and I do hope you continue to tune into the website and to the forthcoming 'Su's Snippets'.

Much love to you all - Su.