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.A Very Merry Christmas From Su Online
Saturday 22nd December, 2012 Season's Greetings
Eeeek! Another bonkers year is, almost, over. This is our final news update of 2012.

We are now into our 13th year here at Su Online and it's been another busy one for Su and the website. There's never a dull moment (Su spent a very successful Summer in Hong Kong and Singapore among many other highlights!), and once again we hope you've enjoyed the last 12 months of Su updates and info.

Su is spending this Christmas thrilling audiences in Sleeping Beauty, alongside Colin Baker, Asa Elliott, Chris Jarvis and Kate Weston at Bournemouth Pavilion.

A big festive thank you to everyone who has visited us in 2012 - A Very, Very Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. See you all in 2013!

.Su Newsy Bits & Pieces!
Saturday 22nd December, 2012 News Briefs
• We are now well into silly season so it isn't too surprising that Su is included in today's Daily Mail in a feature comparing female celebrities with... Christmas trees! - She is in good company, alongside Madonna, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Florence Welch. Have these stars gone too fir? Happy camper: But is Su Pollard hi-De-Hi or Ho-De-Ho? (Photos Can Nguyen/Rex Features/Daily Mail)

Bournemouth Daily Echo: Panto Season: It's Right In Front Of You: Sleeping Beauty – Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth: In Sleeping Beauty at the Pavilion Theatre, the children will be delighted to see television star Chris Jarvis alongside Su Pollard, Colin Baker and others dressed in sparkly frocks and outfits.

Bucks Free Press: I won't worry if you don't send me a card: (Su's 2012 panto co-star Colin Baker's 'Bucks Free Press' Christmas blog): I suppose five weeks on the other side of the world followed by an immediate immersion into the fantasy world of Sleeping Beauty with Su Pollard twice daily, six days a week, does not leave a lot of time for a measured and careful preparation for the Yule jollifications.

• Su is being thoroughly wicked, playing Carabosse in Sleeping Beauty at Bournemouth Pavilion, right through until the 6th January. The panto and Su have received great reviews since opening a fortnight ago. Full details of showtimes and ticket booking can be viewed

• Don't forget that Su is also appearing in a second panto this Christmas. She is playing The Mirror in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at The Capitol in Horsham. This runs until the 5th January. View more info
.BBC Radio 2: The Chris Evans Breakfast Show: Su & Colin
Tuesday 18th December, 2012 Radio
Su and Colin Baker popped up briefly on a festive edition of The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on 'BBC Radio 2' yesterday morning.

Su Pollard and Colin Baker from the Sleeping Beauty pantomime give us a history lesson.

Su and Colin, in the festive "On This Day" strand, appear at approximately 46 minutes into the programme. The full, three-hour, show is available at BBC iPlayer until Christmas Eve morning.

• Listen at
BBC iPlayer.
.Sleeping Beauty: 'Salisbury Journal' Review
Tuesday 18th December, 2012 PantoReview
The eighth, yes eighth!!, review of Sleeping Beauty at Bournemouth Pavilion.

The pantos at Bournemouth Pavilion are always spectacular and this year’s is no exception, starring Su Pollard as a most excellent baddie, Dr Who and I’m a Celeb star Colin Baker as the dame and Asa Elliott from ITV’s Benidorm as the Prince.

Alongside this stellar cast is Bournemouth panto regular Chris Jarvis from CBeebies’ Show Me Show me, who has again written and directed the show and stars as Happy Harry.

• Continue reading at the
Salisbury Journal.
.Sleeping Beauty: 'Whats On Stage' Review
Tuesday 18th December, 2012 PantoReview
Anyone of a delicate disposition will do well to avoid the Pavilion Theatre for the next few weeks as UK Productions Sleeping Beauty blasts on to the stage, signalling the start of the silly season in Bournemouth. A combination of vastly improved acoustics in the old auditorium, volume ramped up to ear splitting proportions, and several hundred screaming children whipped up into a frenzy, makes for a raucous evening indeed!

Leading the cast, the ebullient Su Pollard burns up the stage, revelling in an orgy of wickedness, as Carabosse, the bad fairy, pummelling the audience into submission and working the children up to fever pitch every time she appears.

• Continue reading at the
Whats On Stage.
.Sleeping Beauty: 'British Theatre Guide' Review
Tuesday 18th December, 2012 PantoReview
A review of Su's other panto for 2012, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at The Capitol in Horsham, by the British Theatre Guide.

To counter the benevolent agent, a malevolent one comes in the form of Gillian Wright as the Wicked Queen Regina. Although her build-up isn’t strong enough to elicit boos straight away, Wright is a delightfully quirky Queen with shades of Dora Bryan about her. Her characterisation brings out a new side to the devilish despot and, paired with Su Pollard as the Magic Mirror, the production ensures it’s never too scary for younger members of the audience.

• Continue reading at the
British Theatre Guide.
.Sleeping Beauty: 'Southern Daily Echo' Review
Tuesday 18th December, 2012 PantoReview
From the heat of the Australian jungle to the chill of the south coast. That’s the journey former Dr Who Colin Baker has made in the past few weeks.

From risking losing his appetite in the ‘I’m a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here’ bushtucker trials, Baker is now playing a major role as Nanny Nelly in Sleeping Beauty at the Pavilion in Bournemouth. Every panto needs a dame, and Baker pulls off his cross-dressing superbly with a great array of facial expressions.

Su Pollard – to those of us who grew up in the 1980s, forever associated with large glasses and legendary performances in sitcom Hi Di Hi – is a scream as the wicked fairy.

• Continue reading at the
Southern Daily Echo.

.Sleeping Beauty: 'Strawberry Fields Represents' Review
Saturday 15th December, 2012 PantoReview
Magic, Mayhem & Marvellous…It’s Sleeping Beauty At The Pavilion Theatre Bournemouth

Full house for the opening night of Sleeping Beauty at the stunning Pavilion Theatre in Bournemouth this year!

With mums and dads, boys and girls……it is the seaside town’s showstopping pantomime packed with celebs, fancy costumes and a wonderfully witty script!

It was great to see Hi-de-Hi star Su Pollard who played the evil character Carabosse with power and passion. Asa Elliott from TV series, Benidorm, performed as the Prince, certainly charming with a regal flare.

• Continue reading at
Strawberry Fields Represents.
.Sleeping Beauty: 'Bournemouth Daily Echo' Review
Saturday 15th December, 2012 PantoReview
Sleeping Beauty gets little peace in this year's Pavilion Panto, with gags-a-plenty, big names and and even a touch of Gangnam Style!

Directed by and starring CBeebies star and Bournemouth resident Chris Jarvis as Happy Harry, the show opens with a bang and has the audience either in stitches, or singing and dancing along for its entirety.

Playing the villain brilliantly again this year is former Hi-de-Hi chalet maid and now cougar-esque Bad Fairy, Su Pollard.

• Continue reading at the
Bournemouth Daily Echo.
.Sleeping Beauty: 'Listed' Review
Saturday 15th December, 2012 PantoReview
Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Panto where anything is possible.

With CBeebies favourite Chris Jarvis both directing and playing the show’s fall-guy Happy Harry; Asa Elliott, the singing hunk from ITV’s Benidorm, as the Prince and the inimitable Su Pollard, still memorable from Hi-De-Hi, as the evil fairy Carabosse, there were countless telly references. Somehow the traditional Sleeping Beauty story was woven into a patchwork of slapstick fun and jokes that took in everything from local topics to a brief but inevitable Gangnam-style routine.

• Continue reading at
.Sleeping Beauty: 'Mags4Dorset' Review
Saturday 15th December, 2012 PantoReview
Sleeping Beauty is another spectacular panto directed by Chris Jarvis. Playing to a full house with lots of children eager to boo and hiss, not a moment went by without something exciting happening. Energy machine Jarvis (Happy Harry) got the audience going with 'Happy Feet.' There were sweets flying, screams of “sausages” egged on by Michael Chance (King Littledown) and a large water pistol aimed at the kids, to their utter delight.

Asa Elliott (Prince) and Kate Weston (Fairy Sparkle) sang beautifully and Su Pollard (Carabosse) wouldn't be Su Pollard if she wasn't loud, and she didn't disappoint. One of my favourite scenes was when the toys came to life including mice, teddy bears and drummer boys. It was wonderful.

• Continue reading at
.Sleeping Beauty: 'The Stage' Review
Wednesday 12th December, 2012 PantoReview
A so-so review for Sleeping Beauty, but positive for Su, from The Stage.

Su Pollard has to be one of the loudest, meanest bad fairies on the panto stage.

She’s been honing her child-hating skills touring as Miss Hannigan in Annie and the young audience at an early matinee in Bournemouth lapped up the abuse she hurled from the stage, screeching their disapproval in response.

Ms Pollard is dressed in deepest pink with plenty of sparkly bits - indeed, much of the production seems to be pink and sparkly and generally gorgeous to look at in terms of set and costume.

• Continue reading at
The Stage.
.Bristol Hippodrome: Dick Whittington 1989
Wednesday 12th December, 2012 Panto
The Bristol Hippodrome Facebook took a trip down panto memory lane in early December, looking back at Su starring as Dick Whittington at their theatre in the final year of the 80s!

Happy 3rd of December! lets take a trip down memory lane back to 1989 when we had Dick Whittington with Su Pollard and Derek Griffiths. Bring back any memories? — with Su Pollard.

• View the full flyer at
The Bristol Hippodrome Facebook.
.Dorset Newsroom: Cold Weather & Warm Atmosphere at Christmas Festival
Wednesday 12th December, 2012 Press Clips
The cold winter weather did not stop thousands of people coming along to enjoy Christchurch Christmas Festival and the switch-on of the Christmas lights.

Crowds were in the High Street to watch Lucy Horobin and Warren Hayden from Heart FM who were on the balcony of the Mayor’s Parlour. They introduced Su Pollard, Chris Jarvis and Asa Elliott from the Sleeping Beauty pantomime who led an impromptu singalong while waiting for Father Christmas to arrive. When he did he was led by six of his reindeer and joined by his elves.

Father Christmas then went up onto the balcony for the lights switch-on with the Mayor of Christchurch, Cllr Peter Hall. Following that, children were able to go down to the Priory church to give their Christmas wish letters to Father Christmas and talk to him and his elves. They were also able to see his reindeer up close and pet them.

• Continue reading at
Dorset Newsroom.
.Su's Other 2012 Panto!
Tuesday 11th December, 2012 Photographs/Panto
A great photo of Su, with Michael Gattrell, during rehearsals for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Capitol Theatre, Horsham. As well as playing Bad Fairy Carabosse in Sleeping Beauty at Bournemouth Pavilion Su will also play The Mirror in Horsham! Snow White opens this Friday, view further info here. (Photo West Sussex County Times/Steve Cobb)

.Su on Christmas TV: Gimme Gimme Gimme/Benidorm
Tuesday 11th December, 2012 Television
Gimme Gimme Gimme: GOLD: Friday 21st December: 11.40pm
Gimme Gimme Gimme: GOLD: Saturday 22nd December: 1.45am

Singing in the Drain. Series 3, episode 5. Kathy Burke in the in-your-face comedy with the hapless flatmates with every personality flaw going. Linda finally realises her ambition to become a model. Starring: Kathy Burke, James Dreyfus, Brian Bovell, Beth Goddard, Su Pollard and Jonathan Harvey. Also airing on Gold +1

Benidorm: ITV1: Friday 4th January: 9.00pm
Christmas Special Festive episode from Boxing Day 2010. There may be plenty of sun, sangria and Santa, but for Madge it does not look like being a happy Christmas as the Garveys come to stay. With Mel stuck in Marrakech, she has to organise the Benidorm Palace's seasonal spectacular - and the show's female star has gone missing. Donald and Jacqueline check in at the Solana with some intriguing friends, and it appears Noreen's male travel companion is more than he appears. Su Pollard, Louie Spence and Brian Murphy guest star, with Sheila Reid, Siobhan Finneran, Tim Healy, Steve Pemberton, Janine Duvitski and Elsie Kelly.
.Sleeping Beauty @ Bournemouth Pavilion: Opens Today!
Saturday 8th December, 2012 Panto
Su's panto for 2012, and her first since 2009, Sleeping Beauty opens at Bournemouth Pavilion this afternoon. The first of 49 performances takes place today at 2.30pm, with another at 7pm.

Su is a true panto stalwart and has appeared and starred in dozens of productions since the mid-70's in theatres and venues all across the UK and Ireland. These include Goldilocks, Babes In The Woods, Pinocchio, Jack And The Beanstalk, Mother Goose, Aladdin, Dick Whittington and Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs.

Su has entertained panto fans of all ages at the Bournemouth Pavilion, Richmond Theatre, Surrey, Her Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen, North Wales Theatre Llandudno, Mayflower Southampton, Theatre Royal, Plymouth, Pavilion Theatre Rhyl and The Grand Theatre, Swansea to name but a few.

Su's panto co-stars over the years have included Matthew Kelly, Bernard Cribbins, Bernie Winters, Robyn Askwith, Gordon Honeycombe, Ray Meagher, Michael Elphick, Don Maclean, Peter Blake, Paul Danan, Louise English, Shaun Curry and Chris Jarvis.

Sleeping Beauty at Bournemouth Pavilion runs until Sunday 6th January. Full details, including show times and ticket booking info is available by clicking below.

.Christchurch Christmas Lights Switch-On Video
Friday 7th December, 2012 Panto
A great video of Su and the Sleeping Beauty gang lighting up Christchurch last weekend.

.Daily Echo: Santa Makes Special Appearance at Christmas Festival in Christchurch
Wednesday 5th December, 2012 Press Clips
Crowds lined the streets in Christchurch on Saturday to catch a glimpse of Father Christmas and his trusty reindeer.

The town’s annual Christmas Festival took place throughout the day along the High Street and throughout the town centre with musical performances, festive stalls and lashings of mulled wine to warm people up.

Panto favourites Su Pollard, Chris Jarvis and Asa Elliot from television show Benidorm, who will all be appearing in Sleeping Beauty at Bournemouth’s Pavilion theatre this Christmas, also made a special appearance to help switch on the town’s festive lights.

Su told The Daily Echo: “I really enjoy doing this. You get to meet lots of really nice people and it makes a nice change from learning lines. Things like this are brilliant fun – you get the Christmas feeling already. It’s a great community event.”

• Continue reading at
Bournemouth Daily Echo.
.Heart: Lucy's Blog
Wednesday 5th December, 2012 Press Clips
Gooooood morning! How was your weekend? I spent Saturday & Sunday getting festive! On Saturday evening I made my way to Christchurch where I hosted the light switch on alongside the lovely Warren Hayden, Father Christmas, the Mayor, & the stars of Bournemouths pantomime!

The legendary Su Pollard stars in Sleeping Beauty this year, alongside Chris Jarvis & Asa Elliot. I was actually super excited at the prospect of meeting actual real life Penny Crayon!! She was brilliant, like a mad Aunt!

• Continue reading at
Heart. (Photo Heart.co.uk/Lucy Horobin)
.What Culture!: Top 25 Sitcom Christmas Specials
Wednesday 5th December, 2012 Television
24. Benidorm (ITV1, 2010)

It’s Christmastime in Benidorm as the Garvey family return to visit their uniquely foul-tempered elderly relative Madge who’s struggling to locate her nightclub’s guest act Su Pollard.

Geordie actor Tim Healey is excellent in his supporting role as transvestite handyman Les/Leslie, and it’s got brilliant cameos from Cilla Black, Su Pollard, and Roy Wood as well as an incredibly disappointing one from Louie Spence.

Best Moment: Madge’s argument with Su Pollard and its aftermath.

• Continue reading at
What Culture!

.Su, Chris & Asa Light Up Bournemouth!
Sunday 2nd December, 2012 • Thanks to Mark Whitney Photographs
A great photo of Chris Jarvis, Su and Asa Elliott just before they went to switch on the Christmas lights in Bournemouth. Please click below to view a larger version.

.Christchurch People: Christchurch Christmas Festival & Lights Switch-on
Saturday 1st December, 2012 Press Clips
On Saturday 1st December 2012, a full day of entertainment throughout Christchurch town centre. Late night shopping. A Christmas Market of over 50 stalls in the High Street selling gifts, hot food and drinks, and of course mulled wine.

Around the town you will find entertainment from local artists including: Delta Rhythm, Just Sax, State of Undress, Craig Wilson, Toby, Switch and the Highcliffe Charity Players. In Saxon Square there are even more performances from Christchurch Music Centre, Ash & Jenny, Swing Unlimited Big Band, Jabez Smith, Lester Allen, and Playground Graffiti.

At 4pm Santa and his reindeer will arrive at Peeks Partystore and will travel down the Highstreet ready for the big Christmas Light switch on at 4.30pm with guest stars Su Pollard, Chris Jarvis and Asa Elliot.

• Continue reading at
Christchurch People.
.Sleeping Beauty 2012: News Briefs
Saturday 1st December, 2012 News Briefs
Doctor Who News: "All Together Now ...": Where would the United Kingdom be without the traditional Christmas pantomime, and this year is no exception with a variety of Doctor Who names back on the stage to entertain during the festive season. A great plug for Su and Colin's panto

This is Dorset: It's Panto Time!: It's in front of you!The pantomime season, that is. The professional theatres and arts centres around the country are putting the final touches to the colourful, funny, spectacular and noisy shows that are as much a British staple as fish and chips and roast beef and Yorkshire. Bournemouth's Pavilion pantomime this year is Sleeping Beauty, with Su Pollard, Colin Baker and Chris Jarvis, and on from next Saturday 8th December to 6th January.

Information-Britain: A West Country Christmas – Dorset in December: Adults may want to stay by the fire, kids appreciate the chance to get out to a panto to scream: “He’s behind you”, and “Oh yes it is.” And so do most parents in truth. Bournemouth has Sleeping Beauty (with panto legends Su Pollard and Colin Baker in the cast).
.Su Online News Archive: August/September 2012
Saturday 1st December, 2012 Site News
Su news for August and September 2012 has now been archived. Visit our News Archive here.

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