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 Happy Hogmanay
 Wednesday 31st December, 2008........................................................Happy Hogmanay
An earlier than expected update, primarily to mention For Better Or For Worse (please see the full update below), to allow everyone to catch the first episode (available until Friday 2nd January at BBC Radio 7) but also to take the opportunity to hope you all had a wonderful Christmastime.

Stay tuned to Su Online. In January we bring you some fantastic photographs from the dress rehearsal of Cinderella, a review of Su's 2008, as well as an overview of Su's plans for the year ahead!

We wish all of you a HAPPY HOGMANAY and Best Wishes for 2009!

 For Better Or For Worse - BBC7
 Wednesday 31st December, 2008...........................................................................Radio
Recorded in 1993, and originally aired on BBC Radio 2, one of the highlights of Su's radio credits... For better Or For Worse, an eight-part series, began re-airing on BBC7 over Christmas. Episode One was broadcast on Boxing Day and 27th December and is still available to listen to for the next couple of days at the BBC7 website. Episode Two will air on the 2nd and 3rd January, with the rest of the series airing through January and February.

For Better Or For Worse: Episode One - BBC Radio 7 : Available until 2nd January
Dithering Bernard's tries to get engaged to his flighty partner Iris. Starring Su Pollard and Gordon Kaye.

For Better Or For Worse: Episode Two - BBC Radio 7 : Friday 2nd January - 5.30pm
For Better Or For Worse: Episode Two - BBC Radio 7 : Saturday 3rd January - 6.00am
Bernard and Iris plan a night out, but soon everyone wants to join in. Starring Su Pollard 
Originally broadcast on BBC Radio 2.

For Better Or For Worse: Episode Three - BBC Radio 7 : Friday 9th January - 5.30pm
For Better Or For Worse: Episode Three - BBC Radio 7 : Saturday 10th January - 6.00am
Bernard and Iris scour the neighbourhood when his sulking dad goes AWOL. Stars Su Pollard and Gordon Kaye. From February 1993.

 Cinderella - Promo Video
 Wednesday 31st December, 2008 • Thanks to Mark.............................................Theatre
The greatest pantomime of them all. You will go to the ball!

Cinderella is going great guns in Swansea. Here are some screen captures from the video promo for the panto, made available on Christmas Eve. Please click on the captures to view the video clip at The Grand Theatre website.

 Llanelli Star - Hospital treated to visit by stars
 Wednesday 31st December, 2008...................................................................Press Clips
He's behind you! Oh yes he is!

It was smiles all round when Swansea Grand's panto stars made a special visit to the children's ward at Singleton Hospital.

Nobody wants to be in hospital, especially over Christmas, but the cast of this year's panto — Cinderella — took time out from their schedule to bring a bit of festive cheer to the unwell youngsters at the ward.

Stars including actress Su Pollard, Chris Jarvis from CBeebies, Sarah Thomas from Last of the Summer Wine, and Nia Jermin, who is playing Cinderella, all went along to see the unlucky kids.

And how could we forget the ugly sisters, played by Swansea favourite Kevin Johns and playwright Frank Vickery. Kevin, who was dressed in his ugly sister costume to raise a few laughs, said meeting the youngsters was fantastic.

"Everyone absolutely loved it. It is something we do every year," he said. "It was very special. It is one of my favourite days of the year."

He said he hoped they had managed to raise some spirits.

"We go to bring a little bit of Christmas cheer for them and their parents," he said. "Some of them are hoping to be out for Christmas. I met this one little boy from Plasmawr, which is where I was brought up, and he was hoping he would be out for Christmas Day.

"The cast were quite touched by it. Life is not so bad when you see the children stuck there in hospital. We also support the Welsh Blood Service, because some of the children are dependant on blood transfusions."

Ward manager Jan Williams said: "The children had a ball. The cast took their time with them and went around every single child. It was really nice.

"Every member of the cast came — they were superb. They did put a smile on all their faces. The children were thrilled to bits.

"Su Pollard has done it a few times here and she has been so much fun every time. She took a huge amount of time with them.

"The children loved the outfits. The babies were just staring at them, especially the jewels on Su's costume. We even had children that had just been into theatre who met the panto stars."

She said staff were hoping most of the children would make it home for Christmas, but sadly others would not. We had a full ward," she said.

"We have got a handful of children that will end up staying in over Christmas, but they will have a fun time. Santa comes in to visit them on Christmas Day."

The Welsh Blood Service is reminding people not to forget to donate blood this Christmas, as traditionally blood stocks can drop at this time of year.

Trudi Evans, recruitment manager at the Welsh Blood Service, said: "Please give that extra special gift this Christmas and new year — be a life-saver and become a regular blood donor. Can you think of a better gift to give your community, or one that can make such a difference to people who receive it?"

For information about the Welsh Blood Service 

 Living Paintings - Su Pollard helps produce Books at Christmas for Blind Children
 Wednesday 31st December, 2008...................................................................Press Clips
Nottingham’s “Hi de Hi” star Su Pollard has helped produce the story of the famous cat Mog in a special book, produced by Living Paintings, a charity that makes touch and sound packs for blind and partially sighted children. 

Su explains: “I’ve just recorded the sound for a new feely picture version of a Mog the Cat story for blind children to borrow from Living Paintings’ free library of popular books. Mog is very forgetful and gets into lots of scrapes!

Blind youngsters look forward to new books at Christmas just as much as their sighted pals. So letting them know that this free picture book library is there for them is vital. Living Paintings is an award winning charity that has Braille and text copies of all the children’s favourites from Winnie the Pooh to the Gruffalo – and there are educational packs as well. Best of all everything is designed to be shared with sighted friends and family!

Every year they add new special touch and sound versions of favourite titles to the library. I’d really like to do another one so I hope they raise lots of money this Christmas to pay for more books.”

The final version of the book should be available at the end of December.

 Season's Greetings from Su Online
 Friday 19th December, 2008...................................................................Merry Christmas
All the best, to everyone who has visited the website over the last 12 months, from me (Davie), Rob and Su herself! We say it every year but 2008 truly has been an incredibly busy year for Su (and Su Online). She has received some of the best reviews of her career for Shout! The New Swinging 60s Musical during two highly successful tours of the UK.

We hope you have enjoyed all our updates during the year. We will be back in the New Year. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all!

 Cinderella now open - Oh yes it is!!
 Friday 19th December, 2008................................................................................Theatre
Cinderella is now well and truly underway. Su's panto for 2008 opened on Wednesday afternoon (a special charity performance) at The Grand Theatre in Swansea. Su, Chris and the panto gang will be wowing audiences right through until Sunday 18th January. Please click below to see more detailed information on showtimes. 

 Cinderella - Llanelli Star - Panto Review
 Friday 19th December, 2008................................................................................Theatre
Oh yes! Forget the omnipresent "credit crunch", abandon all glum thoughts and tune yourself into this warm and winning pantomime which promises to work wonders for the Swansea Grand Theatre's box office takings during the dark weeks of winter... oh yes it will!

This one cannot possibly go wrong, and is lovely stuff by any standards.

The big draw, of course, is Su Pollard, whose portrayal of nasty old Baroness Hardup plays against type and gets the crowd worked up in the best possible way.

To describe her performance as fabulously larger than life is an understatement. Take it from me - this woman is a gem, if not a national treasure. What you see is what you get.

And what you get here is worth every penny.Chris Jarvis (of CBeebies fame), stars as Buttons as well as being the director of the show: his performance is a revelation, and it is clear that he has worked hard to capture the "local" flavour so beloved by Swansea audiences, working closely with Grand favourites Kevin Johns and Frank Vickery (both of whom excel as ugly sisters Britney and Paris) and Nia Jermin, who scores a major hit in the title role.

It is so good to see a visiting performer making such an effort to fit in with the local scene, and I strongly suspect that Jarvis will prove to be enormously popular not only with the ticket-buying public but also with the staff of the theatre - always a good sign.

Sarah Thomas shines as the Fairy Godmother - mainstream TV viewers will know her as Glenda from Last of the Summer Wine, which is no bad thing but here she is given every opportunity to stretch her comedic wings.

Excellent performances, too, from Craig Tyler (Prince Charming) and Gavin Lee Rees (Dandini). Musical direction is safe in the hands of the ever-reliable Griff Harries, with the younger performers being members of the Grand Theatre School of Dance and Drama.

By any standards, this has to rate as one of the finest and most focused pantos to have been staged at the Grand for a while.

Even before the run began, there was as an unmistakably positive buzz surrounding the show - no bad thing, and a sure sign of quality.

Oh, and another thing - any show which can incorporate references to Bob the Builder, Gavin and Stacey and Mamma Mia alongside a knowing wink to the late great Northern music hall comic Sandy Powell ("Can you 'ear me, Mother?") has got to be worth a look.

There is much to enjoy here for pop culture buffs.

If you are seeking an escape from the spiralling madness of the pre-Christmas rush, I would heartily recommend that you give this a go.

If this doesn't chill you out and cheer you up, nothing will.

Cinderella's run at the Grand ends on January 18. Spread the word - this is well worth a look.

By Graham Williams

 Cinderella - Western Mail - Panto Review
 Friday 19th December, 2008................................................................................Theatre
It's always a pleasure when panto season comes around – if only because I get to embarrass the wife by joining in with the panto banter.

We’re regulars at Swansea Grand Theatre and their festive productions seem to get better every year.

As well as being packed with the usual fare, such as great characters, fabulous costumes, cliched one-liners and local references, this year’s offering has some very special stars – some real ponies, which really enthralled the little ones.

Taking centre stage is Su Pollard, of Hi-de-Hi! fame, as Baroness Hardup; Chris Jarvis, from CBeebies as Buttons, Sarah Thomas from Last of the Summer Wine as the Fairy Godmother and local stars Kevin Johns and Frank Vickery as the Ugly Sisters. And in the title role is Swansea girl Nia Jermin.

The outfits worn by Baroness Hardup and the Ugly Sisters are as outrageous and hilarious as their performances.

But, for me, the star of the show is Jarvis. With his great comic timing and vast array of impersonations, he delights both young and old. I found myself laughing out loud even at his obvious ad lib comments as well as his well delivered scripted jokes.

Jermin is an excellent Cinders – she gives a lovely vocal performance and brings bags of sparkle to the show.

The music arrangement and choreography is especially good this year and includes up-to-the-minute High School Musical numbers as well as some Abba classics, which had everyone singing along.

The cast do a great job at encouraging audience participation.

A special mention has to be given to the Grand Theatre’s School of Dance and Drama. The young students danced and sang with real professionalism and they will no doubt be taking on the leading roles themselves in years to come.

Cinderella runs until January 18. The box office number is 01792 475715

By Marc White

 Pony Step - Su Pollard: Life Enhancer
 Saturday 13th December, 2008.......................................................................Press Clips
An interesting interview with Su, from earlier in 2008, with some fantastic pictures. - Cinderella Starring Su Pollard
 Saturday 13th December, 2008.......................................................................Press Clips
Audiences at Swansea Grand Theatre are in for a real treat this Christmas season, as they will have the opportunity to say Hi-de-Hi to the much-loved actress, Su Pollard. 

Fondly remembered by millions as the scatter-brained chalet-maid, Peggy Ollerenshaw in the hit sit-com, Hi-de-Hi, Su continues to enjoy a successful and varied career. She is currently starring in the final leg of a national tour of the smash-hit comedy-musical Shout! 

Su Pollard will headline the cast as the wicked Baroness Hardup in Cinderella at Swansea Grand Theatre. Joining her on stage for the festive frolics and fun are Sarah Thomas (Last Of The Summer Wine) as The Fairy Godmother, Chris Jarvis (CBeebies) as Buttons, Kevin Johns and Frank Vickery as The Ugly Sisters and Swansea’s own Nia Jermin as Cinderella. 

“I love panto and I’m already gearing myself up for it!” enthused Su Pollard. “I absolutely love going out on stage and feeling and tasting the atmosphere, excitement and anticipation. As soon as the overture starts and the lights go down it’s the most marvellous thing,” she explained. 

Su continued: “When I’m waiting in the wings I can hear the people cheering, especially the children and I think to myself: ‘Great! I’m going to go out on stage and give you the time of your lives.’ The spine-tingling wonderfulness of it all has never left me and I hope it never does.” 

Cinderella opens at Swansea Grand Theatre on Wednesday 17th December 2008 and runs until Sunday 18th January 2009. Tickets are available from 01792 475715 and 

Steve Burbridge. 

 Cinderella at The Grand Theatre, Swansea
 Monday 8th December, 2008 • Thanks to Steve...................................................Theatre
Su is currently in rehearsals for Cinderella which opens on Wednesday 17th December at The Grand Theatre, Swansea. This is going to be a fantastically festive show so do go along if you are able to. Su is really looking forward to playing Baroness Hardup this Christmas.

The Grand Theatre, Singleton Street, Swansea, SA1 3QJ
Tel (Box Office): 01792 475 715

 The Independent - My Week: Su Pollard, Actress
 Monday 8th December, 2008..........................................................................Press Clips
The actress prepares for the start of panto season as she heads to Swansea to star in Cinderella

Monday: Up bright and early because I know I've got lots of packing to do before my move to Swansea to perform in Cinderella for eight weeks. I spend about three hours doing my Christmas cards, because I know once rehearsals start, I won't have time to do anything. I get my hair done, have some lunch and then catch up with a friend. In the evening I go to the theatre to see West Side Story, which is superb. 

Tuesday: I brave Oxford Street to do some Christmas shopping and end up in Selfridges, and cross lots off my list. My lovely driver Sam then drove me and my ton of luggage to Swansea. I arrive there starving because I won't eat at service stations as I think they're awful. Have a nice drink to settle down at the Dragon Hotel that I'm staying at. This is about my fifth time in Swansea; the people are lovely and everything is so close together. It's marvellous. 

Wednesday: I do some preparation for rehearsals which start tomorrow, marking the script up. I'm playing the Baroness. They usually have a Baron but they're changing it for me. This Baroness has had seven rich husbands and bumped them all off by poisoning them. She's grooming her two daughters, the ugly sisters, for marriage, of course hoping one of them will marry the prince, which she can then get friendly with herself. I have a couple of glasses of wine to help me get my head round it. 

Thursday: We all arrive and meet each other for the first time. We start right from scratch and what we call "block" the show, which is when you're given where you have to stand and exit on the set. I find a lovely café called Soup Café and have a wonderful bowl of chunky vegetable soup. I can tell I'm going to be here every day for the next eight weeks. In town people stop me in the street and in their fantastic strong accents ask me how I am. I've got invitations to people's houses from half of Swansea and this is all in one afternoon. I go back to rehearsals which has quite a set routine: you do script reading in one room, then go to another and work on music for an hour, then come back and do read-throughs. I stock up on wine on the way home. It was reduced from £7.99 to £3.99; I do like a bargain. I watch the news and have Thai chicken before an early night. 

Friday: It's very much of the same again but I learn a new routine and the song for when I first appear on stage. It's Robbie Williams's "Let Me Entertain You" set to different words and a big choreographed dance routine. Then I block more scenes and we do the boudoir routine, where I have a makeover with my two daughters. Then it's a run-through of act one which everyone's worried we've all forgotten from yesterday. 

Cinderella is showing at the Swansea Grand Theatre from 17 December 

Interview by Gillian Orr: Saturday, 6 December 2008 - Steve Burbridge In Conversation With...
 Wednesday 3rd December, 2008 • Thanks to Steve.........................................Interviews
Su was very recently interviewed, for, by Steve Burbridge. Please click here or on the screenshot to read the full fantastic interview.

Su Pollard is, quite literally, a showbiz legend. Still fondly remembered as the scatter-brained chalet-maid, Peggy Ollerenshaw, from the hit BBC sit-com Hi-de-Hi!, her career has spanned 35 years and encompassed almost all aspects of the profession. 

Sparing some time before a performance of the 60’s musical, Shout!, Su offers a pre-interview warning. 

“You’ll have to excuse me if I’m a bit verbose, you know what I’m like, I don’t just say yes or no!” 

Almost everybody knows what Su Pollard is like, and adjectives such as eccentric, wacky, zany and comical are often used to describe her. However, these only represent one aspect of Su’s personality...

 Shout! The New Swinging 60's Musical - Newcastle Evening Chronicle Review
 Wednesday 3rd December, 2008 • Thanks to Magz..............................................Theatre
Shout! The Musical: 
Theatre Royal, Newcastle
by Alison Carr

Shout!, a tribute to the decade when skirts were short and hair was high, twist-and-shouts its way to the Theatre Royal this week as part of its pre-West End tour. 

Most musicals tread a tricky tightrope between plot and music. 

Shout! side steps this dilemma by having virtually no plot at all.

Instead it’s all about the music, and why not for a period that brought us such crowd-pleasers as ‘Downtown’, ‘Big Spender’ and ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’. 

The shows thirty-plus songs are hung off the adventures of three girls who move to London at the start of the Swinging Sixties. 

There’s the sexy one, Ruby (Claire Sweeney); the wannabe one, Georgina (Donna Steele); and the mousey one, Betty (Shona White). 

The tuneful trio endure various ups and downs over the years, all under the watchful eye of Aunt Yvonne (Su Pollard).

Mark McGee as the voice of Shout magazine (as well as a plethora of other comic cameos) guides us through the era.

If the lightweight, paper-thin plot doesn’t hold your interest though, don’t fret as another well-known classic will be along shortly. 

And sure enough they come thick and fast, belted out by the talented ensemble.

All have their moments to shine, although it is Pollard’s ‘You’re My World’ which almost brings the house down. 

She can certainly deliver a song, hitting those high (-de-hi) notes and attacking each number with panache. 

I might be too young to remember the Sixties myself but that didn’t matter – the audience (no matter what their age) shook, shimmied and clapped along as the infectious, feel good music took hold. 

Bursting with energy, Shout!  is an uplifting, fun night out. 

 Wales Online - Your guide to pantomimes in South Wales
 Wednesday 3rd December, 2008.....................................................................Press Clips
It’s December the first! Open the advent calendar, pin up the tinsel and put out the chocolate. The official Christmas countdown begins and now there are just 24 more sleeps until Santa wonders where all the chimneys are on these new-builds. But nothing says Christmas in theatreland like a pantomime so here’s where you can enjoy the experience closest to you


Su Pollard will be playing Baroness Hardup, Cinderella’s evil step-mother, while CBeebies presenter Chris Jarvis is the loveable Buttons. Sarah Thomas (from Last of the Summer Wine) makes dreams come true as the Fairy Godmother while local star Nia Jermin gets to place the glass slippers upon her feet.

Where and when: The Grand Theatre in Swansea, Dec 17-Jan 18. Booking: Tickets cost £7.50-£18 Box office: 01792 475 715.

 Shout! The New Swinging 60's Musical - New Victoria Theatre, Woking
 Monday 24th November, 2008...............................................................................Theatre
It's your last chance to catch Shout! The New Swinging 60's Musical, for now, as the show finishes its Autumn tour at The Ambassador's New Victoria Theatre in Woking this week.

A week-long run of shows begins this evening at 8.00pm.

Just like the Spring/Summer run, this tour has been a huge success and the show has delighted audiences at each venue it has visited. Su has really enjoyed playing Yvonne and being part of Shout!

New Victoria Theatre, The Ambassadors,
Peacocks Centre, Woking GU21 6GQ

Box Office: 0870 060 6645
General Enquiries: 01483 545 855

 BBC Look North - Twist and Shout in Newcastle: Su & Claire Interview
 Monday 24th November, 2008..........................................................................Television
Su and Claire were interviewed by BBC Look North last week, at the Theatre Royal, Newcastle. Please click on the screenshot below to watch the interview.

 Shout! The New Swinging 60's Musical - Review
 Monday 24th November, 2008..............................................................................Theatre
Shout! The Musical: 
Theatre Royal, Newcastle
by Steve Burbridge

You can forget all worries of the credit crunch and the nihilistic Noughties and step back in time to the swinging Sixties, the age of fun, fashion and free love, with Shout! 

Starring Claire Sweeney and Su Pollard, this musical is a delightful, unabashed dose of nostalgia that includes thirty soulful songs that made legends of Petula Clark, Cilla Black, Lulu and Dusty Springfield.

Ruby (Claire Sweeney), Georgina (Donna Steele) and Betty (Shona White) are three Northern girls who believe that the streets of London are, metaphorically, paved with gold. They head for the bright lights and are given a place to stay by Ruby’s Aunt Yvonne (Su Pollard) who runs Best Cuts, ‘the most luxurious hair salon in all of Peckham.’ 

Each of the girls have their own motivation for leaving home and heading for the capital: Ruby, a self-confessed ‘good-time girl’ has her heart set on bagging a rich sugar daddy; Georgina wants fame and fortune as an actress and model, and Betty is an aspiring secretary. 

The plot follows the three girls throughout the decade as they discover that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence. And during their times of trouble they each cry on the broad shoulders of Aunt Yvonne. 

In addition to many of the biggest hits of the 1960s, the story is peppered with a social commentary which comes from advertorials from the fictional magazine, ‘Shout!’ These are delivered by the cheesy-sleazy ad-man, Tony T (Mark McGee). 

Whilst there is a light-hearted storyline, it is the performances that make this show the gem that it is. The cast of seven – there are two ensemble performers, Louisa Maxwell and Francesca Newitt – are first class and there isn’t a weak link amongst them. 

Claire Sweeney is blessed with most of the sassiest, sexiest numbers and she does justice to them all, demonstrating just why she is becoming a darling of the West End stage. 

Donna Steele, who was so wonderful as Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie, puts in an energetic and accomplished performance and can make any tune her own. 

Shona White takes the role of geeky Betty and plays it perfectly. She can also really sell a song. 

But, in terms of all-round entertainment value, it is Su Pollard who really delivers the goods. Renowned for her abilities as an actress-comedienne, she also possesses a golden voice and belted out her numbers with passion and commitment, leaving the hairs on the back of my neck standing to attention. Her performance of You’re My World is worth the ticket price in itself. 

The direction and choreography, by Bill Deamer, is slick, precise and true to the era. However, it has to be said that he makes the performers work for their money – there is hardly a moment in the show in which they get the chance to stay still! 

Shout! is the sort of show that works best with an audience who are prepared to sing and clap along to the sounds of the Sixties. They needed no encouragement on the evening that I attended and by the finale were up on their feet singing, shimmying and clapping for all they were worth. 

This is a show that really is worth Shout!-ing about! 

 Get Surrey - Su has something to Shout! about
 Friday 21st November, 2008.............................................................................Press Clips
The sights, sounds and especially the songs of the 1960s are being brought to Woking this month.

Su Pollard, famed for her roles in Hi De Hi! and You Rang, M’Lord, is part of a group of girls bringing the decade, and all of its fashion and fun back to life in Shout!.

Now at the end of a successful tour, she will be at the New Victoria Theatre from Monday, November 24, and on the day of her 59th birthday she spoke to us about a project that has excited her as much as any other in her career.

“We had a spectacular production team from the beginning,” she said. “There are fantastic costumes, beautiful wigs and bright colours. I think everyone goes away feeling that they have seen a real Sixties revival.”

Playing 40-ish Yvonne, who runs a hairdressing salon in Peckham, the spirit of swinging London becomes clear as she welcomes impressionable young visitors looking for adventure in the capital.

“She’s the mother hen, and she looks after Ruby, played by Claire Sweeney, who’s her niece,” Su Pollard. “She [Ruby] meets two others doing the same thing.”

It means fun-loving Ruby, aspiring secretary Betty, played by Shona White, and wannabe star Georgina (Donna Steele), join the more experienced actress in singing and dancing their way towards an exciting future. Their enthusiasm, and the sense of fun, is infectious, and not just for those that remember the decade.

“Everywhere we’ve gone, all the audience have got up at the end, when we do a mega-mix of the songs, clapping and cheering. 

“There’s been a real mix of different people. Some of the younger ones might have been dragged along by their parents, but they all join in. Even some grandparents have brought little children along.” 

Pollard has an obvious advantage over the other actresses, she pointed out, having been a teenager in the 1960s.

“It means I can also point out things that you would and wouldn’t say [in the 1960s]. I can say 'that word, that’s too Nineties'.”

She admits to still being a fan of the fashions and style of the age which went along with a less inhibited way of life.

“After the 1940s and 1950s, the 1960s was a riot of colour. There was a whole new world of discos, and in this [Shout!] I think, 'I remember wearing something like that’.”

The music is another factor that Pollard loves about Shout!. There are songs from the likes of Cilla Black, Petula Clark, Lulu and her favourite, Dusty Springfield.

Dancing fans will not be disappointed either, and the Nottingham-born actress is grateful for the exercise.

“We never stop,” she said. “We probably only get about a five-minute break each during the whole thing. It means I don’t have to do any other exercise because it’s a great workout.” 

As an actress that made her name in sitcoms, Pollard feels the fun and energy of comedies and musicals suits her down to the ground.

Shout! runs from Monday, November 24, to Saturday, November 29. Call 0870 060 6645 or visit

 Shout! The New Swinging 60's Musical - Theatre Royal, Newcastle
 Tuesday 18th November, 2008..............................................................................Theatre
The penultimate week of the Autumn leg of Shout! The New Swinging 60's Musical opened at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle last night. Whats on Stage have already reviewed the show (see below), with yet more praise for "national treasure" Su. 

Su, Claire and the gang are in residence at the theatre right through until Saturday.

Theatre Royal, 100 Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6BR 
Stage Door: 0191 244 2500
Box Office: 08448 11 21 21

Please visit SuOnline's dedicated Shout! section here. Or the Official Shout! website here.

 Shout! The New Swinging 60's Musical - Whats on Stage Review
 Tuesday 18th November, 2008.............................................................................Theatre
Shout! The Musical: 
Theatre Royal, Newcastle
by Whats on Stage

There seems to be an influx of successful musicals covering the music from the decades starting with Buddy (50s), Mamma Mia (70s) We Will Rock You (80s) and Never Forget ( 90s). So Shout! tries to fill in the gap of the 60s, but falls short.

We have a cast who try their best but the book is not strong enough to hold the show together so we are left with a series of songs from the 60s being strung together for no apparent good reason.

The story involves three girls who head down to swinging London. When Ruby (Claire Sweeney) goes to live with her Auntie Yvonne, she is joined by her two best friends Betty (Shona White) and Georgina (Donna Steele) all ready for the bright lights of the swinging capital. Yvonne is played by Su Pollard (Hi De Hi) and to hear her belt out songs that take her away from the comedy character she is still best known for is a delight. In fact she gets the best reception of the night and her rendition of You’re My World, rightly stops the show.

The story, as if it matters, is set in Yvonnes hairdressers and we move through the decade by references to the magazine of the day Shout! and the passing years being projected on the set. We see the onset of new inventions that are part of life today, such as tins and even the Milk Tray Man (how many memories does that jog!) gets a look in. But there is not enough material to make us care about the characters, what there is just about links us to the next song. The token man is played by Mark McGee who changes his costume for virtually every appearance and acts as the narrator.

The show though has one purpose and that is to let us hear the hits of the 60s once more which include Downtown, You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me, Alfie, Colour My World and the title song Shout!

While Sweeney is billed as the star of the show she is outshone by her co-stars, as the audience’s affection is certainly for Pollard (who appears to be now a national treasure judging from the audience reaction) and Shona White and Donna Steele capture the mood of the era and cannot be faulted. On several occasions Sweeney seemed to be supporting the other cast members instead of leading the company.

This is a feel good nostalgia show but it does not quite hit the mark, which is a shame as while the song material is strong it fails to connect with the audience, who had the opportunity to be dancing in the aisles but remained steadfastly in their seats clapping along.

 Tenovus - Cinderella Star thinks pink for Tenovus
 Tuesday 18th November, 2008........................................................................Press Clips
Su Pollard, star of Cinderella which is on show at the Swansea Grand from the 17th December until the 18th January, is supporting Tenovus Breast Cancer Awareness Month which aims to make women aware of the risk of Breast Cancer, as well as raising funds for research, patient care and local support services.

Tenovus has a distinguished history in breast cancer research, and work carried out in their laboratory led to the development of Tamoxifen, the world’s most successful and widely used breast cancer drug. Tenovus also is due to beging funding mobile units and local support centres which will enable patients to receive Chemotherapy closer to home.

Su says “Abseiling for Tenovus this October is a great way to raise awareness of Breast Cancer and raise money to help cancer patients in Wales.  Please get your friends together and join in the fun so that Tenovus can continue to support breast cancer patients in your community.”  The Swansea Abseil will take place at Princess House on the 4th of Oct. If you don’t have a head for heights why not organise your own event in aid of Tenovus Breast Cancer Awareness Month at your place of work or with your friends.

Cerys Jones, Community Fundraiser for Tenovus says “We all know someone who has been affected by cancer, this is why we need people to support Tenovus, have fun and raise money for this important cause. I’d like to thank Su for her support. All money raised from our Abseil will go towards funding the first mobile unit of its kind in Wales along with our network of local support centres which will help Tenovus to deliver the best cancer care.” 

To find out more about how you can support Tenovus Breast Cancer Awareness Month Campaign, log on to or call the fundraising team on 029 2076 8850. To book tickets for Cinderella call the box office on 01792 475715.

 Swansea Christmas 2008 
 Tuesday 18th November, 2008.............................................................................Internet
Preparations for Christmas 2008 in Swansea, which includes Su & Snow White this year, are well and truly under way. Please visit the SwanseaChristmas website by clicking below. - 2009 Anniversary
 Tuesday 18th November, 2008...............................................................................Events
Keep an eye on for all the latest on the 2009 Anniversary Celebrations of two classic Perry & Croft series.

2009 marks the 30th anniversary of the recording of the Hi-de-Hi! pilot programme.   Something very special is being planned next year for fans of the show so please book mark this page for all the latest news.

By co-incidence,  it is also the 21st anniversary of the recording of the pilot of You Rang, M'Lord? so double celebrations are afoot. 

The first details are expected in November 2008,  so be sure to join us for an event in which cast members and fans can come together and mark two classic TV comedies by Perry and Croft starring Paul Shane,  Jeffrey Holland and Su Pollard.

 Shout! The New Swinging 60's Musical - North Wales Pioneer Review
 Tuesday 18th November, 2008.............................................................................Theatre
Shout! The Musical: 
Venue Cymru, Llandudno
by David Waddington

Groovy chicks and funky fellas will get their first chance to see 60s feel-good musical, Shout! at Venue Cymru next month.

The Pioneer spoke to the show's stars, West End and TV celebrity Claire Sweeney and British institution and comedienne Su Pollard, during their hectic rehearsal schedule. 

Set in a London hair-dressing salon Shout! charts the progress of five women as they discover the freedom, fashion, fun and music that made the 60s such a memorable time. 

Su who has previously appeared in panto in Llandudno is looking forward to the show, she said: "The 60s was my era, I remember eagerly awaiting the new songs when they came out. It was a golden era, it was like being on an adventure. 

"The songs were really effective and had a real sing along quality and the fashions were great as well. It was also a time when women came into their own." 

Featuring a host hits including Downtown, Son Of A Preacher Man, I Only Wanna Be With You, These Boots Are Made For Walking and You Don't Have To Say You Love Me, Shout! is bound to make you feel like you are in the swinging sixties. 

Former Brookside actress Claire Sweeney has fond memories of the area, she said: "I have been to Llandudno many times before. I used to perform at the Arcadia and have lovely memories of the area. I used to stay in Rhos on Sea during the season. I did my apprenticeship at holiday camps and theatres all across North Wales. I am definitely looking forward to coming back." 

Talking about the show she said: "It is a really fun, good show, uplifting and is full of fantastic singing. I really enjoy being on stage it is so immediate and you can see the audience's reaction. The show finishes with a mega-mix of hits which always gets people dancing and singing along." 

Su added: "The audience can expect a great time. The music is all performed live by a four-piece band. It is a phenomenal, fantastic and fabulous show." 

Whether you are an original baby boomer or born in the 90s, Shout! is a celebration of an era everyone wishes they could have experienced - and now you can. 

Do not miss the chance to see this uplifting new musical, by the producers of smash-hits The Wedding Singer, Fame and Saturday Night during its first UK tour. 

 Happy Birthday Su
 Friday 7th November, 2008......................................................................Happy Birthday
Many Happy Returns to Su, who is celebrating her birthday today in lovely Llandudno. Have a wonderful day Su! X

 Birthday Site Update
 Friday 7th November, 2008..............................................................................Site News
To help mark the occasion we now have the new look Gallery online. Please click below.

 Digital Spy Icons - Su Pollard
 Friday 7th November, 2008..................................................................................Internet
To coincide with Su's birthday, 'Digital Spy' have published a feature on Su, in their Digital Spy Icons section. Su has the honour of being the first female Digital Spy icon!

Famed for her gaudy outfits, wacky spectacles and hilarious comic turn as Peggy Ollernshaw in Hi-de-Hi!, Su Pollard is more than worthy of her status as the first female Digital Spy Icon. The nutty Nottingham lass first hits TV screens on Opportunity Knocks in 1974, but she lost out to a singing Jack Russell on the talent show. More successful were her enduring roles in David Croft sitcoms You Rang M'Lord? and Oh, Doctor Beeching!

Pollard's other accolades include bagging the 1988 Rear Of The Year gong, lending her voice to popular BBC cartoon Penny Crayon and scoring a number two chart hit with 'Staying Together', the theme to 1986 TV doc The Marriage. Her debut album Su may have flopped at number 86, but those few who own the record cherish Su's ever optimistic cheery tunes.

Digital Spy presents a celebration of Pollard's ongoing career in pictures and salutes her as our first female DS Icon. 

 The Times - Birthdays
 Friday 7th November, 2008.............................................................................Press Clips
Billy Graham, evangelist, 90; The Rev Professor Christopher Evans, Emeritus Professor of New Testament Studies, King’s College London University, 99; Rio Ferdinand, footballer, 30; Su Pollard, actress, 59; Dame Joan Sutherland, soprano, 82; Helen Suzman, South African politician, 91; Sir Anthony Wheeler, president, Royal Scottish Academy, 1983-90, 89; Peter Wilby, editor, New Statesman, 1998-2005, 64.
 Shout! The New Swinging 60's Musical - Venue Cymru, Llandudno
 Sunday 2nd November, 2008...............................................................................Theatre
Shout! The New Swinging 60's Musical is in Llandudno, Wales for a week of shows from tomorrow. Please click below to visit the theatre's website.

Venue Cymru, The Promenade, Llandudno LL30 1BB
Box Office: 01492 872000

 Holyhead/Bangor Mail - Su Pollard stars in Shout at Venue Cymru
 Sunday 2nd November, 2008..........................................................................Press Clips
Life is rarely dull or quiet when Su Pollard is around, so expect plenty of energy when she plays Aunt Yvonne in musical Shout!

The show comes to Venue Cymru, Llandudno, from Monday to Saturday, November 3-8.

The former Hi-de-Hi! star is looking forward to performing in the show, which should appeal to all ages.

She said: "It’s about some friends in the decade 1960-70, who include Ruby, played by Claire Sweeney, who live in the north east and aren’t really doing anything, so they decide to move down to London.

"They move to Peckham and get most of their thrills through the pages of a magazine named Shout, which is where the musical gets its name from.

"Settling in to a hairdresser’s named Best Cuts, run by my character Aunt Yvonne, they settle in to life in London and we go through what life was like in the 60s, with the pill, the introduction of The Beatles, and all the other things that happened that decade.

"We look at the fashions, and of course, the music."

Su, whose been doing musicals for 40 years, says that was one of the main attractions of doing the musical.

"I know I’m mainly known for a sitcom, but I’ve always enjoyed doing musicals, they’re such fun, and in this one, we get to sing songs such as I Only Wanna Be With You, and Downtown, and that’s the sort of show it is.

Having been in panto at Llandudno before, Su knows what to expect when she comes to North Wales.

"It’s six years since I did panto there and I enjoyed every minute of it there. It’s a really picturesque spot in the UK."

 North Wales Weekly News - Claire Sweeney stars in Shout at Venue Cymru
 Sunday 2nd November, 2008..........................................................................Press Clips
In anticipation of Shout's arrival in Llandudo, Claire gave a great interview to the 'North Wales Weekly News'. She heaped yet more praise on Su during the interview.

Feel good show, Shout brings the swinging 60s to Llandudno next month.

Set in a hairdressing salon in London in the midst of the sexual revolution the show takes the audience on a journey around the capital in an era of mini-skirts, mop-tops and pop anthems.

The show features former Brookside favourite, Claire Sweeney, Hi-de-Hi’s Su Pollard as well as the sounds of the sixties in anthemic numbers such as Downtown, Son of a Preacher Man, These Boots are Made for Walking and You Don’t Have to Say you Love Me.

Claire Sweeney is currently on a UK tour with the show which is set to arrive at Venue Cymru in early November and said the show would be enjoyable for anyone wanting a good night out.

“It is a real good 60s show about five girls who go to London to find their destiny,” said Claire.

“It is very different from the shows I’ve done before in that I’ve always done quite serious shows like Chicago and Guys and Dolls. There are such strong singers in the show it is good fun – good hearted night out – you can’t beat the songs, they are fantastic.

“It is a family show and people have been coming in 60s dress which adds to the party atmosphere. I play Ruby who is a real fun girl, a real party girl who never meets the right guy but then meets a Spanish waiter and goes off to Torremolinos!

“But with everything on the news being so miserable at the moment it is a show which will cheer people up.”

Claire also said it was an honour to work with Su Pollard and believed her co-star was herself worthy of the ticket price.

“Su is a legend – she is such a talent. People think of Hi-de-Hi and panto but she is a phenomenal talent and very under-rated, she is brilliant at what she does.”

Shout is at Venue Cymru between Monday, November 3 and Saturday, November 8. Tickets are between £16 and £22. For more information contact the box office on 01492 872000.

 Shout! The New Swinging 60's Musical - Melton Times Review
 Sunday 2nd November, 2008...............................................................................Theatre
Shout! The Musical: 
De Montfort Hall, Leicester
by Sam Brough

Shout revives the Sixties magic!

FRIDAY NOON: This week, waves of colour and dusty pop records transform Leicester's DeMonfort Hall into a time meachine to the Sixties writes Sam Brough.

Created by the producers of smash-hits The Wedding Singer, Fame and Saturday Night Fever, the sassy musical is a lively tribute to a revolutionary decade.

The story sees three girls from "somewhere in the North" go 'Downtown', their eyes flowering ambition, and embodying independence as they descend on the capital.

Girl power is brought to life by 'hip' vocals and contagious dancing from the talented cast, powerfully lead by TV star Claire Sweeney's raunchy performance, and made hilarious by the nation's favourite Su Pollard, playing Yvonne; a devoted housewife/groovy grandma.

The story is stiched with shocking sixties snippets, extracting laughs and gasps from the modern day crowd.

Love, ('free' or not!) is at the centre of the joyful decade tour, but beware the "Twister"!

The musical has been touring the UK all year and is swinging Leicester until Saturday night, so call DeMontfort Hall on 0116 233 3111 or visit for your ticket to a smashing eveing. 

You'll be doing the 'mashed potato' for days!

 The Stage - American Briefs
 Sunday 2nd November, 2008..........................................................................Press Clips
There is a real buzz at Above the Stag, London’s newest theatre space and home of the Shameless Theatre Company, specialists of gay themed shows. 

While across town, crowds queue to catch a glimpse of Daniel Craig at the Quantum of Solace premiere, Above the Stag has its own celebrity - a bejewelled Su Pollard is in tonight’s audience. Even resident drag queen, Bette Rinse, struggles to compete.

Written by six American writers, the plays focus on a series of gay relationships including - two young men struggling to come out, a secret liaison between a student and a professor, and a sinister tale of a seedy rendezvous in night time London.

Many of these vignettes portray gay life as revolving around throwaway sex. While some long-term gay partnerships are depicted, these are also undershot with infidelity and deception. The plays end up subscribing to a well-established view of promiscuous gay lifestyles and the characters start to feel somewhat cliched because of this.

However, Leon Ancliffe and Gareth AP Watkins give versatile and commanding performances. Ancliffe feels like a rising star and could shine with a stronger script. “Excellent!” proclaims Su Pollard at the end and, as the raucous applause demonstrates, many agree with her.

 Leicester Mercury - So Su Me
 Sunday 2nd November, 2008..........................................................................Press Clips
Flamboyant star of stage and screen Su Pollard is happy to be heading back to Leicester in '60s musical Shout!

She last came to De Montfort Hall in The Pirates of Penzance, alongside Gary Wilmot, but this time she's here with Claire Sweeney.

"In the show I run a hairdressing salon in London in the '60s and Claire plays my niece who comes to stay from up north with her friends," says Su.

"Three of them move into my flat and start looking at the magazines in the salon, all to do with knitting and mothers and babies. They ask for something more modern, and a man bursts in with a new magazine called Shout!

"So, as the story goes, on we talk about all the big issues of the time, such as the pill becoming available, The Beatles and Radio Caroline, and we sing songs related to those topics."

And what songs. Aside from Shout, crowd-pleasing tunes in this feelgood show include Son of a Preacher Man, These Boots Are Made For Walkin' and You Don't Have to Say You Love Me.

"We have a four-piece live band and we all sing live, there's no miming," says Su. "It's so nice when people sing live, I think it's a disgrace that so many West End shows have a recorded track, but we insisted on being live.

"All those '60s songs are so catchy and hummable, and we have Union Jack costumes, vintage hairstyles and knee-high boots. It's a real blast from the past from a time which felt more innocent, and the audiences go home smiling and singing!''

Su is renowned for her loud outfits as much as her extrovert personality, and today is no exception. She's wearing blue trousers, a green T-shirt, elbow-length red and black lace gloves, a tie, and a stripper's corset.

"All ready for the supermarket," she quips. "I do love dressing up, I could die this afternoon but at least I will go colourfully!"

It's all part of the charm which has won Su legions of fans over the years since coming to fame as scatty cleaner Peggy in holiday camp comedy series Hi-De-Hi. It's a charm which will undoubtedly bring hordes to her forthcoming one-woman show, playing small theatres and featuring Su as a host of characters she has created, as well as music and comedy.

"Do you know what, darling?" she rasps, "the more experience of life you get the easier it all gets. "The girls in the show come to me to pour their hearts out, but I don't have the anxieties of being in my 30s any more, I've been there and try not to tell them what to do, but I do listen!"