Richmond Theatre, 1989, Su is caught by Michael Aspel...

Michael Aspel; "Su Pollard, This Is Your Life."


Su; "I never suspected a thing!"


"Starring alongside you in Dick Whittington, Peter Blake, Ken Bruce and Bernie
 Winters with Schnorbitz."

Bernie; "Su is unbelievable. It's great being your friend."


Su's husband Peter; "I was working behind the scenes on the stage version of
 Hi De Hi!, when I met Su. She was going onstage, dressed as a centipede,
 when I asked her to marry me."

Su's parents Hilda and Don.

Don; "Hello from Perth. This is an honour you have earned, we are both
 proud of you."


Michael Aspel; "You were born and brought up in Nottingham, the family home
 was in Prospect Terrace. When you were a little girl your favourite game was
 pretending to run a cafe."

Su's sister Jean; "Su's favourite game was playing cafes. One day she served
 me up a meal heavily laced with pepper."


Michael Aspel; "More family members, Su's aunt Nora, uncle David,
 aunt Dorothy, cousin Stuart and his wife Lesley."


"You and your best friend, Julie Jones, join the junior drama group at
 the Nottingham Coop Arts Theatre."

Julie; "Su used to pull faces at me right in the middle of my serious
 dramatic speeches."


Doris Bates of the Cooperative Arts Theatre.


Dorothy Berry; "We're all proud of you here."


Mary, Su's drama teacher and inspiration; "Even then I spotted a real personality,
 she had a great deal of warmth and intuition."


Michael Aspel; "Su, you take a secretarial job and the join the Coop, where your
 boss was Keith Pike."

Keith; "Having a sense of humour helped being Su's boss. She was very unpredictable,
 dashing here and there. She also had strange taste in clothes."


Michael Aspel; "Keith encouraged you to audition for Opportunity Knocks. You
 sang 'I'm Just A Girl Who Can't Say No'. You are pipped at the post into
 second place by the singing dog Sam."


"The following year you are cast as the aristocratic Jane in Rose Marie. You get
 your first West End break in the musical Godspell in 1976, and the following
 year you're again on the London stage in the musical revue Oh! Mr Porter.

"A famous TV writer working on a new comedy series in 1979 recalls seeing
 you in panto in Wolverhampton, playing the dame in Goldilocks. He is Jimmy
Perry and the comedy is Hi De Hi!."

Jimmy Perry; "And that's exactly what you looked like at the audition, a
 pantomime dame. David Croft and I were at my flat, Su arrived with odd
 shoes, odd stockings, looking as though she'd escaped from an Oxfam shop."


Michael Aspel; "Hi De Hi! runs for eight years, and the final show was a
 sad moment for its' millions of fans, as well as you Su."


"From Hi De Hi!, Felix Bowness, Linda Regan, Nikki Kelly, Laura Jackson,
 David & Tony Webb, Chris Andrew, Diane Holland and Barry Howard."


Ruth Madoc; "Su, you thoroughly deserve this evening, all my love."


Michael Aspel; "You continue to be in great demand in cabaret, and earn rave
 reviews in the star role in Me And My Girl in London's West End. There is also
 three Royal Variety Perfomances, and more recently the series You Rang M'Lord."


Paul Shane; "I have so many Su stories. I remember her practising her tap dancing for
 Me And My Girl at three in the morning in her hotel room. That's just Su."

Michael Aspel; "Su this is the last night of your panto so we are granting you a wish.
 Peter told us your wish would be for your mum and dad to be here. All the way
 from Perth in Australia, Don and Hilda."


"Su Pollard, this is your life."