Two Up, Two Down (1978)

This was Su's first comedy for the BBC. She played Flo opposite Paul Nicholas as Jimmy, a couple of squatting hippies who take up residence in a house owned by a staid, middle class couple.

Hi-de-Hi! (1979-1988)

Su is undoubtedly best known for Hi-de-Hi!, and it has been known for people to still holler "Hi de Hi" at her in the supermarket.

This comedy show ran for eight series, over 9 years and in all 58 shows were made. Hi-de-Hi! was one of the BBC's biggest sit-com successes and is still a favourite with many people. Only very recently a 1985 special was broadcast and attracted big ratings. As well as the TV show, the Hi-de-Hi! cast also starred in a stage production in Summer 1983/84.

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You Rang, M'Lord? (1988-1992)

Su played the put upon maid Ivy Teasdale in this very popular Perry & Croft comedy set in the roaring twenties. Ivy was working for Lord Meldrum in his big London house where her father Alf (Paul Shane) was butler. Alf was always at loggerheads with footman James Twelvetrees (Jeffrey Holland). This show is a personal favourite of Su and is long overdue for a repeat run.

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Oh Doctor Beeching! (1995-1997)

The setting for this David Croft comedy was the small, sleepy railway station of Hatley in 1963, as Dr. Richard Beeching set about revolutionising the railways. Hatley was firmly in the eye for the axe to fall. Su played Ethel Schumann, the box office clerk. Sadly the BBC proved more of a threat than Beeching when they finished the show after 19 episodes. Incidentally Su sang the theme tune, set to the of the music hall favourite 'Oh Mr. Porter'.

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According To Daisy (1988)

This was a pilot show made by HTV in 1988 in which Su played Daisy Lane-Clousier, a prominent journalist whose unruly kids from her two former marriages are running havoc. She advertises for a home help and along comes stern old Mr Pym, played by Gordon Jackson.

Sadly Gordon died shortly after thie pilot was made and it was never broadcast, and despite rumours of resurrecting the idea a couple of years later with Jeremy Brett as Mr Pym nothing ever materialised.

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