Past Su News : October/November 2001

29 November : Su in 'Gimme Gimme Gimme'
On Friday 7th December BBC 1 (9.30pm rest of UK - 10.35pm in Scotland) viewer's will perhaps think they are seeing double if they happen to be watching episode five of the third series of Gimme Gimme Gimme

Yes! Su is joining Kathy Burke as Linda, and James Dreyfus as Tom in the hilarious comedy. She stars as Tom's singing teacher Heidi Honeycomb in the much anticipated 'Singing In The Drain' - Dont Miss It!

Many UK TV magazine guides feature snippets and small articles on Su's doppleganger appearance in Gimme, including this from TV Times...

Great joy at Number 69: Linda (the brilliant Kathy Burke) has been hired as a top model and flatmate Tom (the brilliant James Dreyfus) has an audition for a West End musical of Shakespeare's Titus. The only problem is that she can't walk in a straight line and he can't sing. So, while luscious Linda practises her catwalk mincing, Tom hires a singing teacher - a strange Linda lookalike called Heidi Honeycomb (the brilliant Su Pollard, even more manic than usual). Do you think they gave Su that name so they could have the line: 'Heidi - Hi!' in the script? The usual rude, crude and over the top fare. We love it!

29 November : Pirates Of Penzance
Su continues to play Ruth the pirate maid around Britain in the hugely successful musical The Pirates Of Penzance. This week Su and company are in Leicester, at the De Monfort Hall and from next Monday (3rd December) they will be appearing at the Milton Keynes Theatre.

"This is the best musical in town by far...YOU'LL LOVE IT!" - Daily Mail

"An absolute treat" - Metro

"I loved every tuneful minute of it" - The Times

29 November : Christmas Is Coming - Su Gift Ideas!
Stuck for a festive treat for the Su fan in your life? Why not brighten up their Christmas by giving them one of these Su related items:

The Collection - 17 Su tracks on CD for the first time : Includes the hit singles 'Starting Together' and 'Come To Me (I Am Woman)' Full purchase details here.

Jackanory : Raging Robots And Unruly Uncles

Su Pollard tells a story of the utmost villainy and soppy sweetness where Prudence receives a goody-goody robot from villainous Uncle Jasper and his seven boys. To get her revenge Prudence sends them a foulmouthed robot called Mr Nadger. The two unbearable robots force Prudence and the boys to get out of their homes where, by a strange coincidence, they meet up, find they get on together quite well, and make some big plans. Available online from Blackstar

Su as the voice of Penny Crayon in the popular children's cartoon series.

Both of these releases are still available online from Amazon

29 November : Su TV Details
Hi-De-Hi! : UK Gold
Thu 29th Nov : 7.00pm
Fri 30th Nov : 4.30am
Fri 30th Nov : 7.00pm
Sat 1st Dec : 4.40am
Mon 3rd Dec : 7.00pm
Tue 4th Dec : 7.00pm
Wed 5th Dec : 7.00pm
Thu 6th Dec : 7.00pm
Fri 7th Dec : 7.10pm
Mon 10th Dec : 7.00pm
Tue 11th Dec : 7.10pm

Hi-De-Hi! : UK Gold 2
Fri 30th Nov : 1.00am
Sat 1st Dec : 1.00am
Tue 4th Dec : 1.00am
Wed 5th Dec : 1.00am
Thu 6th Dec : 1.00am
Fri 7th Dec : 1.00am
Sat 8th Dec : 1.00am
Tue 11th Dec : 1.00am
Wed 12th Dec : 1.00am

You Rang, M'Lord? : UK Drama
Thu 29th Nov : 7.00pm
Fri 30th Nov : 5.00am
Fri 30th Nov : 7.00pm
Sat 1st Dec : 5.00am
Sat 1st Dec : 7.00pm
Sun 2nd Dec : 5.05am
Sun 2nd Dec : 7.00pm
Mon 3rd Dec : 5.00am
Mon 3rd Dec : 7.00pm
Tue 4th Dec : 00.15am
Tue 4th Dec : 5.00am
Tue 4th Dec : 7.00pm
Wed 5th Dec : 5.00am
Wed 5th Dec : 7.00pm
Thu 6th Dec : 5.05am
Thu 6th Dec : 7.00pm
Fri 7th Dec : 00.15am
Fri 7th Dec : 5.00am
Fri 7th Dec : 7.00pm
Fri 7th Dec : 11.55pm
Sat 8th Dec : 5.00am
Sat 8th Dec : 7.00pm
Sun 9th Dec : 5.05am
Sun 9th Dec : 7.00pm
Mon 10th Dec : 5.00am
Mon 10th Dec : 7.00pm
Tue 11th Dec : 00.15am
Tue 11th Dec : 5.00am
Tue 11th Dec : 7.00pm
Wed 12th Dec : 00.10am
Wed 12th Dec : 5.00am
Wed 12th Dec : 7.00pm

Gimme Gimme Gimme : BBC 1
Fri 7th Dec : 9.30pm
(10.35pm in Scotland)

Gimme x 3 : BBC 2
Sun 9th Dec : 10.30pm

Gimme x 3 : BBC Choice
Sun 9th Dec : 10.30pm
Tue 11th Dec : 11.00pm
Wed 12th Dec : 9.00pm

Singing in the Drain:
Sitcom about two flatmates who have nothing in common apart from their outrageous attitude to life and their taste in men. Linda finally realises her ambition to become a model, while Tom secures an audition for a West End musical. Starring: Kathy Burke, James Dreyfus, Brian Bovell, Beth Goddard, Su Pollard, Jonathan Harvey


17 November : New Look Site
Hello and welcome to the new look Su Online - Version 3. We are now bigger and better, with an expanded Gallery section, News Archive, Pirates Of Penzance Page, and much more to explore. 

To celebrate the new look there is also a special online feature - Su At Home.

17 November : Pirates

Today is the last day of The Pirates Of Penzance Brighton run. Su and the company will be at the Richmond Theatre in Surrey all next week.

17 November : Su In Glasgow
Su was in Glasgow with Pirates a fortnight ago. Coming soon to the Gallery are some exclusive pictures, keep checking back...
17 November : Su TV News
Hi-De-Hi! :  UK Gold

Monday 19th November - 7.00pm
Tuesday 20th November - 7.00pm
Wednesday 21st November - 7.00pm
Thursday 22nd November - 4.30am
Thursday 22nd November - 7.00pm
Friday 23rd November - 7.00pm
Saturday 24th November - 4.30am
Monday 26th November - 7.00pm

Hi-De-Hi! : UK Gold 2 

Tuesday 20th November - 1.00am
Wednesday 21st November - 1.00am
Thursday 22nd November - 1.00am
Friday 23rd November - 1.00am
Saturday 24th November - 1.00am

You Rang, M'Lord? : UK Drama

Monday 19th November - 7.00pm
Tuesday 20th November - 7.00pm
Wednesday 21st November - 5.00am
Wednesday 21st November - 7.00pm
Thursday 22nd November - 5.00am
Thursday 22nd November - 7.00pm
Friday 23rd November - 5.05am
Friday 23rd November - 7.00pm
Saturday 24th November - 5.05am
Saturday 24th November - 7.00pm
Sunday 25th November - 5.00am
Sunday 25th November - 7.00pm



5 November : Dick Whittington Update
Don't forget Su will very soon (well, the 13th December actually) be heading for the North Wales Theatre, Llandudno to star in Dick Whittington. Alongside Su will be Paul Danan alias "Sol Patrick" from Hollyoaks as the Captain's Mate.

The run commences on 13th December 2001and goes through to 6th January 2002. Su is one of the top panto stars in the country so if you haven't seen her give her principal boy in this most British of theatrical traditions then pop along to the North Wales Theatre this Christmas for a festive treat. 

Box Office:  01492 872000 

2 November : Su In Glasgow
Su has been in Glasgow all this week, continuing with her starring role in The Pirates Of Penzance. The Theatre Royal in Glasgow City Centre is the venue, and on Saturday (3rd November) two performances will close the Glasgow run.

Su appeared on Scotland Today, Scotland's top evening news programme, alongside co-star Gary Wilmot on Tuesday. Su and Gary were on great form and seemed to be enjoying their visit to Glasgow, as well as appearing in Pirates.

"Relish the tunes and enjoy the lyrics of one of the best musicals currently on show" - Glasgow Herald

Coming Soon - Exclusive pictures of Su in Glasgow.

2 November : Su TV News
Hi De Hi! - UK Gold

Friday 2nd Nov : 7.00pm
Monday 5th Nov : 7.00pm
Tuesday 6th Nov : 1.30am
Tuesday 6th Nov : 7.00pm
Wednesday 7th Nov : 7.00pm

Hi De Hi! - UK Gold 2

Saturday 3rd Nov : 1.00am
Tuesday 6th Nov : 1.00am
Wednesday 7th Nov : 1.00am
Thursday 8th Nov : 1.00am
Saturday 10th Nov : 1.00am
Tuesday 13th Nov : 1.00am

Hi De Hi! - RTE 1

Friday 9th Nov : 12.30pm
Saturday 10th Nov : 1.00pm

Catch Su as Peggy Ollerenshaw, in the show that made her a household name.

2 November : Gimme x 3
The third series of this comedy series begins this evening on BBC1 at 9.30pm (10.35pm in Scotland).

Su is scheduled to appear in episode five (Friday 7th December). 

The much anticipated episode is called "Singing In The Drain" and sees Su as Tom's singing teacher, Miss Heidi Honeycomb. Su had great fun recording the episode with Kathy Burke and James Dreyfuss.


9 October : The Collection

Su Pollard - The Collection

At long last, a collection of recordings made by Su over the years is available on CD. The 17 track album features such favourites as "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling", "Band Of Gold", "Perhaps Love" and many more. By popular demand it also includes the hit single "Come To Me (I Am Woman)" and the chart topping "Starting Together". This single went Silver and sold in excess of 100,000 copies, it is available for the very first time ever in compact disc form. 

The cost of each CD is 8  including postage and packing anywhere in the UK or the Republic Of Ireland. Please make cheques / postal orders payable to "Su Pollard CD" and send to: 
PO Box 1838 
Stoke On Trent 
ST12 9JS 

There will be a number of autographed copies available on a first come-first served basis. Be sure to state if you would like your copy to be autographed by Su. 

For orders outside the UK and Ireland, email for payment details and shipping charges: 

Please allow 28 days for delivery.

9 October : Su Interview - The Sentinel
Su was interviewed in Stoke On Trent's newspaper The Sentinel last week.

Trying to get a word in edgeways when talking to Su Pollard is like trying to stop an avalanche with a small plastic fork.

This woman produces more words per second than the rest of the world combined and you feel sure that somewhere is a cable plugging her into the National Grid.

But it is an energy she certainly needs for her current role as Ruth in Pirates Of Penzance, which plays at Hanley's Regent Theatre next week, with Gary Wilmot as her co star.

"It's a fabulous part in a fabulous show", she says. "I get a great cossie - big boots, big belt. The director said to me, 'are you sure it's not going home with you?'. I love it to bits. Look out for me wearing it."

One thing's for sure, this is not your traditional representation of Gilbert and Sullivan.

"The show's all tongue-in-cheek. Much more sexy than D'Oyly Carte. They're all gagging for it. The girls, the pirates, me. It's such a laugh. Real rollicking entertainment. But the music is as Sullivan wrote it. We're all good singers."

It sounds the perfect manic role for Su who made her name as the ever-eager but forever-disappointed Peggy in Hi De Hi, but whose first TV experience was as a runner up to a singing dog on Opportunity Knocks.

But Su's still rabbiting about The Pirates Of Penzance.

"You should see Gary Wilmot. He's got these great leather trousers. It's down to them that he's got his own fanclub. And they're not all nubile young girls. There's mums and matrons and grannies. And lots of kids. The kids love the show. It's like panto."

Su has lost a stone during the run of Pirates Of Penzance - quite handy since she recently made a video called 'Sensible Slimming'.

"It's so energetic", she says "But I just love it. And I love touring. I get to stay in nice hotels and I have a really good time. I like to talk to the other guests."

I can well believe it.

John Woodhouse



3 October : 'Pirates Of Penzance' Reviewed
The Stage newspaper has reviewed Pirates Of Penzance at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre.

This version of the venerated Gilbert and Sullivan operetta originated through Joe Papp and New York's Central Park. It was an immediate success there so, after Broadway, West End and film productions, it has returned to a park theatre. 

And on fine nights a magical theatre it is too - a natural amphitheatre surrounded by trees with the stage shining hypnotically in the dusk. A total delight. 

This souped-up and modernised adaptation, which uses material from the writers' other shows and even an Elvis impression, has been completely re-cast by director Ian Talbot. 

A shaven-headed Gary Wilmot as the Pirate King and Su Pollard playing a man-chasing old maid give the performance a distinct pantomime feel. There is even a song sheet with a split sing-along audience and a hilarious squad of dancing Keystone Cops. 

Since the colourful pirates are all spineless bravado, ever ready to spare orphans, any cops versus buccaneers fighting is of the knockabout variety.

Aside from Wilmot and Pollard, there are three other stand-out roles. David Alder as a blimpish major-general scores with his contribution, Joshua Dallas does nicely as the reformed pirate turned hero and best of all is Karen Evans as his romantic target. 

Her voice soars higher than the mainmast - clearly a girl with a future. Although relatively unknown, she is a natural lead for musicals. 

Compliments also to Giles Taylor and his gang of feeble cops, the men sailing under the Jolly Roger and the four young ladies in crinoline. 

By James Green

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3 October : Woman's Hour

BBC Online have a page on Su and her recent Woman's Hour interview. 

Click here to visit the page. There is also the opportunity to listen to a sound file too.

Click here to read what Kathy Burke has to say about Su and Gimme Gimme Gimme.

Another link from the recent I Love 1980's series. A great pic of Su as Peggy from Hi De Hi! Click here.

3 October : A Su Club @ Yahoo
The Su Pollard Shrine
: A Su Club @ Yahoo :

This great club at Yahoo is dedicated to all things Su. Visit and become a member, post a message, add a link, check out the fantastic photo album. There's lots to see and do at the Su Pollard Shrine.

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