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1. Mark Wynter (Oliver 'Daddy' Warbucks) and Jemma Carlisle (Annie) in rehearsals; 2. Jemma Carlisle, as Annie, with 'Danny' (played beautifully by Sandy); 3. Su as Miss Hannigan puts an assortment of 'orphans' through their paces in rehearsals!

The Stage, by Bernard Bale • Theatre Royal, Lincoln

To say that Chris Moreno's production of this perennial favourite brings the Theatre Royal house down would be no false statement. The audience loved it and Jemma Carlisle as Annie steals the show. All credit to her because it takes some stealing and her success is a tribute to her talents which include singing, dancing and acting her heart out.
Su Pollard as Miss Hannigan and Mark Wynter as Oliver Warbucks are the big stars and use all their experience to make this a show to remember. They are very ably aided and abetted by a high-quality support cast, all of which deserve individual mention were there the space available. 

The direction of Chris Colby, David Kort's choreography and Mark Crossland's musical direction pull together with excellent lighting and sets to make this a production worthy of any West End stage. 

IC Coventry, by Samanth Clark • Belgrade Theatre, Coventry 

Childhood memories from the 1981 film came flooding back as Jemma Carlisle plays the title role in the show which tells the tale of a 12-year-old girl whose dream finally comes true when she is plucked from the cold, evil Miss Hannigan into the home of the warm, loving billion-aire ‘Daddy’ Warbucks.

Jemma and ‘Daddy’ - actor Mark Wynter - give outstanding performances which have the audience smiling one minute, their eyes filling up the next. Some may remember Miss Hannigan actress Su Pollard as downtrodden Peggy in 1980s comedy Hi-De-Hi.

Su gives an amazing performance with plenty of laughter-filled moments. Annie is an ideal show for anyone of any age and is altogether a good night out.

1 - 3. Publicity shots of Su as the wicked Miss Hannigan. Also pictured is Jemma Carlisle, who played Annie in the 2002 UK National Tour.

Annie: Jemma Carlisle
Tessie: Lucy Barker
Miss Hannigan: Su Pollard
Bundles McCloskey: James Gavin
Apple Seller: Ian Angus Wilkie
Dog Catcher: Nathan Dowling
Assistant Dog Catcher: Dayle Renton
Officer Ward: Michael Morgan
Sophie: Christina Thornton
Grace Farrell: Louise English
Drake: Ian Angus Wilkie
Mrs Pugh: Christina Thornton
Mrs Greer: Dayle Renton
Annette: Lyndsey Ellis
Cecille: Elysia Lawrence
Oliver Warbucks: Mark Wynter
A Star To Be: Dayle Renton
Rooster Hannigan: Matthew Hewitt
Lily St Regis: Amanda Sim
Bert Healey: James Gavin
Fred McCracken: Michael Morgan
Jimmy Johnson: Ian Angus Wilkie
Sound Effects Man: Mike McRae
'Hour of Smiles' Producer: Christina Thornton
Ronnie Boylen: Elysia Lawrence
Bonnie Boylen: Lyndsey Ellis
Connie Boylen: Dayle Renton
FDR: Christopher Marlow
Ickes: Michael Morgan
Howe: James Gavin
Hull: Mike McRae
Perkins: Christina Thornton
Morgenthau: Nathan Dowling
Marine Guard: Stefan Carpino
Justice Brandeis: Michael Morgan

New Yorkers/ Hooverites/ Warbucks Staff: 

Stefan Carpino
Nathan Dowling (2002)
Lyndsey Ellis
James Gavin
Mike McRae
Dayle Renton
Christopher Marlowe
Ian Angus Wilkie

Sandy the dog: Danny
Mutt the dog: Sparky

Producer: Chris Moreno
Director: Chris Colby
Choreographer: David Kort
Musical Director: Steve Power
Settings: Alan Miller Bunford
Lighting: Graham McLusky
Costumes: Amy McNamara
Dance Captain: Lyndsey Ellis
Sound: Drew Gartland
Company Manager: Steve Jeffreys
DSM: Pandora Elrington
ASM/Swing: Gwen Smith
ASM/Swing: Marie Cannon
Production Carpenter: Jon Curry
Production Electrician: John Varley
Wardrobe Mistress: Sarah Andrews
Marketing & Press: Theatre Marketing


Musical Director: Steve Power
Keyboard 2: David Lawrence
Bass: Russell Swift
Percussion: Stephen Smith
Trumpet: Adam Linsley
Trombone: James Adams
Saxaphone: Richard Pardy