The Val Doonican Show (1985)

As well as The Val Doonican show too.

Top Of The Pops (1986)

The video for Su's number two hit 'Starting Together' was shown on a number of music shows, including Top Of The Pops.

Su's Single and Album releases

Joan Rivers - Can We Talk? (1986)

Su appears alongside Peter Cook, and is her usual shy, retiring self, hopping up on her chair to show off her legs! Su talks about playing live in New York and her yellow taxi cab "experience".

Pebble Mill At One (1986)

Su returned to the Pebble Mill studios in 1986.  She spoke about appearing in Me & My Girl. Su also performed 'Starting Together' with clips form The Marriage (the Desmond Wilcox "reality show" that 'ST' was the theme to) and the classic 'Come To Me (I Am Woman)'.

Off The Record (1986)

Su was interviewed on Off The Record.

TVAM (1986)

And again on TVAM.

TVAM (1986)

Su popped up again on TVAM in 1986. Su guested with En Reitel, her co-star in Me & My Girl.

Pebble Mill At One (1987)

Su popped into Pebble Mill in 1987.

Open Air (1987)

Su disguised herself as an audience member and heckled (a young) Eamon Holmes after Open Air's Hi-De-Hi! - Behind The Scenes feature. Su then whipped off her coat to reveal her Aladdin outfit, and answered viewer's and audience members questions.

Hi-De-Hi! - Behind The Scenes (1987)

Jackanory (1987)

And read a story on Jackanory, the long running BBC children's show.

Let's Face The Music Of... (1988)

Su guests, alongside other singers, on Let's Face The Music Of...Richard Rodgers. She performs several of the famous composer's songs solo, and with the others.

Star Memories (1988)

Su was interviewed on Star Memories in 1988.

Through The Keyhole (1988)

Lloyd Grossman visited Su's London home in 1988 for Through The Keyhole. Su joined David Frost in the studio and ponders over her "real" gold plated key!