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• New for 2010! 'Crimson Queen' Japanese Edition CD: Available from Eil, Ideal Copy & other Import CD stores •

From Sheep Farming... Isle Of Man: Live! Tonight!! 30 September, 2011
After a short break... Toyah brings 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' to the Isle of Man tonight...

Visit Dreamscape's FSF-A section here | View our FSF-A gallery here | Visit The Official FSF-A section here | Further info & ticket booking details for all of the FSF-A tour dates available here.

The Humans: Highline Ballroom NYC: Photos 30 September, 2011
Photos of The Humans onstage, on the final US 'Sugar Rush' date, at the Highline Ballroom, NYC earlier this week. Please click on each for a larger version. These photos, and more, have has also been added to the 2010 - gallery page. (Thanks to Alec Kelly for these great NYC photos)

NPR Music: The Record: Talking Shop With Bill Rieflin 30 September, 2011
A great new interview with Bill Rieflin from NPR Music's 'The Record'.

Talking Shop With Bill Rieflin, Journeyman Musician

This is a songs-oriented record, but the instrumentation is unusual. Explain why you decided to be a singer and two basses (augmented by other things, including Robert Fripp's guitar).

The fact is, I didn't decide anything. It was all Toyah's doing. For some reason, out of the blue, she asked if I wanted to play bass with a new project. After recovering from the sheer confoundment and confusion, I said, "OK." I had no idea why she would want a drummer to play bass. The concept of voice and two bassists as the musical core of the group is solely hers. Being that it's her vision, I can't exactly tell you the "why" except to say that, as a singer, I'm told, it's much nicer to sing without having to fight over guitars and drums eating up all the frequencies they eat up. From this basic trio grows further augmentation and adornment. As the producer, I will usually fill in where I see fit, adding musical highlights and emphases. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to show off. Robert joined us on this record as a continuation of touring we did together last year, so this was a natural step.

• Read the full interview with Bill at the 'NPR Music' website,
Punk Globe: 30 Years & Counting by Jimi LaLumia 29 September, 2011
At the dawn of the 80's as new wave began to take the front seat from punk in the U.K., there was a female who rose to prominence,first in the underground, and then as a full blown pop star, and her name is Toyah Willcox.

She is primarily known as Toyah, which also served as the name of her band through the early 80's. Visually, many of today's fashion styles and accents come from the rainbow that was early 80's Toyah, and she remains an active popular star in England and Europe three decades later. My problem? I've been a Toyah fan since 1980, here in New York, and for whatever reasons, her records were never released here. The UK label that she recorded for, Safari Records, never secured a deal in America, rather strange since her album "Anthem" dominated the charts in England for most of 1981, during which time she enjoyed several Top ten Pop singles (which is especially hard to do on an indie label, which Safari was.) I went so far as to get two of her videos sent to me by Safari, and, as a fan, paid out of my own pocket to have them converted to a U.S. viewing format...

• View the full article
here | The full "30 Years and Counting" article will also appear in the October online issue of 'Punk Globe' magazine | Visit Jimi LaLumia's Facebook here.
Best New Bands: The Humans Deliver... NYC Review 29 September, 2011
The Humans Deliver Music As Their Own Art Form at Highline Ballroom

... Around the second to last song of the set, Toyah exclaimed, “It’s getting close to the end of my set and I don’t want it to end!” I’m sure they could have played for longer, but all good things come to an end, and when the band walked off the stage the applause didn’t stop. “More!” a crowd member yelled. The Humans hopped back up on the stage and played their rendition of “These Boots are Made for Walkin’” to unquestionable approval, before humbly bowing and grinning, then ducking back into the green room for good.

• Read the full review at the 'Best New Bands' website,
here | Photo © Kelly Knapp.
Night After Night: Human Behaviour 29 September, 2011
After 32 years as a singer, Toyah Willcox plays her first-ever show in New York City. Ms. Willcox's personal set list for the evening (provided by An Official), transcribed...

Sugar Rush: Bonus Material 29 September, 2011
The physical Sugar Rush CD album will be available to buy from all dates of the band’s Sugar Rush UK Tour and to buy online from the Burning Shed webstore. Those buying the UK/Worldwide physical edition of the album (for the tour dates or from Burning Shed) will find a code inside the album which allows access to download three live tracks for free, all recorded at Scala London in February 2010.

The digital edition of the album will also be released worldwide (excluding USA/Canada) via iTunes, Amazon MP3, and all major digital music vendors from Sunday 2 October 2011. The (non-US/CAN) digital edition features the full 13-track studio album with an additional two live bonus tracks from the Scala London concert in addition to an exclusive Digital Artwork Booklet.

Digital Edition Bonus Tracks (ROW Digital releases only, not US/Canada)
Available from iTunes / Amazon MP3 / Play,com / 7digital
14. Sugar Rush (Live at Scala London) [Digital Bonus Track]
15. Noise In Your Head (Live at Scala London) [Digital Bonus Track]

Free to download when buying physical CD (code inside CD)
1. Labyrinth (Live at Scala London)
2. Is It Wrong (Live at Scala London)
3. Put A Woman On The Moon (Live at Scala London)

You Tubing With The Humans in NYC #2 29 September, 2011
The Humans perform 'Love In A Different Way' at the Highline Ballroom, NYC on Tuesday night.

Fallen: Now Available @ Amazon + 28 September, 2011
'Fallen', the single by Yomanda featuring Toyah, is now available as a download from Amazon UK, as well as a number of other online digital music stores.

The Humans/Toyah in NYC by Steve Riley 28 September, 2011
Toyah onstage and post show after The Humans' NYC gig at the Highline Ballroom last night. The photo below right has also been added to the 2010 - gallery page. Steve Riley, pictured with Toyah, said of the gig: What an amazing night, the sound was incredible, Toyah looked fantastic and her voice was better than ever. The Sugar Rush album is brilliant and seeing the Humans live is even better, I highly recomend both. Truly a night to remember. (Thanks to Steve for the great photo)

You Tubing With The Humans in NYC 28 September, 2011
The Humans perform 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin' at the Highline Ballroom, NYC.

Time Out New York: The Humans 28 September, 2011
The Humans have been omnipresent at the 'Time Out New York' website over the last few days:

Live Preview: The Humans + Adrian Belew and Tony Levin: Associates of King Crimson’s Robert Fripp hold court in NYC.

Things To Do: Tuesday's Must See Concerts: The Humans at Highline Ballroom: A veritable supergroup, the Humans are fronted by new-wave cult singer Toyah Willcox, and feature Bill Rieflin of the recently-disbanded R.E.M. However, it's the guitar work of Robert Fripp - Willcox's husband - that makes the greatest impression on the group's new album Sugar Rush.

Music/Nightlife: The Humans + Kid Savant: Though the Humans are fronted by English new-wave cult singer Toyah Willcox and feature stellar work from two instrumentalists, bassist Chris Wong and multi-instrumentalist Bill Rieflin (who plays drums in R.E.M. but mostly sticks to bass here), the sound of King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp - Willcox's husband, as it happens - is unmistakable on the group's new sophomore album, Sugar Rush. Will Fripp make a cameo here? Don't hold your breath, but don't stay away on his account, either.

The Humans Official: Worldwide Sugar Rush 28 September, 2011

THE HUMANS – Toyah Willcox, Bill Rieflin, Chris Wong - release their second full length album SUGAR RUSH on 27 Sept in USA/Canada on The End Records and in the rest of the world on 2 October 2011 on Toyah’s own Vertical Species label. The 13-track album has already received critical acclaim, with a 4-star review proclaiming it “a hybrid of haunting and sweet, this album intrigues from start to finish”.

• Sugar Rush is available now in USA/Canada on physical CD and digital download.
• Sugar Rush is available to rest of world on physical CD from, at gigs on UK tour and digitally from 2 October.

Read the full news article at The Humans Official website,
here or Toyah's Official website, here.
Sugar Rush: 'Earbuddy' Review 28 September, 2011
The Humans have made that record we might have gotten if Tori Amos and Trent Reznor had ever come together for a full album in the late-nineties. Maybe a bit dated, slightly disjointed for sure, but nonetheless a fun listen. Sugar Rush is the group's second release, and it is a big one. This record sound like it could have escaped from the John Cale archives.

With the attitude of Tori Amos' best work (but not the raw emotion), Toyah's voice lays over these compositions that sound almost like Trent Reznor on The Fragile. The result is a record that feels slightly out of time, and comes with the necessary incongruities that come from such a melding.

• Read the full review at the 'Earbuddy' website,
Best New Bands: Catch The Humans at Highline 28 September, 2011
Catch The Humans at Highline Ballroom Tonight

The Humans are something of a supergroup, being composed of Toyah Willcox, Bill Rieflin (R.E.M.), and Chris Wong (and yes, that is Robert Fripp on the left in the photo, who contributed guitar on the record). Toyah formed the experimental rock group in 2007 after being invited to tour Estonia by the Estonian Ambassador, and now they are in the midst of their first US tour in support of their sophomore album Sugar Rush. Their music has been described as “European experimental meets West Coast American grunge with overarching avant-garde and filmic qualities,” due to their composition of Toyah’s powerful voice backed by two bassists. Their performance at Highline Ballroom tonight is for sure one worth checking out.
The Humans: Sugar Rush Tour Plays NYC 27 September, 2011
The Humans play the fourth, and final, date of the US 'Sugar Rush' tour tonight at the Highline Ballroom in NYC.

The US dates have went incredibly well: Toyah has tweeted along the way: "Portland awesome, this band really rocks. Sooo looking 4ward to more", "The Humans at Highline Ballroom NY.....critic's choice for best show on 27th sept" and "On route 84 to Philadelphia. Shows really good, audiences really get the concept".

To Alec, who has travelled a long way to see The Humans and Toyah, and to Jimi, who has waited a long time to see Toyah play live in New York... Have a great time tonight!!

Toyah/The Humans Newsy Bits & Pieces! 27 September, 2011
• Toyah is supporting 'Wear It Pink Day 2011', taking place on 28th October. View the Press Release for the annual breast cancer campaign here. Visit the 'Wear It Pink' campaign website here.

• 'New Releases Now' cover the US release of 'Sugar Rush' on The End Records. The album Sugar Rush bears a cinematic density with stirring moments of exhilarating energy ('Sugar Rush'), tender contemplation ('Love In A Different Way'), and brooding soundscapes ('Sea of Size').
View here.

• '' included details, over the weekend, on The Humans' World Cafe Live date. Three may be four: Fronted by theatrical powerhouse vocalist Toyah Willcox, the avant-rock trio the Humans often includes her husband, Robert Fripp, on guitar. The experimental yet rootsy combo plays at 7:30 p.m. at World Cafe Live. View

View a photo of The Humans soundchecking before their Church of Boston gig on Sunday.

• A longtime Toyah fan is selling his original 'Desire' CD at eBay. View and/or bid here.

Dreamscape Gallery: Over 100 'New' Photos 26 September, 2011
Another sizeable update to the gallery, with over 100 'new' Toyah photos added. The additions are in 1982, 1986-1989, 1990-1999 and 2000-2009. View the gallery by clicking below.

Thanks to David Herd, Paul Lomas, Angus Turner, Gavin Brick, Paul Cable, Damon King, Elaine Rayner, Katy McAleese, Stuart Huntington, Colin Dew Parry, Richard Smith, John Wain, Merx, Kurt Jones, Paul Stephens, Dave Gilchrist, M Mazzer, Paul White, Andrew York, Martyn Hampton, Derek Williams and Asher Meekins.

I Was A Teenage Toyah Fan: Extract From Chapter Four 26 Sep, 2011
The image Toyah bore on the sleeve of Brave New World went far beyond mere makeover and deep into artistic territory. Contact lenses turned her eyes into deep black pools around which flocks of birds swooped, a mass of bright pink hair rising over the ensemble like a thunderhead. She no longer looked real. But what was even more astonishing was seeing this fantasy figure in motion in the video that accompanied the single. It was directed by the person responsible for Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes video and as such seemed to take place in the same universe, a stark beach lit by unreal frequencies of light on which Toyah emerged fully made up from a bright pink sea…

This image became an iconic one, appearing on the front of not only Smash Hits but also Time Out, and even though I seem to recall the latter was to illustrate a cynical article (about how pop stars were – shock horror – making money!) that didn’t lessen its impact on the public consciousness.

• Visit the 'I Was A Teenage Toyah Fan' Facebook
here. Visit

The Power Of Three: London Film Premiere 26 September, 2011
The Power Of Three London Film Premiere starring Toyah Willcox, Brumilda Van Rensburg and Robin Craig. Directed by Yvonne Deutschman. Produced by Po3 Films Ltd.

November 10, Everyman Cinema Hampstead, 5 Holly Bush Vale, London, NW3 6TX. Start Time: 6pm to 8:30pm: Q&A with cast and crew.

• View further details
here. Visit the film's website here.
The Humans: First US Date + Round Up 25 September, 2011
The Humans played the first US live gig of the 'Sugar Rush' tour last night at Portland’s Empire Dine & Dance.

Toyah has been tweeting this week during rehearsals and the dress run, including her feelings on the first time she has ever played live in the US: "This is it! My first ever USA performance! I'm actually shaking!".

Follow Toyah at Twitter to stay updated on The Humans' American adventures.

View a photo from this week's rehearsals, at Toyah's Official Facebook,
here. The Humans second US date is tonight at Church of Boston, Boston MA.

• More US press coverage for The Humans, from 'Boston Herald/The Edge': Gigs: Music for your weekend. View here.

The Boston Survival Guide: Musings From Boston 25 September, 2011
The Humans (featuring Toyah Willcox) with The Army of Broken Toys at Church of Boston tomorrow night!

There’s so much about Toyah Ann Willcox I never knew. I was familiar with this wild-haired, exotically dressed creature from another planet that was pretty much the norm in the 1980s, though her voice set her apart. I remember her album, The Changeling, released in 1982. It was dark, gothic and sensuous, and a staple of my musical diet at the time. But I had no idea that she was also deeply immersed in an acting career – stage plays, film and television – since the mid ‘70s. She worked with Derek Jarman on his punk film Jubilee and The Tempest, and in 1979’s Quadrophenia. She appeared with Katharine Hepburn in the made-for-television movie The Corn is Green, and in many live theatrical roles. At the same time, she fronted a few bands before embarking on a solo music career in 1985.

• View the full article at 'The Boston Survival Guide' website,
The Humans Official: First US Tour & New Album 25 September, 2011

The Humans kick off their first ever American East Coast live dates with the Sugar Rush Tour, starting at Portland’s Empire Dine & Dance on Saturday 24 September. The tour continues to Boston, Philadelphia and New York City. The live outing sees Toyah Willcox, Bill Rieflin and Chris Wong, with guest Igor Zarbzan, present material from the new album Sugar Rush. Keep checking Toyah’s official twitter feed for reports from the Sugar Rush US Tour.

• Read the full news article at The Humans Official website,
here or Toyah's Official website, here.
The Ebony Tower: 'Entertainment Focus' Review 25 September, 2011
Another review of The Ebony Tower DVD, from 'Entertainment Focus'.

The Ebony Tower is an adaptation of John Fowles’ (The French Lieutenant’s Woman) 1974 short story by seasoned screenwriter and novelist John Mortimer. Dating from 1984, it stars an elderly and frail Laurence Olivier as celebrated painter Henry Breasley living in the South of France. His secluded retirement is disturbed by a visit from the young painter David Williams (Roger Rees), who has been commissioned to write a biography of him. Williams stays at Breasley’s immaculate mansion which he shares with two vivacious young women (Greta Scacchi and Toyah Willcox), and tries to understand his subject.

• Read the full review
Toyah on TV & Radio: Round Up 25 September, 2011
TV Scrabble : Challenge - Thursday 29th September : 7.00am
TV Scrabble : Challenge TV +1 - Thursday 29th September : 8.00am
Toby Anstis presents a celebrity edition of the world's most popular word game turned TV game show. The familiar faces include Toyah Willcox and Rick Wakeman.

Celebrity Fantasy Homes : Home - Saturday 1st October : 5.00pm
Celebrity Fantasy Homes : Home +1 - Saturday 1st October : 6.00pm

Celebrities hunt for a new home. Gaby Roslin helps punk-pop princess Toyah Willcox search for a second home, in Richmond upon Thames, with a budget of £650,000.

The Loop : Gaydio Radio - Sunday 2nd October : 6.00pm
Music from the 80s with John Ryan. Toyah talks 'Fallen', the 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' tour and more in a new interview. Listen online
here. (Rescheduled date - Thanks to Minna for info)

Maigret & The Hotel Majestic : ITV3 - Friday 7th October : 10.55am
Maigret & The Hotel Majestic : ITV3 +1 - Friday 7th October : 11.55am

Crime series featuring Georges Simenon's celebrated Parisian detective. Maigret is called to the scene when a beautiful woman is found dead in the basement of the Hotel Majestic with a gun in her handbag. The Chief Inspector's investigations initially centre around the staff at the hotel - until he discovers that the woman's husband booked a trip to Rome that he never made. Starring: Michael Gambon, Geoffrey Hutchings, Jack Galloway, Toyah Willcox and James Larkin.

Celebrity Ghost Stories UK : Bio - Tuesday 11th October : 8.00pm
Celebrity Ghost Stories UK : Bio - Wednesday 12th October : 2.00am

Sue Cook reveals creepy encounters with a malevolent nutcracker and a UFO, Toyah Willcox speaks of a spooky apparation, and Alex Fearns discusses sinister sounds he once caught on tape.

Monster Munchies : Good Food - Monday 7th November : 9.00pm
Monster Munchies : Good Food +1 - Monday 7th November : 10.00pm

Toyah judges sugary treats at Garsons Farm in Esher.

Antiques Road Trip Celebrity Special : BBC1 - Air time/date TBC
Toyah Willcox and Tony Blackburn take to the road and visit York in search of antiques. They also attend an auction. Part of Children in Need 2011.

IOM Today: Toyah Comes To Play 23 September, 2011
An interview, published last Friday, from 'IOM Today'. Toyah talks FSF-A, Isle of Man, school days, Jubilee, Quadrophenia, Teletubbies and more.

She’s come a long way from punk princess to popular TV presenter.

But there will be a definite 1980s retro feel when Toyah Willcox takes to the stage at the Villa Marina on Friday, September 30.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of her 1981 triple platinum album Anthem she will be performing her hit singles It’s a Mystery and I Want to Be Free as well as selections from her other early releases.

And she will be wearing original costumes from that era. The 53-year-old told WWW ahead of her island show: ‘It will be a vintage feel. I will be wearing my original costumes and there will be six costume changes.’

• Read the full interview at the 'IOM Today' website,
Take A Chance... Take The Leap! 23 September, 2011
Every home should have one: 'Take The Leap!' is such a good album: 'Requite Me' and Tears For Elie' are utterly beautiful, 'Now I'm Running' and 'God Ceases To Dream' are utterly rocking, and the "Weybridge Mix" breathes new life into 'It's A Mystery'. Go on, play 'Leap!' today and smile :)

The Portland Press Herald: Face The Music 22 September, 2011
More American press coverage for The Humans.

Face the Music: Humans, Space, Nirvana: the best of all worlds: There is a lot of music on tap this week - from Brown Bird to The Humans.

The Humans are a three-piece experimental rock band made up of Toyah Willcox, Bill Rieflin and Chris Wong. The group came to be in 2007, and dig this: The Humans consist of a voice and two bass players. That's it, though you may hear some programmed drum beats or guest guitar during the live show.

Here's a quick anatomy lesson: Willcox is an English singer and actress who's released 22 studio albums, written two books, and has appeared in 40 stage plays and 10 feature films. Translation: She's a legend. Rieflin is a multi-instrumentalist whose most recent gig was as drummer for R.E.M. He's also worked with Robyn Hitchcock, Swans, Ministry and Nine Inch Nails, just to name a few bands. Wong is a professional guitarist, bassist, arranger, orchestrator, composer and musical director. Dare I call The Humans a supergroup? If the shoe fits

The Humans. 9 p.m. Saturday. Empire Dine and Dance, 575 Congress St., Portland. $8, $10. Ages 21 and older.
The Ebony Tower: A Brief Dreamscape Review 22 September, 2011
Check out our short review of, recently released on DVD, The Ebony Tower.

Before The Ebony Tower was filmed for ITV by Granada Television many probably wondered why it had not been, after all it's one of John Fowle's most celebrated stories, published 10 years before this drama aired in 1984.

John Mortimer's TV adaptation has been accused of many things over the years, even "soft porn" which it absolutely is not. Despite the nudity included there is nothing erotic or distasteful about it.

The entire production is under stated certainly, and rather slow in pace, relying on the four vastly different characters, and beautiful French scenery, to captivate the viewer.

The drama is obviously a vehicle for the legendary Olivier and while it's obvious he wasn't in great health at this time he is still easily the star of this piece. The others are all great in their respective supporting roles. Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of The Ebony Tower is the bringing together of four such unrelated and "different" characters and how they react to one another.

• Read the full review here | Thanks to Network DVD/Gillie Fairbrother.

The Humans & Toyah: American Stories 22 September, 2011
US music journalist, writer and huge Toyah supporter, Jimi Lalumia interviewed Toyah last week ahead of The Humans' US shows.

Jimi was instrumental in getting 'Thunder In The Mountains' and 'Rebel Run' played, in light rotation, on MTV back in the early 80s. He told Toyah about this and she said she was completely unaware of it. MTV's Acquisition's Manager at the time, Roberta Kruger, loved the videos and there was even talk of Toyah being interviewed for the music station. A missed opportunity but the video plays did help to build what became The North American Toyah Fanclub.

Toyah revealed that the band had been set to play The Academy Of Music on 14th Street in downtown NYC around the time of 'The Changeling' being released in 1982, but unfortunately this didn't happen.

Jimi and Toyah also talked about Safari Records, Wayne/Jayne County, Miles Copeland and that 'Fallen' could be a hit in Manhattan's "big gay dance clubs".

Toyah feels 'Sugar Rush' is more accessible than 'We Are The Humans' and is looking forward to playing the US dates. She also said she would love to return for a Toyah proper gig, if only in NYC.

• Thanks to Jimi Lalumia | Visit The Humans' Official website,
here, for details on all the dates of the 'Sugar Rush' tour.
FSF-A @ Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham-By-Sea 22 September, 2011
Toyah's 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' tour really lets rip from 13th October. Between then and 5th November there will be 15 dates around the UK.

One of these is at the fantastic Ropetackle Arts Centre in Shoreham-By-Sea, West Sussex. Toyah brings 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' to the the banks of the River Adur on Saturday 15th October.

• View further details about the gig, and the venue,
Read All About It: Screen Captures 21 September, 2011
A selection of screen caps from Toyah's interview on Read All About It. Click on these for, slightly, larger versions. Apologies that these aren't brilliant quality.

Toyah, at Switch Photography Studio… 21 September, 2011
Toyah, at Switch Photography Studio…

Yeah… THAT Toyah!

The studio was recently hired out to shoot video footage for a project – and it turns out it was for Toyah Willcox…

Many of you will recognise a few of the sets… but what we are most pleased with is how the new water set looks. Yay!

• Visit 'Switch Photography' here.

Andi Fraggs: Beautiful Feeling 21 September, 2011
Andi Fragg's new single 'Beautiful Feeling' is released this week. The song had its premiere play on 'Gaydar Radio' this evening.

Andi is appearing at select UK dates on both The Humans' 'Sugar Rush' and Toyah's 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' tours in the next couple of months.

Andi was also DJ at Phil & Kev's Surprise Party last week, playing a fantastic set list that included TWO plays of Toyah's 'Ieya '82', as well as great songs by Siouxsie, Blondie, Kate Bush, Soft Cell, Madonna, Altered Images and Andi's aforementioned new single.
Read All About It: Tonight @ 8pm On Vintage TV 21 September, 2011
A few quick screen caps from this morning's Read All About It. This included a relatively short, but interesting, interview with Toyah by Mike Read, and a play of the 'Fallen' video. Toyah talked about the 'Rewind Festival', 'Fallen', filming the video, the 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' tour, The Humans and more. There's another chance to see the interview soon, Read All About It airs again at 8pm this evening on Vintage TV. Please check back later for more screen caps.

Sugar Rush: 'Everything But Urban' Review 21 September, 2011
A great review, from 'Everything But Urban', of 'Sugar Rush', the forthcoming second album by The Humans.

Review: The Humans – Sugar Rush

The Humans’ new 13-track album, Sugar Rush, is experimental, edgy in the simplest of ways, and nothing you can ready yourself for. It’s the musical equivalent of a drive through a part of town you’ve never seen, and just when you think you’ve got the area figured out, you pass a sign welcoming you to the nearby town with restaurants of a different vibe, and even the sky looks a bit different. But don’t consider driving back now, because you’re on a one-way and the scenery stays intriguing.

• Read the full review at the 'Everything But Urban' website,
Vintage TV: September Newsletter + Read All About It 20 September, 2011
Toyah guests on tomorrow's Read All About It on 'Vintage TV', and is also included in their September Newsletter.

All the leaves are brown... But the sky is by no means grey. As autumn draws nearer, Vintage TV has a lot to celebrate. In this month’s newsletter, we’ll fill you in on all our backstage gossip from Rewind and Twinwood festivals, our new interview series ‘Read All About It’, as well as our latest home-made music videos. And last, but definitely not least, we want to wish ourselves a riotously HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY!

'Read All About It': From Wednesday 7th September, Vintage TV has been broadcasting Mike Read’s round-up of viewer comments, requests and all manner of contributions. Stars including Andy Bown, P.J. Proby, Toyah Willcox, Mark E. Nevin and Alvin Stardust have dropped in for a brief chat, and there are many more to come. Filmed in a range of locations, beginning with London’s renowned Gibson Guitar Studio, these half-hour episodes also include sneak-peaks of brand new videos.

Read All About It airs tomorrow at 10.30am, with Mike Read interviewing Toyah and the television premiere of the 'Fallen' video. (Thanks to Michael O'Brien for the newsletter)
Metro: Toyah Can't Wait To Be Diva For The Day 20 September, 2011
The Northern edition of 'Metro' published an interview with Toyah yesterday. She talks 'Fallen' and more.

In the early 80s, Toyah reigned supreme as the British queen of punk and new wave. Roll on 30 years and she's about to add a new string to her bow - that of dance princess! Yesterday saw the release of her first ever dance single, Fallen, and it's predicted to make the top ten. No one is more surprised than Toyah herself.

• Read the full interview
here. Visit the, updated, Dreamscape Press Archive, here, for countless Toyah interviews and articles. (Thanks to Official Toyah Facebook)
Telegraph Magazine: Flashback: Toyah Willcox 19 September, 2011
Toyah was interviewed in 'Telegraph Magazine' in their 25th June issue: Flashback: Toyah Willcox remembers appearing on Tiswas in 1981. Click below to read the interview. (Thanks to Paul Lomas)

Thunder In The Mountains: Released 30 Years Ago 19 September, 2011
Toyah's eighth single, one of the best songs of 1981, unlike anything Toyah had recorded or released previously, and a video that is almost certainly one of the most memorable of that year... 'Thunder In The Mountains' was released 30 years ago this week. The song was written by Toyah, Adrian Lee and Nigel Glockler. Nick Tauber's incredible production still sounds amazing and undated. It would only take its inclusion in a big movie for this to be a massive hit all over again!

Above: Original UK 7" single sleeve + 'Thunder In The Mountains' fan art by Andrew York. Click above to watch Godley and Creme's brilliant video, and here to view more of Andrew's Toyah art.

The Ebony Tower: Competition Winner 19 September, 2011
Thanks to everyone who entered our competition to win The Ebony Tower on DVD. The correct answer was, of course, France.

The winner, chosen at random from all entries, is Chris Cox from Bristol. Congratulations Chris!

The Ebony Tower was released today on standalone DVD for the very first time.
Gaydio Radio: Toyah Interview: Update 19 September, 2011
As previously mentioned Toyah will be interviewed on 'Gaydio Radio' this week by John Ryan.

It looks likely that the interview will be on Sunday evening as this is when John's show airs. NB: This has now been confirmed! (Thanks to Michael O'Brien)

The Loop : Gaydio Radio - Sunday 25th September : 6.00pm
Music from the 80s with John Ryan.
News & Star: Toyah To Star At Cumbria Pride Festival 19 September, 2011

Eighties singing star Toyah Willcox will perform at Cumbria’s first large Pride festival in Carlisle next month.

The colourful event, to celebrate the area’s lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) community, will take place on Saturday, October 1 – and organisers are now making it a free event.

Originally they had hoped to hold it in Bitts Park but that had to be ruled out due to cost. Instead it will be held at the Swallow Hilltop Hotel.

Details of the entertainment, which they hope will attract crowds of 2,500, have now been revealed – including a visit from eighties singer Toyah Willcox.

• Read the full article at the 'News & Star' website,

Metro: New Toyah Interview 19 September, 2011
A new Toyah interview appears in the print edition of today's Northern issue of 'Metro'.

Unfortunately, as with yesterday's 'Sunday Sun', this isn't included in their online content. If anyone has scans of either interview that they would like to share with other Toyah fans please let me know and I'll add them here.

Fallen: News Round-Up 18 September, 2011
The 'Fallen' weekend is almost over... Here's a news round-up:

• The single is available to download at
itunes. It has already placed in the Top 15 of the Electronic Chart there.

• At
iTunes 'Fallen' is currently the best selling Toyah song from her catalogue there, and has attracted numerous positive reviews and comments over the past 24 hours.

• The excellent video, featuring Toyah and Paul Masterson (aka Yomanda), with fantastic Toyah imagery, is available to view at
You Tube.

• Toyah's Official website now has a dedicated 'Fallen'

• The single should be available to download at Play, Amazon and other online digital music stores very soon.

• Look out for more 'Fallen' related press and media through this forthcoming week, including a
Vintage TV appearance and a Gaydio Radio interview.
Toyah Live 2011: New Foresters PA: More Photos 18 September, 2011
Another batch of photos from last night's PA. All of these fantastic photos of Toyah, and more, have also been added to the 2010 - gallery page. (Thanks to Richard Smith)

Toyah Live 2011: New Foresters: More Photos 18 September, 2011
More great photos from Toyah's PA last night at New Foresters, Nottingham. Toyah was onstage just before Midnight and played 'Fallen' around the time it was officially released for download. All of these photos, and more, have also been added to the 2010 - gallery page. (Thanks to Ray Sears)

Fallen: Watch The Video 18 September, 2011
The new Yomanda featuring Toyah 'Fallen' video, filmed, edited and directed by Simon Booth and Dean Stockings, was released yesterday. Watch the full video at 'You Tube' by clicking below.

Buy the song, at 'iTunes', here. 'Fallen' is already doing incredibly well on their Electronic chart.

Sunday Sun: 7: Cover & 'Fallen' Interview 18 September, 2011
Toyah is the cover star of today's 'Sunday Sun' supplement "7": A Proud Toyah Heads North. Toyah talks about 'Fallen', performing at Cumbria Pride & more. (Thanks to Toyah's Official Facebook)

Official Toyah: Fallen Now Available 18 September, 2011

The new single Fallen by Yomanda featuring Toyah is now available to purchase from iTunes, Amazon MP3, and other digital music vendors. The single was written by Paul Masterson and Toyah Willcox earlier this year and recorded and produced by Masterson in the summer. Fallen was also produced by Masterson, the mastermind behind hit single Synth & Strings in addition to renowned remixes and collaborations with Kele Le Roc, Boy George, Judge Jules and Kylie Minogue.

• Read the full news article at Toyah's official website,

Official Toyah: Dedicated 'Fallen' Page 18 September, 2011
There's now a fully fledged, dedicated, 'Fallen' section at Toyah's official website: Featuring three great themed wallpapers, the video, information on the single and more. Click below to visit.

Gaydio Radio: Toyah Interview 18 September, 2011
More promotion for 'Fallen'. Toyah will be interviewed this week by John Ryan on Manchester's 'Gaydio Radio'.

No specific time or day has been advised as yet so please keep an eye on their website. You can listen online to the station at their website too.
Vintage TV: Toyah Interview + 'Fallen': New Date 18 September, 2011
Toyah's 'Vintage TV' interview, and the television premiere of the 'Fallen' video, has been rescheduled for Wednesday on the channel's Read All About It.

Read All About It : Vintage TV - Wednesday 21st September : 10.30am
Your emails, Facebook messages and Tweets are selected by Mike Read, and he introduces new Vintage videos and guests in our regular round-up of up and coming features on the channel.
Toyah Live 2011: New Foresters PA: Photos 18 September, 2011
Toyah played New Foresters, Nottingham last night, the third consecutive September she has made a PA at the venue. The set list was: Latex Messiah (Viva La Rebel In You), Echo Beach, It's A Mystery, Sweet Child O' Mine, Fallen, Rebel Yell, I Want To Be Free. Click on eah photo below for a larger version. These have also been added to the 2010 - gallery page. (Thanks to Michael O'Brien and Andrew Hay for the photos)

Toyah tweeted earlier today: "Just steppin on the plane to the USA. So excited. New Forresters was lovely. thank u 4 supporting Fallen :-) x" Have a great time playing the US Toyah!

Dreamscape News Archive: August 2011 18 September, 2011
Dreamscape News for August 2011 has now been archived. Visit our News Archive below.

Fallen: Newsy Bits & Pieces ... Is it imagination? 16 September, 2011
Welcome to the 'Fallen' weekend! We haven't been this excited about a new single since 'Little Tears Of Love' nine years ago!

• The shiny new single, by Yomanda featuring Toyah, will be available to download from just after Midnight on Sunday. Available from iTunes,, Amazon and all the usual digital online music stores.

• The "Toyah by Dean Stockings" gallery at Toyah's official website has been updated with four, fantastic, new 'Fallen' photos. Click on the screenshot to the left to take a look.

• There are also a couple of great new photos of Toyah and Paul Masterson floating around 'Facebook'.

• The video for 'Fallen' will premiere on Vintage TV's Read All About It this Monday. It's also expected to be available at Toyah's official website soon too.

• Toyah will play 'Fallen' live tomorrow night at her New Foresters PA in Nottingham.

• One of the photos at the, above mentioned, gallery is now available as an excellent 'Fallen' wallpaper. Click below to get yours at Toyah's official website.

The Ebony Tower: On DVD From Monday 16 September, 2011
A Dreamscape ad for The Ebony Tower, released on DVD for the first time this coming Monday.

Please click on the ad to view a larger version | Thanks to Andi Westhorpe for the photos | Scroll down a couple of posts and enter our competition to win The Ebony Tower on DVD - Closes this Sunday. Winner will be announced on Monday | Thanks to everyone who has entered already!

Pride FM: Toyah Interview Tomorrow 16 September, 2011
Toyah guests on Gordon Barr's show on 'Pride FM' tomorrow afternoon.

Gordon's radio show airs from 2 - 4pm and can be listened to online at the 'Pride FM' website,

Toyah talks to Gordon Barr about the Fallen single & performing live at Cumbria Pride.
Toyah on TV & Radio 16 September, 2011
Gordon Barr : Pride FM - Saturday 17th September : 2.00pm
Entertainment news, star interviews and much more! Toyah talks to Gordon Barr about the Fallen single & performing live at Cumbria Pride on 1st October. Listen online

Rewind 2011 : Sky Arts 1 - Saturday 17th September : 10.00pm
Rewind 2011 : Sky Arts 1 - Sunday 18th September : 10.15am
Rewind 2011 : Sky Arts 1 - Sunday 18th September : 5.15pm

Highlights from the 80s fancy dress festival, featuring UB40, Billy Ocean, Holly Johnson, Go West, Earth Wind and Fire Experience, Haircut 100, ABC, Nik Kershaw, Toyah and The Real Thing. Also airing on Sky Arts 1 HD.

Read All About It : Vintage TV - Wednesday 21st September : 10.30am
Your emails, Facebook messages and Tweets are selected by Mike Read, and he introduces new Vintage videos and guests in our regular round-up of up and coming features on the channel.

Toyah Live 2011: Manchester Pride: More Photos 14 September, 2011
A few more photos of Toyah at 'Manchester Pride' on 29th August. Click on the main photo to view the photostream at 'flickr', and the others to view larger versions. These have also been added to the 2010 - Gallery page. (Thanks to Darkshine for these great photos of Toyah)

Dreamscape Competition: Win 'The Ebony Tower' DVD 14 September, 2011
The Ebony Tower, the 1984 ITV "tv movie", starring Laurence Olivier, Greta Scacchi, Toyah & Roger Rees, is finally released on DVD in the UK next Monday.

The Ebony Tower is released by Network DVD and they have very generously given Dreamscape a DVD to give away as a prize in a new competition.

For a chance to win The Ebony Tower on DVD simply answer this easy question: Which country was The Ebony Tower filmed in? Please send answers, including "The Ebony Tower" in the subject line, to: | Please include your name and the address you would like the DVD to be sent to. Good Luck!

Featuring a formidable central performance by Laurence Olivier, one of Britain s most revered actors, this BAFTA-nominated television play was adapted by John Mortimer (Rumpole of the Bailey) from the novel by John Fowles; a distinguished supporting cast includes Greta Scacchi and Roger Rees. Henry Breasley (Olivier) is an elderly painter whose secluded retirement is invaded by David Williams (Rees), a brash young artist commissioned to produce a biographical study of the great man. Breasley shares his home in the South of France with two young English girls, both former art students, Diana and Anne. In this strange ménage, David is left in no doubt about his host s views on modern abstract art. However, he is puzzled by the old man s relationship with the girls, especially when he also finds himself strongly attracted to Diana...

• Visit the 'Network DVD' The Ebony Tower page,
here. (Thanks to Gillie Fairbrother)

Network DVD: Three From Laurence 14 September, 2011
Three Plays Starring Sir Laurence Olivier: Network DVD is proud to announce the release of three dramas starring Sir Laurence Olivier, including 'Long Day’s Journey Into Night', 'The Ebony Tower' and 'The Merchant of Venice'. Each will be available for RRP £12.99 on 19th September 2011.

Long Day’s Journey into Night
The world's foremost actor, Laurence Olivier, and one of America's greatest playwrights, Eugene O'Neill, are brought together in this acclaimed stage production, by the National Theatre Company, of O'Neill's Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece.

The Ebony Tower
Featuring a formidable central performance by Laurence Oliver, one of Britain’s most revered actors, this BAFTA-nominated television play was adapted by John Mortimer (Rumpole of the Bailey) from the novel by John Fowles; a distinguished supporting cast includes Greta Scacchi, Roger Rees and Toyah Willcox.

The Merchant of Venice
In this lavish stage production, Oscar winner Laurence Olivier takes on one of literary history’s most enigmatic and challenging characters: the vengeful moneylender of Venice, Shylock. Adapted from Jonathan Miller’s brilliant London stage production, this updated interpretation of Shakespeare’s masterpiece shifts the setting from Elizabethan times to the late 19th Century - allowing for a new relevance for contemporary audiences, and a deeper understanding of the central character.

Toyah Live 2011: A Riot Of Concert Colour 13 September, 2011
Toyah has had an amazing live 2011, so far. As well as the acclaimed 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' tour there have numerous gig, PA and festival appearances. Summer 2011, in particular, has been fantastically colourful for Toyah and her fans: Kremlin, Canterbury Faerie Ball, Blackpool Pride, Rock & Bike Fest, Rewind Scotland, Here & Now Ascot, Flashback, Rewind Henley, Manchester Pride and Wig Out. Please click below to view incredible photos from all of these.

Thanks to: Alec Kelly, Brian Marsh, Glyn Whelan, Sharon Dickson, Lorne Thomson, Becky Varley, Angie, Gareth Forshaw, Huw Crowther, Phil King, Michael O'Brien, Paul Lomas and Gavin Brick.

Cumbria Pride 2011: Two PAs for Toyah 13 September, 2011
Toyah will play two PA's at Cumbria Pride at the beginning of next month.

Her afternoon performance will be at the Swallow Hilltop Hotel, Carlisle on Saturday 1st October, and later that evening she will play at the 'Outrageous' Aftershow Party.

Cumbria Pride are proud to Announce Toyah Willcox will be performing at Cumbria Pride on the 1st October 2011 and will also be appearing at the Outrageous 2nd Stage Aftershow Party, along with Tatiana Okupink, don't miss out get your tickets see tab for details of where to get them.
Vintage TV: Toyah Interview + 'Fallen' Video 13 September, 2011
Toyah recorded an interview yesterday with, relatively new, music channel 'Vintage TV'. This will be broadcast along with the new video for 'Fallen' next week.

The interview and video will air on Read All About It, hosted by former Radio One DJ Mike Read, on Monday mid-morning. The programme airs at 10.30am.

Read All About It : Vintage TV - Monday 19th September : 10.30am
Your emails, Facebook messages and Tweets are selected by Mike Read, and he introduces new Vintage videos and guests in our regular round-up of up and coming features on the channel.

There are other airings for Read All About It through that week but I'm not sure if these are the same show as the one Toyah guests on, but it may be more chances to catch the interview and 'Fallen' video so the days and times are: Monday 19th: 8pm; Wednesday 21st: 10.30am/8pm; Friday 23rd: 10.30am/8pm and Saturday 24th: 10.30am.

How to view Vintage TV: You can receive Vintage TV for free on Sky 369 and Freesat 515. Visit the channel's website,
here, and their Facebook page, here. (Thanks to Paul Cable)
Toyah Live 2011: Wig Out: Photos 12 September, 2011
A-maaa-zing photos of Toyah from her live PA at 'Wig Out' at Ghetto Factory, London on Saturday night. Apparently the audience went crazy for Toyah and were very, very loud. Please click on each photo for a larger version. These have also been added to Dreamscape's 2010 - gallery page. (A huge thank you to Giddy Gavin for these fanschmabulous Toyah photos)

You Tubing @ Wig Out: Toyah Plays 'Fallen' 12 September, 2011
View great quality footage of Toyah performing 'Fallen' live, for just the very second time, at 'Wig Out' on Saturday night, at 'You Tube' here. View 'I Want To Be Free' here. (Thanks to Giddy Gavin)

Tribune Magazine: Rewind Henley 2011: Review 12 September, 2011
Another review of 'Rewind Henley', this one from 'Tribune Magazine', with more positive comments for Toyah.

By day we run, by night we dance
Rewind – The 80s Festival

Henley on Thames

Every festival springs a surprise or two. Rewind’s first comes with Toyah, who leapt on stage and almost out of her original 80s outfit with an energy belying her 53 years. The hits, “It’s a Mystery” and “I Want to be Free”, cap an astonishing performance. Backstage Toyah revealed her plan. ‘I wanted to surprise people by not surprising them at all’. It worked. She then proves her professional mettle by posing for photographs with fans who have paid for a queue-free bar and clean toilets in the VIP area.

• View the full review at the 'Tribune Magazine' website,
Fallen: Seven Days & Counting! 11 September, 2011
'Fallen', the new single from Yomanda featuring Toyah, is released a week today!

A Dreamscape advert for the single. View a larger version here, and a slightly different version, here. Original photo © Dean Stockings | Original cover art © Alan Sawyers.

Toyah on TV: Sky Arts: Rewind 2011 11 September, 2011
More opportunities to catch a little of Toyah's set at the recent 'Rewind Festival 2011' at Henley. Sky Arts are repeating their 90 minute highlights programme, Rewind 2011, next week. This includes Toyah performing 'It's A Mystery', plus a brief interview.

Rewind 2011: Sky Arts 1 - Sat 17th Sep : 10.00pm
Rewind 2011: Sky Arts 1 - Sun 18th Sep : 10.15am
Rewind 2011: Sky Arts 1 - Sun 18th Sep : 5.15pm

Highlights from the 80s fancy dress festival, featuring UB40, Billy Ocean, Holly Johnson, Go West, Earth Wind and Fire Experience, Haircut 100, ABC, Nik Kershaw, Toyah and The Real Thing. Also airing on Sky Arts 1 HD.
The Humans 'Sugar Rush' Tour Flyer 11 September, 2011
Below Right: The new official promo flyer/poster for The Humans 'Sugar Rush' UK tour dates. This also confirms that the album of the same name will be released digitally on 2nd October. Click below to view a larger version of the flyer/poster at The Humans official website.

BMH: 'Untold Stories' Preview 11 September, 2011
Toyah is included in the forthcoming 'Birmingham Music Heritage' feature length documentary Untold Stories. A preview of which can be viewed at 'You Tube' here.

This is a preview of 'Untold Stories', a feature length documentary film which tells the story of the music scene in Birmingham, UK. During the period of 1965-1985 Birmingham produced some of the world's most influential rock and pop bands. With contributions from some of those artists, along with those who worked behind the scenes, 'Untold Stories' give the viewer just a glimpse of a golden age of music.

Toyah on TV: Fertile/Munchies/Antiques 11 September, 2011
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies Indie - Thursday 15th September : 8.00am
Satirical comedy with Kris Marshall, Kathy Keira Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Olivia Nash, Pauline McLynn, Tara Lynne O'Neill, Toyah Willcox, Harry Towb, Marc O'Shea and Paddy McCarney. Also airing on Sky Movies Indie HD.

Monster Munchies : Good Food - Monday 7th November : 9.00pm
Monster Munchies : Good Food +1 - Monday 7th November : 10.00pm

Toyah judges sugary treats at Garsons Farm in Esher.

Antiques Road Trip Celebrity Special : BBC1 - Air time/date TBC
Toyah Willcox and Tony Blackburn take to the road and visit York in search of antiques. They also attend an auction. Part of Children in Need 2011.

Toyah Live 2011: Wig Out: Live PA Tonight! 10 September, 2011
Toyah plays 'Wig Out' tonight. The live PA will include the second live performance of the new single 'Fallen'.

Wig Out is now an unmissable monthly! Making it an even bigger party than ever!

September's party is Saturday the 10th after that we're gonna be dropin' the pop on the first Saturday of the month (easy to remember!)

What better way to kick of Wig Out as monthly party than with 80's pop-punk icon Toyah Willcox live on stage?

Brought to you by the gang behind one of London's biggest and best nights 'popstarz' you know you're gonna have a great night out, dance with friendly people and not break the bank!

Expect a high energy performance from the iconic star known for her glam-punk outfits featuring the hits songs 'It's A Mystery', 'I Want To Be Free', 'Thunder In The Mountains' and an exclusive performance of her new single 'Fallen'.
The Humans: Sugar Rush Tour: UK Support Acts 10 September, 2011
Support acts for the UK dates of The Humans 'Sugar Rush' tour have been announced as Howard James Kenny, on all dates, plus Andi Fraggs at the first gig.

Andi is also supporting Toyah on seven of the forthcoming 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' dates in October and November.

We are pleased to announce that special guest Howard James Kenny will be supporting The Humans on all dates of the Sugar Rush UK Tour. Additionally, Andi Fraggswill play a support slot on the tour's opening night at Manchester's The Ruby Lounge.

• View further info on the 'Sugar Rush' tour and ticket details,
here. Visit Howard James Kenny's official website, here, and Andi Fraggs' official website, here. Andi also has a busy Facebook page.
You Tubing at The Rock & Bike Fest 2011 10 September, 2011
A new video, featuring highlight's from this years 'Rock & Bike Fest', has just been added to 'You Tube'. It includes brief footage of Toyah onstage, awarding trophies and reporting from the festival: Highlight promo from this years event. Check out some of the fun and games, with bikes, bands, interviews and the most bodacious Toyah Willcox. View here.

Fallen by Yomanda featuring Toyah: Cover Revealed 9 September, 2011
Just revealed by Toyah's official website/Facebook: The official cover for 'Fallen'. I must confess... It's fantastic!

The new single, by Yomanda featuring Toyah, is co-written by Toyah and producer Paul Masterson and will be available digitally from Sunday 18th September. The 'Fallen' video premieres online and at 'Vintage TV' soon.

Official Toyah: Newsy Bits & Pieces! 9 September, 2011
The artwork for the forthcoming Yomanda feat. Toyah single, “Fallen” is now exclusively revealed here. The artwork gives a preview of the track’s stunning video which is shortly due for a broadcast premiere on Vintage TV and available to view at online. View the full news article, at Toyah's official website,

The Humans – fronted by Toyah Willcox and incl. Bill Rieflin (REM/Ministry) - have confirmed three additional concert dates on their autumn Sugar Rush Tour 2011. The tour will now kick off in Portland, USA on 24 September and wrap in Glasgow, UK on 11 October. The tour will see the band’s first ever American tour dates in support of the Sugar Rush album’s US release on The End Records. View the full news article, at Toyah's official website,

A new 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' gig, at Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham-By-Sea, West Sussex on 15th October, has been added to the tour. There's also a new live PA, at Cumbria Pride, Carlisle on 1st October. View Toyah/The Humans full live gig page
DJ Garthy: Yomanda Feat Toyah - Fallen 9 September, 2011
Yomanda Productions: It is with great pleasure we give to you the brand single single from the brilliant Yomanda.

Its been a while since Paul Masterson graced the UKs floors with one of his productions, however the wait is no more - and you will not be disappointed!!

For this brilliant single 'Fallen' Yomanda teams up with the legendary Toyah. The track is a sublime piece of mainstream house music which fuses together top notch production and Toyah's distinct and brilliant vocals. This track was performed live at Manchester Pride the other week - and went down a storm!

Track listing: 1. Extended Mix, 2. Radio Edit: Promo Format: Digital Mp3

• Above: Not official artwork | Photo © Toyah/Dean Stockings.
Full photo tweeted by Toyah yesterday with message: "I'm just singing in the rain. La la la la tra la la".
The Humans: More 'Sugar Rush' Tour Dates 9 September, 2011
Three more dates for the forthcoming transatlantic tour by The Humans were announced yesterday, in Portland, Sheffield and Glasgow.

Portland is now the first American date, on Saturday 24th September at Empire Dine and Dance, and Glasgow is the final date, on Tuesday 11th October at, groovy, King Tuts.

THE HUMANS sugar rush tour 2011: Full Dates:

Saturday 24th September: Empire Dine & Dance: Portland, USA
Sunday 25th September: Church of Boston: Boston, MA, USA
Monday 26th September: The World Café: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Tuesday 27th September: Highline Ballroom: New York, NY, USA
Tuesday 4th October: Ruby Lounge: Manchester, UK
Wednesday 5th October: Clwb Ifor Bach: Cardiff, UK
Thursday 6th October: Bush Hall: London, UK
Saturday 8th October: Flowerpot: Derby, UK
Sunday 9th October: The Public: West Bromwich, UK
Monday 10th October: Corporation: Sheffield, UK
Tuesday 11th October: King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut: Glasgow, UK

For full ticket links visit
Classic Toyah: Blue Jeans/Daily Record 9 September, 2011
A few more retro Toyah interviews and articles: 1. Toyah's In Town, from 'Blue Jeans' mag 1982; 2. I'm Bigger Than Ever, from the 'Daily Record' 1993; and 3. Toyah's Troubles, from 'Blue Jeans' magazine 1982. Click on each for larger versions. (Thanks again to Paul Lomas and his scanner)

Boyz: Willcox Wigs Out 8 September, 2011
There's a great new interview with Toyah in the latest issue, #1045, of 'Boyz' magazine.

In the early 80s Toyah Willcox was Britain's biggest female pop export and 30 years later she's still going strong. Ahead of her gig at Wig Out, we spoke to her about Adele, her new single and why her gay fans are so great.

You're busy with your new single 'Fallen' and touring. It's crazy but I'm really, really enjoying things. My new single 'Fallen' is predicted to go into the top ten. We're so excited about it. It's totally unexpected.

Pop's a woman's business at the moment, don't you think? It's an amazing time for women. The diversity is just delicious. For me Adele is the one. She's got the voice and talent. She's brought music back to being the focal point. I think Gaga is a fantastic performer and songwriter too.

Do women have an easier time in the business now? I don't think anyone has an easy time. When I started it was very male dominated. Sexism was the norm. What's great about today is that women can be judged for their talent, not their gender. It's the same with being judged on your sexuality. It's irrelevant unless you're taking a political stance. Jessie J is staggeringly beautiful and she is loved by both men and women. In my time that freedom wasn't there. You couldn't be too outspoken. I think Madonna was the first who was outspoken and successful.

• Read the full interview online at the 'Boyz' magazine website,
Fallen: 10 Days Till Lift Off! 8 September, 2011
As detailed below Toyah filmed the video for 'Fallen' yesterday, working with Dean Stockings, Sean Chapman and Paul Masterson.

'Fallen' will be available for download on Sunday 18th September from iTunes, Amazon MP3, and all usual digital music stores. The single package will include the Radio Edit, Extended Mix and Dub. Single artwork will also be available soon.

Indicate you'll be supporting the release of the single at Facebook,
here. Follow Paul Masterson/Yomanda at Twitter, here (someone who cares about animal rights on this horrifically cruel planet and isn't afraid to talk about it). Listen to the preview of 'Fallen', here. Read a transcript of Paul's 'Gaydar Radio' interview about 'Fallen' and working with Toyah, here.

Lets all make 'Fallen' the success it deserves to be. (Photo © Dean Stockings)

Fallen: Video Shoot: Behind The Scenes 8 September, 2011
A great selection of behind-the-scenes photos from yesterdays 'Fallen' video shoot: 1. Paul Masterson, Toyah and Dean Stockings; 2. Toyah tweeted: "Sean just can't keep his brush outta the shot"; 3. Toyah tweeted: "Good god look at my pups"; 4. Toyah receiving the Sean Chapman treatment. View larger versions of all these at Toyah and Dean Stockings' Official Facebook pages. (Photos © 1. Dean Stockings, 2-4. Toyah Willcox)

Toyah Fan Art: Fallen/Rolling Stone 8 September, 2011
More excellent Toyah fan art, courtesey of Andrew York and Andi Westhorpe. Andrew has created a 'Fallen - The Remixes' single cover and Andi a 'Toyah Doll - Rolling Stone' magazine cover.

Please click on either of the above for larger versions. Both have also been added to Dreamscape's Fan Art + Gallery. Please click below to view some amazing Toyah creations by Andrew and Andi.

Classic Toyah: Suzy's Pop Pocket Book 8 September, 2011
We're raiding the 80s archives yet again for more "classic Toyah". This is from 'Suzy' magazine in 1983, a six-page mini magazine: Toyah: Suzy's Pop Pocket Book, plus a pin up which I haven't included here. Click below to view a larger version. (Thanks to Paul Lomas)

I Was A Teenage Toyah Fan: Cover Revealed 7 September, 2011
The official front cover of the forthcoming book that every Toyah fan can't wait to read, 'I Was A Teenage Toyah Fan' by Chris Limb, has been revealed via a preview at Facebook.

Visually referencing early 80s pop bible 'Smash Hits', and featuring a great photo of Toyah from the 1981 Barry Plummer session used in 'The Official Toyah Annual' and 'Toyah' book published in 1982.

'I Was A Teenage Toyah Fan' will be available to buy later this year.

Visit the book's Facebook page
here, and read extracts at '' here.

Toyah Supporting 'Pawdrophenia' Fundraising Event 7 September, 2011
There have been various reports online over the last day about the 'Pawdrophenia' fundraising event, and Toyah's involvement with this brilliant and worthy cause.

Scooter club to ride in aid of Biggin Hill animal rescue charity

‘Pawdrophenia’ event organised by the Sevenoaks Scooter Club and supported by Toyah Willcox

Next Sunday (September 18) they will ride to Foal Farm in Biggin Hill to deliver pet food, blankets, toys and donations.

The event has also won support from actor and singer Toyah Willcox, who starred as Monkey in the 70s cult scooter film Quadrophenia. She said: “Good luck to the big hearted Big 7 on their Pawdrophenia ride.”

Scooterists taking to the roads for Pawdrophenia fundraising event for Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre

It will be Pawdrophenia rather than Quadrophenia as up to 250 scooterists take to the roads on a mercy mission for an animal rescue centre. The scooter riders will load up with pet food, blankets, toys and donations at the Tally Ho pub in Knockholt before riding to Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre, Jail Lane, Biggin Hill.

Organised by Sevenoaks scooter club the Big 7, they will be waved off from the Tally Ho pub by Toyah Willcox, the singer and actress who played Monkey in the 70s scooter film Quadrophenia.

She said: "Good luck to the big hearted Big 7 on their Pawdrophenia ride to Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre. Animals need the kindness of humans to find loving homes and a solid roof over their heads."

To find out more about Pawdrophenia or to make a donation, please visit or call Barry Ludlow on 07703308982. The event will also be shown on You Tube. For more information about Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre, visit

Toyah Live 2011: Manchester Pride: More Photos 6 September, 2011
Two more amazing photos of Toyah, onstage at 'Manchester Pride' on Monday 29th August. Click on each photo below to view larger versions at 'flickr'. These have also been added to the 2010 - Gallery page. (Thanks to Phil King for these gorgeous photos of Toyah)

Official Toyah: September 2011 Blog 6 September, 2011

Toyah's September Blog is online at This includes the very sad news about Toyah's mum. Sending sincere condolences and love to Toyah and family xx

Raw Promotions: The Humans @ The Flowerpot 6 September, 2011
The Humans feature on the cover of The Flowerpot's live gig guide, by 'Raw Promotions'. The band play Derby Flowerpot on Saturday 8th October. Click below to view a larger version, and go here to view the PDF version of the publication. View full details of The Humans' live dates for 2011 here.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 6 September, 2011
The Independent: Arcade Fire, Edinburgh: 'The Independent' review the amazing Arcade Fire's gig at Edinburgh Castle, and pay a nice compliment to Toyah, via reference to singer Régine Chassagne: The devastatingly understated "The Suburbs" also ends on a segue, this time into the raw punk-pop of "Month of May", as the main set finishes on Chassagne's "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)", freshly beamed in from John Hughes' 1980s, the singer looking like Molly Ringwald and combining the deliveries of Kate Bush and Toyah. View the full review here.

Mancunian Matters: Manchester Pride Review: Toyah Willcox made an impact entering the stage in a black Aztec-like dress and a bright pink sideways Mohawk, but none the less attracted a group of hardcore fans. Read the full review here.

Rewind 2011: Toyah on Sky Arts 6 September, 2011
There were a trio of airings for Rewind 2011 on Sky Arts over Sunday night and Monday afternoon.

Toyah, looking incredible, was included; in the programme's intro, the full performance of 'It's A Mystery' and a short interview. If this is repeated anytime soon I'll mention it here.

NB: Apparently music channel 'Vintage TV' also filmed at 'Rewind Henley' so there may be footage of Toyah aired at some point on there too.

Toyah Live 2011: Wig Out PA 2 September, 2011

80's icon and wildchild Toyah takes to the stage for her own brand of pop-punk that could teach the likes of Avril Lavigne a thing or too. Expect to hear "I Wanna be Free"

"It's a Mystery" and "Thunder in the Mountains" as well as a few surprises.

• Visit the 'Popstarz' website, here, and the 'Wig Out' micro-site, here.

Toyah on DVD: Ebony Tower/This Situation/Shoestring 2 September, 2011
September and October are great months for fans of Toyah's acting career, with three retro drama roles being released, including two on UK DVD for the first time.

The Ebony Tower, starring Laurence Olivier, Toyah and Greta Scaachi, receives a UK DVD release on 19th September via the Network label. Visit Network's The Ebony Tower page.

• One of Toyah's very early TV acting roles, This Situation, is also released on DVD (Region 1) in September. This will be part of the box set 'Diana Rigg At The BBC'. View more details at
BBC Worldwide.

• Toyah's classic Shoestring episode, 'Find The Lady', from 1979 also receives its first UK DVD release on 17th October. [NB: This has been put back a fortnight and no artwork has been made available yet. Fingers crossed it will be released].

NY Daily News: The Humans featuring Toyah Willcox 2 September, 2011
The Humans are an innovative, three-piece contemporary rock band comprised of Toyah Willcox, Bill Rieflin, and Chris Wong. The group, a brainchild of Toyah Willcox, brings together three lifetimes of musical experience, experimentation and craftsmanship.

Pop diva and actress Toyah Willcox has had an extraordinary career in the British music scene, moving between post- '77 English punk opportunism, the new wave underground, pop stardom, mature experimentalism and post-pop music and theater....
Toyah @ Manchester Pride: Post-Show Photos 1 September, 2011
A couple of great photos of Toyah, post-show, at 'Manchester Pride' on Monday evening. Toyah is pictured with Paul Lomas, left, and Michael O'Brien, right. (Thanks to Michael for the photos)

Official Toyah: 'Fallen' Release Date Confirmed 1 September, 2011

Sunday 18 September 2011 will see the digital single release of "Fallen", a brand new song by Yomanda featuring Toyah. The brand new track was written by Toyah and Paul Masterson earlier this year. Fallen was also produced by Masterson, the mastermind behind hit single Synth & Strings in addition to renowned remixes and collaborations with Kele Le Roc, Boy George, Judge Jules and Kylie Minogue.

Fallen will be available for download on 18 September from iTunes, Amazon MP3, and all usual digital music vendors. The single package will include the Radio Edit, Extended Mix and Dub.

• Read the full news article at Toyah's official website,
Toyah on TV: Minder/Rewind/Casualty 1 September, 2011
Minder : ITV4 – Saturday 3rd September : 8.00pm
Minder : ITV4 – Sunday 4th September : 8.35am

All Mod Cons. Series 2, Episode 8 (1980). Drama series about the shady dealings of a spiv and his reluctant sidekick. While Terry is trying to evict two squatters, Arthur decides to sell Terry’s flat without his permission. Meanwhile, Terry gets a job minding at a local club and ends up getting into more trouble than he had planned for when he realises the club’s manager is on the fiddle. Starring: George Cole, Dennis Waterman, Toyah Willcox, Simon Cadell, James Ottaway, and Tony Osaba. Also showing on ITV4 +1, one hour (yup!) after each airing on ITV4.

Rewind 2011 : Sky Arts 1 - Sunday 4th September : 10.00pm
Highlights from the nostalgic fancy dress extravaganza at Henley-On-Thames, promising mullet wigs, inflatable microphones and sets from some of the best artists of the Eighties. Also airing on Sky Arts 1 HD.

Casualty : Watch - Thursday 8th September : 8.00am
Casualty : Watch +1 - Thursday 8th September : 9.00am

Comfort Zone. Ruth's pregnancy fears are confirmed, leaving her torn between her ambition to be a surgeon and strengthening feelings for Jay. Toyah Willcox guest stars as a woman who accidentally injures her baby son.

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