In 1987 the BBC morning magazine programme Open Air peeked 'Behind
 The Scenes' at the recording of the last ever episode of Hi-De-Hi! A festive
 treat for viewers, this was part of their Christmas Special...


Hi-De-Hi! creators, Jimmy Perry and David Croft reminisced about
 the show, and talk about reaching almost 60 episodes! "It's good to
establish characters. A good series should have at least 50 episodes."
 They also say they are working on a new sitcom project, later
 revealed as You Rang, M'Lord?


Su, Paul Shane, Jeffrey Holland, Ruth Madoc and David Griffin rehearse
 Scene Nine of the last ever episode, 'The Wind Of Change'.


Then it's time for the studio Dress Rehearsal. Su, Paul and the gang
 suddenly morph into the characters recognised by millions of TV viewers.

"Goodnight Campers!"