Su guested on the BBC sitcom Gimme Gimme Gimme in 2001


Heidi Honeycomb enters hollering the George Harrison penned 'Something'


Heidi: "Which one of you is Tom?"


Linda: "Are you Catherine Zeta Jones?"


"I am Heidi Honeycomb, singing teacher to the stars!"

Linda: "Heidi, Hi!"


Heidi: "I need lubrication. Fetch me a small Scotch!"

Tom: "Janette Krankie!"


Heidi: "I was slagging Elaine Paige off to Clodah Rodgers only the other day..."


Heidi: "Stand close. And let me feel your voicebox."

Tom: "My old singing teacher never use to lay a finger on me!"

Heidi: "I'm very hands-on with all my boys."


Linda: "Go for it girl. I should've been a singing teacher."

Heidi: "And cough! Just as I thought metso soprano."


Heidi: "Can I scotch them rumours? I never laid a finger on Aled Jones!"


Heidi: "I get these urges Linda!"


Heidi: "You find me incredibly attractive, and it's getting in the way of our lesson!"

Tom: "No, No!"

Heidi: "You're so like Andi Peters! He likes me to keep it on as well!"

Su as Heidi Honeycomb in Gimme Gimme Gimme (December 2001), Tom's singing teacher
 and doppleganger of megababe Linda. Su had great fun guest starring with Kathy Burke
 and James Dreyfus in the hit BBC comedy series.