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• New for 2010! 'Crimson Queen' Japanese Edition CD: Available from Eil, Ideal Copy & other Import CD stores •

Birthday 2011: Absolute Toyah 18 May, 2011
It's Dreamscape's 2011 feature for Toyah's Birthday!!! 'Absolute Toyah' - Focusing on Toyah's 21st Century images, created by Sean Chapman, along with Ben Van Poetsch, Jez Eaton and the great photography of Dean Stockings.

Birthday 2011: Rare Polaroids 18 May, 2011
Personally, I think these are something really special, as they capture specific moments when Toyah changed her iconic hairstyles.

Photos 1&2. Taken the day Toyah had her 'Blue Meaning' hair cut off, and had the style that she kept for Sugar & Spice and through Autumn 1980.

Photo 3. Taken the day Toyah had her 'Rebel Run'/'Love Is The Law' haircut in 1983.

Photo 4. Taken the day Toyah had her 'Don't Fall In Love' cut and colour in early 1985.

All of these polaroids were provided by Keith at Smile, who began cutting Toyah's hair at the time of Jubilee and created most of Toyah's best known hairstyles during the 80's. These were intended for a Toyah fanzine that never happened and I've been kindly allowed to add them to Dreamscape. Please click on each mini polaroid below for a larger version. (Huge thanks to Keith and Andi)

Birthday 2011: Spotlight: Toyah Profiles 18 May, 2011
A few of Toyah's past 'Spotlight' profiles. Nothing too exciting and not great quality but one of them dates from 1976/77 (top right) and includes a very rare photo of Toyah unused anywhere else. 'Spotlight' is the actor's and casting directory. (Thanks to Andi)

WFMU: A Celebration of the Crimson Queen 18 May, 2011
Surely one of the best Toyah radio specials... ever!! Julie Bennack interviews Toyah (airs in four parts) on 'WFMU'.

The three-hour show, which aired last night, is packed full of great music: The Helium Song, Come, Indecision, Ieya, It's A Mystery, Bird in Flight, Good Morning Universe, Symbiotic. Plus music by The Maneaters, Sunday All Over The World, The Humans, This Fragile Moment, Kiss of Reality, Kate Bush, David Bowie, Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, Goldfrapp...
Birthday 2011: 'The Blue Meaning' Photo Shoot 18 May, 2011

A couple more of these fantastic 'Blue Meaning' era photos. Click for larger/full versions.

Birthday 2011: 'The Blue Meaning' Photo Shoot 18 May, 2011

A few Toyah photos from around the time of 'The Blue Meaning' in 1980. Click for larger/full versions.

Birthday 2011: One Of These Nights... 18 May, 2011
One Of These Nights I'm Gonna Get An Early Day aired in October 1978. Toyah played a character called Fran, a groupie. This was a 30 minute play from the 'Premiere 2' series. Also stars Michael Gambon, Bryan Marshall & Janine Duvitski. Click on the caps for larger versions. (Thanks to Andi)

Birthday 2011: A Question Of Guilt 18 May, 2011
A Question Of Guilt aired in May & June 1980. Toyah played a character called Adelaide Bartlett, a maid. She appeared in two episodes of the series. The series is about the murder trial of Adelaide Bartlett. Toyah’s character is shown giving evidence in the witness box and in flash back. Also stars Nigel Havers. Please click on the caps for a few more. (Thanks to Andi)

You Can't Do That On TV Anymore: Look! Hear! 18 May, 2011
Look! Hear!, the programme that Toyah co-presented between 1979 to 1981, seems to be revisited by blogs and websites every few months. The latest is by 'You Can't Do That On TV Anymore' in their "A Choice Of Viewing" feature.

Midlands: Look! Hear!
This mighty local music show ran for nearly five years. Here it's still co-presented by Toyah Willcox, perched atop a variety of bizarre, unconformable pieces of furniture to survey “the contemporary scene”. The atmosphere isn't bad, sitting roughly halfway between the jaded frugging on Top of the Pops and Revolver's all-out pogo assault: there's a bit of a mosh at the end of the programmes, but this is still the BBC, so any breakages must be paid for at the end of the evening. It would give early exposure to future big names like Duran Duran, as well as countless new wave and heavy metal acts. Or, in this instance, Ricky Cool and the Icebergs. Still, Toyah!
Birthday 2011: Anthem/I Want To Be Free Revisited 18 May, 2011
Dreamscape's main 2010 feature for Toyah's birthday: Also relevant this year as 'Anthem' was released 30 years ago this week: A feature on the photography of ‘Anthem’ and ‘I Want To Be Free’; Concept and design by Andi Westhorpe, with information from Jay Myrdal, the photographer who captured these images of Toyah in April 1981. Also included are incredibly rare test shots from the ‘I Want To Be Free’ session. These had never been released previously and appeared on the internet for the first time last year. Jay gave his permission for this to appear on Dreamscape.

Daily Mail: My Haven: Print Edition 18 May, 2011
The print edition of Toyah's 'Daily Mail' feature from last month. Please click on the scan for a larger version. (Thanks to Paul Lomas for the scan)

My haven: The kitchen at the heart of singer Toyah Willcox's Worcestershire home involves a lot more than cooking

Buying rare old theatre books is a passion of mine. I love reading about actors and music hall artists everyone’s forgotten about.

The most expensive one is a thesis on pantomime and I love it to death because people always disrespect panto, but it keeps theatres running.

Toyah on TV 18 May, 2011
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies Indie - Wednesday 18th May : 2.00pm
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies Indie - Wednesday 25th May : 3.20am
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies Indie - Monday 30th May : 8.00am

Satirical comedy with Kris Marshall, Kathy Keira Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Olivia Nash, Pauline McLynn, Tara Lynne O'Neill, Toyah Willcox, Harry Towb, Marc O'Shea and Paddy McCarney. Also airing on Sky Movies Indie HD.

In Your Dreams : Channel 4 - Tuesday 31st May : 12.05pm
In Your Dreams : Channel 4 +1 - Tuesday 31st May : 1.05pm

Psychotherapist Brenda Mallon talks with personalities about their dream life. Toyah Willcox has had an eclectic career spanning four decades and is renowned for her rebellious spirit. She's always had an extremely dramatic dream life and, in this episode, discovers one particular dream that has significantly altered the course of her life. Also airing on Channel 4 HD.

Happy Birthday Toyah 18 May, 2011
Happy Birthday Toyah! This is the 12th time we have celebrated Toyah's birthday @ Dreamscape. I hope you enjoy our bumper update - Special thanks to Andi Westhorpe who has gifted Dreamscape lots of incredible Toyah content over the years.

Happy Anniversary: Fripp Fripp Live: Photos 16 May, 2011
Happy Anniversary to Toyah and Robert: Here's some great photos of Fripp Fripp live in Birmingham at the end of the 80's. Please click on each for larger/fuller versions. (Thanks to Andrew MacDonald)

Happy Anniversary: Evening Standard: Two Divine 16 May, 2011
‘Because my wife is 12 years younger than me, she is constantly revealing elements of herself which are a joyful and pleasant surprise,’ says Robert.

Celebrating Toyah and Robert’s Silver Wedding Anniversary… ‘Evening Standard’ magazine; 1991: Two Divine:

Raffaella Barker encounters a noteworthy musical marriage.

Toyah Willcox and Robert Fripp

Toyah Willcox doesn’t introduce herself when you meet her. She doesn’t need to: there’s no mistaking the 4ft 10in of neatly-parcelled energy which bounces into the room. Following her is the 5ft 10in of Robert Fripp, whom she married five years ago.

With gusto they launch into the story of their marriage. The first two years were hard – Toyah railed against being seen as Mrs Robert Fripp and was furious when bank managers and accountants wanted to speak to the man of the house. ‘I had been put on a pedestal because of my career and I found it difficult to let go of the past,’ she explains.

• Read the full interview here. Or view a larger scan of the original article here. Visit Dreamscape’s Interviews & Articles section here.

Absolute Toyah + Anniversary/Birthday Updates 15 May, 2011
Please pay us a visit this coming week. Tomorrow is Toyah and Robert's Silver Wedding Anniversary: We have some great photos from Fripp Fripp's gig at Birmingham Repertory Theatre in the late 80's.

Wednesday is, of course, Toyah's birthday: To celebrate we have a few groovy updates: Screen caps from A Question Of Guilt and One Of These Nights I'm Gonna Get An Early Day; some rare-ish 'Blue Meaning' photos; four rare polaroids of Toyah, taken on days when she had some of her most iconic haircuts; and a new feature: "Absolute Toyah".

These are going to be the final updates for a while but they are all worth a look on this special week!
Friday Night... Saturday Morning: Screen Caps 15 May, 2011
A pre-birthday week update: Toyah hosts Friday Night... Saturday Morning in 1980, interviewing Christopher Biggins, Steve Strange, Viv Stanshall and Derek Jarman. The band also perform 'Danced' and 'Mummies' live in the studio. Click on the caps for larger versions. (Thanks to Andi)

Melissa Caplan and a few other ‘Blitz Kids’ are in the audience. Toyah introduces Mummies saying:

"I’d now like to sing another song for you called The Mummies and I don’t mean Mummies with Babies or Egyptian Mummies. This is a song about a small Museum in Mexico , which is filled with whole families of Mummies. There’s Mummy Mummie, Daddy Mummie, and Baby Mummie. All I know about them is that they were horrifically murdered, then mummified and not in the usual way with bandages and all that, they were simply embalmed, put into the poses that they died in, redressed in their civilian clothes, then hung on posts to warn people away from the town. Now they sit silently screaming for justice in glass cases in Guanajuato."

FSF-A: 18th Date/Date Change/Toyah Tweets 15 May, 2011
The 18th 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' tour date was announced at the end of the week. Toyah plays the Harlequin Theatre, Surrey on 18th October. That's now nine dates for October.

The recently confirmed Cardiff Globe date has been moved to 28th October. Toyah
tweeted some very exciting news on Thursday: Make-up artist booked for new surreal image at Leicester Square show. A true celebration of 30 years of images!

• Visit the Official 'FSF-A' page
here, and view all of Dreamscape's 'FSF-A' news, here.
Toyah Interview News 15 May, 2011
Toyah tweeted earlier this week about two seperate interviews for BBC Radio 4: On Wednesday she said: today @BBCRadio4 are interviewing me about meteorite collection. is there life on mars? In my humble opinion.. YES!

On Friday she tweeted: Midge Ure will be interviewing me for @BBCRadio4 RE: life backstage. Well... the male pole dancers are 1st on my list of needs ;-)

Julie Bennack, DJ at
WFMU, has also just interviewed Toyah.
Celebrity Ghost Stories: Air Date Confirmed 15 May, 2011
A new UK version of Bio's Celebrity Ghost Stories began airing last Thursday night. Toyah is taking part in the series and it has now been confirmed that the programme she appears in will air on Thursday 16th June (Thanks to Craig @
The Independent: Sofa So Naked 15 May, 2011
Dean Stockings has photographed regular people from all walks of life, as well as household names like Toyah Willcox, naked on their own sofas.

By Matilda Battersby

There’s something quite intimate about a sofa. Whether leather and shiny, chintzy, saggy, ancient and threadbare or pristinely plumped-up, a sofa certainly reflects its regular occupant’s taste and often, after years of lounging, their shape.

This was the notion that first occurred to photographer Dean Stockings when he surveyed the blank wall above his own sofa, perplexed as to how to fill it. He hit upon the idea of doing a Warhol-esque portrait of the couch itself. But having quizzed his friends he quickly realised that as a place of comfort and familiarity the humble settee was a perfect backdrop to experiment with something more outlandish: getting people to pose naked on their sofas.

• View the full article at 'The Independent' website,
Next Week: Anniversary & Birthday Updates 10 May, 2011
Be sure to check in to Dreamscape next week: We have a selection of updates to celebrate Toyah and Robert's 25th Anniversary (16th May) and Toyah's Birthday (18th May). A set of Fripp Fripp live photos, a new feature "Absolute Toyah", rare Toyah polaroids, screen caps from two of Toyah's earliest tv appearances, photos and more. (Thanks to Andi & Andrew MacDonald)

Official Toyah: From Sheep Farming To Anthem 8 May, 2011
The Official 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' page has been revamped, with tour dates, images, videos, music and more: Introducing the new dedicated From Sheep Farming To Anthem Tour page at the official website... look out for further videos, images & info as the tour goes on... :-)
BBC Radio York: Jonathan Cowap Show 8 May, 2011
Toyah was interviewed by Jonathan Cowap on 'BBC Radio York' earlier today. She talked about playing Harrogate, gardening, facelifts, cooking, life in Menton and more.

Great music, your requests and local guests.

• The show is
available on iPlayer for the next week: Toyah appears 2hrs 9ms in.
From Sheep Farming To Anthem: More Dates 8 May, 2011
Full details of the three new 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem', previously mentioned, tour dates have now been confirmed: Toyah has added gigs in Glasgow, Bristol and Cardiff to the tour.

Wednesday 26 October 2011
Glasgow / Classic Grand
18 Jamaica Street, Glasgow G1 4QD

Thursday 27 October 2011
Bristol / Tunnels
Lower Approach Rd, Temple Meads, Bristol BS1 6QS

Saturday 29 October 2011
Cardiff / Globe
125 Albany Road, Cardiff, South Glamorgan CF24 3NS

There are now 14 dates (eight in October alone!) on sale: London (Leicester Sq Theatre), Oxford, Bromsgrove, Blackpool, Isle of Man, Southampton, Hertford, Wolverhampton, Hoylake, Glasgow, Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, London ( Islington o2 Academy).

See the revamped
Official FSF-A page for further info, and the Official Gigs page for ticket booking details.
Sing If You Can: Screen Captures 8 May, 2011
A few screen captures from Toyah's appearance on Saturday's Sing If You Can on ITV1. This airs again on ITV2 on Wednesday at 7pm (and 8pm on ITV2 +1). It's also available for the next month on ITV Player. Please click on the caps for larger versions.

Official Toyah: May 2011 Blog 6 May, 2011
Toyah’s May 2011 Blog has been added to The Official Toyah website. Click below to go there.

Anthem/The Changeling Artwork by Andrew York 6 May, 2011
I've been aware of Andrew York's fantastic Toyah artwork for many years, thanks to his 'Alternative Play' website but since re-signing up to Facebook I've discovered he has a huge collection of digital Toyah art. Below is just an example of the incredible Toyahscapes he creates. A must see!.

From Sheep Farming... Update: More Gigs/Toyah Tweets 6 May, 2011
Great news! The Official Toyah Facebook announced yesterday: Glasgow, Bristol & Cardiff gigs for the From Sheep Farming To Anthem Tour in October will be announced very soon..... Toyah tweeted on Wednesday: Some of my original costumes might make a surprise appearance at Leicester Square gig. Did i say might? ;-)

• Visit Dreamscape's comprehensive 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' News Archive.

30 Years of Anthem: Rare European Photos 6 May, 2011
Celebrating 30 years since the release of ANTHEM: A few, excellent and rare, European photos from that era. Please click for larger (Thanks to the ever amazing Paul Lomas for these)

Once Upon A Time: Celebrating 30 Years of Toyah's ANTHEM 6 May, 2011
30 years ago this month Toyah's second (third if you include 'SFIB') studio album, the magnificent ANTHEM. was released. It was hugely successful and still sounds as good today as it did in May 1981. View one of our previous features on the album by clicking below.

Dreamscape Gallery: 1983 Update 6 May, 2011
A small update to the 1983 Gallery, inspired by Paul sending me this rare photo of Toyah. This is part of the session that was used by 'Patches' magazine in 1983. The "bunny ears" photos were possibly taken in late 1982 but were used through '83. (Thanks to Paul Lomas, Andi & Stephen Bennett)

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 6 May, 2011
• Phil Spalding and Nigel Glockler after Nigel's gig with Saxon at Bournemouth Academy Friday 22nd April 2011. Please click on the photo for a larger version. (Many thanks to Phil for the great photo)

• Toyah tweeted on Monday: Rehearsing Little Red Riding Hood. 3min Story reading goes into cinemas soon! It's like jackanory,so sweet! Except the wolf dies..ggrrrr :-)

• Sanctuary Xposed featuring Toyah, Little Wing, Wrapped In-Plastic and the UK's top OZZY tribute, Ozzmosis.. now continuously streaming

• The 'Rewind Festival 2011' at Henley, at which Toyah is playing later this Summer, is to be filmed and broadcast by Sky Arts.

• Toyah is mentioned in an article in yesterday's 'Blackpool Gazette': Pride and joe event. View it here.

• Toyah was also namechecked yesterday in a 'Daily Mail' feature on Yvette Fielding. View that

Toyah on TV 6 May, 2011
Sing If You Can : ITV1 - Saturday 7th May : 7.00pm
Sing If You Can : ITV1 - Sunday 8th May : 10.25am
Sing If You Can : ITV2 - Wednesday 11th May : 7.00pm

Jedward, Faye Tozer and Sinitta compete against Toyah Willcox, Ben Richards and Sian Reeves, while celebrity panellists Louis Walsh, Rachel Stevens and Trevor Nelson offer opinions and support. Also airing on the +1 channels and ITV1 HD.

Celebrity Fantasy Homes : Watch - Wednesday 11th May : 8.00pm
Celebrity Fantasy Homes : Watch - Thursday 12th May : 6.00pm

Celebrities hunt for a new home. Gaby Roslin helps punk pop princess Toyah Willcox search for a second home, in Richmond upon Thames, with a budget of 650,000. Also airing on +1 channel.

The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies Indie - Saturday 14th May : 9.35am
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies Indie - Wednesday 18th May : 2.00pm

Satirical comedy with Kris Marshall, Kathy Keira Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Olivia Nash, Pauline McLynn, Tara Lynne O'Neill, Toyah Willcox, Harry Towb, Marc O'Shea and Paddy McCarney.

Toyah Live 2011: Salisbury Fun Day: Photos/Set List 1 May, 2011
A couple of photos of Toyah at The Mayor of Salisbury's Charity Family Fun Day yesterday. Toyah opened the event at Midday, performing the first song with a snake around her neck!! The set list was the same as last week's Canterbury Faerie Ball: Rebel Yell, Echo Beach, Thunder In The Mountains, Sweet Child 'O Mine, It's A Mystery, I Love Rock 'N Roll, I Want To Be Free and River Deep, Mountain High. Toyah's husband, Robert, was also there. Many thanks to Paul Stephens, pictured with Toyah, for the fantastic photos and info. Please click below for larger versions of these.

• View a clip of Toyah opening the Salisbury Charity Family Fun Day at 'You Tube', here.

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