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Back: Ruth Madoc (Gladys), David Griffin (Clive), Paul Shane (Ted), Jeffrey Holland (Spike) & Barry Howard (Barry). 
Front: Su Pollard (Peggy), Felix Bowness (Fred) & Diane Holland (Yvonne).

Su, as Peggy, and Simon Cadell, as Jeffrey Fairbrother. Promotional leaflet for the a series of Hi-De-Hi! Sunday concerts at the Royal Opera House, Scarborough 1982

Read Su's Biography. Taken from the 1983 Hi-De-Hi! - The Holiday Musical Tour Programme. 

An Exclusive Interview with Su from 1994. Originally published in the Hi-De-Hi! Fan Magazine 'Hello Campers', Su talks to Rob Cope about Hi-De-Hi! and much, much more.

Nikki Kelly (Sylvia), Jeffrey Holland (Spike), Paul Shane (Ted), Simon Cadell (Jeffrey), Su Pollard (Peggy), Felix Bowness (Fred) & Leslie Dwyer (Mr Partridge) in a scene from Hi-De-Hi!
A great charicature of Su as Peggy Ollerenshaw, one of the UK's most popular ever sit com characters.

Hi-De-Hi! Boxed Video Sets. These are limited edition releases and are available on the NTSC format, from the US Amazon website (www.amazon.com). They are compatible with United States or universal video players. 


 Hi-De-Hi! - The Complete Episode Guide

Screen Captures of Su from Hi-De-Hi!

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