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.Ha Ha Hood!: 'The Stage' Chelmsford Civic Review
Wednesday 27th August, 2014  
Ha Ha Hood! and The Prince of Leaves
by Nick Dines

Following previous renditions of this successful parody series, including last year’s critically acclaimed Ha Ha Holmes!, Ha Ha Hood and The Prince of Leaves provides a welcome escape from reality.

With Tommy Cannon in the guise of both the Sheriff of Nottingham and Little John and Bobby Ball thriving as Friar Tuck and Guy of Gisborne, as ever the duo are fuelled with an insatiable quest to entertain. Forever ad-libbing and preying on unsuspecting audience members, the pair admirably evolve with the times, even to the extent of taking selfies.

... With the added ingredient of Su Pollard as no-nonsense Maid Marian, dressed in her usual discreet way, the trio work well together. Showcasing her vocal range, Pollard delivers one of the most novel takeaway orders you’re likely to hear.

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The Stage.
.Liverpool Echo: Su Pollard Has A Merry Time
Tuesday 26th August, 2014  
Su Pollard has a merry time as Ha Ha Hood! heads for the Floral Pavilion

New take on British legend heads for Merseyside

Su Pollard, it transpires, has been up “since the crack of dawn” – but all is well because she’s been kept going with copious supplies of bacon butties.

“I’m wafting the smell your way,” she laughs when she answers the phone for a chat.

Still, the 64-year-old is so naturally, and famously, ebullient, you can’t imagine a little thing like an early start dampening her spirits too much. It turns out it is all due to publicity duties for her new stage show, Ha Ha Hood! which is heading for Merseyside with two dates this autumn.

The show, penned by writer, director and actor Ben Langley (he’s playing the title role), the man behind last season’s Ha Ha Holmes, is a comical take on one of Britain’s most loved legends, that of the outlaw Robin Hood and his band of merry men fighting for the poor and oppressed in Sherwood Forest.

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Liverpool Echo.
.Ha Ha Hood!: 'Michael Gray's Arts Blog' Chelmsford Civic Review
Tuesday 26th August, 2014  
at the Civic Theatre Chelmsford

Three light entertainment legends on the Civic stage, as Ha Ha Hood chooses Chelmsford to launch its national tour. Sherlock Holmes last year, Robin Hood this, as the ageing outlaw teams up with Maid Marian, Friar Tuck and Little John for madcap new adventures.

Cannon and Ball, no less, are the Merry Men, wisecracking their way through Sherwood Forest with catchphrases and ad libs galore.

Su Pollard, a genuine Nottingham lass, gets to play Maid Marian, who in this version has ended up as a nurse in colonic irrigation. Which gives some idea of the level of the humour here. [“Well, it's not Shakespeare, is it,” as Bobby Ball so rightly remarks.]

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Michael Gray's Arts Blog.

.Ha Ha Hood!: Rehearsal Clip
Tuesday 26th August, 2014  
Su orders a takeaway! A short clip from the rehearsals of Ha Ha Hood!

.BBC Radio Essex: Tony Fisher Show: Su Interview
Thursday 21st August, 2014  
Su guested on Tony Fisher's show on BBC Radio Essex yesterday afternoon. The programme is available to listen to online at BBC iPlayer for the next six days. (Photo © BBC Radio Essex)

.Wirral News: Funny Robin Hood Panto with Su Pollard and Cannon and Ball
Thursday 21st August, 2014  
Old comedy favourites are coming to Wirral to appear a slapstick Robin Hood production. Su Pollard and Cannon and Ball are starring in Ha Ha Hood! And the Prince of Leaves.

This brand new romp follows on from the hugely successful Ha Ha Holmes! UK tour last year and promises plenty of hilarious adventure through the heroic and daring world of Sherwood Forest.

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Wirral News.
.Heart Essex: Su Interview
Wednesday 20th August, 2014  
Su guested on Heart Essex Breakfast Show this morning. The interview is available to listen to here. (Photo © Heart Essex)

Since Su is off this week Martin thought he'd replace her with the only other Su who spells her name the same way…Su Pollard!

Su Pollard is in Essex this week performing in 'Ha Ha Hood! And The Prince Of Leaves' at Chelmsford City Theatres. Listen below to find out about the show and also if Su can spell other peoples names, unlike hers, correct.

.Ha Ha Hood!: Opens in Chelmsford
Wednesday 20th August, 2014  
Ha Ha Hood! And The Prince Of Leaves opened at the Civic Theatre, Chelmsford last night. The show plays there right through until Saturday night.

After that there is a short break before the UK Tour gets fully underway on 4th and 5th September at The Grand Theatre, Swansea.

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Official Website | Twitter | Facebook
.Reader's Digest: Su Interview: "I Remember"
Wednesday 20th August, 2014  
Su is the cover star of the latest issue of Reader's Digest magazine. Read her interview online, at the publication's website, by clicking below.

In September's issue: Su Pollard: “I Remember”: The popular actress reminices about Hi-de-Hi, hitting the charts and coming second to a singing dog.

.Sunday Express: Five Things Su Pollard Can't Live Without
Monday 18th August, 2014  
My voice, parties and Skegness: Five things Su Pollard can't live without

Actress Su Pollard, 64, is best known for playing Peggy, the chalet maid in classic TV comedy Hi-de-Hi! She lives in north London.

1 My voice

I absolutely love singing and I have just returned from New Zealand where I was touring in a production of Annie.

I played the villainous Miss Hannigan and it was an absolute blast. In many ways my voice has become my trademark as it is pretty distinctive and people seem to recognise it wherever I go.

I was on an excursion to a little village in Greece recently when a local tapped me on the shoulder and blasted “Hi-de-Hi!”

2 Parties

I’m the kind of person who is definitely best in company and I love nothing better than a party. I’m impulsive and if I feel the urge for a shindig I will just text all my pals and invite them round for the evening.

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Sunday Express.
.Bucks Free Press: From Hi-De-Hi To Ha Ha Hood: Su Pollard Talks To Freetime
Monday 18th August, 2014  
Hi-De-Hi! brings back memories of lots of laughter for Su Pollard, who played Peggy in the popular series. And she is hoping to bring laughter to Wycombe and Aylesbury theatres this autumn, as she plays Maid Marian in Ha Ha Hood! And The Princes of Leaves.

The 64-year-old is Nottingham born, so it seems quite apt to take part in a show based on the legend of Robin Hood, who traditionally resides in Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire.

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Bucks Free Press.
.The Advertiser: Bulls-Eye For Wacky Su
Friday 15th August, 2014  
Su Pollard has finally landed the role of Maid Marian, just a tad before reaching retirement age, and reckons she’s thrilled to bits.

“Well, it’s better than being Maida Vale,” she jokes and immediately mentions co-stars Cannon and Ball as the main reason for touring the UK for a mass of one-nighters in comedy fare HA Ha Hood! (And The Prince Of Leaves).

“Bobby and Tommy play Guy of Gisborne and the Sheriff of Nottingham and then they double up as Friar Tuck and Little John. They keep nipping backstage and changing costume and this is a quite fast and frantic show. Under one umbrella you’ve got several

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The Advertiser.

.Ha Ha Hood!: Trailer
Friday 15th August, 2014 • Thanks to Mark Whitney  
The new trailer for Ha Ha Hood!

.Ha Ha Hood!: Su On The Radio!
Friday 15th August, 2014  
The third week of Ha Ha Hood! rehearsals are coming to a close and the first week of shows begin next Tuesday at the Chelmsford Civic Theatre (Tue 19th – Sat 23rd August - Book tickets by ringing 01245 606 505 or online).

As well as press and online interviews Su has also been guesting on various radio shows to promote the forthcoming UK tour - Over the last few days she has guested on Chelmsford Community Radio and BBC Radio Stoke.

There's sure to be more press and radio over the coming weeks.
.Slough Express: Robin Hood With A Difference For Su Pollard
Sunday 10th August, 2014  
Who better to play a famous Nottingham lass than an actress who was raised there and still proudly sports the trademark East Midlands accent?

Hi-de-Hi star Su Pollard's latest role is playing Maid Marian in a Robin Hood story with a difference.

Ten years on from the legend as we know it, and Robin of Loxley and Marian have had a falling out. With the Sheriff of Nottingham up to his old tricks Marian tries to reunite the old gang to take him on once more.

The comedy sees a mix of old and new, with a Rocky Balboa boot-camp scene, a rendition of Bryan Adams' Prince of Thieves classic 'Everything I do' and later some old school mandolin strumming.

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Slough Express.
.Pointless Celebrities: Watch Online
Sunday 10th August, 2014  
Su and Ruth's marvellous episode of Pointless Celebrities, which aired on BBC1 yesterday, is now available to watch at BBC iPlayer. It will remain online until next Saturday. Click below to watch (UK residents only).

.Ha Ha Hood! Newsy Bits & Pieces!
Sunday 10th August, 2014  
Dispatch: Thrill-Packed Season Ahead: For the young ones there is Milkshake! Party Party Live and panto Ha Ha Hood! and the Prince of Leaves, starring Su Pollard and comedy duo Cannon and Ball - Continue reading...

Leamington Observer: Familiar faces at Leamington's Spa Centre: Also on the comedy front, Cannon and Ball team-up with Su Pollard take a trip to Sherwood Forest in Ha Ha Hood -
Continue reading...

Nottingham Post: Su Pollard joins Cannon and Ball for Robin Hood farce: Pollard plays Maid Marian. "Su Pollard is a comedy icon," says Langley. "She makes for a perfect menopausal Marian, cutting her comedy chops on hit BBC sitcom Hi-de-Hi! as scatty chalet maid Peggy. Su cemented her camp credentials with comedies You Rang, M'lord and Oh, Doctor Beeching, and is a musical theatre and pantomime heroine!" -
Continue reading...

Chelmsford Weekly News: Ha Ha Hood!: AN all–star cast is coming Chelsmford later this month for a show described as the “funniest farce in the forest!” -
Continue reading...

Broadway World Scotland: Ha Ha Hood! And The Prince of Leaves Coming to Theatre Royal Glasgow: Comedy queen Su Pollard (Hi-de-Hi!, You Rang, M'Lord) and comedy duo Cannon and Ball team up for an all-out outrageous side splitting romp -
Continue reading...

Redditch Standard: A whole new look at Robin Hood: So you think you know the story of Robin Hood? Well think again as a new hilarious retelling of the tale comes to the Palace Theatre in Redditch -
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.Good Morning Britain: Watch Online
Friday 8th August, 2014  
Su and Cannon & Ball's short guest appearance on yesterday's Good Morning Britain is available to watch online at the programme's website. Click below to view.

Hi-de-hi Cannon, Ball and Su Pollard!

What does Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus have in common with Su Pollard? ... They're all on tour! That's right, comedy legends Cannon and Ball and Su are teaming up for some summer fun, as they're all touring with Ha Ha Hood! And The Prince of Leaves, they join us in the studio to talk about their tour!

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Good Morning Britain.

.Su on TV: Good Morning Britain TODAY!
Thursday 7th August, 2014  
A reminder that Su will be a guest on Good Morning Britain today. She is appearing alongside her Ha Ha Hood! co-stars Cannon & Ball and is scheduled to be interviewed at approximately 8.20am.

The full programme will be available to watch online, UK residents only, for one week following its broadcast.

Good Morning Britain: ITV: Thursday 7th August: From 6am
Breakfast show bringing the latest news, sport and weather to the nation presented by Ben Shephard, Charlotte Hawkins and Ranvir Singh. Comedy duo Cannon and Ball and Hi-de-Hi! star Su Pollard chat about touring the UK with the comedy Ha Ha Hood! and the Prince of Leaves.
.Ha Ha Hood!: Win Tickets
Thursday 7th August, 2014  
Various websites/magazines are offering visitors/readers the chance to win tickets to see Su and Cannon & Ball in Ha Ha Hood! And The Prince Of Leaves. Here are a few Su Online has spotted...

Win Tickets to see Su Pollard & Cannon and Ball in Ha Ha Hood! UK Tour

Click on the following links for further details and info on how to enter:
Chat; Woman's Own, What's On TV, Pick Me Up.
.Su Online News Archive: May 2014
Thursday 7th August, 2014  
Su news for May 2014 has now been archived. Visit our News Archive here.

.Pointless Celebrities: Episode 1: Meet The Celebs
Monday 4th August, 2014  
Pointless Celebrities returns with a new series this Saturday and here's a great photo of Su and Ruth from the show, View the others taking part by clicking below. (Photo © BBC)

.The Sussex Newspaper: Comedy Legends Star In The Funniest Farce In The Forest
Monday 4th August, 2014  
Comedy queen Su Pollard and comedy duo Cannon and Ball are teaming up for an all-out side splitting romp, Ha Ha Hood! and the Prince of Leaves.

During a break in rehearsals I spoke to Su to ask her about life on the road, making people laugh and her forty years at the top of the showbusiness ladder…

So, you’re heading out on the road again?
Yes, it’s amazing. Shirley Maclaine always calls herself a gypsy and I think I’ve always been a bit of a gypsy too really. I quite like being on the road, it’s something that sort of goes with the territory. If you’re not doing a TV series or you’re not working in the West End you tend to be “on the road” and with this show it’s great because, if you don’t like a place, you’re only there for one day and then you move on.

That life must be exhausting though.
Oh, it can be, definitely. The thing is, once you get used to it, you kind of get into your own routine and you get to know the sort of stamina that you need and you work out how to pace yourself. Of course, the great thing about a big tour like this is that you can go and see your mates all round the country. I have a few friends who have left London and now live in Eastbourne and Tunbridge Wells and I’m really looking forward to seeing them and catching up.

• Continue reading at
The Sussex Newspaper.

.Ha Ha Hood! Newsy Bits & Pieces!
Monday 4th August, 2014  
Swindon Advertiser: Win tickets to the Wycombe Swan: Tickets to see Ha ha Hood! up for grabs (Closes 7th August) - More details here...

First Week: Rehearsals for the first week were completed on Friday. The entire cast and crew thoroughly enjoyed it and are looking forward to this week!

Swansea Grand Theatre: Ha Ha Hood! is included on the cover of the Grand's Autumn/Winter brochure -
Browse it here...

Churchill Theatre: "@HaHaShows starring #supollard @TheBobbyBall @TheTommyCannon now has pride of place outside the theatre! #excited" -
View their photo...
.The Enquirer: Having A Laugh With Maid Su Pollard
Friday 1st August, 2014  
Eccentric, kooky and downright hilarious, there’s no denying that Su Pollard is quite a character.

Known for playing the loveable and ditsy Peggy in 80s sitcom Hi-de-Hi as well as Ivy Tisdale in You Rang M’lord, she’s since become notorious for her northern twang, unique style and those bright signature specs.

Now, having just starred as Miss Hannigan in the New Zealand tour of Annie, the blonde bombshell is travelling back to medieval times to take on Nottinghamshire’s feistiest female, Maid Marion in the UK tour of Ha Ha Hood! And the Prince of Leaves.

Erupting into song when I call her at her home in London – she’s still on a high from touring with Annie – she tells me that she’s slightly jetlagged from her flight home from New Zealand, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell.

• Continue reading at
The Enquirer.
.Chingford Guardian: Su Pollard And Cannon And Ball On Robin Hood And Marian
Friday 1st August, 2014  
Su Pollard and Cannon and Ball on Robin Hood and Marian ahead of show Ha Ha Hood!

Su Pollard, best known for her roles in Hi-de-Hi! and You Rang, M’Lord?, and comedy duo Cannon and Ball talk to Freetime before they take to the stage in Ha Ha Hood! A hilarious, laugh out loud new romp of a show. Su, Bobby and Tommy tell us why they love this production.

What appealed to you about this production?
Su: I knew that the Ha Ha! productions had a fantastic cult following and that the creator Ben Langley had a good reputation in the industry. Then my friend Joe Pasquale, who starred in Ha Ha Holmes! last year, said to me, “It’s great fun. You’ll have a fabulous time!” so I thought, “Give it a go!”. I also really like the way the Ha Ha! brand takes a familiar story or set of characters and puts its own unique stamp on it.

• Continue reading at the
Chingford Guardian.
.Su @ Fubar Radio
Friday 1st August, 2014  
Su guested on Fubar Radio on Wednesday. Click below to visit the station's Twitter page. (Photo © Fubar Radio)

.Su on TV: Pointless Celebrities
Friday 1st August, 2014  
The air time for the first edition of the latest series of Pointless Celebrities, featuring Su and Ruth Madoc, has now been confirmed...

Pointless Celebrities: BBC 1: Saturday 9th August: 5.40pm
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman present a special celebrity edition of the general knowledge quiz in which four teams try to come up with the answers that no-one else could think of. Featuring Lesley Joseph and Linda Robson, Ronni Ancona and Phil Cornwell, Su Pollard and Ruth Madoc and Josh Widdicombe and Sara Pascoe.

• Click
here to watch a clip of Su from her previous appearance on Pointless.

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