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• New for 2010! 'Crimson Queen' Japanese Edition CD: Available from Eil, Ideal Copy & other Import CD stores •

Introducing Sugar Rush 28 October, 2010
Introducing the excellent cover... Introducing the tracklist... Introducing... Sugar Rush.

The Humans recently completed recording and mixing their second album, entitled Sugar Rush. The twelve-track LP, produced by Humans band member Bill Rieflin, includes the songs Sweet Agitation, Fragment Pool, Put A Woman On The Moon and the title track, all of which which were previewed live on The Humans' February 2010 UK tour. Sugar Rush was recorded in the UK and features guest guitar on all tracks by Robert Fripp.

Details of the album release will be announced on soon. In the meantime preview clips of four tracks from the album can be heard in the Multimedia section of the website.

1. Titanium Girl; 2. Love In A Different Way; 3. Sea Of Size; 4. Pebble; 5. Small Town Psychopath; 6. Sweet Agitation; 7. Playing In The Dark; 8. Snow At 10:23; 9. Sugar Rush; 10. This Reasoning; 11. Fragment Pool; 12. Put A Woman On The Moon

• All information from The Humans Official website | Visit here.

New Song Preview: 21st Century Super Sister 28 October, 2010
The first new Toyah music since 2008's amazing 'In The Court Of The Crimson Queen' album can be heard at the all-new Official Toyah website.

'21st Century Super Sister', recorded for the film Power Of Three, is written by Toyah and Simon Darlow, and a preview can be listened to at,
The All-New Official Toyah Willcox Website 28 October, 2010

The all-new Official Toyah Willcox website launched on Monday, and it's wonderful! Tons of new stuff to explore, including Toyah's October blog. Read that here, and click below for the new site.

Wirral Globe: Blistering Toyah Rocks Hoylake Bar 28 October, 2010
A great report, on Toyah's Hoylake gig, by 'Wirral Globe', includes three excellent photos.

Toyah Willcox and her band put in a blistering performance at Hoylake's Jack Rabbit Slim's on Sunday.

Tight, funky and truly hard-rocking, they didn't put a step wrong in a high-octane show of strength that left the rammed venue exhausted and demanding more.

Memorable anthems from the 80s like Mystery and Neon Womb combined seamlessly with new material, such as the powerful Latex Messiah, to produce a perfectly crafted set.

Speaking after the end of her many encores - and following an autograph signing session which the star was happy to do for almost an hour - Toyah said: "The intimacy of a venue like Jack Rabbit's is great, we loved it. The night felt really good, the audience loved it and so did we.

"We've spent a lovely day in Wirral and people we met have been so nice to us. We will definitely come back if they'll have us."

Promoter Roy Shuttleworth, from Meols, said "It's great to have a star like Toyah playing in Hoylake. We will absolutely be inviting her to return."...

...Toyah's forthcoming second album Sugar Rush, which sees a further development of the band’s songs and sound, will be released worldwide in winter 2010. The album features guest guitar on all tracks from Robert.

• Read the full report at the 'Wirral Globe' website,

The Humans: New Official Website 28 October, 2010
Not only is there a brand new Toyah site but The Humans now have an official online presence also, with 'Sugar Rush' previews, the new video for 'Sea of Size', discography, biography and more.

Toyah Live 2010/11: New Gigs/Appearances Confirmed 28 October, 2010
A number of new Toyah gigs and appearances for the remainder of 2010 and into 2011 have been officially confirmed.

Tuesday 16th November 2010
The Hazel O'Connor Collective Single Launch Gig
Assembly Rooms, Leamington Spa
Tel: 01926 523001 [ [

Saturday 20th November 2010
Live PA: Nightingales, Birmingham
Tel: 0121 622 1718 [ ]

Saturday 29th January 2011
Live PA: The Kremlin, Belfast
Tel: 028 9031 6061 [ ]

Sunday 20th March 2011 | Full Band: The Cavern Club, Liverpool
Tel: 0151 236 1965 [ ]

Sunday 23rd October 2011 | Full Band: Jack Rabbit Slims, Hoylake, Wirral
Tel: 0151 632 7545
[ ]

In addition to these, are also advertising another, slightly different, live appearance for Toyah in early 2011

Weekend Guitar Trio with Toyah Willcox and Jan Bang
Date: Saturday 26th February 2011

A meeting of musical mavericks brings Eesti Fest to an unforgettable close. The Weekend Guitar Trio's music (composed and improvised) for three electric guitars and live electronics captivates jazz and contemporary classical music audiences. Robert Jürjendal, Tonis Leemets and Mart Soo bring their dazzling effects and ideas together with legendary vocalist Toyah Willcox adding her poetry. Joining them for the first time is Norway's live sampling guru Jan Bang.
Andi Fraggs: Feed Your Addiction 28 October, 2010
If you haven't heard of Andi Fraggs, you definitely soon will. Andi is a huge Toyah fan and his work is certainly influenced by her, especially the video for 'November'.

He has a single and album out soon, and he topped the pre order mp3 chart at the weekend! Great news for him. I'm sure that Toyah will be mentioned during press, tv and radio interviews over the coming months.

Andi's single Addiction/November is out on November 1st and he plays Madame JoJo's, Soho on November 3rd.

• Visit Andi's excellent
website, for news, gallery, song previews & more. Thanks to Greg Fowler.
Malvern Gazette: Festive Plans Revealed 28 October, 2010
Toyah will switch on Malvern's Christmas lights at the beginning of December.

Organisers of Malvern’s Christmas celebrations have released full details of what to expect when the town’s festive lights are switched on. On Saturday, December 4, Church Street and Abbey Road will be closed off from 10am until 7pm to accommodate a huge variety of entertainment for all ages.

At 5.30pm, the town’s Christmas lights will be switched on by Malvern Town Council chairman Paul Tuthill and Malvern Theatres panto star Toyah Willcox - who will get the crowds in the festive mood by singing Christmas songs.

• Read the full report at the 'Malvern Gazette' website,
Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 28 October, 2010
• So... who would like Toyah live dates with *just* songs from the first three albums..? Quite a lot of people.

• Ari Up: 1962 – 2010. I was sad to hear last week that Ari Up of, legendary, The Slits passed away. View an overview of her life via this article, here.

• An interesting interview with Bill Rieflin: Steering R.E.M. Into Harder Waters. Toyah and The Humans are mentioned. This was originally published in the May 2008 issue of 'Drum!' magazine. Read it

• You Tubing with Quadrophenia! - The
trailer, from an Australian Thorn EMI Home Video.

• A collection of brilliant photos from Toyah's Jack Rabbit Slims/Hoylake gig. Three of these were used in the 'Wirral Globe' article. View them at flickr,

• Toyah has been popping up on BBC2 during the early hours, guesting on the Talk German series. These were filmed in 2002.

Toyah Live 2010: JRS, Hoylake: Photos 28 October, 2010
Toyah, and Chris Wong, onstage at Jack Rabbit Slims, Hoylake last Sunday night. Larger versions of each photo are here, here, and here • Thanks to Myke Crombleholme for the great photos.

Toyah Live 2010: Beat, Blackpool: Offstage Photos 28 October, 2010
More photos of Toyah at Beat, Blackpool last Saturday night, meeting those ever faithful fan-boys Paul Lomas, Michael O'Brien and Andrew Hay :) • Thanks, as always, to Michael for the photos.

Toyah on TV 28 October, 2010
Hole In The Wall : BBC HD - Saturday 30th October : 5.55pm
Toyah throwing shapes in a shiny costume in HD! What more can you ask for on a Saturday tea-time? Who said Daleks?!

Kavanagh QC : ITV3 - Sunday 31st October : 1.40pm
Kavanagh QC : ITV3 +1 - Sunday 31st October : 2.40pm

A Family Affair (1995). Legal drama series, starring John Thaw, with Holly Aird, Robert Ashby, Toyah Willcox and Lisa Harrow.
Dreamscape News Archive: September 2010 28 October, 2010
Dreamscape's Toyah news for September 2010, plus a July/August catch-up, has now been consigned to history. Read up on Toyah, utter stunna Gayle Tuesday and much more by clicking to the left!
Toyah Live 2010: Beat, Blackpool 24 October, 2010
An incredible looking Toyah at Beat in Blackpool last night. Onstage, and with Darren Lee. Larger versions are here and here • Thanks to Glyn Whelan for these amazing photos.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 24 October, 2010
• Toyah played a blistering live gig at Beat in Blackpool last night (see Glyn's groovy photos above). Tonight it's the turn of Jack Rabbit Slims in Hoylake to experience Toyah!

• Toyah is mentioned in today's 'Sunday Mercury', in the article: Sunday Mercury campaign: Roy Wood to win star on Broad Street at Christmas. Read it here. When does Toyah get her star?

• There seems to have been a recent mini explosion of Toyah being playlisted on various online retro radio stations. There are now very regular plays on 'Flashback Alternatives', 'XperienceRewind' are doing similar and there have been numerous tweets over the last few weeks of plays on other stations. All good!!

• The 'Best Kept Secrets' Toyah interview was aired on Radio Preston FM on Friday night. The full interview, via various clips, can be listened to at the 'Best Kept Secrets' website here.

• What's that coming over the hill? ... is it a new album?... is it a new website??

Somewhere In The Distance: Hit Parade (1984) 21 October, 2010
Hit Parade (1984) A 35 year perspective of the pop performer through the photography of Harry Hammond & Gered Mankowitz

Toyah: Actress turned pop star - she appeared in two Derek Jarman films, Jubilee and The Tempest and had three Top 10 hits in 1981. 'Very nice to work with - she used herself as a palette. I'm always delighted to work with someone this image conscious, because you know you're going to get something from them. She dominates this shot, even though the rest of the band are in it. I wanted lighting that was slightly surreal, and there were lots of technical problems - depth of field, trying to keep the lighting from weakening the strength of the background. I suppose the fashions were pre-Blade Runner holocaust-survivor chic.' 1981

• View a larger version of Toyah in 'Hit Parade' (1984) by clicking above, and an extra page here.

Somewhere In The Distance: Pop Styles (1984) 21 October, 2010
Pop Styles, by Ted Polhemus & Lynn Procter (1984) An A-Z Guide To The World Where Fashion Meets Rock'N'Roll

Crazy Colour: Perhaps the most important pendulum swing in the history of pop styles is that between nature and artifice. One of the best ways to join the against-nature school of thought is to dye your hair a bright colour or better still a whole collection of colours which nature never intended to appear on the head of a human being. Historical examples are few, however, as the technology has only been widely available a short time. Only impermanent vegetable dyes were available before the seventies and it was punks who first combined an anti-natural attitude with the new chemicals. Special credit therefore goes to Wee Willie Harris who caused a furore in the fifties when he dyed his hair so pink it dripped down his collar in the rain, Roy Wood who fronted Wizzard behind a mass of multicoloured locks and of course David Bowie. Ultimately, however, the first prize must go to post-punk Toyah Willcox who with dyes and hair spray has resculpted her head into a homage to artifice which even the most daring of science fiction films have failed to equal.

• View a larger version of Toyah in 'Pop Styles' (1984) by clicking above.

Coventry Telegraph: NSPCC Ball Raises £30,000 21 October, 2010
Coventry NSPCC ball and auction raises £30,000 for Boole House

Generous guests had a “fang-tastic” night as they helped raised almost £30,000 for charity before enjoying a vampire-themed musical at the Ricoh.

About 400 people raised funds during the NSPCC annual ball before watching Steve Steinman’s Vampires Rock.

Toyah Willcox, who plays the Vampire Queen, was a special guest at the ball which was sponsored by Jaguar Cars and the Chamber of Commerce.

Auction lots included a portrait of Toyah and dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in London.

• View the full report at the 'Coventry Telegraph' website,
Coventry Telegraph: Time To 'Re-Joyce' In A Good Cause 21 October, 2010
A new article by the 'Coventry Telegraph' on the forthcoming Christmas single by The Hazel O'Connor Collective.

On Tuesday, November 16, The Hazel O’Connor Collective will launch ‘Re-Joyce’ a song that is a sure fire box ticker in every way.

It’s superbly poignant (and you can’t say that about many Christmas singles), celebrating as it does the gift of life. Proceeds from the sales will raise money for Coventry Myton Hospice, and to top it off, it’s packed to the rafters with top names.

Featured artists include: Hazel O’Connor, Toyah Willcox, Carol Decker, Pauline Black, Ranking Roger, Vince Hill, Moya Brennan, Neville Staple, Kid Creole, Bob Brolly, The Subterraneans and others. It’s produced by Grammy Award winning producer Roger Lomas.

I had the pleasure to be in the studio as it was being recorded, it’s one of those songs that doesn’t come around too often, superbly produced by Roger Lomas,

“All of the participating artists were an absolute joy to work with.” reveals Roger,”

• View the full article at the 'Coventry Telegraph' website,
Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 21 October, 2010
• A retro edition of Celebrity Ready Steady Cook, from April 2001, with Toyah and Midge Ure guesting aired on Tuesday night on Challenge.

• Toyah is briefly mentioned in a new Steve Steinman interview with the 'Echo News': As well as producing it, Steve takes pride of place in the show, as Baron Von Rockula. Although he was happy to stand back from the limelight when a certain Toyah Willcox joined the show in 2008, in a brand new role created just for her. She obviously enjoyed it, because she also signed up for last year’s tour. [ Read the full interview
here ]

• A short clip of Toyah at Sparkles Showbar last weekend. View it at Facebook,
here. You may need to be a member. [ Thanks to Michael O'Brien ]
The Hazel O'Connor Collective: Re-Joyce 20 October, 2010
The Hazel O'Connor Collective... Christmas Single Launch Party
RE-JOYCE (IN THE BLEAK MID-WINTER) | Released 6th December 2010

Performances by; Hazel O'Connor, Toyah, Carol Decker, Pauline Black, Ranking Roger, Vince Hill, Neville Staple, The Subterraneans, The Bluja Project and Bob Brolly MBE.

The Assembly, Spencer Street, Leamington Spa CV31 3NF | Box Office No. 01926 523001
Tickets also available online from and in person from Myton Hospice (Warwick) and Coventry Market.

• More info at Hazel O'Connor's Facebook, here. [ Thanks to Stephen Bennett ]

Best Kept Secrets: Just 5 Days To Toyah! 20 October, 2010
Ahead of her two gigs this weekend, the concluding part of Toyah's interview with 'Best Kept Secrets':

Continuing our countdown to the live Toyah gigs at Beat in Blackpool and Jack Rabbit Slims in Hoylake this coming weekend, you can hear Toyah looking ahead to the gigs and also about when she did the voice-over for the Teletubbies tv programmes!

• Go here to listen. Go here to listen to part one, and here for part two.

Blackpool Gazette: Win Yourself Toyah Tickets 20 October, 2010
Former punk star and actress Toyah Willcox and her full new band headline a show at Beat Nightclub in Blackpool next Saturday and Duke's Diary has three pairs of tickets to win for the show.

She will be in concert at the Corporation Street venue, above The Rose and Crown, on Saturday, October 23. Doors open 7.30pm with the show starting at 9pm. There will also now be a limited number of tickets available on the door on the night.

Duke's Diary has three pairs of tickets to win. Just correctly answer the following question and you could be a winner.

Where was the Sheep Farming on Toyah's early six track EP?: (a) Brentford (b) Barnet (c) Bradford

E-mail your answers together with name and address to by 10am Thursday, October 21.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 20 October, 2010
• Catch Toyah live this weekend... full details at

• (R)Evolutionary Touch Guitarist: An interview with Markus Reiter, who collaborated with Toyah on 'This Fragile Moment', from 'All About Jazz'. Markus talks This Fragile Moment, Toyah, Tovah, Tuner and much, much more. Read the interview here.

• Another mention of Toyah in fiction - this time in 'Storage Stories' by Jim Bob. [ Thanks to Chris Limb ]

• 'Angels and Demons' was included on the playlist for Dark Night of the Soul with Julie (An emotional trainwreck in fluffy bunny slippers) on 'WFMU' last night. Visit

• Toyah continues to be regularly played on 'Flashback Alternatives', with the original version of 'Neon Womb' and the 'Looking Back' version of 'I Wanna Be Free' both played in the last couple of days. Visit 'Flashback Alternatives'

Toyah Live 2010: Gran Canaria 17 October, 2010
Photos of Toyah's visit to Gran Canaria, including performing onstage at Sparkles Showbar at the Yumbo Centre, Playa del Ingles, meeting fans and gifting a signed promo poster to Michael O'Brien.

• Many thanks to Michael for taking the time to send the photos and info about Toyah's Gran Canaria adventure. Please click on the photos for larger versions.

Toyah on TV 17 October, 2010
Never Mind The Buzzcocks : Dave - Monday 18th October : 2.00am
Never Mind The Buzzcocks : Dave ja vu - Monday 18th October : 3.00am
Mark Lamarr hosts a special anniversary edition of the long-running pop quiz, with Phill Jupitus and Bill Bailey. Guests include 80s pop icon Toyah Willcox and Sumon Sunyal.

Changing Faces: : Living - Monday 25th October : 1.00am
Changing Faces : Living +1 - Monday 25th October : 2.00am

Madonna. Unique new series that delves into the lives and looks of the hottest celebrities using archive footage and digital aging technology. The queen of pop is also the queen of reinvention. Changing Faces charts Madonna's many looks. Also airing on Living HD.

Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home – Wednesday 27th October : 8.00am
Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home +1 – Wednesday 27th October : 9.00am
Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home – Wednesday 27th October : 1.00pm
Bargain Hunt Famous Finds : Home +1 – Wednesday 27th October : 2.00pm
Toyah Willcox v Kiki Dee. The bargain-spotting continues, here with rock queens Toyah Willcox and Kiki Dee shopping for hidden gems at an antique centre in Farnham, Surrey.

Toyah Live 2010: Sparkles Showbar Set List 16 October, 2010
Toyah played a live PA at Sparkles Showbar, Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria last night.

The set list was: School's Out, Rebel Yell, Echo Beach, Thunder In The Mountains, Sweet Child 'O Mine, It's A Mystery, I Love Rock N Roll, I Want To Be Free, Latex Messiah (Viva La Rebel In You), River Deep, Mountain High.

[ Thanks to Michael O'Brien & Paul Lomas ]
Total Production Magazine: Human Resources 16 October, 2010
An interesting feature on The Humans, and interview with sound engineer Paul Nicholson, from the April 2010 issue of 'Total Production' magazine.

On the recent debut tour by Toyah Willcox's new outfit, The Humans, The foh and monitor mixes - and the live recording - were all engineered by Paul Nicholson who explained all to Mark Cunningham at London's Scala...

In February, The Humans - the new outfit featuring singer Toyah Willcox, Bill Riefl in of R.E.M. and Chris Wong, with honorary member Robert Fripp (of King Crimson fame) on spaced-out guitar - played their first UK live shows in the wake of their début album, We Are The Humans.

After intimate warm-up shows in West Country churches, the four-piece astonished audiences at The Assembly in Leamington Spa, Cambridge’s The Junction and The Scala in London’s Kings Cross, where TPi saw them in all their experimental glory.

Inspired covers of Nancy Sinatra’s ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ and Hendrix’s psych-rock classic ‘Purple Haze’ were the only vague nods to Toyah’s 1980s pop past. With Mr. Fripp onboard - her husband of 24 years and a globally-worshipped God of Prog - there was never going to be anything mainstream about these gigs.

Their intriguing sound has been variously described as ‘art rock’, ‘twisted funk’ and ‘complex’. Arguably, all three labels stand up and though not comfortable listening, the audience - with exception of one individual who clearly bought his ticket to hear the singer reprise her 1981 hit ‘It’s A Mystery’.

• Read the full feature at the 'Red Square Audio' website, here.

Record Collector: Dreamchild: Special Edition Review 14 October, 2010
Genre-hopping from punk’s high priestess

No matter how well you think you know Toyah and what’s she’s all about, the reality is that you don’t know her at all. That vivid, brassy character from her breakthrough material is only a momentary snapshot. The reality is far more intricate and intriguing than I Wanna Be Free could possibly suggest.

Here’s a juxtaposition: Toyah is bubbly, ubiquitous and taken for granted; Kate Bush withdrawn, full of mystique and lauded. The more creatively varied of the two? Ms Willcox has a fair claim. Take this interesting diversion from 1994, full of sweeping electronic dance rhythms where Toyah is more of an ensemble cast member than at any time in her musical career.

Evolving out of the aborted stage musical Cindy X (some demos originally intended for the show are added here), the compositions are written by The Fall’s producer Mike Bennett. Toyah’s contribution is an understated and haunting vocal performance, the least input she’d have on any record under her own name. It successfully added another facet to her work before swerving off into an unlikely Dreamchild acoustic tour that’s far from suggested by the material. But then, delivering the unexpected is central to Toyah’s creative value.

Cherry Red | CDMRED 451 | Reviewed by Ian Abrahams. 'Record Collector' (#381, November 2010) is on sale now • A couple of Dreamscape 'Dreamchild' ads. Please click on either for larger versions.

Celebrity Cook Book: Supporting The Princes Trust 14 October, 2010
Toyah has contributed a recipe to 'The Celebrity Cookbook'. The book is in aid of The Princes Trust and was published last Friday (8th October).

As well as the regular print edition, it is also available as an e-book for Kindle from Amazon
here, and also for iPad.

Raising money for The Prince’s Trust: The Celebrity Cookbook

“Who is your role model, and what would you cook for them if they came round for dinner?”

We’ve asked over 60 celebrities this question, and the result is a fantastic collection of recipes, often giving an intriguing (indeed often surprising!) insight into the role-models that have influenced our celebrities on their road to success.

With contributions from celebrities such as Michelin and 5AA Rosette award winning French chef Jean-Christophe Novelli, former England International Gary Lineker, A-list Hollywood action star/California State Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger and Prime Minister David Cameron - this makes for an interesting, and mouth-watering read – and will make a welcome addition to any kitchen or bookshelf.

• View further info about 'The Celebrity Cookbook'
here, and read the related press release here.

Best Kept Secrets: Toyah Audio Interview 14 October, 2010
Paul & Lucy's 'Best Kept Secrets' website has a two-part interview, with Toyah talking about her forthcoming live dates in Blackpool and Hoylake, plus much more.

80s music legend Toyah Willcox plays 2 special live dates in the north west at the end of October - at Beat nightclub in Blackpool on Saturday 23rd and Jack Rabbit Slims in Hoylake on Sunday 24th.

• Go
here to listen to part one, and here for part two.
Daily Mail/Femail: Feature & New Photo 14 October, 2010
From Toyah's Official Facebook yesterday: Watch out for a great new photo of Toyah and a piece on the 1970s written by her in tomorrow's Femail (in the Daily Mail).
Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 14 October, 2010
• The current issue of 'Record Collector' (#381, November 2010) includes a review of 'Dreamchild: Special Edition'.

• Would the real Mrs Fripp please step forward! Check out Toyah's Official Facebook for a great photo of not one, not two, not three, but SIX Toyah's!!!

• Toyah arrived in Gran Canaria yesterday ahead of her appearance at Sparkles Showbar tomorrow night. [ Thanks to Michael O'Brien ]

• Dannii Minogue namechecks Toyah, on page 276, in her recently published autobiography, 'My Story'. [ Thanks to Kevin Mcnamara ]

• 'BBC Wales - Music' is currently using that, very famous, photo of Toyah from Top Of The Pops in their "How to... work in music TV". Visit ' BBC Wales'

Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard) 11 October, 2010
You! Give! Me! Fire!! This week 28 years ago Toyah entered the UK charts with their 12th single, 'Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard), the song that became Toyah's personal motto, closing numerous fanclub letters, web missives and blogs over the years.

'Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard)' was written by Toyah and Joel Bogen, as was the b-side 'Laughing With The Fools'. Neither were available on any album until the release of 'Proud, Loud & Heard: The Best Of Toyah' in 1998, the hits compilation that took inspiration, and its title, from 'Be Proud'.

Listen to the world premiere of the single on BBC Radio One's Studio B15 in late Summer 1982,
here; watch Toyah perform the single, on Top Of The Pops in October 1982, at 'YouTube' here; and listen to the excellent b-side, 'Laughing With The Fools', via a fan-made video for the song, at 'YouTube' here.

Celebrity Fantasy Homes: Screen Caps 11 October, 2010
A selection of screen caps of househunters Toyah and Gaby Roslin from last week's Celebrity Fantasy Homes. Please click on these for more captures plus larger versions of those below.

Toyah on TV 11 October, 2010
Casualty : Watch - Tuesday 12th October : 8.00am
Casualty : Watch - Tuesday 12th October : 11.00am

Comfort Zone (Season 24, episode 6 of 49). Ruth's pregnancy fears are confirmed, leaving her torn between her ambition to be a surgeon and strengthening feelings for Jay. Jeff takes an instant dislike to his new paramedic partner, who spends the shift making inappropriate comments about Polly, while Zoe again abandons work after agreeing that Jordan can be discharged into her care. Toyah Willcox guest stars as a woman who accidentally injures her baby son. Also airing on Watch +1

Never Mind The Buzzcocks : Dave - Thursday 14th October : 1.10am
Never Mind The Buzzcocks : Dave ja vu - Thursday 14th October : 2.10am
Never Mind The Buzzcocks : Dave - Monday 18th October : 2.00am
Never Mind The Buzzcocks : Dave ja vu - Monday 18th October : 3.00am
Mark Lamarr hosts a special anniversary edition of the long-running pop quiz, with Phill Jupitus and Bill Bailey. Guests include 80s pop icon Toyah Willcox and Sumon Sunyal.

Cash In The Celebrity Attic : Watch - Sunday 17th October : 6.15am
Cash In The Celebrity Attic : Watch +1 - Sunday 17th October : 7.15am
80s pop icon and actress Toyah Willcox invites the team into her home to raise money for MacMillan nurses. She even gets on the podium herself to sell some of her items.

The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive 11 October, 2010
The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive now has full transcripts of Toyah's recent radio interviews on The Andrew Easton Show on 'BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester', and The Lorna Milton Show on 'BBC Radio Three Counties'. There's also a Celebrity Fantasy Homes feature.

Toyah Live 2010 11 October, 2010
Beginning a busy month for gigs and PA's, Toyah played the Big 80s Madness Weekend on Friday night at Butlins Bognor Regis. Also playing over the weekend were Bad Manners, Dr & The Medics, Go West, Jaki Graham and many others.

Further live dates are taking place through October. See Toyah's Official My Space, Facebook and for further details. [ Thanks to Paul Cable ]

Friday 15th October: Sparkles Showbar, Gran Canaria
Saturday 23rd October: The Beat Club, Blackpool
Sunday 24th October: Jack Rabbit Slims, Hoylake, Wirral
BBC Radio Three Counties: The Lorna Milton Show 04 October, 2010
Toyah will be guesting on The Lorna Milton Show this afternoon on 'BBC Radio Three Counties'.

Toyah Willcox takes us on a journey of her life from music to TV, the paranormal and facelifts.

Listen live to the show,
here. This will also be available to listen to at BBC iPlayer post-broadcast.
Celebrity Fantasy Homes: Trailer Caps 04 October, 2010

A few screen caps from the trailer for the new series of Celebrity Fantasy Homes. This begins tonight with shows each night this week. Toyah's edition airs at 9.00pm tomorrow night on Home, with numerous repeats through this week and over the weekend.

100 Hits: Electric Eighties: Out Today! 04 October, 2010
'100 Hits: Electric Eighties' - 100 Classic Tracks and Alternative Hits, the 5CD set, featuring Toyah's 'It's A Mystery', is released today.

Other artists include: New Order, Aztec Camera, Madness, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Echo & The Bunnymen, John Foxx, Strawberry Switchblade, Primal Scream, The Adventures, World Party, That Petrol Emotion, Dead Kennedys, Bananarama, Fuzzbox, Kirsty MacColl and many many more.

This is the third "100 Hits" compilation Toyah has been included on.
The Birmingham Press: Totally Toyah 04 October, 2010
Student rebel Richard Howarth recalls those early days away from home, tropical fish, and his ‘discovery’ of a Kings Heath girl who defied the critics to become an icon of the times...

... Now it’s a traditional student obsession to look for something out of the ordinary and it was only a short step from Quadrophenia to discover Toyah was also part of a band – and their Sheep Farming in Barnet EP, also released in 1979, perfectly fitted the bill of something a little different.

There were echoes of my beloved Siouxsie but also hints of the poppier style that was to bring chart success eventually, wrapped up with the theatrical style no doubt honed at the Old Rep Drama School back home in Brum.

Listen to Neon Womb, Indecision or Danced and they still have an edge both in the music and in Toyah’s lyrics that deserve to be part of a re-examination of her musical career.

• Read Richard's full article at 'The Birmingham Press'
Somewhere In The Distance: The Disputation 02 October, 2010
It's the return of, the very infrequent, Somewhere In The Distance: It's screen caps, it's 1986, it's The Disputation, it's Toyah as Conseulo opposite Christopher Lee... Please click below for larger caps! • Huuuge thanks to Paul Lomas

In Barcelona, Spain, in 1263, the Jews are forced by the Dominicans to defend their faith. The famous Rabbi Moses ben Nachman, in a tense confrontation, wins the friendship of King James the Conqueror.

The Disputation; starring Christopher Lee, Bob Peck, Helen Lindsay, Alan Dobie, Toyah Willcox and Bernard Hepton.

Made in the UK, directed by Geoffrey Sax, an Electric Rainbow production in association with Channel Four.This remarkable, tense drama, is based on the Barcelona Disputation that took place in the court of King James of Aragon in 1263.

Finely acted by an extraordinarily distinguished cast, the story examines the disputation between the Christians and the Jews where Nachmanides used his unparalleled knowledge of sacred literature and the power of his oration to defend his faith.

The Stage: Features: TV Review 01 October, 2010
Gayle Tuesday makes a welcome return to the screen in Gayle Tuesday: The Comeback. Oh come on, you remember Gayle, the page three stunna and uber-bimbo who graced TV screens back in the nineties?

It was Gayle who memorably introduced the phrase “Oi, tits first! I’m not a slag”, to British television. A decade on we find Gayle, the comic creation of actress Brenda Gilhooly, in denial of middle age and intent upon a return to the world of celebrity.

It is all highly enjoyable and consistently funny, but at an hour in length each episode rather over stretches itself.

Toyah Willcox, Paul O’Grady, Ainsley Harriott, Harry Hill and Heston Blumenthal are among the famous faces sending themselves up, with Toyah winning the acting honours.

• Read the full article at 'The Stage' website,
here. This airs again on Living, this Sunday.

The Comeback : Living - Sunday 3rd October : 8.00pm
The Comeback : Living +1 - Sunday 3rd October : 9.00pm
Gayle Tuesday. Outrageous original documentary-style comedy created exclusively for Living. Page 3 babe Gayle Tuesday is determined to claw her way back to the top by exploiting the reality show circuit. Featuring guest appearances from Harry Hill (who also script edited the pilot), Heston Blumenthal, Ainsley Harriot, Toyah Willcox, Paul O'Grady, Louie Spence and Hollyoaks star Roxanne McKee.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! 01 October, 2010
Gary Shail, aka Spider from Quadrophenia, and to us 80s kids as, Steve in Metal Mickey, recently gave an interesting interview to 'Portsmouth Today'. He recalls the Quadrophenia auditions and mentions Monkey (aka Toyah!)

Gary on life, Metal Mickey and Quadrophenia
Gary's first audition for Quadrophenia was alongside punk legend Johnny Rotten and Toyah Willcox. He reveals: 'I had to pretend I wasn't from drama school because the director Franc Roddam wanted it to be very real.

'Johnny was up for the lead part, but it was right in the middle of the Sex Pistols scandal and Frank and Pete Townshend from The Who thought it might overshadow the movie. So they went for an unknown. Toyah got the part of Monkey and I got Spider.'

• Read the full interview at the 'Portsmouth Today' website,

'Planet Rock' has reported on the opening of the 'Memories in Music' exhibition.

Midlands Music Exhibit Opens Its Doors
Memories In Music In The Midlands, a brand new exhibit of nostalgic memories and memorabilia representing and celebrating a history of popular, rock and blues based music in the Midlands area, has opened its doors.

Several well known names associated with the Midlands’ recent rich musical heritage have offered support and participation, including Blaze Bayley, Steve Gibbons, Dave Pegg, Ric Sanders, Trevor Burton, Carl Palmer, Steve Winwood, Hartley Cain, Ray Froggatt, Deborah Bonham, the late John Bonham (by means of Deborah Bonham), Jem Brent, Toyah Willcox, Joe Dignam, Albert Lee, Nick Mason, Mike Sanchez, Theo Travis, Clifford T Ward (by means of his official fan club), The Marquee Club, Judas Priest and Bev Bevan. These will be contributing photographs, gold and platinum records, stage clothing, and instruments from their personal collections. The event is destined to be of huge interest, not only to fans of the participating artistes and their bands, but also to music lovers in the wide Midlands area.

• Read the full article at the 'Planet Rock' website,
here. Find the 'Memories in Music' website here.

'The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive' now has the full transcript of Toyah's interview with The Vibe on 'CRMK Radio'. This aired on Sunday 12th September and is available to listen to at The Vibe website, here. Visit 'The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive' here.

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