Past Su News : March 2001

11 March : Hi-De-Hi!

Nostalgia time last night when the BBC repeated a 1985 episode of Hi-De-Hi! Who knows, maybe more will follow.


4 March : I Love 1986

Su was featured in I Love 1986 She was commenting on some of the big events of the year, including Bruce Willis, 'power' ballads, and big glasses!

They also showed some old Su clips from this year too.

14 March : TV & Radio Awards

Su attended the Television & Radio Awards yesterday at Grosvenor House.

7 March : Hi-De-Hi!
Hi De Hi! returns to BBC 1 this Saturday (10 March) with the episode 'Spaghetti Galore' from 1986. In this episode Gladys has a date with Clive Dempster but then when Joe Maplin's right hand man also invites her out on the same night, it is left to Peggy (played, of course, by Su) to come to the rescue with her motorcycle and sidecar....
2 March : Su News Bits
Su is off to Cannes in early April to help promote the new animated series The Little Robots in which she voices one of the characters.

The edition of Songs Of Praise Su appears in is scheduled for broadcast on BBC1 on April 1. She will be singing "Day By Day".

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