I'm going places I've never seen before, new faces, new words, send my kisses to the old world....

I'll move on, I'll forget you, The voice of discontented youth

Toyah's work of art. A kaleidoscope of colours and futuristic visions - that's the 'Brave
 New World' promo video from 1982, filmed to accompany the only single to be lifted from
 'The Changeling', Toyah's album from that year, and considered, by many, to contain the 
most accomplished and innovative recordings of her career.

'Brave New World is obviously influenced by David Bowie's 'Ashes To Ashes' promo
 video, released two years previously in 1980, but Toyah's video, in my opinion, is
 superior to her hero's. 'Brave New World captures an atmosphere, and once viewed
  - the stunning landscapes, the beautiful white horse, Toyah's alien-like appearance
 - never forgotten. A generation of Toyah fans will testify to that!

Toyah, herself, has said that in her old age she would like to be remembered visually 
with the 'Brave New World' image. A look that was way ahead of its time.


"Come and join me on my cloud, come and ride on my wave. Cascade into night flight.
 I hold a crystal glass, with the essence of life.
 Wondering with anticipation, where I'll go when I die.
 Infinity, eternity, eternally a lie.

Music for my children. Music for my children's future.
 Music for my children's discovery. Music for my children's children.
 Music for us to die to. Music for us to be born to. Never music to criticize.

The 2000yr price tag. The weight of guilt.
 The innocence of sweet ignorance. The smart men's excuse.
 The stab in the back, that's now so far away. It's just like the prick of a pin.

 Make the most of what you've got. Be Proud Be Loud Be Heard.

Poetry from 'The Changeling' lyric booklet, (1982).


A loneliness that no one knows, when his love dies, yours grows and grows.
 It's a cruel world, shall I tell you what I'll do, I'll forget you...

New beginnings, new surroundings, new love, another world to dream of.
New beginnings, new surroundings, new love, it's a brave new world.

'Brave New World' - Toyah, 1982


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