In 1982 Su made a programme for the BBC all about Nottingham, called Me & My Town:


Su visited her old school, Berridge Infants. She also went
 to Players Tobacco Factory where both her parents were
 employed when she was growing up.


Su's sister, Jean, reminisced with her about Sunday trips
 they had with their dad. Su said that Jean was her fiercest,
 but also most constructive, critic.


Su explored the Mortimer's Hole, the underground
passageway beneath Nottingham Castle.


Su visited Wollaton Hall, a museum which also boasts
a deer park, a lake, a golf course and a chamelia house.


Su found time to check out the locals in the centre of
 Nottingham, the Old Market Square, known locally as
 Slab Square. Interesting fact from Su; There are six
 women to every man in Nottingham!


Ginny Carley, Su's best friend, reminded her of when
they did Rumpelstiltskin together. Ginny sponsored Su
 when she appeared on Opportunity Knocks, when she
 came a close second to a Jack Russell terrier!


Su also stopped by the 'Sign Of Four' joke shop, one of her
 favourite haunts. The shop also sells lots of theatrical items
 such as stage make up and the like. Then she was off to the
 Cooperative Arts Theatre. Su joined this rep company when
 she was 11, and it has played an enormous part in her life.


Next on the whistlestop tour was Basford Hall, one of the
 many working men's clubs Su performed in in her early
 days. She remembered being 'asked to leave' for daring to
 be 'unladylike', that's drinking a pint to you and me.


Finally director John Evans chatted to Su. He described
 her as an all rounder, and wished people knew of her
 versatlity. Su sang lead in The Student Prince, and played
 Susan in The Desert Song, among many other roles. Su
 and John have had many fun times together, a great end
 to the trip down memory lane.