Past Su News : January 2002

29 January : Win 'Pirates Of Penzance' Tickets
Su Online has an exclusive opportunity for 10 lucky visitors...

Yes! By simply sending an email to you could win a pair of tickets to The Pirates Of Penzance at a theatre of your choice.

Please make the subject of your email "Pirates Prize Draw" and send it off before the closing date of Friday 15th February. The venues still to be visited by Su and the Pirates gang after the closing date are as follows:

18th Feb : Civic Theatre, Darlington 
25th Feb : Congress Theatre, Eastbourne 
4th March : Mayflower Theatre, Southampton 
11th Mar : Wimbledon Theatre, Wimbledon 
18th Mar : Princess Theatre, Torquay 
25th Mar : Apollo Theatre, Oxford 
1st April : Opera House, Manchester 
8th April : Corn Exchange, Cambridge 
15th April : Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham 
22nd April : Bristol Hippodrome, Bristol 
29th April : The Lyceum, Sheffield 

Please include which theatre you would like a pair of tickets for, along with your name and postal address, so that should you be one of the lucky ten your tickets can be dispatched as quickly as possible.

NB: This offer does not include travel expenses or accomodation, it is a ticket only giveaway - Good Luck!

29 January : Su & Kid
Huge thanks to Peter Keogh for sending this great picture of Su for inclusion on the website.

As you will most certainly know Peter is Su's former husband. Many Thanks for the piccie Peter.

29 January : Pirates Latest
Su is at present in Buxton, at the Opera House, with The Pirates Of Penzance. The show continues there until this Saturday (2nd Feb).

Next Monday (4th Feb) Su and the gang will open at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury.


10 January : Su TV Details
Hi-De-Hi! - RTE 1
Thu 10th Jan : 4.20pm

Gimme Gimme Gimme
BBC 2  Wales
Fri 11th Jan : 10.00pm

Penny Crayon - BBC 2
Tues 15th Jan : 8.45am

10 January : Su Update
Su has now completed her panto stint at the North Wales Theatre in Llandudno, Wales.

Su was Dick in Dick Whittington in a total of 40 performances from 13th December 2001 through until 6th January 2002.

Su is now having a well earned rest before starting on the 2002 run of The Pirates Of Penzance, commencing on 21st January at the Theatre Royal in Bath.

Click on the picture above for more information on Pirates.

10 January : Su in 'M' Magazine
Su was featured in the Christmas edition of The Mirror's magazine 'M'...

...I love my...raunchy rag doll Renata

Su Pollard, 52, formerly the madcap cleaner Peggy on Hi-De-Hi! and now a feisty Dick Whittington in panto, explains why she loves her wayward dolly.

'Renata was given to me about 12 years ago, after Hi-De-Hi! finished. I was invited to a theme park at Longeaton and we were having a drink when they gave her to me. I love her. She has such a cheeky look. She's not a straightforward doll. You can tell by the way she winks that she's got guts and she's not afraid to show a bit of cleavage.

'I named her Renata after Rene and Renata, who sang Save My Love. I thought the name was appropriate. It's European, quite racy and smacks of someone who's seen the world.

'She lives in a room downstairs that I call my play area. It's where all my old videos and nick nacks people have given me live. She sits in her own plastic chair and when I go down there, I'll always say hello. I talk to her all the time, which makes me sound barmy, but when you've had something for a long time, you do form a kind of relationship with it.

'I've created an entire history for her. People say to me: "It's just a doll, what are you talking about?" But it's fun. I think she wanted to be an entertainer but her parents wouldn't let her so she ran away. She's learned how to be tough, having worked in brothels and been a madam. I think she's been married several times to no-good men - in fact she's probably shot one of them. But she's retired now and is perfectly happy on her own.

'I do have a couple of other dolls, including a drag doll (which is a boy doll dressed up in women's clothing). She's called Olivia, has grand ideas and doesn't get along with Renata. Renata wears fishnets and Olivia thinks that makes her a trollop. I should write a series about them.

'I don't actually collect dolls, mainly because collecting things for the sake of it is tedious. And I hate Barbie-type dolls - they're so boring. I want dolls that evoke a bit of controversy. If anyone gave me a toilet roll doll, I'd take a Stanley knife to my wrists.'

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