mad: a. suffering from mental disease, insane; wildly foolish; very enthusiastic; excited, furious; angry; insanity

MAD: Pyromaniac, anarchist, punkette, destructive, superficial

Toyah auditioned for the role of Mad in Jubilee by visiting the director's (Derek Jarman) flat, flicking through
 the script of Down With The Queen, as it was originally titled, and picking the character with the most lines.

Toyah convinced Derek that only she could portray Mad as she should be and he gifted her the role. He then
 took it away, due to lack of cash, only to reinstate the character when Toyah offered to work for not much!


"The first day's shoot on Jubilee was not a glamorous event. More clamorous. I rose at 5am and caught the night 
bus across to Tower Bridge. Inside Derek Jarman's huge living space everyone was gathering; Jordan, Little Nell, 
Jenny Runacre, Emile, Adam Ant, Luciana. There were no hair or make-up people, we had to do our own.

Jordan was extraordinary, a bizarre juxtaposition of seaside culture, punk and rare observation, which made her 
addictive company. Talking to her was like having a conversation with your oldest aunt. She'd explain her love
 of Floris perfumes, tweed and pearls - and then refer to bondage as if it were standard office wear.

My character, Mad, was a hyperactive sci-fi punk who also had a passion for fire. She was really a sidekick to
 Jordan's, but my ego kicked into hyperdrive and Mad became a scene-stealing dominatrix, who by the end
 of the movie shoot, everyone had grown to loathe, except me."

Toyah, recalling Jubilee, and Mad, in her autobiography, 'Living Out Loud' (2000).


"The world is no longer interested in heroes - so sad. We now know too much about them, don't we?
 Do you know any real heroes? - I dont!"

"You're a sucker for sex. Why don't you keep up with the times Crabs? You're an antique."

"America's dead. It's never been alive."

The "wisdom" of Mad, Jubilee (1977/78)

I seem like the walls in my book of rules, all that's plain to those few insane.
 The alien way to every word you say, is an inspiartion to an uninspired day.

Black is black, white is white, life is life, baby, nine to five.

'Nine To Five' - The Maneaters

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