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Harpy 2020 Tour - Rescheduled Dates
21.06.2021: Su on TV: Gimme Gimme Gimme
Another chance to see the classic epsiode of the sitcom Gimme Gimme Gimme, with Su as Heidi Honeycomb, guest starring alongside Kathy Burke and James Dreyfus.

Gimme Gimme Gimme: GOLD: Thursday 24th June: 10pm
Gimme Gimme Gimme: GOLD: Friday 25th June: 1.20am

Singing In The Drain. Series 3, Episode 5. In a bid to improve his social status, Tom throws a dinner party, at which he is invited to audition for a West End play, while Linda gets an offer she can't refuse from talent scout Suze. Kathy Burke, James Dreyfus and Su Pollard star. (Images © BBC)

21.06.2021: Su on TV: Pointless Celebrities
Pointless Celebrties: Challenge: Thursday 1st July: 6pm
Sitcoms. Series 4, Episode 3. Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman present a sitcom special of the unorthodox general knowledge quiz. Contestants Craig Charles and Danny John-Jules (Red Dwarf), Brendan O'Carroll and Jennifer Gibney (Mrs Brown's Boys), Su Pollard and Jeffrey Holland (Hi-de-Hi!) and Jean Boht and Nick Conway (Bread) try to come up with the least likely correct answers to a series of questions posed to the public in the hope of winning a jackpot sum for charity. (Photo © BBC)

07.06.2021: Hi-de-Hi! - 40th Anniversary with Su & Jeff
Robert Ross Presents Hi-De-Hi: a 40th anniversary reunion with Su Pollard and Jeffrey Holland

Hi-De-Hi, David Croft and Jimmy Perry's spirited love letter to the declining days of the British holiday camp, was first broadcast in the January of 1980 and proved an instant success.

In a unique and exciting Museum of Comedy event that is bound to sell out very quickly, we are delighted to be joined by Su Pollard, who shot to stardom as the eager-to-please chalet maid Peggy Ollerenshaw, and Jeffrey Holland, who spent nearly a decade wearing funny costumes and falling in to the Olympic-sized swimming pool as camp comic Spike Dixon.

As well as fond memories of Hi-De-Hi, Su and Jeffrey will share tales of You Rang, M'Lord, the series that reunited them with the late Paul Shane; as well as Oh, Doctor Beeching! which, twenty five years ago, once more cast the trio of comedy favourites.

Just this last pantomime season Su and Jeffrey were back on stage together, starring in Dick Whittington at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre. The production was a box office smash.

This intimate and affectionate, clip-laden chat, chaired by Britain's comedy historian Robert Ross, promises to be a show not to be missed!

This show was rescheduled from 22nd November 2021 (originally 22nd March 2020).

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here. NB: There are two chances to attend this event with Su and Jeff, at 5.30pm and 7.30pm.
20.03.2021: Su on TV: Hi-de-Hi! on GOLD
Hi-de-Hi! is airing, from Series One, on GOLD daily.

27.10.2020: Su on TV: The Chase - Celebrity Special
The Chase - Celebrity Special: Saturday 31st October: 8pm
Bradley Walsh presents as celebrity contestants Su Pollard, Jordan Banjo, AJ Odudu and Jonathan Ross pit their wits against one of the ruthless Chasers in the hope of winning a potential prize pot worth thousands of pounds. They must work as a team and play strategically to answer general knowledge questions against the clock and race down the game board to the exit without being caught.

03.10.2020: Hi-de-Hi! - 40th Anniversary with Su & Jeff
Comedy Historian Robert Ross is in conversation with Su and Jeffrey Holland, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hi-de-Hi!, at the Museum Of Comedy on Sunday 22nd November. Tickets can be purchased by clicking below. (Photo © BBC)

03.10.2020: Su on TV - Hi-de-Hi!
Hi-de-Hi! is currently airing on GOLD twice daily. (Photo © BBC)

03.10.2020: Belper News: Su Brings Harpy To Derbyshire
Hi-De-Hi star Su Pollard will bring heart-wrenching play Harpy to Derbyshire

National treasure Su Pollard stars in a one-woman show that explores mental illness and loneliness among the elderly.

Best known for her role as chalet maid Peggy in telly sitcom Hi-De-Hi, Su will be performing in Harpy at Buxton’s Pavilion Arts Centre on March 25, 2021.

Su plays Birdie, a character who is elderly, struggling with mental health and being alone, and is an avid hoarder clinging on to memories of the past. Her neighbours think Birdy is a harridan, although most have never met her.

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Belper News.
04.08.2020: Metro: Weekend Extra - Lockdown
Su Pollard became a much-loved sitcom star in the 1980s with the BBC’s Hi-de-Hi!, and has since had a wide-ranging stage and screen career, starring in musicals and pantomime. Su says:

When the theatres were closed, I’d just done four performances of a one-person show called Harpy: it’s a beautiful play about a hoarder and how she got into that situation. The great thing is that all the dates have been rescheduled for next year, and we’ve also added some extra ones. I still don’t take it for granted that they’ll go ahead, but I use the H-word because you’ve got to have hope, darling.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work consistently for nearly 50 years, but it’s the younger performers I really feel for, the ones who’ve just come out of college and got their first job. What a terrible knock to their confidence this will be, and a terrible knock to their finances. And it’s not just the actors I worry about, it’s the lighting and sound guys and all the rest of the crew: we all need each other to put a production on.

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04.08.2020: Islington Free News: Su at Protest!
On Thursday 30th July 2020, the pressure group, Ludicrous Road Closures staged their second protest outside the Town hall in Islington, North London, at one stage with a few being trapped inside the building. Actress Su Pollard was on hand to offer her strong support and the local press completely missed her speech by being pre-occupied elsewhere, instead preferring to publish a false headline that suited the councils agenda.

19.07.2020: Su on TV: Last Laugh In Vegas - Showtime
The final episode of Last Laugh In Vegas airs tonight.This is the first time this fifth epsiode is airing on ITV. When the series first aired Last Laugh In Vegas: Showtime only aired on ITV2. Catch it tonight at 11.50pm. (Photo © ITV)

Last Laugh In Vegas - Showtime: ITV: Sunday 19th July: 11.50pm
Showtime. Series 1, episode 5. After adjusting to life in Nevada, and trying to impress flamboyant producer Frank Marino, Cannon and Ball, Anita Harris, Kenny Lynch, Bernie Clifton and Su Pollard take to the stage for their big gig in Las Vegas. With Jess Conrad, Mick Miller and Bobby Crush also hoping to wow the masses, it remains to be seen whether Frank's hard work has paid off.

19.07.2020: British Classic Comedy: David Croft's Last Stand...
Oh Doctor Beeching, 1995
Oh Doctor Beeching is remembered by many comedy fans for being the last in a series of three comedies by co-writer David Croft to use many of the same actors, starting with Hi-de-Hi!, and followed by You Rang, M’Lord? as well as David Croft’s final broadcast work for the BBC.

Written by David Croft and Richard Spendlove, after a pilot episode was broadcast on 14th August 1995, the show ran for two series from 1996, with the last episode being broadcast on September 1997. The program was filmed on the Severn Valley Railway, with the part of Hatley station being played by the Arley SVR station in Upper Arley.

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British Classic Comedy.
19.07.2020: Nottinghamshire Live: Su in the Notts Forest Crowd
Spot yourself in the crowd at Nottingham Forest's City Ground.

Forest fans are mingling with stars at the City Ground, among them Brian Clough, Su Pollard, Peter Shilton, Harry and Meghan, Stuart Pearce, characters from The Office, Roy Keane, Grotbags... are you sitting next to someone famous?

Nottingham's Su Pollard and The Office's Gareth Keenan mingle with the fans.

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Nottinghamshire Live.
07.07.2020: Harpy: Tour Rescheduled for Early 2021
Due to the ongoing global pandemic and theatres remaining closed, Harpy has now been rescheduled for early 2021. Please click below to stay updated on these rescheduled tour dates.

07.07.2020: Su on TV: Celebrity Antiques Road Trip
Celebrity Antiques Road Trip: Really: Wednesday 8th July: 10am
Ruth Madoc and Su Pollard. Series 6, episode 3. Two famous faces from the world of stage and television, Ruth Madoc and Su Pollard, head out on the road to Congleton, Cheshire, to go antique hunting with Phil Serrell and Raj Bisram. Ruth finds out more about a famous 19th-century nurse, and Su visits the ancient Roman town of Caerleon. (Photo © BBC)

05.07.2020: Pride: Su Celebrates Pride with Friends
Join national treasure, actress and comedienne Su Pollard and friends as she introduces songs from her favourite LGBT+ Off West End musicals. Featuring cast members and songs from GRINDR The Opera, Naked Boys Singing, Tickle The Musical and Bathhouse The Musical, with a special appearance from the Brazilian cast of Naked Boys Singing currently in lockdown in São Paulo.

The concert is free to watch. Donations may be made to support the Kings Head Theatre, Islington, the UK's biggest presenter of LGBT+ theatre.

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Pride in London.
05.07.2020: You Rang, M'Lord! for BBC Two!
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