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Toyah Talks Music: Dreamscape Interview
Marking our 11th year online, the 30th anniversary of Toyah's breakthrough year, and the 2011 tour... Dreamscape Interviews Toyah: From Sheep Farming To Anthem & Beyond. View Here
Toyah Solo: Digital Fanzine: Spring/Summer 2020
Celebrating the release of Toyah's first ever box set. A digital issue of Dreamscape's fanzine, with features on the solo albums Minx, Desire, Prostitute, Ophelia's Shadow, Take The Leap!, Velvet Lined Shell and more... View Here
Toyah & The Humans: Releases 2020: Round-Up Feature
The second box set of 2020 and more colour vinyls. A glorious collection, essentially - "The Complete Works Of The Humans" in a box + four albums in great colours. Dedicated to the memory of the multi-talented Bill Rieflin. View Here
The Blue Meaning: 40th Anniversary
A Toyah album, and era, way ahead of its time! An album that never gets old. Listen to it now and still be amazed, entertained and mesmerized! Here's our various Blue Meaning features re-imagined to celebrate 40 iconic years. View Here
Toyah Solo: Releases 2020: Round-Up Feature
“There is so much happening this year and it is all going to be announced in stages. Toyah Solo box set was announced in January and yesterday five Toyah Colour Vinyl were announced for pre-order“ TOYAH, February 2020 View Here
Prostitute: Just Be Obscure
Toyah's unique, uncompromising, and experimental "concept" album from 1988. Still baffling, intriguing and entertaining listeners 32 years later. Pro needs a huge feature one day. In the meantime, here's our miniscule one from 2012. View Here
Velvet Lined Shell: An Album Of Songs With Little Teeth!
Toyah's 2003 studio album is a "mini" masterpiece. Includes Little Tears Of Love, You're A Miracle, Every Scar Has A Silver Lining and the atmospheric title track. Here is our not quite as atmospheric VLS feature! View Here
Absolute Toyah: 21st Century Images by Sean Chapman
Celebrating Toyah's birthday, May 2011: A look at her amazing 21st Century imagery... Medusa, Crimson Queen, Latex Messiah, The Devil Queen & more! View Here
Desire: A Riot Of Colour
Possibly Toyah's most underrated studio album, 'Desire' from 1987, featuring her most personal lyrics to date. This is Dreamscape's 2012 tribute to this excellent album! View Here
Stevie Bray: Exclusive Interview
Original Toyah band member, drummer on 'Sheep Farming' & 'The Blue Meaning', and a genuine and down-to-earth bloke too - Our 2012 interview with the legendary Stevie Bray.. View Here
Love Is The Law: The Complete Lyrics
Toyah's 1983 album, the final studio release on Safari Records: 2013 was the 30th Anniversary of the album's original release, and to mark the occasion here are the (almost - just one song to go!) complete lyrics! View Here
The Changeling Resurrection 2012: Live Review
A short, but excellent, 2012 Spring tour marking the 30th anniversary of 'The Changeling'. Read Rob Cope's great review of the Wolverhampton concert.! View Here
Melissa Mailer-Yates: The Changeling
Melissa created a stunning artwork based on Toyah's 'The Changeling/BNW' imagery, and kindly agreed to be interviewed by Dreamscape. A really interesting Q&A.! View Here
Toyah: Thru A Photographer's Eye
Dreamscape teamed up with Paul Crutchley/PAC Photography for this 2012 photo feature: Paul talks photographing Toyah and selects his Top 10 shots! View Here
From Sheep Farming To Anthem 2011: Live Review
Toyah played the Leicester Square Theatre, London on 17th June 2011. A night of music and a celebration of past Toyah imagery. Read Lärwi's excellent review! View Here
Four More From Toyah: The Complete Lyrics
Marking the 30th anniversary of Toyah's other EP from 1981. The complete lyrics to the four song single plus the flexi track 'Stand Proud'. A hugely underrated five-song collection. View Here
Four From Toyah/It's A Mystery: 30 Years
Commemorating the 30th anniversary of Toyah's breakthrough year (yes, 1981!) and the single that started that incredible year... 'Four From Toyah', and lead track 'It's A Mystery'. View Here
The Changeling: 25th Anniversary
A huge celebration of Toyah's 1982 studio album. Images, information, adverts, magazines, stats and much more to mark the 25th anniversary of the release of 'The Changeling'. View Here
In The Court Of The Crimson Queen
A comprehensive feature on Toyah's first, full-length- studio album for almost 15 years. Charting the build up to the release, fan opinions, photos, reviews and much more. View Here
In The Court Of The Crimson Queen: News Archive
Evolution of an album: A dedicated News & Press page for all things In The Court Of The Crimson Queen – Updated regularly between September 2007 and May 2010. View Here
Safari Days: Three Classic Toyah Albums
Marking Toyah's 30th year as a recording artist: Mini features on Toyah's first three bona fide studio albums: 'The Blue Meaning', 'Anthem' and 'The Changeling'. Safari-tastic!! View Here
The Changeling: The Complete Lyrics
Toyah's 1982 masterpiece: This album grows in reputation by the year and after almost 30 years is still one of the highlights of Toyah's career. Lose yourself in the complete lyrics! View Here
From Sheep Farming To Anthem: News Archive
A dedicated section for Toyah's first Anniversary Tour: Including a comprehensive News Archive with regular updates on the tour that celebrated Toyah's first three years, and albums, in music. View Here
From Sheep Farming To Anthem: Dreamscape Gallery
Toyah marked 30 years since her breakthrough year with an acclaimed 12 month UK tour in 2011. Visit our extensive Gallery featuring numerous photos from many of the gigs. View Here
The Ebony Tower: DVD Review 2011
28 years after it was filmed The Ebony Tower was finally released on standalone DVD. Toyah plays Anne (aka "Freak") opposite Sir Laurence Olivier. Here's our mini review. View Here
Four From Edsel: Toyah CD Reissues
'Warrior Rock', 'Love Is The Law', 'Minx' and 'Take The Leap': Four great albums from Toyah's past, all reissued by Edsel Records in the mid-Noughties. View Here
Imaginary Toyah Singles
A purely "Just For Fun" production. A collection of some of Toyah's finest album tracks and b-sides with Dreamscape created artwork for their imaginary release as singles! View Here
Remember 1983
Looking back to Toyah's 1983: Press, photos, video clips, interviews, fan art, official news, screen caps, adverts, magazines and more! A great year and a great time to revisit... View Here
Love Is The Law: 20th Anniversary
Toyah's final album for Safari Records and with the Toyah band. Still a fan favourite, this is Dreamscape's celebration of it 20 years after its release. View Here
Brave New World: 1982
The only single from Toyah's 1982 album 'The Changeling', featuring stunning futuristic visuals and one of Toyah's most memorable images from her music career. View Here
The Tempest: Toyah Willcox as Miranda
Toyah takes on Shakespeare in Derek Jarman's The Tempest: The star of the piece though, is Miranda. Played with panache by Toyah Willcox, that wild child of the punk era.... View Here
Little Tears Of Love
The first new Toyah music of the Millennium. The 'Little Tears Of Love' EP, featuring the title track, 'Mother', 'You're A Miracle' and 'Experience', is something very special. View Here
An Audience With Toyah Willcox
Toyah took her one-woman-show on the road in 2005 for a select bunch of UK appearances. She talked about her career and sang songs in an evening of entertainment. View Here
Faith & Music: 2006
One-hour ITV1 documentary: Toyah talks about her faith, and her... music. Featuring numerous classic photographs, plus four fantastic live performances. View Here
Toyah's first acting role. This mirrored what would happen in her own life a few years later. The story of a girl who dreams of being on Top Of The Pops. View Here
The Seventies "punk epic" - Loathed and loved in equal measure, this was a brutal beginning for Toyah's film career. She plays Punk pyromaniac Mad. View Here
Rock Legends: 2003
30 minute Toyah Special, with contributions from friends, journalists and Robert Fripp. Toyah performs the underrated 'Little Tears Of Love' at the close. View Here
Joel Bogen
Toyah's right-hand-man for the first seven years of her career, Joel co-wrote many of Toyah's best songs and his importance can never be underestimated. View Here
On The Cover Of A Magazine
With over 30 years of Toyah magazine covers to choose from - Dreamscape looked back at them as part of our TOYAH50 birthday celebrations in 2008. View Here
Press Adverts
A collection of Toyah press adverts - Singles, albums, tours, plays, books, magazines and much more - From UK music papers, magazines and newspapers. View Here
Toyah's Magic Patch
Travel through time and space with... Toyah, in the 'Toyah's Magic Patch' comic strips. Originally published in 'Suzy' magazine, circa 1983. View Here
Toyah 50: 2008 (Micro-Site)
Dreamscape celebrated Toyah's 50th birthday in 2008 with a content-packed mini website. Rare photos gallery, fan memories, magazine feature, a message from Toyah and more. View Here
25th Anniversary Gig: Mean Fiddler 2003 (Micro-Site)
Dreamscape's micro-site: Dedicated to Toyah's fantastic gig at the Mean Fiddler, London on Friday 10th October 2003. A celebration of 25 years playing live gigs - A great night. View Here
Calamity Jane (Micro-Site)
In 2002/03 Toyah toured the UK, and played a six-month residency in London's West End, in the title role of Calamity Jane. Toyah was Jane! Dreamscape's micro-site remembers. View Here
I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! (Micro-Site)
Toyah participated in the second series of IAC. Dreamscape documented the huge coverage it received, which can now be viewed as a comprehensive "Toyah in IAC" micro-site. View Here