Mid-Day Show (1988)

Su launched herself on Australia in 1988 on the Mid-Day Show. She explains the concept of Hi-De-Hi!, talks about judging 'Mr Gay UK' and gossips about oodles more.

Take The Plunge (1989)

In 1989 Su hosted the Thames TV game show Take The Plunge.

Daytime Live (1990)

In 1990 Judy Spiers interviewed Su on Daytime Live.

Coast To Coast People (1991)

Fern Britton interviews Su and Matthew Kelly during their final week in panto - Aladdin at the Pavilion Theatre in Bornemouth. Su accepts her "Fantasy Oscar" and gives a crazy acceptance speech clutching a banana! Matthew also transforms himself into Widow Twanky during the course of the interview.

Noel's House Party (1993)

In 1993 Noel Edmonds managed to catch Su in the 'Gotcha' section of Noel's House Party. Su was in a taxi travelling to record a voiceover for a garden centre when the cab was 'arrested' by a policeman. He told the driver to follow a car and the chase ended at an airfield. The assailant then boarded a small plane and took off with the policeman still in pursuit. Su was asked to describe what was happening to the police station via the police radio. Eventually they asked her if it was possible for her to read what was on the still airborne aircraft, "gotcha!".

This Morning (1997)

Su guested on This Morning in 1997, appearing alongside her were old friends and colleagues Paul Shane and Jeffrey Holland.

I Love 1986 (2001)

Su was featured in I Love 1986. She was commenting on some of the big events of the year, including Bruce Willis, 'power' ballads, and big glasses!

Songs Of Praise (2001)

Su appeared on Songs Of Praise. The show was a very colourful celebration of the 'Clown's International Annual Service'. 

Su spoke about the musical Godspell and she was in fine voice too, performing 'Day By Day' from the show. 

Gimme Gimme Gimme (2001)

Su is Heidi Honeycomb, Tom's singing teacher and doppleganger of megababe Linda, in a guest starring role in the BBC hit comedy series.

Gimme Gimme Gimme: Screen Captures