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"We were all fighting for airtime and space on Quadrophenia. I was probably a bit of a prat at the time." Empire, 1997

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Underneath us all is a world in need, of your bright light, and when our kingdom comes, and when it comes, and when it comes, and when it comes, there will be... a holy day.
Ieya: 1993

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 Fri 29th Sep 2006: 'The Whitehaven News' - Eighties Stars At The Sands
Chart-topping stars from the eighties will be performing live at the Sands Centre, Carlisle, as part of The Hitmakers Tour.

Martin Fry and ABC, Toyah Willcox and Howard Jones, are all on the bill on Friday, October 20, from 7.30pm.

The artists created groundbreaking tunes in the 1980s and enjoyed countless chart hits. Martin Fry and ABC had such memorable hits as Poison Arrow, The Look Of Love and When Smokey Sings. Toyah Willcox exploded onto the 80s scene with It's A Mystery and I Want to Be Free, displaying a streak of punk-influenced attitude. 

Howard Jones had a succession of top 10 hits including Like To Get To Know You Well and What Is Love?.

It promises to be a great blast from the past of electro-pop classics.

Tickets are £22.50, available from The Sands Centre Box Office on 01228 625222 or online at: www.thesandscentre.co.uk

[ News Source: www.whitehaven-news.co.uk - Monday 28th September 2006 ]

 Fri 29th Sep 2006: 'The Argus' - Toyah teams up with Chico
[ The Argus - 25th September 2006 ]Toyah teams up with Chico
By Ruth Lumley

Pop star and Quadrophenia actress Toyah Willcox says she prefers performing in panto to the Australian jungle.

The feisty Eighties pop icon, who was a contestant on I'm A Celebrity! Get Me Out Of Here, will star in Aladdin at the Theatre Royal in Brighton this Christmas with former male stripper and X Factor contestant Chico.

Toyah is a veteran when it comes to pantomimes - this will be her 14th. She is looking forward to working with Chico and loves coming back to Brighton - this will be her sixth pantomime at the Theatre Royal.

She said: "I am one of the genies. Brighton's such a fabulous and cultural place to be, it is going to be an exciting Christmas.

"I am addicted to pantomime, it gets me through the winter and it is also the only time you perform in front of three generations of one family. It puts your feet on the ground when you look out there.

"Panto is demanding, it is never boring or tedious. Working with Chico is going to be perfect.

"He has a magnetism and is charismatic. He's generally wonderful to watch and I think the audience is going to love him."

It will be the first time Chico, a Moroccan goatherder who moved to Crawley when he was 14, has performed in pantomine and he is relishing the prospect of playing the lead role.

He said: "It is a natural progression and there is going to be a bit of Chico time' in there. My head is in the clouds and my feet have not touched the ground. I am riding a wave and I don't want it to stop. What I love about panto is the audience participation.

"I love children and they love me. There will be a good crosssection of families there."

The Theatre Royal is celebrating its 200th birthday while the panto is on. Chico never imagined he would be treading the boards, let alone be the show's main attraction.

He said: "I had dreamt about it but I never thought I would end up doing it. But if you believe in it, it only goes to show you can do it."

Aladdin runs from December 14 until January 14 and tickets cost £11.50 to £20.

[ News Source: www.theargus.co.uk - Monday 25th September 2006 ]

 Fri 29th Sep 2006: Toyah on the Radio
Peter Pan : BBC - Tuesday 10th October : 10.00am
Peter Pan : BBC - Wedneday 11th October : 02.00am
Four-part adaptation of the classic children's tale about the little boy who did not want to grow up. 1: London 1904. A strange visitor transforms the Darling household. Starring: Toyah Willcox and Ron Moody.
 Fri 29th Sep 2006: 'Metro' - Who said that?
• Toyah, included in the 'London Lite' "Who said that?" quote quiz:

[ Metro - 18th September 2006 ]

[ Source: 'London Lite' - 18th September 2006 - Thanks to Michael Cooney ]

 Wed 27th Sep 2006: 'This Is Lancashire' - Hitmaker Toyah’s in fine form
[ This Is Lancashire - Tuesday 26th Sep 2006 ]The 'This Is Lancashire' website has a brand new Toyah interview.

Hitmaker Toyah’s in fine form
By Caroline Dutton

Toyah Willcox is up there with puffball skirts and neon leg-warmers when it comes to embodying the Eighties. And on October 12 she's taking a trip down memory lane alongside fellow '80s icons Martin Fry of ABC, and Howard Jones on the Hitmakers Tour.

Toyah Willcox is positively champing at the bit to climb into her outrageous stage costume and belt out the hits in the up-coming Hitmakers Tour.

"I can't wait!" She shouts excitedly down the phone.

"I worked with Martin Fry and Howard Jones about three years ago and it'll be really good to be back with them. We all love each other's music and we all have very upbeat hits."

Squeezing three of the Eighties biggest electro-pop stars onto one stage seems a recipe for disaster, but Toyah insists there's no diva-behaviour.

"There's no room for egos in this kind of work," she said. "But we all have that Eighties' bigness about us. We're certainly not wallflowers by any means!"

Toyah exploded onto the scene in the late 1970s with a mean streak of punk-influenced attitude shown in songs like It's A Mystery' and I Want to Be Free'.

1982 saw her winning Best Female Singer in the Rock & Pop Awards and more recently she has graced theatre stages and television productions in a varied acting career and even had a stint in the Australian jungle as a contestant on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!' She says musicians nowadays have it much harder.

"The music industry was very different when I started out," she said. "We had independent labels the whole point of punk was that if you made 500 singles you could sell them yourself. That whole ethic kept it going.

"Now record companies are very big and very corporate. If you don't sell a million you're out. I think that's really harsh but I'm optimistic because My Space and You Tube are allowing bands the kind of platform we got. The whole world is tuning in to see what people are up to.

"It would just be so wrong if the only intention of the music business was to sell a million albums. We'd lose all that wonderful diversity."

The Hitmakers tour comes hard on the heels of a resurgence in the popularity of 80s music and fashion - something Toyah is revelling in.

"I'm loving the 1980s coming back in fashion," she said.

"You've got to remember that in the 1990s the 80s was considered the pits. It reminded people of Thatcherism and consumerism. But the one thing that's positively survived is the music because it's so optimistic.

"Our audiences range from 15 to 60 year olds. The young kids don't remember the bad days of politics around the 80s, they just remember the music."

Toyah said she was lucky to "side-step" negative associations with the eighties throughout the 1990s because she focused on her acting and presenting career.

"All through the 1990s I was presenting on TV and wasn't involved in music much at all, " she said. "It allowed me to almost step away from the barrage of insults.

"Now in 2000s I'm playing Wembley, Manchester Arena. I certainly wouldn't have expected that in my 40s."

And she admitted keeping herself looking much younger than her 48 years takes effort.

"I have to battle with my weight the whole time," she said.

"I eat a good organic veggie diet, I go to bed early, I don't drink. You've got to and that's not just to stay looking attractive either, that's to have the energy to perform. We're all the same. On this tour all our partying will be done at tea time - we'll all be in bed by 11pm."

So what can audiences expect from the Hitmakers Tour?

"A completely uplifting evening," said Toyah.

"All of us are totally in love with our music and in love with our audience. You'll get the hits, it's up tempo, it's up beat and we want to send everyone away with a big smile on their faces."

You can't say fairer than that.

See Toyah Willcox, Martin Fry and ABC, and Howard Jones in the Hitmakers Tour, at Manchester Opera House, on October 12. For tickets call 0161 242 2524.

[ News Source: www.thisislancashire.co.uk - 26th September 2006 ]

 Wed 27th Sep 2006: 'Daily Mail' - Turning Our Backs On Fur - Text
[ Daily Mail - Sep 2006 ]Last week Sadie Frost unveiled a naked portrait of herself for the animal rights group PETA' s latest campaign - Turn Your Back On Fur: The Europe-wide protest by PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) features Sadie pictured from behind and looking over her shoulder to convey that she is literally turning her back on fur: 'It's all about confident people who are comfortable in their own skin and don't have to endorse the murder and torture of animals to wear their skin instead,' says PETA. The Mail asked four celebrities to recreate Sadie's pose to show their support for the campaign.

TOYAH WILLCOX: Toyah, 48 is a singer and actress. She lives in a house in Worcestershire with her musician husband, Robert Fripp. She is touring with fellow Eighites pop stars Howard Jones and ABC, and she has recently made a series of wildlife documentaries for the BBC. 

Toyah says: Last month I bought a copy of Vogue and it had a 20-page advertisement for fur coats from a French furrier stapled into the middle of it. I was so angry that Vogue was condoning fur in this way that I wanted to take the magazine back to the shop.

It seems like the fashion industry has turned its back on the anti-fur campaigns of the Nineties. That's why I decided to bare all and turn my back, literally, on fur - like Sadie Frost. It's not the easiest thing to do, especially when you are my age, but it's something I feel strongly about.

To be honest, I even find it diffcult wearing fake fur because it promotes the look of fur. I have a wonderful leopard print Biba-esque coat from my mother but it is such good quality that it looks real. I worry what people might think, so usually it stays in the wardrobe.

It's fantastic that realistic alternatives can be made but I find myself raising my eyebrows when I see great fakes because I have to question whether they are real. I think the problem lies in the vanity of the wearer as well as the cruelty of the industry. It would be best if fur was off the shelves and catwalks for good.

[ News Source: 'Daily Mail' - 25th September 2006 ]

 Wed 27th Sep 2006: 'In Your Dreams' - Repeated
[ In Your Dreams - 26th Sep 2006 ]The edition of In Your Dreams featuring Toyah was repeated yesterday afternoon on Channel 4.

Toyah: "My dreams, the texture of my dreams has changed considerably over the years, and the only thing that gets me to sleep, because I'm quite phobic about sleeping, I really resent giving up that time in the day, is the thought that I might dream. 

When I was a child my dreams were vivid to the pint of terrifying. And very tangible and very solid. Bit now, as a 48 year-old woman, my dreams are quite flimsy... they're like chiffon in the wind... having less and less meaning. But when I was a child they were life changing dreams! 

For a full transcript and selection of screen captures from the programme, please see the June 2006 News Archive.

 Mon 25th Sep 2006: 'Daily Mail' - Turning Our Backs On Fur
• Toyah is pictured, sans clothing, in today's 'Daily Mail' in an anti-fur feature. Bravo!

[ Daily Mail - 25th September 2006 ]

Text to follow soon.

[ News Source: 'Daily Mail' - 25th September 2006 - Thanks to Ruby ]

 Mon 25th Sep 2006: 'Take The Leap!' - Out Today!
• It's available from today... Go on...'Take The Leap!' on CD!

[ Take The Leap! - Out Today! ]

[ Thanks to Craig, Alan, all at Edsel & Toyah for another awesome T CD! ]

 Mon 25th Sep 2006: 'Take The Leap!' - Facts & Stats
[ Take The Leap! CD ]• Today sees the "reissue" of 'Take The Leap!' on CD. Though technically it isn't (outside Japan) a reissue as the album has never, until today, been commercially available anywhere else.

• The CD booklet includes an introduction by Toyah.

• The actual disc is a picture CD, featuring the famous Salisbury Cathedral. Toyah is quoted as saying that the beautiful Cathedral is: "a time travelling Tardis!"

• Two songs, 'Requite Me' and 'Tears For Elie' are, for all intents and purposes, brand new. They were recorded in 1992 but will be new to most people's ears, though 'Requite Me' was performed at a few Sunday All Over The World gigs many moons ago.

• It appears there are further unheard Toyah songs (mostly demos) waiting in the wings! Namely: 'Poland', 'I Need A Man' (an old Janis Joplin song), 'Am I Just A Fool', and 'Towers and Masks'. Let's hope they will, some day, be made available too.

• The album is dedicated to Edie Fripp and Elizabeth Frink.

• Most online stores are now listing the CD for sale. Hopefully High Street/Shopping Mall stores will be stocking it too.

• "I hope some of the songs will get picked up for a film soundtrack one day," says Toyah. "I give the best vocal performances of my career on this album".

• Hear for yourself by adding 'Take The Leap!' to your CD collection.

 Mon 25th Sep 2006: Vote for Dreamscape!
• It's the last few days... A massive THANKS to everyone who has taken the time to vote already. Voting for the 'Best Unofficial Music Site' in the BT Digital Music Awards 2006 closes on Saturday 30th September. Well over 10,000 music-related websites are included so every vote counts... Please click below to add yours... Thanks again!

[ BT Digital Music Awards 2006 ]

 Mon 25th Sep 2006: 'Aladdin 2006' - Photo Agencies
• Photos of Toyah, from the Aladdin Photo Call, have been added to a few picture agencies over the weekend, including 'LFI' and 'Rex Features':

[ London Features International ]

[ News Source: www.lfi.co.uk - September 2006 ]

 Mon 25th Sep 2006: 'Site News' - Coming Soon!
• September has been a really hectic month in Toyahland and on Dreamscape. Thanks for the emails (particularly Scott, Kevin, Emma & Chad) regarding recent updates to the website. I really do appreciate the feedback and it's great to know visitors are enjoying the additions. 

• This coming weekend (29th Sep - 1st Oct) there will be yet more interesting additions and updates to Dreamscape; including more screen caps from Faith & Music and The 100 Greatest Songs Of The 80s, another download from Faith & Music, further pictures from the Aladdin Photo Call, and a surprise two-part "legendary" (doh!) download for your eyes and ears. As well as all the usual TV and Toyah newsy bits...

 Sun 24th Sep 2006: 'The 100 Greatest Songs Of The 80s'
• Toyah was looking beautiful on VH1 yesterday during her presenting stint for The 100 Greatest Songs Of The 80s, part of the channel's "Ultimate 80s Weekend". She introduced Numbers 50 to 26 in the countdown, aired between 6 and 8pm in the UK. 

[ The 100 Greatest Songs Of The 80s - 23rd Sep 2006 ]

Check back soon for further screen caps of Toyah from the show.

 Sun 24th Sep 2006: 'Aladdin 2006' - Virtual Brighton Magazine
[ Virtual Brighton - Aladdin ]'Virtual Brighton Magazine' currently have a news story/feature on Chico, Toyah and Aladdin at their website, including a pic of T&C taken at Friday's Photo Call.

Theatre Royal Brighton’s Chief Executive, Julien Boast, said: “Chico is a natural entertainer and is the ideal panto performer. 

"We’re delighted that he’ll be starring here, together with Toyah Willcox. Together they offer something for everyone, making Theatre Royal Brighton the first choice for audiences seeking the perfect Christmas show.”

They have also kindly added a link to Dreamscape too - Thanks!

[ News Source: www.magazine.brighton.co.uk - 22nd September 2006 ]

 Sun 24th Sep 2006: Toyah to particiapte in 'Saving Planet Earth' 2007
A host of celebrities join Sir David Attenborough, Alan Titchmarsh and the world-renowned BBC Natural History Unit to help save endangered animals in BBC ONE's blockbuster Saving Planet Earth.

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the NHU and running over two weeks, the show kicks off on BBC ONE, early next year, with an hour-long launch programme hosted by David and Alan.

each day a celebrity will highlight the plight of a threatened animal with the series culminating in a live fund-raising extravaganza raising cash for UK-based charities involved in global conservation.

Celebrities will be highlighting the plight of rhinos hunted for their horns; turtles whose eggs are stolen; orang-utans suffering from the deforestation of their habitat; crocodiles endangered by hunters; as well as elephants, tigers, sharks and albatrosses, who are threatened by the destruction of their habitats and poaching.

Saving Planet Earth will also feature on BBC TWO, CBBC, bbc.co.uk and Nations and Regions programming.

On BBC TWO, eight celebrities will battle it out in Safari School – a gruelling ranger-training course at the Shamwari Game Reserve in South Africa, under the watchful eye of presenter, animal expert Charlotte Uhlenbroek. The winner will then have the chance to release the rescued big cats into the African Bush.

From basking sharks in the South West to eagles in Scotland, some of the UK's best-known faces, including Dick Strawbridge, Chris Ryan, Toyah Willcox and Brian Blessed, will be finding out what can be done to help them.

[ News Source: www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice - 22nd September 2006 ]

 Sat 23rd Sep 2006: 'The 100 Greatest Songs Of The 80s' - Advert
• A few screen caps from the ad VH1 have been running today for The 100 Greatest Songs Of The 80s. Part One (airing between 1.00 and 6.00pm), presented by Limahl and Clare Grogan, is almost over.

Part Two (airing between 6.00 and 10.00pm) is presented by Toyah and Bananarama.

The 100 Greatest Songs Of The 80s : VH1 - Sat 23rd September : 6.00 - 10.00pm
We're counting down the 100 Greatest Songs of the 80s, including the likes of Duran Duran, Madonna, New Order, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Queen, Spandau Ballet, and many more.

 Sat 23rd Sep 2006: 'Faith & Music' - Download 'Brave New World'
• To download Toyah talking about 'Brave New World', during her Faith & Music documentary, please click on the banner below. This will also be added to the Downloads section.

[ Faith & Music - Download 3 - Brave New World ]

[ Thanks to Andi Westhorpe ]

 Sat 23rd Sep 2006: 'Celebrity Masterchef' - Final caps
• A few last screen caps of Toyah's quarter final appearance on Celebrity Masterchef, last night on BBC1.

[ Celebrity Masterchef - 22nd September 2006 ]

 Sat 23rd Sep 2006: 'Celebrity Masterchef' - More mini caps
• A selection of mini caps from last night's Celebrity Masterchef. Sadly, Toyah was voted off first after a boo-boo with a crab!

[ Celebrity Masterchef - Quarter finals ]

Before leaving, Toyah said she had really enjoyed her Masterchef experience, and they even played 'It's A Mystery' as she exited left.

 Sat 23rd Sep 2006: Toyah on TV - The 100 Greatest Songs Of The 80s
Look out for Toyah on VH1 today, co-presenting:

The 100 Greatest Songs Of The 80s : VH1 - Sat 23rd September : 1.00 - 6.00pm
The 100 Greatest Songs Of The 80s : VH1 - Sat 23rd September : 6.00 - 10.00pm
We're counting down the 100 Greatest Songs of the 80s, including the likes of Duran Duran, Madonna, New Order, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Queen, Spandau Ballet, and many more.

 Sat 23rd Sep 2006: 'Aladdin 2006' - More photos
• A few fantastic photos, taken at yesterday's Photo Call for the Press Launch of Toyah's panto, Aladdin, at the Theatre Royal in Brighton.

[ Many thanks to Merx for these ]

 Sat 23rd Sep 2006: 'Aladdin 2006' - Cast photos - A riot of colour!
• Cast photos, taken at yesterday's Photo Call for the Press Launch of Aladdin, at the Theatre Royal in Brighton.

[ Many thanks to Merx for these ]

 Fri 22nd Sep 2006: 'Celebrity Masterchef' - Congratulations to Toyah!
• CONGRATULATIONS!! to Toyah, who won her heat last night on Celebrity Masterchef and is now through to the Quarter Final TONIGHT.

[ Celebrity Masterchef - Thursday 21st September 2006 ]

Toyah said at the start of the programme: "I love competition. And I love Masterchef."

Food writer Greg Wallace, said: "Toyah! I'm fascinated by her. This lady has had a hell of a career. There doesn't seem to be anything this lady cannot turn her hand to. And if she's decided that she wants to cook and wants to be known for her cooking I think we can expect some good stuff."

Toyah: "When I found out I was doing this I started prepping my menus a good two weeks ago. So I'm taking it incredibly seriously!"

[ Celebrity Masterchef - Thursday 21st September 2006 ]

She is back on BBC1 this evening, this time up against the other heat winners of this week; Roger Black, Rowland Rivron & Matt Dawson.

Celebrity Masterchef : BBC1 - Friday 22nd September : 7.00pm
Chef and restaurateur John Torode and food writer Greg Wallace are looking for the country's top celebrity chef. This week's heats have produced four winners, but only two will make it through to the semi-finals. The first test is the classic recipe, where all four celebs will have to cook the same dish - at the end, one will be eliminated. The remaining three must then impress the judges with their knowledge and passion for food and cook an exceptional three-course meal.

 Fri 22nd Sep 2006: 'Celebrity Masterchef' - Screen Caps
• A selection of screen captures from last night's Celebrity Masterchef on BBC1.

[ Celebrity Masterchef - Screen Caps ]

 Fri 22nd Sep 2006: 'Aladdin 2006' - Theatre Royal Panto Event

Calling all fans of chart-topping Chico and pop legend Toyah Willcox! 

The two stars will be showing off their talent at Theatre Royal Brighton this Saturday 23 September, in a tantalising free preview of this year’s enchanting panto, Aladdin. 

The Theatre is hosting a special one-hour taster session at 11am when Chico who plays Aladdin and Toyah, the Genie of the Lamp, will be talking about the show and performing on stage. They will be joined by other members of the colourful cast.

Advance booking is not necessary but seats will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so don’t be late!  For further information call 01273 764413 before Saturday.

Aladdin runs from 14 December – 14 January 2006. 

[ News Source: Theatre Royal Brighton / Merx - 20th September 2006 ]

 Fri 22nd Sep 2006: 'Aladdin 2006' - Press Launch/Photo Call
[ Aladdin - 2006 ]The Photo Call for the Press Launch of Toyah's panto, Aladdin, takes place today in sunny Brighton at 11.45am, onstage at Theatre Royal.

Toyah, Chico and other cast members will be in attendance at the launch. Expect to see press pics in national and local newspapers over the coming weeks.

14 December 2006 - 14 January 2007 
The perfect festive family treat! 

[ Source: www.toyahwillcox.com / Theatre Royal Brighton / Merx - Sep 2006 ]

 Fri 22nd Sep 2006: 'Faith & Music' - More soon
There will be further Faith & Music additions to Dreamscape over the next week or so... Including a download of Toyah's performance of 'Obsolete', more screen captures from the programme, and a further download of Toyah talking about 'Brave New World'.
 Fri 22nd Sep 2006: 'Official Toyah' - Changes & Additions!
• This week saw more changes and additions over at www.toyahwillcox.com, including a new Calendar page (detailing much of Toyah's schedule for the current month), and a fully illustrated Singles Discography too.

[ The Official Toyah Willcox webaite ]

[ Source: www.toyahwillcox.com - 20th September 2006 ]

 Fri 22nd Sep 2006: Toyah newsy bits & pieces
• Thanks to the Faith & Music documentary on Sunday night and Toyah's prime-time appearance on last night's Celebrity Masterchef, Dreamscape has had a huge rise in visits this week. We have received three-times as many visitors as usual in the last few days. Thanks to everyone taking the time to have a look - and WELCOME to any first time Dreamscapers!!

• Toyah's forthcoming photo shoot with 'Hello!' magazine will be with her sister Nicola.

• The 2007 dates the 'Butlins' website is listing are as follows: Friday 23rd - Monday 26th February 2007: Includes: Toyah, Go West, Bad Manners, Dr & the Medics, The Pasadenas, Katrina, Then Jerico & Limahl. And Friday 16th - Monday 19th March 2007: Includes: Toyah, Then Jerico, Bad Manners & T'Pau. 

• Lärwi has, once more, updated her 'Toyah Willcox Article Archive' website. This time with Toyah's 1991 Sunday All Over the World interview transcript.

• There seems to be a fair number of people who missed Faith & Music. Toyah mentioned in her Diary earlier this year, just after completing filming, that the documentary would possibly be repeated at Christmas.

• Toyah was namechecked in a review of The Three Johns gig at the Brixton Windmill on 18th September: "1st band were Striplight. who feature the bass player from the Mekons and a guitarist from curve. They were pretty good. Had that girly punk sound along the lines of early Toyah and rubella ballet. Singer had glitter all around her eyes and looked quite strange.

 Fri 22nd Sep 2006: Toyah (movies) on TV
The Most Fertile Man in Ireland : Sky Movies 5 - Mon 2nd October : 03.10am
Bedded by his town's good-time girl, Eamonn quickly acquires a reputation as a man who can make babies. While both sides of Belfast struggle with their sperm-counts, the lucky man becomes the hot property of both Catholics and Protestants. Crown jewel comedy. Director: Dudi Appleton. Starring: Kris Marshall, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Toyah Willcox and Olivia Nash.

Quadrophenia : Men & Motors - Wednesday 4th October : 10.00pm
The Who wrote and produced this energetic story of a young man disillusioned with his life in 1960s London. Phil Daniels excels as the alienated anti-hero Jimmy Cooper. Directed by Franc Roddam. Starring: Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Philip Davis, Mark Wingett, Sting, Ray Winstone and Toyah Willcox. 

 Thu 21st Sep 2006: 'Faith & Music' - Download 'Neon Womb'
• To download Toyah's Faith & Music performance of 'Neon Womb', interspersed with footage from Live At The Rainbow, please click on the banner below. This will also be added to the Downloads section.

[ Faith & Music - Download 2 - Neon Womb ]

[ Thanks to Andi Westhorpe ]

 Thu 21st Sep 2006: 'Celebrity Masterchef' - Preview
• At the end of last night's Celebrity Masterchef heat on BBC1 there was a short preview of tonight's, including Toyah saying: "Most people are supposed to think about sex every 20 seconds... I'm actually thinking about pudding!" Here's a few (low quality) screen captures from it.

[ Masterchef preview - 20th Sep 2006 ]

Tune into BBC1 this evening at 7pm to watch Toyah's heat of Celebrity Masterchef. The other celebs are Sue Perkins and Kristian Digby.

Celebrity Masterchef : BBC1 - Thursday 21st September : 7.00pm

 Tue 19th Sep 2006: 'Faith & Music' - Download 'It's A Mystery'
• To download Toyah's Faith & Music performance of 'It's A Mystery' please click on the banner below. This will also be added to the Downloads section.

[ Faith & Music - Download 1 - It's A Mystery ]

[ Many THANKS to Andi Westhorpe ]

 Tue 19th Sep 2006: 'Faith & Music' - TW Interview Archive
• The FULL transcript from Sunday night's Faith & Music can now be found at the 'Toyah Willcox Interview Archive'. Please click below to go there.

[ Faith & Music - Full Tarnscript ]

[ Source: www.toyahinterview.blogspot.com - 18th Sep 2006 ]

 Tue 19th Sep 2006: Toyah newsy bits & pieces
• Toyah is nameckecked in a recent review of The Violets 'Hush Away' single at 'Contact Music': "B-side 'In This Way' could be the missing link between Adam Ant's bondage phase and the second coming of Toyah Willcox as a beetle eating extra in 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here'."

• 'Weird Toyah Mention of the Month' has to be... 'DVD Times' review of the Are You Being Served - The Movie DVD... "However, before one becomes too condescending too soon, it's worth remembering that it was these films which propped up the ailing British film industry, without which the likes of Derek Jarman might never have been able to offer us the edifying spectacle of Toyah Willcox castrating a member of the Special Branch."

• 'Whats On Stage' mentioned Toyah in a recent article focusing on the 2006 pantomime season in the UK.

• "Dorset-born Robert Fripp is 60 and is married to actress and screecher Toyah Willcox." was the bitchy description 'The Inquirer' website used in their recent article on Mr Fripp.

 Mon 18th Sep 2006: 'Faith & Music' - More soon
• Stay tuned for further Faith & Music updates. I'm hoping to add more screen caps from last night's programme, as well as the possibility of a clip or two as a Dreamscape Download. 

[ Faith & Music - stay tuned! ]

 Mon 18th Sep 2006: 'Faith & Music' - Transcript
Please keep an eye on Lärwi's 'Toyah Willcox Article Archive' as she is planning on adding the complete transcript from Faith & Music to the site over the next few days.
 Mon 18th Sep 2006: 'Faith & Music' - Info/Caps/Playlist
• Toyah's much anticipated Faith & Music was finally broadcast last night on ITV1. Featuring four performances and Toyah talking about her life and career.

[ Faith & Music - 18th September 2006 ]

Toyah talked about 'Ieya', 'Brave New World', solitude, 'The Vow', her relationship with her fans, 'I Want To be Free', Derek Jarman, 'Danced' and much much more...

Faith & Music: 18th September 2006: Playlist:
Rebel Run, It's A Mystery (Live at The Robin), I Want To Be Free, God Save The Queen (Sex Pistols), Neon Womb (Performance & Live at The Rainbow), Thunder In The Mountains, Waiting, It's A Mystery (Performance), Danced (Live at The Robin), Rebel Run, War Boys (Live at Drury Lane), I Want To Be Free (Live at Drury Lane), Ieya (Live at The Robin), Velvet Lined Shell (Instrumental), Insects (Live at the Lafayette), Obsolete (Performance), The Vow, I Explode (Live at The Robin), Little Tears Of Love (Performance), 21st Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson), Sunday All Over The World, Prostitute, Brave New World.

 Sun 17th Sep 2006: 'Faith & Music' - TONIGHT!
Don't forget that Faith & Music, the 50 minute documentary focusing on Toyah and her music career, is broadcast tonight on ITV1. 

In most regions it is scheduled at 00.10am, but please check your TV guide.

 Sun 17th Sep 2006: 100 Greatest Songs Of The 80s
As mentioned last Sunday, Toyah will co-present the forthcoming VH1 special The 100 Greatest Songs Of The 80s. She will front a segment of 25 songs from the countdown, as will Limahl, Bananarama and Clare Grogan. This will be broadcast in the UK, over nine hours, next Saturday.

The 100 Greatest Songs Of The 80s : VH1 - Sat 23rd September : 1.00 - 6.00pm
The 100 Greatest Songs Of The 80s : VH1 - Sat 23rd September : 6.00 - 10.00pm
We're counting down the 100 Greatest Songs of the 80s, including the likes of Duran Duran, Madonna, New Order, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Queen, Spandau Ballet, and many more.

 Sun 17th Sep 2006: 'Official Toyah' -  Newsy bits & pieces
[ Officially Toyahtastic ]The Official Toyah News page reported a number of interesting newsy bits yesterday...

• Toyah is going into the studio to write new material with her former co-writer Simon Darlow. Simon is best remembered for his work on 'Love Is The Law'.

• As well as the 'Daily Express' article, Toyah will also be photographed for 'Hello!' magazine.

• Following on from last Monday & Tuesday's marathon interview sessions, Toyah will be doing yet more, this coming Wednesday (23rd September). As with last week's these will be a mixture of live/to be aired later radio interviews & press articles.

• There's also more info on the wildlife programmes Toyah is filming for BBC2.

[ News Source:  www.toyahwillcox.com - 16th September 2006 ]

 Sun 17th Sep 2006: 'Aladdin 2006' - Press Launch
• Toyah will be attending the Press Launch for Aladdin, in which she plays the Genie of the Lamp this Christmas in Brighton, next week. See the official website News for more info on this.

[ News Source:  www.toyahwillcox.com - 16th September 2006 ]

 Sun 17th Sep 2006: Another live date for 2006
Toyah has added another date to her live diary for 2006. This will take place during the 'Hitmakers Tour' 2006. This new date will be at the Bikers Convention.

Friday 6th October : Skegness (full band) 
Friday 13th October : Skegness (full band) 
Sunday 26th November : Bognor (Live PA)

[ News Source:  www.toyahwillcox.com - 16th September 2006 ]

 Sun 17th Sep 2006: Toyah @ 'First Family Entertainment'
• As Toyah prepares to launch her panto for 2006, this great image (created to promote last year's panto, Snow White at the Milton Keynes Theatre) currently features on the First Family Entertainment/Ambassadors Theatre website.

[ First Family Entertainment ]

[ Source: www.ffe-uk.com ]

 Sun 17th Sep 2006: Dreamscape - 'I'm A Celebrity...' Mini Site
• G'day cobbers... it's the Dreamscape I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! mini-site. The entire IAC content from Dreamscape Version II, now back online as a bonzer, humdinger, jungle-tastic mini website all of it's own!

[ Dreamscape: I'm A Celebrity Mini Site ]

[ Dreamscape Mini Site: www.toyah.net/celebrity ]

 Sun 17th Sep 2006: Toyah on TV
Celebrity Masterchef : BBC1 - Thursday 21st September : 7.00pm
Chef and restaurateur John Torode and food writer Greg Wallace are looking for the country's top celebrity chef. Kristian Digby, Sue Perkins and Toyah Willcox take on three tests for a place in the quarter finals. They must invent two dishes from scratch in 50 minutes, using only ingredients they've been given. Then they must cook lunch for paying customers at London restaurant Addendum. Finally, they have to impress the judges with a two-course meal that shows they have flair and skill.

NB: ITV3 has just started airing episodes from the third series of Tales Of The Unexpected. The episode with Toyah, 'Blue Marigold' could possibly be broadcast in the next few weeks.

 Sun 17th Sep 2006: 'Celebrity Masterchef' - Website
[ Celebrity Masterchef - BBC website ]Check out the official BBC Celebrity Masterchef website for oodles of info about the series, currently airing each week night on BBC1.

You can also find out more about the 24 celebrities competing for the MasterChef title. There is also a short Toyah bio included:

Toyah Willcox: Her acting career began at the Old Rep Drama School, in her home city of Birmingham. In a career spanning over 28 years Toyah has had 13 top-40 singles, made 17 solo albums, written two books, appeared in over 30 stage plays, made ten feature films and presented many programs.

Toyah still remains busy and has recently performed 600 shows to almost 1 million people. The majority were for her starring role in ‘Calamity Jane’, which was nominated for the Manchester Evening News Best Musical in November 2002, and went on to be a huge success in London’s West End. She also made an appearance in the 2003 series of ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!’.

[ Source: www.bbc.co.uk/food - September 2006 ]

 Sun 17th Sep 2006: Toyah @ 'emusic'
[ The Acoustic Album @ e-music ]Toyah's 'The Acoustic Album' is avaiable as a download (the complete album or individual tracks) at emusic.

The album, featuring the principal string players of the Royal Philharmonic orchestra, as well as Tacye providing additional vocals, has re-recordings of interesting song choices such as 'The Vow, 'Revive The World', 'Moonlight Dancing', 'Blue Meanings' and 'Angels & Demons'.

The (Piano Version) of 'It's A Mystery' and completely different, but cool, re-recording of 'I Am' are both worth checking out.

There has been a bit of a stir caused by emusic which is attempting to compete with Apple's iTunes site.

The main selling point of emusic is that downloads are all in mp3 format. It also means that the tracks can be played on machines other than the iPod.

[ Please click on the screenshot to visit emusic ]

 Sun 17th Sep 2006: 'Site News' - Features additions
• More features from Toyah's amazing and diverse career (rescued from Dreamscape V2) have been added to the website:

[ Dreamscape - Toyah Features ]

 Sun 17th Sep 2006: The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive
[ The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive ]The 'Toyah Willcox Article Archive' has been updated again, several times over the past few days by Lärwi, who must have very sore fingers after such a hectic week!

Now available, as well as the recent 'Net Talk' interview/docu, is the 1980 ATV documentary TOYAH, last year's 'BBC Radio 2' Johnny Walker Show chat, the 'Net Talk' Spiritual Tides interview from March 2006, the full transcript of Monday's Julia Hankin Show at 'BBC Radio Newcastle', the 'BBC Radio 4' Living Out Loud interview from 2000, 'Radio Mercury' Ophelia special from 1991, the David Jensen Show from 'Capital Gold' last year, and the just added 'BBC London' webchat, which took place immediately before Toyah took part in I'm A Celebrity in 2003.

There is now a permanenet link to Lärwi's website over there << to the left.

[ Source: www.toyahinterview.blogspot.com - 16th Sep 2006 ]

 Thu 14th Sep 2006: 'Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!' - Release date
[ Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! ]'Play' and 'Amazon UK' are both now listing 'Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!' at their respective online stores.

The release date for the CD reissue is Monday 23rd October 2006.

Originally released in 1980, Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!  was the first live Toyah album and followed up two studio albums and a string of singles. This special edition of the album  features expanded artwork and a selection of bonus tracks.

Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! (Special Edition) CDMRED 299
Track List: 1. Victims of the Riddle, 2. Indecision, 3. Love Me, 4. Vision, 5. Tribal Look, 6. Bird in Flight, 7. Danced, 8. Insects, 9. Race Through Space, 10. Ieya. Bonus Tracks: 11. Ghosts, 12. Neon Womb, 13. Love Me, 14. Waiting, 15. Street Creature, 16. Neon Womb, 17. Dawn Chorus, 18. War Boys.

 Thu 14th Sep 2006: Vote for Dreamscape!
• Please vote for Dreamscape in the 'BT Digital Music Awards 2006'. As I say every year, we obviously don't have any prospect of winning but this is always good publicity for the website and, of course, Toyah! To vote please click on the banner below or the little box to your left. They have changed the way it works this year - you can vote once every day. Thanks in advance for any votes :o)

[ BT Digital Music Awards 2006 ]

In 2001 Dreamscape placed 324th out of over 2,600 music websites, in 2002 we did even better by coming 244th from 3000 sites. The following year we placed at number 129 from thousands of music based websites, and in 2004 Dreamscape came 195th from over 6000 entrants. Last year we were number 165 from approximately 10,000 music websites.

 Thu 14th Sep 2006: 'Faith & Music'
Radio Times: Princess of Punk Toyah Willcox talks about her diverse career.

ITV.com: Faith and Music: Singer and actress Toyah Willcox discusses teenage rebellion, her varied career and being the original punk princess of the Eighties music scene. She also performs an acoustic set including her hits It's a Mystery and Little Tears of Love.

Mightyv: Toyah Willcox looks back at her diverse and prolific career, discussing teenage rebellion and the punk scene, and performing an exclusive acoustic set, including Neon Womb, It's a Mystery and Little Tears of Love.

Faith & Music : ITV1 - Monday 18th September : 00.10am
Toyah Willcox looks back at her diverse and prolific career, discussing teenage rebellion and the punk scene, and performing an exclusive acoustic set, including Neon Womb, It's a Mystery and Little Tears of Love.

 Thu 14th Sep 2006: 'The Hitmakers Tour' - RTE micro-site
• Check out the 'Remember The Eighties' micro-site dedicated to the forthcoming 'Hitmakers Tour'. This includes a great new interview with Toyah

[ RTE Hitmakers website ]

[ News Source: www.remembertheeighties.com ]

 Tue 12th Sep 2006: 'BBC Radio Newcastle' - Toyah interviewed
• Managed to track down one of the, numerous, interviews Toyah gave yesterday. This one on The Julia Hankin Show on BBC Radio Newcastle.

[ BBC Radio Newcastle ]

This was a 17 minute chat, with Julia introducing Toyah as Tony (Hadley) which amused Toyah, who replied: "Are you okay?"

Toyah talked about 'Hitmakers', playing the Newcastle City Hall ("the audiences are loud"), and gigging in general: "I'm playing with Howard Jones and Martin Fry. It's gonna be a lovely evening. I played Wembley with them three years ago.I try to do two concerts a week. I wouldn't want to do every night. My body is too creaky!"

She also mentioned the wildlife shows she is currently filming, other projects she is currently involved with, her marriage,, Calamity Jane and I'm A Celebrity... "When you're older people think you are either dead or retired!"

The interview focused more on cosmetic surgery than the 'Hitmakers Tour', "I'm not sure I'd have more. As long as I keep looking well I won't have more surgery". She mentioned keeping fit: "As hard as I work on my body, I don't look like Madonna, more like her mother!"

Julia, the interviewer, also did the "Quick Toyah Willcox Quiz about Toyah Willcox", asking Toyah three questions about her career. All of which she answered correctly.

The interview ended with a spin of 'It's A Mystery'.

To "Listen Again" head over to the 'BBC Radio Newcastle' website by clicking the link above (the interview is approx 90 minutes into the show). Be quick though, as I'd assume this will only be available to listen to until Julia's latest show this afternoon is broadcast.

[ Source: www.bbc.co.uk/tyne - 12th September 2006 ]

 Tue 12th Sep 2006: The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive
[ The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive ]A complete transcript of Toyah's earlier interview with Ross Hemsworth, who interviewed Toyah last month for the two-hour 'Net Talk' radio documentary, from March this year has been added to the 'Toyah Willcox Interview Archive'.

Lärwi is hoping to continue updating her site with further transcripts, so stay tuned.

[ Source: www.toyahinterview.blogspot.com - 11th Sep 2006 ]

 Mon 11th Sep 2006: 'Aladdin 2006' - It's Chico!
• One of Toyah's Aladdin co-stars, at the Theatre Royal in Brighton, Christmas 2006 has been announced - It's Chico time!!

[ Aladdin 2006 ]

[ News Source: www.theambassadors.com/theatreroyal - Sep 2006 ]

 Mon 11th Sep 2006: 'Leap!' & 'T!T!T!' - CD Artwork
[ Reissues 2006 - Artwork ]Check out the relevant News items at the Official Toyah site for a sneak preview of the back cover and disc artwork from the two forthcoming CD reissues.

The 'Take The Leap!' disc and back cover of  'Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!' look great.

[ Source: www.toyahwillcox.com - 10th September 2006 ]

 Mon 11th Sep 2006: 'Official Toyah' -  Newsy bits & pieces!
The new-look Official Toyah News page reported a number of interesting newsy bits yesterday...

• Toyah will shortly be completing a new photo shoot for a feature in 'The Daily Express' called In The Closet. The shoot takes place on Thursday 21st September. The actual article will be published in the paper soon after.

• Toyah is to co-present VH-1’s The 100 Greatest Hits of the 80's with Bananarama, Limahl and Clare Grogan for future broadcast on the music channel.

• Toyah will soon be filming four short wildlife documentaries for BBC Midlands. These will be screened on BBC2 in the New Year as part of Wildlife Week

• Toyah's first Celebrity Masterchef appearance will be Thursday 21st September.

[ Source: www.toyahwillcox.com - 10th September 2006 ]

 Mon 11th Sep 2006: 'Official Toyah' - Ch Ch Ch Changes...!
[ Changes @ tw.com ]There has been some changes and additions to Toyah's Official website over the weekend.

The News page has been redesigned and improved (as well as updated with a plethora of info on forthcoming Toyah activity - See above for a brief summary).

A new page to the site is the Toyah Catalogue - Pretty much what it says on the tin - A catalogue of all Toyah's currently available music releases, with clickable links to explore further detail on each release.

Leap! (or maybe even click) on over to www.toyahwillcox.com to view the changes.

[ Source: www.toyahwillcox.com - 10th September 2006 ]

 Mon 11th Sep 2006: 'The Hitmakers Tour' - Interviews/Promotion
Toyah has a full itinerary for the next couple of days - with eight interviews scheduled for today and seven for tomorrow - all promotion for the forthcoming 'Hitmakers Tour'.

These are a mixture of radio interviews (live and recordings for future broadcast), and local press/newspapers.

Some of the regional radio interviews will be broadcast online as they take place. Take a look at the News page at www.toyahwillcox.com for further details. Please also check www.bbc.co.uk for further details.

[ Source: www.toyahwillcox.com - 10th September 2006 ]

 Sun 10th Sep 2006: Download: 6.55 Special - Complete IEYA clip
• It's about time we added another DOWNLOAD to Dreamscape, so here is something quite special. The, rarely viewed, complete 'Ieya' clip from 1982's 6.55 Special. This usually ends when the 6.55 Special logo appears but this amazing version continues for almost another minute.

[ 6.55 Special - Ieya 1982 - Download ]

Please click on the picture to go to the DOWNLOADS page.

[ Many THANKS to Andi Westhorpe for this ]

 Sun 10th Sep 2006: 'TOTP2' - It's A Mystery - March 1981
• An archive, from March 1981, Toyah Top Of The Pops appearance has aired at various times over the weekend on TOTP2 on the UKTV G2 channel.

Steve Wright introduced the clip thus: "Now, it's 1981, we all fancied Toyah, and here's why..."

[ TOTP2 - Saturday 9th September 06 ]

The mid-song, onscreen text read: "Who would have thought that this fearsome punky type would go on to work on Brum & Teletubbies? Not to mention starring in Quadrophenia... and running naked round a lake with Greta Scacchi & Laurence Olivier. She was in It's A Royal Knockout as well..."

Steve concluded: "It's all theatre, love. The unique Toyah!"

 Sun 10th Sep 2006: Toyah in 'Living' magazine
• Toyah was pictured in a recent issue of 'Living' magazine, published by the people who run the Living Room in Heddon Street, off Regent street in London's West End.

[ Living magazine 2006 ]

Toyah is pictured attending the opening of the Living Room in late 2005. The establishment is located in the former Post Office, made famous by its iconic appearance on the cover of David Bowie's 'Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars' album.

[ Thanks to Minna Kelland ]

 Sun 10th Sep 2006: The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive
[ The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive ]Minna has, yet again, updated the 'Toyah Willcox Interview Archive'. 

The new addition is a full transcript of the 1980 ATV documentary TOYAH, complete with screen caps from the programme.

Quite fitting and current, especially as a new ITV documentary, Faith & Music, concentrating on Toyah's music career, will air on the network exactly a week today.

[ Source: www.toyahinterview.blogspot.com - 10th Sep 2006 ]

 Sat 9th Sep 2006: 'Uncut' Quadrophenia: Special Edition
• The latest issue, October 2006/No. 113, of 'Uncut' magazine has a great, two-page, review of the recent Special Edition double Quadrophenia DVD, by Robert Elms.

He says: "The casting, too, was an inspired move, Roddam bringing together a group of hungry young hopefuls who genuinely feel like the last gang in town... They're all good; Mark Wingett, Philip Davis, and the excellent Toyah Willcox."

[ Uncut - October 2006 - Issue 113 ]

For some reason the magazine has used the US Quadrophenia DVD cover, rather than the new region 2 Special Edition artwork.

[ Source: 'Uncut', October 2006 ]

 Sat 9th Sep 2006: 'Faith & Music' - Confirmed transmission date
Faith & Music : ITV1 - Monday 18th September : 00.10am
Toyah Willcox looks back at her diverse and prolific career, discussing teenage rebellion and the punk scene, and performing an exclusive acoustic set, including Neon Womb, It's a Mystery and Little Tears of Love.

[ NB: That's late Sunday night, 17th September 2006 ]

 Sat 9th Sep 2006: The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive
[ Toyah Interview Archive ]Zion... Zooberon! It's the first new Toyah website for quite a while...

Check out Minna's (aka as Wardrobe @ the Dreamscape Forum) new 'Toyah Willcox Interview Archive'. Especially if you missed the recent 'Net Talk' interview/docu, as there is a (soon to be) full transcript of the huge two-hour Toyahfest.

Minna has also added a transcript of Johnny Walker's BBC Radio 2 interview with Toyah from August 2005.

Both are beautifully illustrated with colourful pictures from throughout Toyah's career.

Thanks Minna x

[ Source: www.toyahinterview.blogspot.com - 9th Sep 2006 ]

 Sat 9th Sep 2006: Vote in the Dreamscape 'Toyah Top Ten 2006'
• Click below to add your Toyah Top Ten, and help decide the Toyah Top 40 2006.

[ Vote in the Toyah Top 40 2006 ]

 Sat 9th Sep 2006: 'Official Toyah' - Updated
[ It's Official! ]The Official Toyah website was updated on Thursday, with News and Toyah's Webletter for September 2006.

Toyah e:news was also mailed out to subscribers.

Take the leap... over to www.toyahwillcox.com to read up on what Toyah has been up to lately, including stuff on Madonna, David Walliams, sleepless Summer nights, Estonia, the Hitmakers Tour, Toyah's gay buddy... and more!

[ News Source: www.toyahwillcox.com - 7th September 2006 ]

 Thu 7th Sep 2006: 'Faith & Music' - Update
[ Faith & Music ]Listings magazines are reporting that the Toyah edition of Faith & Music will be broadcast late Sunday 17th/early Monday 18th September (a week earlier than previously advertised).

Whether this is correct is unclear as yet.

Faith & Music : ITV1 - Monday 18th September : 00.10am
Toyah Willcox looks back at her diverse and prolific career, discussing teenage rebellion and the punk scene, and performing an exclusive acoustic set, including Neon Womb, It's a Mystery and Little Tears of Love.

[ NB: Hope to clarify this soon. Please check your local listings for regional time variations ]

 Thu 7th Sep 2006: Dreamscape - 'Calamity Jane' Mini Site
• Just blew in from the Windy City... it's the Dreamscape Calamity Jane mini-site. The entire CJ content (except for the Gallery pics - for now) from Dreamscape Version II, now back online as a rootin' tootin' Calamity-tastic mini website all of it's own!

[ Dreamscape: Calamity Jane Mini Site ]

Stay tuned for something similar with I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!... soon!

[ Dreamscape Mini Site: www.toyah.net/calamityjane]

 Thu 7th Sep 2006: 'Peter Pan'
[ Spoken Network - Peter Pan ]The recently re-issued Peter Pan on CD, with Toyah in the title role is featured on the 'Spoken Network' website.

Visitors can also listen to a sample of the drama.

A BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of J. M. Barrie's tale of childhood adventure starring Toyah Willcox as Peter Pan and Ron Moody as Captain Hook. 

These audio editions, especially dramatised for BBC Radio, are of timeless stories that have enchanted generations of readers both young and old. The wonder and excitement of these much-loved tales live on in these acclaimed full-cast dramatisations, complete with evocative music and sound effects. 

 Thu 7th Sep 2006: 'The Hitmakers Tour' - Promo flyer/leaflet
[ The Hitmakers Tour 2006 promo flyer ]The official promo flyer/leaflet for the upcoming 'Hitmakers Tour' 2006.

Toyah, ABC, and Howard Jones take to the road next month, playing 19 dates in October, November and December in England and Wales.

There is an official website, and the excellent micro-site at 'Remember The Eighties', which has a great new Toyah interview and an updated biography.

Look out for regional press over the next few weeks during the build-up to the beginning of the tour, and as it reaches your area.

The 'Hitmakers Tour' 2006 begins on Tueday 10th October 2006 at Oxford New Theatre.

 Thu 7th Sep 2006: 'Play' - Take The Leap!
[ Play - Leap! ]Online retailer 'Play' appear to be the first to be listing the new 'Take The Leap!' CD with the cover art. 

The CD will be available to buy from Monday 25th September 2006.

Take The Leap! + [ DIAB 8081 ] features writing collaborations with Simon Darlow (Dollar, Grace Jones), Phil Nicholas (Mombassa), Cris Bonacci (Girlschool) and Nick Beggs (Kajagoogoo), and also contains eight back catalogue songs (including Neon Womb and It's A Mystery)

 Thu 7th Sep 2006: 'Site News': Update
• Apologies that it's taking a little longer than I anticipated to add the expanded 1982 Gallery to Dreamscape. This will be available soon.

• Above is a banner link to the Dreamscape Calamity Jane Mini Site. The I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Mini Site will be added soon.

• Look left! For the September picture, magazine, capture, lyric and Toyah quote of the Month.

 Thu 7th Sep 2006: 'Stand & Deliver - The Autobiography'
[ Stand & Deliver - The Autobiography ]'Stand & Deliver - The Autiobiography' is published next Monday (11th September).

The long-awaited Adam Ant book just might namecheck Toyah somewhere... Even if not it's bound to be a rivetting read:

Who could forget their first view of Adam Ant on Top of the Pops, white stripes across his face, swaggering to the beat of 'Antmusic' or in frilly shirt and mask for 'Stand and Deliver'? One of the most successful pop stars of the 80s, his face adorning posters on teenager's walls from Acton to Akron, Adam Ant was a phenomenon. Now in this frank and revealing autobiography, he tells the full story of his amazing life from his dysfunctional childhood to his key role in the punk movement and creation of a unique musical style that brought him a string of hits (both singles and albums). At one point he was so famous other stars sought his company and advice - even Michael Jackson called in the dead of night to ask about music and clothes. His many girlfriends included Jamie Lee Curtis and Heather Graham and for a time he lived in LA, acting in fifteen films. Adam also writes honestly about his life-long battle with manic depression. His first episodes were triggered by the stress of living with a violent, alcoholic father, and he tried to commit suicide when he was at art school. A gruelling episode with a stalker in LA precipitated a mental breakdown, and a stalker in London led to his well-publicised arrest and hospitalization in 2001. At times funny and at other times tragic, this is gripping account of the turbulent life and times of one of music's most fascinating figures. 

 Thu 7th Sep 2006: 'BBC Press Office' - Celebrity Masterchef
[ BBC Press Office ]It looks like Toyah, possibly, isn't appearing until Week Two...

Celebrity MasterChef
Monday 18 to Friday 22 September
7.00-7.30pm BBC ONE 

It's week two of the toughest kitchen challenge around and the celebrities are gathering in the MasterChef kitchen once more hoping to impress the judges: top chef and restaurateur John Torode, and food writer and ingredients expert Gregg Wallace. 

This week's line-up of familiar faces who have a passion for food and fancy their chances in the kitchen are singers Tony Hadley and Toyah Willcox, wine expert Jilly Goolden, sportsmen Matt Dawson and Roger Black, comedians Helen Lederer, Sue Perkins, Rowland Rivron and Arabella Weir and presenters Simon Grant and Kristian Digby. 

The celebrities battle it out in the second round of heats. Three compete against each other daily, Monday through to Thursday, with the winner from each heat competing in the quarter-final on Friday. 

During the heats each celebrity must invent two dishes from a mystery box of ingredients, cook for a lunch service at a top London restaurant and then cook a two-course meal of their own design. 

There's no mercy from the judges as they decide who has what it takes to compete for the title of Celebrity MasterChef 2006.

[ News Source: www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice - September 2006 ]

 Sun 3rd Sep 2006: 'Daily Mail' - Celebrity Masterchef
• Toyah, pictured in yesterday's 'Daily Mail supplement WEEKEND, in a two-page article on the forthcoming Celebrity Masterchef. The programme begins its run from a week on Monday.

[ Daily Mail WEEKEND - Sat 2nd Sep 06 ]

Celebrity Masterchef : BBC1 - Monday 11th September : 7.00pm

[ Thanks to Paul Stephens for the picture and info ]

 Sun 3rd Sep 2006: 'Hitmakers Tour 2006' - Newcastle City Hall
[ Newcastle City Hall - 2006 Brochure ]Toyah, along with her 'Hitmakers Tour' co-stars Martin Fry and Howar Jones, is pictured on the cover of the 'Newcastle City Hall' Autumn/Winter 2006 brochure:

Massive stars from the chart-topping bands of the eighties will light up the stage at Newcastle City Hall as part of the Hitmakers Tour.

Martin Fry and ABC, Toyah Willcox and Howard Jones created groundbreaking tunes in the 1980s and enjoyed countless chart hits.  The artists are teaming up to bring their electro-pop classics back to Newcastle City Hall on 21st October.

The Hitmakers tour comes hard on the heels of a resurgence in the popularity of eighties music and offers a chance to see the original artists performing live on stage.

Relive the eighties with the stars that made it happen.  It could be your only chance of seeing the original artists performing together live on stage. Don't miss it!

[ Click on the cover for larger, full cover ]

 Sun 3rd Sep 2006: Now That's Embarrassing: The 80s - Repeated
[ Now That's Embarrassing: The 80s - Fri 1st Sep 06 ]Now That's Embarrassing : The 80s, with Toyah as a "talking head", was repeated on Ch5 on Friday night.

The programme was a three-hour extravaganza "celebrating" all that was naff and nasty (as voted by the public) about the 1980's. 

Toyah appeared numerous times throughout the programme, commenting on a variety of subjects, including; shoulder pads, nouvelle cuisine, lycra, men in make-up, mobile phones, novelty records, shell suits and big hair... "I invented big hair... big hair was Toyah!" 

[ Click on the screen cap to read the full transcript of Toyah's appearance on the February 2006 page in the Dreamscape News Archive ]

 Fri 1st Sep 2006: 'Net Talk' - No Longer A Mystery - This Evening
• Another chance to hear the 'Net Talk' Bank Holiday Toyah Special...

[ Net Talk - Toyah Special ]

This will be the fifth full broadacast of this two hour extravaganza, featuring 10 top Toyah tunes along the way. Tune into 'Net Talk' radio this evening from 7pm.

[ Click on the logo to go to the 'Net Talk' website ]

 Fri 1st Sep 2006: 'Faith & Music' - Broadcast date
[ Faith & Music ]The ITV Series Faith & Music will profile Toyah's music career later this month. The programme is broadcast across the ITV network. Time still to be confirmed.

Please check TV listings for regional variations and transmission times.

The programme features newly recorded interview footage and song performances.

Faith & Music : ITV1 - Sunday 24th September 2006 : tbc

[ News Source: www.toyahwillcox.com - 31st August 2006 ]

 Fri 1st Sep 2006: Vote for Toyah! - As your Favourite Female Singer
[ Woman's Hour - Best Female Poll ]Is Toyah your Favourite Female Singer?

BBC Radio 4 are running a poll to find out who is the nations favourite female singer: 

As part of the build up to Woman's Hour's 60th anniversary we'd like to ask you to vote for your favourite solo singer. Since 1953, 22 women have had two number 1's or more. Who's your favourite?

Unfortunately Toyah isn't shortlisted but there is an option to email a choice not on the list. If as many of us as possible email them citing Toyah as our choice there's a possibility she will be included in the Final Results.

Click on the 'Woman's Hour' logo to add your voice to the sound of the crowd!

[ IACGMOOH! - Dreamscape Mini-Site - COMING SOON!]
[ Calamity Jane - Dreamscape Mini-Site ]
[ Dreamscape: History & Info - Coming Soon-ish! ]

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