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 MAY 2014 NEWS:
.Lunchbox Channel: Annie Comes To NZ
Saturday 31st May, 2014  
The sun has come out for Annie in Wellington! A great montage of show and interview clips, including Su, from the Lunchbox Channel at You Tube. Watch by clicking below. View larger versions of the screen caps here.

.Annie 2014: Taking Over Wellington
Thursday 29th May, 2014  
Annie really is taking over Wellington. This great photo, of the theatre the musical is currently playing at, was shared on Facebook yesterday. (Photos Lunchbox Theatrical Productions)

.The Dominion Post: Comment: Musical 'Polished and Entertaining'
Thursday 29th May, 2014  
OPINION: The recent review of Annie The Musical was certainly one person's opinion. We attended the performance on Saturday and if the applause, cheers and standing ovations from the audience were anything to go by then the reviewer must have certainly felt the odd one out. The smiles on everyone's face at halftime and after the performance told a different story. In our view the performance was polished and entertaining with a stellar cast from the UK, including the hilarious Su Pollard.

• Continue reading at The Dominion Post.
.Annie Blog NZ: Annie Interviews: The Cast #5 - Su Pollard
Wednesday 28th May, 2014  
A new interview with Su, from Annie Blog NZ, which is by Ilena, one of the NZ Annie's for 2014!

My mum loved Hi-de-hi! What did you like most about playing Peggy? Could you relate to her in your life?
I adored Peggy as she was a veery loveable character, in that she tried never to be miserable and was always optimistice, kind and wanted to see the best in popeople. I could definitely see comparisons between Peggy and me, especially when she was willing herself to get better at doing anything.

Do you think that Miss Hannigan is more to be pitied or blamed? Do you feel sorry for her?
Miss H is definitely a misunderstood woman and I really feel she should be pitied. She has these dreadful, mischievous orphans who run heer ragged and make her life hell, twenty four hours a day. She has no man to offer her at least companionship. No wonder she has turned to drink!

• Continue reading at
Annie Blog NZ
.Auckland Live: Su/Annie Interview Clips
Wednesday 28th May, 2014  
Auckland Live have recently uploaded a short series of interview clips, with Su discussing various aspects of playing Miss Hannigan in Annie, and other roles she enjoys:

Su Pollard on getting inspired for her role
Su Pollard on where she finds the inspiration to play the nasty Miss Hannigan.
View here.

Su Pollard on playing Miss Hannigan
We asked Su Pollard if her character Miss Hannigan is misunderstood.
View here

Su Pollard on the roles that are most fun to play
We asked Annie's Su Pollard if she enjoys playing a villain or a heroine more.
View here

Annie opens at The Civic in Auckland on Friday 13th June.

.Annie 2014: The Wellingtonista Review
Wednesday 28th May, 2014  
A new Annie review at St James Theatre, Wellington from Martha Craig at The Wellingtonista.

The last live musical I saw was Jesus Christ Superstar in about 1990, to be honest I’m not your average musical reviewer. However, I do regard myself as a bit of an Annie expert because it played the very important role of being the movie I went to for my 10th birthday.

... Su Pollard played the role of Miss Hannigan. I feel like somewhat of a Su Pollard expert having watched Hi de Hi religiously, and it was difficult for me to imagine her in the boozy, slightly awkward role of Miss Hannigan, but she owned it. She has a belting great voice and her physical presence filled the stage.

• Continue reading at
The Wellingtonista.
.Annie 2014: Wellington Opening Night Photos
Wednesday 28th May, 2014  
Browse an album of photos from Annie - Wellington Opening Night 24 May 2014 - St James Theatre, at Facebook. (Photos Lunchbox Theatrical Productions)

.Su Online News Archive: January/February 2014
Wednesday 28th May, 2014  
Su news for January and February 2014 has now been archived. Visit our News Archive here.

.Newstalk ZB: Annie: The Musical Opening
Tuesday 27th May, 2014  
A fabulous photo of Su and Andrew Dickens of 'Newstalk ZB'. Andrew interviewed Su, and other members of the Annie cast, at the musical's premiere in Wellington. Listen to the interview at the 'Newstalk ZB' website by clicking below. View the full version of the photo at Andrew's Facebook page. (Photo of Su and Andrew Andrew Dickens/Newstalk ZB)

.Annie New Zealand Tour: Annie Cake!
Tuesday 27th May, 2014  
A fantastic cake was made for the opening night of Annie at St James Theatre: Leaping lizards! What an #amazing opening night in #Wellington! Where will you be joining us on our #NewZealand tour? View the full photos (and cake) at anniethemusicalnz's Instagram. (Photo anniethemusicalnz)

.The Gatiss Guild: Mark, Su & Desert Island Discs!
Tuesday 27th May, 2014  
Anonymous asked: What kind of music does mark like?

Back in 2011 he did Desert Island Discs which you can listen to here

His track listings were

The Smiths - There is a Light that Never Goes Out
John Barry -The theme to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Shirley Jones (and Gordon MacRae) - If I Loved You from the soundtrack to Carousel
Ralph Vaughan Williams - Ralph Vaughan Williams - Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis
Rufus Wainwright - Beautiful Child
Su Pollard - Come to Me (I am woman)
McAlmont & Butler - Yes
Marin Mazzie - So In Love from the Broadway cast recording of Kiss Me, Kate

If you haven’t listened to Desert Island Discs, you really should. It’ll warm your heart then break it, and there’s a 86.5% chance you’ll cry.

• Visit
The Gatiss Guild.
.Annie 2014: MiG Ayesa
Tuesday 27th May, 2014  
Do keep an eye on MiG Ayesa's Official Website and Twitter for "behind-the scenes" info and photos from Annie in New Zealand. MiG is playing Rooster Hannigan in the production.

.Annie the Musical: Wellington Sneak Preview
Tuesday 27th May, 2014  
View a preview of Annie at Lunchbox Theatrical Productions Facebook page: Tonight we are celebrating our first performance in Wellington. Here's a sneak preview of a performance that shines like the top of the Chrysler building! Send your best wishes to the cast, and we'll be sure to pass them on - Click below to watch.

.Annie 2014: TheatreReviews.Org.NZ Review
Monday 26th May, 2014  
A great first review for Annie, and Su, at St James Theatre, Wellington from Lucy O'Connor at www.theatrereviews.org.nz.


Even before Annie starts, I feel nostalgic thanks to some members of the crowd who too are early. Little girls in dress ups and fairy costumes run about and smile infectiously, creating an air of innocence and fun. They start to rub off on even the un-cluckiest of people and I wish I could join them in frolicking around the St James Theatre. If only societal norms allowed!

... I don't need to elaborate about Ms Hannigan (Su Pollard); she is an absolute hoot! From the moment she enters to steer Annie back into the orphanage, the crowd are alert and totally immersed. In all her desperate, haggard mania, it's tough to dislike her character despite her awful purpose. She has the crowd belly laughing no matter how small her intonation.

• Continue reading at

.Hutt Radio: Annie The Musical
Sunday 25th May, 2014  
A new interview with Su, by John MacDonald, which aired on Hutt Radio on Saturday.

Su discusses her history with Annie and, indeed, her history with New Zealand. There's also a chat with the two new "Annies".

Lower Hutt's Amelia Walshe is one of the Annies in the professional production of Annie the Musical at the St James. John went to the media call to talk to Amelia, another local actor playing Annie - Ilena Shadbolt and the ever-energetic Su Pollard, who's Miss Hannigan.

• Listen to the interview at
Hutt Radio. (Photo of Su and John Hutt Radio/John MacDonald - View the full version at the website)

.Auckland Now: Warning: Tomorrow Will Be Stuck In Your Head
Sunday 25th May, 2014  
A new press article on Annie, by Auckland Now.

Rooster Hannigan is evil, but MiG Ayesa is wickedly irresistible as he steals across the stage.

"He's pure superstar" Annie producer James Cundall says. "One of the biggest talents in the show."

There's no shortage of talent in Annie, the acclaimed UK production which kicks off its New Zealand tour at Wellingtob's St James theatre tonight.

From its Broadway beginnings to the classic film musical, the rags-to-riches story of plucky young Annie's journey from a hard-knocks New York orphanage to the luxurious home of billionaire businessman Oliver Warbucks is a tale that has been told all over the world for decades.

Having finished a successful tour of Britain, this 32-strong cast is in Wellington until June 8 and in Auckland from June 13 until July 6.

• Continue reading at
Auckland Now.
.Su Newsy Bits & Pieces!
Friday 23rd May, 2014  
Annie New Zealand: Opens this evening at St James Theatre, Wellington, and playing until 8th June - Good luck to Su and the Annie cast and crew for a successful run.

Diversions: A Few Of Our Favourite Things, That I Love This Week!: ANNIE The Musical in Wellington and Auckland: I LOVE LOVE LOVE musicals and Annie was the very first one I went to as a kid, and I can’t wait to see it again. Especially with the fabulously funny Su Pollard from Hi De Hi -
Continue reading...

Leftlion: Nottingham TV Timeline: Harry Widing gazed back at the long history of Nottingham television... 1980-1988 - A year after making her telleh debut in Two Up, Two Down, the fictional English holiday camp Maplins opens its doors to Su Pollard, and us, with its friendly greeting, Hi-de-Hi! The sitcom, and Su’s part in it, lasts for nine series and firmly installs her and her character of Peggy into the hearts of Nottingham and the whole bleddy country. (Includes a Su/Peggy ilusrtation) - Continue reading...

3News: An evening in a gay bar with Su Pollard: Annie the musical opens in Wellington this weekend. Quite frankly, the only thing Paul cares about is that one of the actors in the show is often described as an untameable beast. Like throwing him to lions, Paul sent Jesse Peach out to meet Su Pollard - one of the British comedians of the 80s and 90s - best known for her roles in Hi-de-Hi! She was notorious for not letting anyone get a word in sideways - even Joan Rivers was lost for words with her on her talk show -
Continue reading/Watch the clip...

Su on TV: Little Robots: Those Little Robots, including Su as Noisy, continue to air every morning on CBeebies at 8.30/8/40am.

.TVNZ: One: Good Morning: Su Pollard and Annie
Tuesday 20th May, 2014  
Su guested on Good Morning on the One channel in New Zealand yesterday: Su Pollard and the kids from Annie are in the Good Morning studio. Click below to watch the interview.

.The Dominion Post: The Time Lord Of TV
Tuesday 20th May, 2014  
A new interview with Frazer Hines who is currently in New Zealand and about to open in Annie alongside Su. The article also includes a short Su bio:

Actor Frazer Hines, who takes the stage this week in Annie as President Roosevelt, has enjoyed a busy career now entering its sixth decade...

Su Pollard (Miss Hannigan)
Su Pollard made her television debut on talent show Opportunity Knocks, where she came second to a singing jack russell dog. She's best known for her role as Peggy in the Bafta Award-winning sitcom Hi-de-Hi! which ran for eight years. She has also appeared on many programmes and was honoured to be the subject of This Is Your Life.

Pollard has also performed in many West End shows, including Godspell, Me and My Girl, Don't Dress for Dinner, Menopause the Musical and Shout!, and toured in many shows including Grease and Little Shop of Horrors.

THE DETAILS: Annie opens at St James's Theatre in Wellington on Friday and runs until June 8.

• Continue reading at
The Dominion Post.
.TVNZ: One: Su on Good Morning
Monday 19th May, 2014  
Jeanette's got a very special co-host for the morning - Britain's hilarious star of stage and screen, Hi De Hi's Su Pollard !

Su's in New Zealand to star in the hit musical Annie , which opens in Wellington on 23 May and in Auckland on 13 June. And the adorable orphans from Annie will be singing us a song from the musical

And it's men versus women in our battle of the sexes. On the blokes team - Wallace Chapman, Miles Davis and Ganesh Raj. On the women's team - Jeanette, Su Pollard and Suzanne Paul.

• Continue reading at at the
TVNZ Good Morning website.
.Annie New Zealand: Just Five Days To Go!
Sunday 18th May, 2014  
Just five days to go! The sun will come out in Wellington when Annie the Musical arrives on May 23. Click below for more info. (Photo anniethemusical.co.nz)

.Annie New Zealand: Rehearsal Photos
Sunday 18th May, 2014 • Thanks to Mark Whitney  
A couple of photos of Su from the Annie rehearsals.

.Su 2014: Annie New Zealand / Ha Ha Hood! / Snow White
Friday 9th May, 2014  
Su is working on three main projects for the remainder of 2014: Annie in New Zealand over the next two months; an extensive tour of the UK, with Ha Ha Hood!, from August to November; and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Sunderland Empire over Christmas.

As we have continuously done over the last 14 years with Su projects, Su Online will bring you news and updates on each of these as and when it become available. However in these days of social media there are various other ways to stay updated. Here is a guide to the primary sources for news and information on all three productions:

Annie 2014:
Official Show Website | Twitter | Facebook
Ha Ha Hood!:
Official Website | Twitter | Facebook |
Snow White:
Official Theatre Website | Twitter | Facebook

.Su Newsy Bits & Pieces!
Friday 9th May, 2014  
Meanwhile In The 1980s #1: A great retro press advert featuring Su. Click on the photo to view a larger version (Thanks to Mark Whitney)

Keeping Up With NZ: Win Tickets To Annie!: You’ve seen the film, you’ve seen the billboards and you’re humming ‘the sun’ll come out tomorrow’ right now. This brilliant production features some familiar faces from the UK. Playing the devious Miss Hannigan is the lovely and hilarious star of stage and TV Su Pollard (Hi-de-Hi!) -
Continue reading...

Elaine Paige On Sunday: Su was played on Elaine's BBC Radio 2 show at the weekend. 'Suddenly Seymour' from the Little Shop Of Horrors Cast Recording, by Su Pollard, Lisa Daniel, Barbara Jaeson and Marc Joseph, was given a spin - Listen to the show at BBC iPlayer here...

Times Online: That's Entertainment: Music Production: The 32-member cast features a number of famous faces from British television and stage including Su Pollard as the fictional character Miss Hannigan -
Continue reading...

Meanwhile In The 1980s #2: Ruth Madoc, Les Dawson and Su Pollard enjoying a day at the seaside -
View this classic photo here...

.Su on TV: Little Robots
Friday 9th May, 2014  
Little Robots: CBeebies: Saturday 10th May: 8.30am
Metal Makes Us Special. It is almost Metal Makes Us Special Day, a happy day when the Little Robots celebrate what they are made of.

Little Robots: CBeebies: Sunday 11th May: 8.30am
Too Speedy Sporty. Scary has a problem. His ghost train is not working and he had planned to invite everyone to a ghost train party! Sporty, meanwhile, has decided to see just how fast he can run.

Little Robots: CBeebies: Monday 12th May: 8.30am
Red Alert. An intruder has broken into the Little Robot world, and they soon deduce that it is really Stretchy's latest invention, a remotely controlled Collectabot.

Little Robots: CBeebies: Tuesday 13th May: 8.30am
Where's Teddy? Stripy loses Teddy and everyone joins in the search.
.Sunderland Echo: Su Pollard To Star In Sunderland Empire Panto
Sunday 4th May, 2014  
Colourful actress Su Pollard will take centre stage at this year’s Empire pantomime.

It’s been announced that the former Hi-de-Hi! actress will take on the role of the Wicked Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The actress, who shot to fame as chalet maid Peggy Ollerenshaw in Hi-de-Hi!, has since carved a successful career on the stage, appearing in numerous musicals and pantomimes.

She was last at the Empire in 2011 playing Miss Hannigan in a touring production of Annie.

• Continue reading at the
Sunderland Echo.
.Hal Leonard Australia: Annie The Musical - Is Coming To New Zealand
Sunday 4th May, 2014  

This dazzling production features a host of familiar faces from the UK. Playing the devious Miss Hannigan is Britain's hilarious star of stage and TV screen Su Pollard (Hi-de-Hi!), while David McAlister, a veteran of the West End stage and TV dramas (The Mousetrap, Dr Who) plays the kindly Daddy Warbucks.

Joining them is MiG Ayesa, who played the lead role in We Will Rock You in London as well as New Zealand; Frazer Hines, best known for playing Joe Sugden in Emmerdale for 22 years, and with 117 episodes of Dr Who to his credit; and two stars of the hit BBC sitcom 'Allo 'Allo - Sue Hodge, who played waitress Mimi Labonq and John D Collins who played Flying Officer Fairfax.

Don't miss one of the most popular family musicals of all time in Wellington and Auckland!

• Continue reading at
Hal Leonard Australia.
.Su Newsy Bits & Pieces!
Sunday 4th May, 2014  
The Telegraph: In pictures: London in the 1980s by Telegraph photographer Eddie Mulholland: Su Pollard promoting healthy eating - View here...

Wellington Absolutely Positively: Annie - Wellington, 23 May – 8 Jun: Everyone’s favourite little red-headed orphan is New Zealand-bound: The acclaimed UK production of Annie – one of the best-loved musicals of all time - will play in Wellington this May -
Continue reading...

Ha Ha Hood!: Extra dates are already being added to the forthcoming Ha Ha Hood! UK Tour. Su, Ben Langley and Ha Ha Hood! are playing in Chelmsford for a full week in August. (Much of the tour is one night visits to venues) -
View info here...

Ha Ha Hood!: The full, confirmed, UK Tour dates will be made available at the
Official Site soon.
.Ha Ha Hood!: Cannon & Ball Join Su
Sunday 4th May, 2014  
After the hugely successful UK tour of Ha Ha Holmes! in 2013, Ha Ha! returns by popular demand with the next instalment in the series. Ha Ha Hood! stars comedy queen Su Pollard (Hi-de-Hi!, You Rang, M'Lord?), comedy duo Cannon and Ball and sees the return of Ben Langley. All accompanied on the piano by Andy Pickering.

Irreverent and funny, this brand new romp will take you on an hilarious adventure through the heroic and daring world of Sherwood Forest, led by Hood and his merry men (in tights!). Original, clever and laugh out loud funny, Ha Ha Hood! is not to be missed.

And returning by popular demand BEN LANGLEY and ANDY PICKERING

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