In 1983 Su filmed two hilarious television adverts. 

Both were to promote 'Typhoo Tea'. And both featured Su and three very cute co-stars! 

In ad one (screen captures 1 - 3), Su is relaxing on a beach enjoying her cup of tea when three donkeys, wearing straw hats, appear over her shoulder and serenade her.

Su looks perplexed but continues to enjoy her "oooooh!" 

In ad two (screen capture 4), Su plays a Channel swimmer who arrives on a beach requiring a refreshing cuppa (that obviously can only be acquired by a huge mug of 'Typhoo').

She is also sporting a large and furry looking green swim cap and has a picnic waiting for her on the sand. 

Both ads are quintessentially Su, and quite hilarious! 


Su could do with an "oooooooooooh!"