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Last Goodbye: Cheers Then, Here's To Old Friends... 10 March, 2012
On this day, 10th March 2000, I uploaded the very first version (yep, that one there) of Dreamscape. I'd sporadically worked on it for months through 1999 and early 2000 so it was a great day, finally putting it online full of excitement and anticipation.

The initial response was better than I could ever have imagined. Within hours and over the next few days, and weeks, I was contacted by other Toyah fans who went on to become great friends. Many of them still are all these years later, and they also remained brilliantly supportive of the website.

I didn't even consider that Dreamscape would last past 12 months, let alone into its 13th year and in the process become an integral part of the online Toyah community. I think the loyalty and amazing enthusiasm of many of the site's visitors, especially in the early days, helped drive me on. It was also a time of learning new web design skills so it was good to be able to put them into practice here, and what better subject could there be than the visual magnificence of Toyah?

Nothing lasts forever and it's with a heavy heart I'm saying goodbye to Dreamscape, and to documenting Toyah's every professional move (well... almost every :)) It's been a privilege. A last huge thank you to everyone who has been a part of Dreamscape over the years, and for all the messages this week (I'll reply to each one), but most of all to Toyah: For the music, the riot of colour images and being a shining light in all of our lives. A true inspiration. THANK YOU!

PS. This is all a bit po-faced and serious innit. Bollocks to that! Have a stonking time at 'The Changeling Resurrection' gigs everyone... Keep on Warrior Raaawking!!!!!!!!

Phenomenal People: Katharine Inspires Toyah 10 March, 2012
The 'Women of The World Festival 2012' is currently taking place at the Southbank Centre, London (9-11 March). The excellent Phenomenal People website, by 'Fuel Theatre', "A celebration of inspiring women", includes Toyah's tribute to, the legendary, Katharine Hepburn.

KATHARINE HEPBURN, ACTRESS is an inspiration for TOYAH WILLCOX: In 1978, I co-starred in a TV film ‘The Corn is Green’ with the Hollywood legend Katharine Hepburn, who was in her 70s. To begin with I didn’t know much about her history, but as soon as I met her, her strength, integrity and her power to share experiences with those around her made me realise this was a ‘once in a life time relationship’. She was great! She taught me to embrace life what ever age you are.

The beautiful photo the accompanies this article is a little-used late 2004 shot by Dean Stockings. Dean, Toyah's Official photographer since the early 90s, has taken numerous incredible photos of Toyah, particularly over the last 10 years - imagery that rivals the iconic classic 80s Toyah.

• Who would be YOUR choice of inspirational woman? Mine would be Toyah (obviously) and my dear much-missed mum, BUT I do think that someone who is disgracefully under celebrated is Yootha Joyce. The woman is an absolute legend!

Toyah on TV: My Vintage - This Tuesday at 8pm 10 March, 2012
The trailer for Toyah's My Vintage has just started being shown on 'Vintage TV', and has also been uploaded to 'You Tube'. Watch it here. The programme airs this Tuesday at 8pm.

My Vintage : Vintage TV - Tuesday 13th March : 8.00pm
Toyah Willcox. Toyah takes us through a selection of her favourite music videos, including David Bowie's 'Jean Genie' and Iggy Pop.

This looks really interesting. Toyah says: "I'm going to play you some of the songs I have fallen in love with over the decades. This person has kept me sane all of my life, and if ever I was to just melt into a puddle of complete fandom it would be for David Bowie... I used to live in a warehouse in Battersea in the late Seventies that I ran as a venue, and Iggy Pop came to my warehouse one evening and he didn't leave for about three weeks!"

• Also airing on 'Vintage TV' on Tuesday: 10pm: God Save The Punk | 11pm: New Wave Classics.

Vintage TV: Pat Sharp's Top Ten @ Ten 10 March, 2012
Toyah features in the 'Vintage TV' trailer for Pat Sharp's Top Ten @ Ten. This is currently airing on the music channel and has also just been added to 'You Tube' here. Click below for larger caps.

Vintage TV is delighted to announce its first new series of 2012. Twice-weekly from 13th February, Pat Sharp's Top Ten @ Ten will air on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10.00am, repeated at 10.00pm*. With all the energy and enthusiasm of his Fun House days, Pat Sharp returns to television to do what he loves best: talk about music. *Wednesday's episode will also repeat on Saturday morning at 10.00am.

Dreamscape Songwords: Dreamscape 09 March, 2012
It's the final songwords and as I'm ridiculously predictable, of course, it has to be this. Without this song this site could possibly have been called "Toyahland" or something equally as lame... it's the mighty 'Dreamscape' from 1983's 'Love Is The Law'. Please click below to view a larger version.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! 09 March, 2012
Thanks to Paul Stephens of Sugar Rush: The Humans Fansite for the excellent Dreamscape birthday clip, and to Andrew York for his lovely Changeling card (with Toyah's wonderful text from the album booklet). View the clip and a larger version of the card by clicking on each below.

It's the penultimate update and I just want to say a massive thank you to every single person who has sent news, photos, scans and info for Dreamscape over the past 12 years. Without everyone's contributions this site would have been a far poorer place. The 12 Year News Archive and Gallery contain content from hundreds, if not thousands, of Toyah fans and readers of the site and it's due to this huge collective effort I'm going to endeavour to keep this site online (albeit slightly redesigned as an "Archive") as an info/image resource/reference/guide to Toyah (delete as applicable lol!).

I must just say a big thanks to Paul Lomas who was an invaluable help when I was first putting together Dreamscape back in 1999, and continued his support throughout; John Wain for wonderful Toyah times and unique memories; Lärwi for being a brilliant friend, always with positive feedback for the site; Alec Kelly for his amazing support of Dreamscape; Michael Cooney for his undying encouragement; Craig & Alan for acknowledging Toyah.Net on 'GMU: The Very Best of' compilation (such a thrill for a mere fansite), and to those who I've been in touch with right from the beginning: Andi Westhorpe, Paul Cable, Mark Taylor, Andrew York, Gavin Brick, Paul Johnson. Okay, this is starting to feel like This Is Your Life... Just a huge TY to EVERYONE!

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 09 March, 2012
• It's the last ever "Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!". If you're ever at a loose end, feeling bored or laid up in bed there are over a decade of them at Dreamscape's News Archive :)

Here's to future days: There is so much for Toyah fans to look forward to this year, and beyond: The Changeling Resurrection Tour, the third album by The Humans, guesting on My Vintage, The Power Of Three on DVD, a new Toyah-penned horror novel/film (possibly), more new music, gigs, images...

Warm Invention name Toyah as one of their "Fearless Females of New Wave". Amen to that. She rubs shoulders with Siouxsie. Debbie Harry, Poly Styrene, Hazel O'Connor, Alison Moyet, Grace Jones and Annabella Lwin. View

• The excellent 'Remember The Eighties', which published four great Toyah interviews between 1998 and 2011, should be returning soon with a new website. Keep an eye on their progress

Race Through Cyberspace 09 March, 2012
Although this site ceases to be an active news service as of tomorrow there are a multitude of other websites, blogs and social networks to keep you updated on all things Toyah and The Humans.

1. The Official Toyah Willcox website; 2. The Official Toyah Facebook; 3. Sugar Rush: The Humans Fansite; 4. Toyah.org: I Was A Teenage Toyah Fan. There is also: The Humans: Official Website; The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive; Toyah Willcox Fans Club (Facebook); I Was A Teenage Toyah Fan (Facebook) and many others just a Google search away!

Herald Scotland: Fine Prospects 08 March, 2012
Man up, Toyah

An 80s music revival night at Glasgow Green in July will include Rick Astley, Paul Young, Toyah Willcox and T'Pau. A reader recalls a similar event some years ago when red-haired Toyah bounded on stage in glittery thigh-length boots and shouted: "Glasgow! I've come for your men!"

A woman in the audience shouted back: "Take them."
Dreamscape: Versions Two & Three 08 March, 2012
A look back at two previous versions of the site: Two (2001 - 2006) and Three (2006 - 2010).

Good Morning Universe: Drury Lane 1981 08 March, 2012
Lärwi, of The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive has uploaded the full VHS version of Good Morning Universe: Live At Drury Lane. Watch this excellent gig at 'You Tube' by clicking below.

Dreamscape: It's The Great Escape! 08 March, 2012
A look back at a small selection of the bits and pieces I've put together for Dreamscape over the years, interspersed with some classic Toyah photos. Self celebrating isn't good but nobody else is going to do it :) Seriously though, it's more a celebration of Toyah's awesome imagery... set to the sounds of 'Dreamscape'. First heard 29 years ago and still sounding completely magnificent.

Rare Photos: Toyah 1979 08 March, 2012
Rare photos of Toyah from a 1979 session. Click below to view the original contact sheet. (Thanks to Andi for these and for his huge contribution to this site over the last 12 years - Most of the rare photos, polaroids, outtakes, video clips etc., that are now spread over the internet for fans to enjoy, were available here first due to him taking the time to contact photographers who worked with Toyah, and tirelessly research Toyah's late 70's/early 80s photo archive - Thanks again Andi)

Toyah Live 2012: Here & Now Glasgow 07 March, 2012
A new 'Here and Now' date has just been announced for this July in Glasgow. This will be the first 'H&N' show for Toyah in the city since her first at Glasgow Armadillo (SECC) back in April 2002.

HERE AND NOW IS COMING TO GLASGOW 2012: The Biggest Party On The Green This Summer

Rick Astley, Belinda Carlisle, The Real Thing, Paul Young, Curiosoity Killed The Cat, Toyah and T'Pau.

Saturday 21st July 2012, Glasgow Green, Scotland
As a special offer to Here And Now Members you can purchase tickets for 48 hours until midnight 8th March for £30.

Click here to purchase www.ckevents.net. Tickets after advance purchase period www.ticketline.co.uk.

Toyah Doll: Brave New World/Warrior Rock 07 March, 2012
It's the 'Brave New World' Toyah doll, in a very familiar setting. A great re-creation of the reverse Roger Charity photo from the BNW single sleeve. Yet again the attention to detail is fantastic. Please click below to view a larger version. This has also been added to The Changeling 30 website. (A huge thank you to Andi for sharing his creativity on Dreamscape)

BCAB: Herding Cats: Pearl 07 March, 2012
Toyah contributes vocals/narration (not sure which) to the track 'Pearl' on Guide Cats For The Blind Volume 5 'Herding Cats'. The fifth CD released in aid of BCAB.

Toyah Willcox – Pearl
A story of unrequited love. I’ve always found unrequited love to be much less expensive in the long term.

The British Computer Association of the Blind (BCAB) is a lively group of blind and partially sighted computer users. We offer training, discussion, networking and help to all our members.

Established in 1969 we're the oldest computer association for blind and partially sighted people in the world. Our membership includes people of all skill levels, interests and abilities. Find out more about BCAB.

Guide Cats rock! We're delighted to announce that our acclaimed series of Guide Cats CDs has now raised more than £50,000 for our EyeT4All project!

• View more info on the CD, and BCAB in general,
here. (Thanks to Michael)
Behind The Sofa: News Reports 07 March, 2012
News of the Doctor Who charity book 'Behind The Sofa' has spread like wildfire over the last few days.

Toyah is mentioned in reports by: Doctor Who News; Bleeding Cool; Doctor Who Time Vortex; Out On Blue Six; Bad Haven; Hero Press; All Things Hayden; Musings Of An Anglophile and Know First.

The Star With Rainbows In Her Hair 07 March, 2012
A retro Toyah article, from 'Diana Annual' 1983. Click below to view a larger version.

A Life On Shuffle: Toyah & The Invisible Car 07 March, 2012
Tuesday 28 February 2012 – First song of the day is, ‘Thunder in the Mountains’ (Take the Leap! version) by Toyah. I’ve been a fan ever since I first heard the Sheep Farming EP.

People who’ve read my diary ‘Kia Ora Mr Shakespeare’ about my time touring two Shakespeare plays in New Zealand know how important songs from Toyah were while I was there. (Kia Ora is due out on Kindle soon).

I walk down to the sandwich shop and purchase a bacon and egg sandwich, and as I walk back another Toyah track shuffles to the fore; this time, ‘Wife’ from the excellent imaginative, ‘Prostitute’ album.

• Read the full post, at the 'A Life On Shuffle' blog,
Modern Drummer: Back Through The Stack 07 March, 2012
A 1986 interview with Simon Phillips, from 'Modern Drummer' magazine, has been made available online at their website. This includes Simon reminiscing about how he joined Toyah and ended up touring with the band.

Back Through The Stack
Simon Phillips, December 1986

The first thing that comes to mind when setting out to write an introduction about Simon Phillips is that, to readers of Modern Drummer, he needs no introduction. He was first featured in the magazine in June 1981. Since then, his name has appeared regularly in the news and information sections, as well as among the poll winners. There is also the fact that many members of the international drumming community have seen Simon’s brilliant clinics. There are many superb English drummers around, but if you had to choose one who is indisputably accepted among his peers as being one of a special handful of players who are currently the finest and most influential in the world, it would definitely be Simon Phillips.

• Read the interview, at the 'Modern Drummer' website,
Dreamscape: Toyah Odds & Ends! 06 March, 2012
A few, mostly Eighties inspired, Toyah bits and pieces I thought you might like to see. The screen caps are from Razzmatazz, 1982. Click on each below to view larger versions.

Angels & Demons: Forthcoming Documentary 06 March, 2012
Calling all Angels & Demons... 1983 was a very special year for us Toyah fans. Toyah was starring in Trafford Tanzi at The Mermaid Theatre and a group of young fans calling themselves the Angels and Demons were lucky enough to have one of the best summers of their lives.

Some of us even got the chance to sing backing tracks on Love is the Law, were you were one of those chosen ones?

I was an Angel and Demon and I am now a TV Producer planning to make a film about that special summer. I am trying to track down and speak to all my fellow Angels and Demons. Please email: angelsanddemons83@gmail.com
Official Toyah: New Toyah Goodies 05 March, 2012
New goodies from the Official Toyah website: Another 'Changeling Resurrection' promo, a preview of the new tour t-shirt and a live version of 'Latex Messiah', officially recorded on last year's 'From Sheep Farming To Anthem' tour at Manchester Academy. There will be a new live track each month on the Official Gigs page. Click on each photo below...

Official Toyah: March 2012 Blog: Changeling 05 March, 2012
Toyah’s March 2012 blog has been added to The Official Toyah website. As always, it's a great read, with Toyah talking about 'The Changeling and 'The Changeling Resurrection', The Humans' third album, her first script, The Power Of Three and more. Read it by clicking below..

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 05 March, 2012
• 'Like Punk Never Happened: Smash Hits Archive', the blog that is mirroring the publication of the original 'Smash Hits' 30 years on, has just added the March 4 - 17 1982 issue. This includes the back page advert for the following issue's free poster featuring a great shot of Toyah, and The Human League on the other side. I remember buying this and it doesn't feel like 30 years ago!!! View LPNH here.

• Legendary (slightly OTT I admit but he did write 'Human Nature/The Family of Blood') Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell was
tweeting about Toyah yesterday: "Really loving DEMON KNIGHTS! Add a Toyah Willcox-type character and it will be perfect! ;)" (Thanks to James Armstrong)

(The above gives me a final excuse to ask the age-old question, no not Doctor Who? but... When oh when oh when oh when will Toyah be in Doctor Who...?)

• 'The Moose Harris Micro Blog' has recently added a short, but perfectly formed, post on Phil Spalding. View

• A splendid shot of the original BBC VHS release of 'At The Rainbow' can be viewed, at 'Video Collector',

• Toyah plays 'Lets Rock The Moor!' in Berkshire on Saturday 12th May. Check out the official website

Behind The Sofa: Further Information 05 March, 2012
More info on the limited edition 'Behind The Sofa' book Toyah has contributed to.

The book can be pre-ordered for £14.99 and is also available as a PDF ebook priced £4.99. There are also a number of special edition packs named after Who monsters.

Fans who buy the Ogron package, at £19.99, will have heir names added to the list of donors in the book, while the Slitheen package, priced £39.99, also includes a signed print of one of ten illustrations by artist Ben Morris, a contributor to Doctor Who Magazine and Doctor Who Adventures.

For £199.99, companies can purchase the Zygon package which will see their logo or a sponsor’s message appear in the book, while the most committed (and wealthiest) Doctor Who fans can indulge in the Morbius package which, for £999.99, allows them to write their own 300-word memory of the show for inclusion in Behind the Sofa (when I last looked the Morbius option had sold out).

Compiled by author Steve Berry to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK, and featuring original illustrations to accompany the stars’ Who memories, a full run of the book is due in shops in September.
The Old Grey Whistle Test: Toyah 04 March, 2012
On this day 32 years ago Toyah appeared on The Old Grey Whistle Test on BBC2. The band performed 'Danced' and 'Indecision'. Eight minutes of excellence, as you can see by viewing below.

The Changeling 30: Now Online 04 March, 2012
A little earlier than expected 'The Changeling 30' website went live on 1st March. Thanks to those of you who responded positively and also to Toyah's Official Facebook for posting a link to it. In just a few days the site has been visited thousands of times. I'm thrilled simply because it is such an incredible album and deserves to be celebrated. (Thanks to Andrew York for the, and I rarely use this word, stunning Changeling imagery below. View a wallpaper version of it here)

Check it out: Gallery, with approximately 120 photos; Complete Songwords; The Changeling on TV: Many of Toyah's key TV appearances related to 'The Changeling'; Toyah on 'The Changeling'; Fans talk 'The Changeling'; Press; Press Adverts; Screen Shots; Fan Art; 25th Anniversary Feature; Fan's talk 'Brave New World'; Tours; Fan Magazine; Radio One 'Rock On' Changeling Special; Warrior Rock; Booklet Poetry/Text; Dreamscape Adverts... It's fairly comprehensive!

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 04 March, 2012
• Welcome to our final week of updates. I'm going to attempt to post something every day up until the 10th March (Saturday!). Thanks to everyone who has emailed regarding the end of Dreamscape (yes, even the person who says I'm being "disloyal" lol - all communication is good).

• A huge thank you to Andrew York, who has been amazing throughout Dreamscape's 12 years but especially so lately, for this great tribute to the site. Please click on this to view a larger version.

• The new series of Pointless Celebrities has started airing on Saturday evenings on BBC1 (though not next weekend due to rugby). Toyah recently filmed an edition of this, so she should be appearing soon.

• Great footage of Toyah, Christmas Eve 1981. One of my favourite gigs and Toyah memories from a mindbogglingly brilliantly ecelectic and amazing career. 'War Boys' and 'Victims Of The Riddle' live from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on The Old Grey Whistle Test. Click
here or below to view, and here for larger versions of the screen caps. (Thanks to Andi for this brilliant footage)

The Changeling Resurrection 2012: New Date 04 March, 2012
Another variant of the official imagery for 'The Changeling Resurrection 2012' UK Tour was made available at Toyah's Official Facebook earlier this week.

There is also a seventh date of the tour now confirmed, at Rhodes Arts Complex, Bishops Stortford on Saturday 5th May. Toyah also takes 'The Changeling Resurrection' to Brighton, Bristol, Glasgow, London, Wolverhampton and Manchester through April.

This newest date isn't listed at Toyah's Official
Gigs page yet but it is confirmed at Toyah's Official Facebook. View the event page here.

Book tickets for this latest addition, at 'Ticket Web', here. (Thanks to Lärwi for the link).

• Visit the Official Toyah Gigs page here. View a larger version of the new poster/flyer here.

Louder Than War: Derek Jarman's 'Jubilee' 04 March, 2012
Another interesting new evaluation of Jubilee. This one from 'Louder Than War'.

2012 sees Great Britain celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee – sixty years since her ascension to the throne and as the ruler of our fair and sceptred isle. Thirty-five years ago, a young film director Derek Jarman, was putting pen to paper and writing the script for an inspired piece of cinematic and cultural punk history – ‘Jubilee’. The film was to represent a dark and nostalgically contemporary document of, at the time, a near future in the hands of anarcho-punks on the street and corporate giants holed up in their mansions. In 1977 – the year punk broke and the year Her Majesty’s Silver Jubilee was in full swing – Jarman, having been influenced and inspired by the sight of Jordan (the SEX shop assistant) cast her and a number of up and coming punk wannabes – Adam Ant, Toyah Willcox, Gene October – along with a few bands supplying a soundtrack, as characters and cameo roles in this new film.

• Read the full article, at the 'Louder Than War' website,
Behind The Sofa: New Book 04 March, 2012
Toyah contributes a recollection about Doctor Who in a new book, 'Behind The Sofa'.

This collection of over one hundred celebrity memories of Doctor Who has been compiled by author Steve Berry in aid of Alzheimer's Research UK and is beautifully illustrated by Ben Morris. 100% of the profits from the sale of this book go to charity.

This is a hardcover book, with 200 pages. Strictly limited to 300 orders. Also available as a PDF version which can be purchased separately as an eBook.

• Pre-order a book, or view further information on this,

Sadly the, bleepin excellent, 'Behind The Sofa' blog has now closed but the site is still available to visit
Vintage TV: March Newsletter 04 March, 2012
The 'Vintage TV' March Newsletter has been mailed out and, once again, includes a photo of Toyah with news of another upcoming appearance for her on the channel.

My Vintage Gets More Varied: My, have we been lucky this month with guests. We’ve welcomed a choreographer, a radio DJ, a punk princess, an actor and a producer to present us with their top video picks and tell stories of their fascinating lives in the entertainment industry. Vintage TV is proud to present to you five of our greatest My Vintages to date: Arlene Phillips, Janice Long, Toyah Willcox, Robert Powell and Mike Hurst. They’re utterly unmissable.
Toyah on TV: Toyah @ The Movies + 04 March, 2012
The Corn is Green : True Movies 1 - Monday 5th March: 1.00pm
The Corn is Green : True Movies 1 - Monday 5th March : 9.00pm

Period drama starring Katharine Hepburn as a spinster teacher in a Welsh mining town who grooms her star pupil for Oxford. With Ian Saynor, Bill Fraser, Patricia Hayes, Anna Massey, Artro Morris, Dorothea Phillips, Toyah Willcox, Huw Richards, Bryn Fon, Dyfan Roberts and Robin John. Directed by: George Cukor. (PG) (1979)

True Movies is available on Sky (Channel 321), Freesat (Channel 302), Virgin Media (Channel 424), UPC Ireland (Channel 328). View a collection of The Corn Is Green screen caps here.

My Vintage : Vintage TV - Tuesday 13th March : 8.00pm
Toyah Willcox. Toyah takes us through a selection of her favourite music videos, including David Bowie's 'Jean Genie' and Iggy Pop.

Quadrophenia : ITV1 - Thu 15th March: 2.30am
Quadrophenia : ITV1 +1 - Thu 15th March: 3.30am

The Who wrote and produced this energetic story of a young man disillusioned with his life in 1960s London. Phil Daniels excels as the alienated anti-hero Jimmy Cooper. Director: Franc Roddam. Starring: Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Toyah Willcox, Philip Davis, Mark Wingett, Sting, and Ray Winstone. Also airing on ITV1 HD.

The Most Fertile Man In Ireland : Sky Movies Indie - Saturday 17th March: 3.45am
Satirical comedy with Kris Marshall, Kathy Keira Clarke, Bronagh Gallagher, James Nesbitt, Kenneth Cranham, Olivia Nash, Pauline McLynn, Tara Lynne O'Neill, Toyah Willcox, Harry Towb, Marc O'Shea and Paddy McCarney. Also airing on Sky Movies Indie HD.


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