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You Rang, M'Lord? - Series One DVD 

February 26, 2006: 'You Rang, M'Lord?' Complete Series 2 - DVD artwork
You Rang, M'Lord? DVD Series TwoThe finished artwork for the You Rang, M'Lord? The Complete Series Two DVD. A two-disc set.

The DVD will be available to buy from Monday 3rd April 2006.

From the minds of Jimmy Perry and David Croft.

Working class chancer Alf Stokes (Paul Shane) and James Twelvetrees (Jeffrey Holland) first meet as soldiers in the battle trenches of France during the First World War. They find the body of an officer and, assuming that he's dead, Alf robs him of his valuables. Then they find that the officer, the Honourable Teddy Meldrum (Michael Knowles), is still alive so they carry him off to a field hospital. 

Ten years later, James is working in the household of Teddy's brother, Lord Meldrum (Donald Hewlett). Alf suddenly turns up and is taken on as the new butler, against James' wishes. Alf's daughter, Ivy (Su Pollard) also starts working in the household as a parlour maid but her relationship with Alf is kept secret...

An outstanding comedy series, written by acclaimed veterans Jimmy Perry and David Croft, which reunited many of the cast from the award-winning sitcom Hi-De-Hi!

Episodes comprise:
1. Labour of Love 
2. Trouble at Mill 
3. Money Talks 
4. The Meldrum Vases 
5. The Wounds of War 
6. Stranger in the Night 
7. Royal Flush

To pre-order your DVD at Amazon UK please click on the picture.

February 26, 2006: Looking ahead to Christmas 2006!!
It's A Su Online EXCLUSIVE!! - Su will be appearing at the Palace Theatre in Mansfield for Christmas 2006, in Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs. Su will be reprising her Wicked Queen.

Further info later in the year.

February 26, 2006: 'Romeo & Juliet' - The Argus Review
The Argus - February 2006Romeo & Juliet, 
Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne

The Bard is back. After a long absence from the Eastbourne stage, the classic tale of starcrossed lovers, Romeo and JulietĒ opened this week. 

Birmingham Rep and The Touring Consortium's stylish adaptation, directed by Bill Bryden, is a feast for the senses. The huge set looks like it has crash landed and is at such a steep rake it offers an intimate feel. 

The large, talented cast includes Gerald Harper, displaying imposing stage presence as Friar Laurence, Su Pollard, who gains laughs aplenty as the nurse, and Gus Gallagher as Mercutio, who has the teenage girls in the audience swooning. 

Of course, the evening belongs to Romeo, RADA graduate and relative newcomer Jamie Doyle, and his wideeyed and beautiful Juliet, played by Anjali Jay. 

This classy presentation of Shakespeare's classic is a treat. The costumes, with a modern twist, deserve note, as does the music by John Tams and the effective lighting by John Harris.

February 26, 2006: 'Romeo & Juliet' - IC North Wales Review
Review: Romeo & Juliet Feb 15 2006
Emma Brown, South Wales Echo
New Theatre, Cardiff

It was with an impending sense of doom I went to watch The Birmingham Repertory Theatre's production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. And not because I knew the ending!

Su Pollard of Hi-de-Hi fame plays the nurse and I was bracing myself for a panto-style adaptation; "Watch out Romeo, Tybalt's behind you!"

But the former chalet maid plays the part with style and graceful humour, and sets the tone perfectly for this tale of star-crossed lovers. She shares the celebrity limelight with Gerald Harper, better known as Hadleigh from the 1960s TV series, who plays Friar Laurence.

I've seen more versions of Romeo and Juliet than you can shake an apothecary's bottle of poison at, but very few which manage to capture the romance and magic of Shakespeare's great tragedy as successfully as this one. While the unknown leads seemed sometimes swamped by the pressure of the moment, their hesitancy added an endearing innocence to the young lovers.

Whether you're a fan of Shakespeare or not, on Valentine's week this most romantic of plays is a perfect treat.

February 12, 2006: 'Romeo & Juliet' - Left Lion Nottingham Review
Dom Henry went to see Romeo & Juliet at the Theatre Royal

In Romeo & Juliet we have a play that boasts over 40 film versions and more stage shows than can be counted safely without algebra. While essentially a good yarn it has been done to death over the years and so it’s with a cool eye that we watch the latest effort to swing by...

The Birmingham Repertory Company is touring with a cast of raw young talent, with some of the cast fresh out of drama school, supported by more experienced hands, including Nottingham entertainer legend Su Pollard as the Nurse. Bill Brydon has produced this with a no frills approach, and the pace is quick amongst a sparse set consisting of a simple raised stage and a wooden panelled backboard complete with retractable balcony and gate. Alas in act five, with the grave scene set within a trapdoor in the raised stage, if you are in the front half of the stalls and of ‘a shorter disposition’ the view is quite restricted, so tickets in the balcony might be an idea if you're going.

The costumes were novel, while the ladies sported simple dresses, the men wore tight denim jeans with modern jackets chopped and laced together into a quasi classic style, an interesting take you might say mixing the old and the new but matching denim codpieces? steady on. Combine this with a youthful cast and the effect is Hollyoaks meets the Renaissance, experimental artistic statement? tiny budget? who knows.

Romeo in this production was played by a youthful Jamie Doyle for whom this is his first professional tour after graduating from RADA, good for him. It’s nice to see Romeo, a young good looking buck, played in the story by a young good looking actor. Jamie seems to play the role with a serious hand, more young Hamlet than Romeo perhaps, and while there are some good angst riddled moments with him I would have liked to have seen more love smitten body language. The young Juliet, she's fourteen in the story, is played by Anjali Jay, who captures the feel of a young girl well but fails to connect with the audience, the octave range of her delivery and her movement was unexpressive, perhaps accurate for a young girl, rather than a hormonal fuelled teen, but I was unmoved. 

There were some good supporting performances which made the show worthwhile, Friar Laurence played by veteran actor Gerald Harper was the rounded, compassionate and sincere paternal voice in Romeos ear. Su Pollard as Nurse was great fun, her bustling vocal energy combined with a good appreciation of the bawdy Shakesperian humour was refreshing, this is her first Shakespeare outing on the stage and she fits neatly into her role, nice one Su. Other nods go to an imposing Tybalt played by Daniel Williams and Wendy Morgan’s Lady Capulet. One of the highlights of the show was Gus Gallagher as Mercutio, his animated style and sharp appreciation of the wit and comic timing of the part was a real pleasure to watch, he was clearly enjoying himself and reminded me of a sharp and bawdy version of John de Lancies 'Q' from Star Trek, excellent. 

On the whole there seemed to be a noticeable lack of pathos amongst some members of the cast with certain sections of dialogue seeming wooden and emotionless, patchy in some characters yet a real problem for others, Paris being an example. Some of the 'raw young talent' need to relax and enjoy themselves more perhaps, its one of those plays which is often scoffed at for over acting but under acting and lack of emotion is just as much an issue. While I can sympathise with their position, I would be bricking myself in their shoes, the audience’s sympathy is tempered with the fact that they are paying for the privilege and expect a high standard, which sadly in this show wasn’t universal. Nonetheless it was an interesting performance and it will be interesting to see how the cast’s careers develop, Su Pollard as Lady Macbeth perhaps?

February 12, 2006: 'Romeo & Juliet' - Cast/Crew information
Friar John/Sampson: Philip Bulcock
Lady: Lucy Cudden
Romeo: Jamie Doyle
Paris: Gabriel Fleary
Montague: Keiran Flynn
Mercutio: Gus Gallagher
Friar Lawrence: Gerald Harper
Juliet: Anjali Jay
Peter: Tim Lewis
Lady Capulet: Wendy Morgan
Nurse Su Pollard
Lady Montague: Mary Ryder
Capulet: Simon Scott
Benvolio: Alex Waldman
Tybalt: Daniel Williams

Director: Bill Bryden
Designer: Hayden Griffin
Lighting: John Harris
Music: John Tams
Fight director: William Hobbs

February 12, 2006: 'Romeo & Juliet' - Wycome Swan Press Release
The recently issued Romeo & Juliet Press Release from the Wycombe Swan.

Bill Bryden, whilst Associate Director at the National Theatre, directed Larkrise to Candleford, The Iceman Cometh, Glengarry Glen Ross and American Buffalo. Bill also formed an artistic company within the National Theatre which produced The Mysteries, a landmark production with music by John Tams which won the Olivier, the Evening Standard and the Variety Club awards for Best Director. Bill has also directed films, including John Hurt and Brian Cox in Six Characters in Search of an Author.

Heyden Griffin’s career in British theatre and film spans 30 years; including Plenty, A Map of The World and Pravda with David Hare and Glengarry Glen Ross with David Mammet.Hayden has also designed opera and ballet for the Royal Opera House, ENO and Birmingham Royal Ballet.

John Tams is described by MOJO as ‘one of the ultimate British songwriters’ with a career
spanning 4 decades in every medium. A member of The Albion Band and Home Service, he is also known for playing Daniel Hagman in the TV series Sharpe.

This production brings together a team of young actors including recent RADA graduate Jamie Doyle who’s making his professional theatre debut as an extremely handsome, young Romeo. 

Playing his Juliet is Anjali Jay who appeared in the RSC’s highly acclaimed Midnight’s Children and the BBC TV series Doctors.

The young couple are joined by some of Britain’s finest theatre actors; Su Pollard in the role of Juliet’s nurse, National Theatre stalwart Wendy Morgan as Lady Capulet, Peter Straker – a unique and versatile performer plays her husband and Gerald Harper will be Friar Laurence.

February 12, 2006: Su on TV
Hi-De-Hi! and You Rang, M'Lord? are both all over the UKTV Drama schedules againin the coming weeks, including a triple helping of Hi-De-Hi! the Saturday afternoon after next (25th February).

Please check TV listings magazines for exact days and times.

February 4, 2006: 'BBC Nottingham' - Su interview online- Listen now!
It's Su!Su was interviewed earlier this week by BBC Nottingham. She has been back in her home town with Romeo & Juliet.

The interview is available to listen to online at the 'BBC Nottingham' website.

Lots of talk about castles, canoes, Nottingham, acoustics, train journeys, Gerald Harper, and playing the character of the Nurse in Romeo & Juliet: "She's got a really good heart and there are some great scenes".

Su mentions that she was offered the role two years ago but couldn't accept then as she was already working in another production.

There's also talk about Hi-De-Hi!, The Pirates Of Penzance, Gary Wilmot, growing up in Nottingham in the 50s: "I remember it being very cold, and discovering my first supermarket Fine Fares!"

There was even time for a spin of 'Starting Together' - Su's big hit from 20 years ago. Su said: "Kept off the top by Diana Ross!"

Please click on the picture to listen to this entertaining and fun interview.

February 4, 2006: 'Croydon Guardian' - Down-to-earth Su not put off by Bard's verse
Su was interviewed recently by the 'Croydon Guardian'. The interview took place while Su was playing at the Wimbledon Theatre with Romeo & Juliet.

Down-to-earth Su not put off by Bard's verse

Su Pollard, a household name thanks to cult BBC comedy, Hi De Hi, is back keeping campers happy this week in a new production of Romeo and Juliet at New Wimbledon Theatre, writes Nancy Groves.

Amazingly the part of Juliet's nurse is Pollard's first Shakespearean role. While Pollard has been offered several bites at the Bard over the years, she never wanted to end up doing Shakespeare for the sake of it.

But rereading the play she realised the nurse was not a million miles away from Peggy Ollerenshaw, the role that made her famous, with some Sybil Fawlty thrown in for good measure.

"She is like a seaside landlady in my view she does things for the right reasons but it still manages to turn on its head," says Pollard of the put-upon nurse, who provides some much-needed light relief in the essentially tragic play.

"Our director Bill Brydon's view is that until Tybalt gets murdered the play is quite a romantic comedy."

Of course, as the Capulets and Montagues begin to self-destruct, the love story quickly turns in on itself and Pollard is surprised by how much it affects her, despite the complex language.

"We try to keep the detail as finely tuned as possible but it's very well thought out," she says. 

"If you've got any semblance of the wordsmith about you, you can make something of it. It's the same ordinary chat that we have now and you shouldn't be daunted by it."

February 4, 2006: 'IC Croydon' - Clean break from Maplin's 
Clean break from Maplin's

With a CV littered with tea-time TV comedies and panto appearances the last thing you would expect Su Pollard to turn her hand to is Shakespearean tragedy.

Only three days ago she was playing the Wicked Queen to packed audiences but already Su is throwing herself into rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet - and loving every minute of it.

"This will be my virginal appearance as far as Shakespeare goes," she laughs. "I have read things and seen lots of productions, of course, but this will be the first time I have taken to the stage.

"I have been asked to do other productions but have never seemed to find the time. But this production has a great director and obviously a fantastic writer so I thought it would be a good job to do."

Su's bubbly character and kind-hearted nature make her perfectly suited for the part of Juliet's nurse - one of the more humorous parts in the play.

"I thought the role of the Nurse would suit me. It is a fun thing and she is a kind soul who tries to do her best," she says.

"I suppose Shakespeare can be a bit of a shock, I have had to just forget I have ever done panto. But it is just the same as doing any kind of job even if it is not the same sort of silliness. You just take on board what you have to do and you do your best. I will just take it in my stride."

And Su is not short of varied projects to keep her busy. With plans for a one woman show, radio sketches and voice-overs for a new series of children's programme Little Robots in the pipeline, it is a wonder she ever gets time to herself.

But she still makes sure she has time to stay in touch with her fellow survivors from her Hi-De-Hi days.

The popular sitcom set in post-war holiday camp Maplin's dominated TV screens throughout the 1980s and made Su, who played cleaner Peggy Ollerenshaw who dreamt of being a Yellowcoat, a household name.

"If we don't get the chance to see each other we will always stay in touch by text," she says.

"I have just seen Ruth Maddoc - she was playing the same part as me in panto in Blackpool. We went out for dinner and had a great time. I am also hoping to see Paul Shane soon in Derby.

"When we first started out together hardly any of us were known. We all learned from each other how to handle it. There was a great camaraderie.

"We went wine tasting so we could learn to be more sophisticated. We had competitions and I would always get it wrong - I'd call something a Hock when it would be some wonderful concoction from Chile."

Now as a refined Shakespearean actress such carefree days must seem a long time ago but as long as Su is doing work she can be proud of she is content.

"I like to do anything I feel is good stuff - you should not limit yourself and try anything within your scope. I try to take on all sorts."

Joe Maplin would be proud.

[ News Source: www.iccroydon.icnetwork.co.uk ]

February 4, 2006: 'Romeo & Juliet' - BBC Nottingham Review
BBC NottinghamRomeo and Juliet 
Review by Rachel Read

Two star-crossed lovers take their lives… and not even a mildly damp eye in the house.

Like a cup of coffee from a service station, this production of 'Romeo and Juliet' is decidedly lukewarm.

The cast
Have a quick perusal of on-line reviews and you will see that poor Jamie Doyle, fresh out of RADA, is saddled with most of the blame.  In my opinion, this is unfair – he strikes the right note between teenage angst and real passion and he deserves to be proud of this thoroughly respectable performance. 

It is Anjali Jay's affected, mannered interpretation of Juliet that I had more problems with; I found her performance lacked range and subtlety, with everything delivered speedily and squeakily. She "acts" whilst Doyle is real. Chemistry between the two is neglible – I've seen bigger sparks fail to light a match.

I've never thought that Romeo and Juliet was a play in which small parts could scene-steal, but Tim Lewis defiantly proves me wrong.

In the part of Peter, which barely registers upon a reading of the text, he generates humour with ease. Praise also for Alex Waldmann as the oft-overlooked Benvolio, creating an endearing and really quite lovely character.

The set
Design is most disappointing. The bleached wood balcony structure that pretty much entirely composes the spartan set looks like something that Changing Room's Handy Andy would be proud of, whilst the costumes are a curious mix of gherkins and jeans, codpieces and hoodies.

The conclusion
But the thing that this play lacks is spark - save for the excitingly choreographed fight scenes (complete with menacing music – a welcome change from the horrific pan-pipe CD that toots at us for any romantic moments) and Su Pollard's tender but dynamic Nurse. 

As a result it drags on to an oddly unmoving conclusion – well not so odd when you consider that you strip away practically all drama, tension and poignancy by hiding Juliet in an out-of-sight underground tomb. Likewise, is it too much to ask for Romeo to accompany, 'Thus with a kiss I die' with an actual kiss?!

This play never goes as far as being bad.  But it never ventures anywhere near very good territory either. I found it static and staid, despite the best efforts of a hard-working cast and a crew that strive to give us a 'no-frills' Shakespeare. 

Like that service station cup of coffee, it'll fill you up for now but given the ingredients (one of the most powerful scripts in Shakespeare, admittedly not to be found in coffee), you just know that something much more satisfying could have been produced.

[ News Source: www.bbc.co.uk/nottingham ]

February 4, 2006: 'Romeo & Juliet' - Indie London Review
Indie LondonRomeo & Juliet
Review by David Munro

Romeo and Juliet is probably the best known and most hackneyed love story in English Literature.

The Birmingham Repertory Company has elected to tell it in a straightforward manner with no frills. Bill Bryden’s muscular and brisk production of the tale was well suited by Hayden Griffin’s austere set, a bare stage with an ingenious superstructure which emerged from the rear for the interior scenes. This forced the actors to create the reality of the scenes by their performances which by and large they did with great success.

As with any production of this play, the focus is on the two lovers and I don’t intend to add to the plethora of opinions as to whether or not it is reasonable to have actors with something approximating the character’s age with minimum acting experience, or whether it should be played by actors with the scope and ability to encompass the verse, if not the character’s ages.

Bill Bryden opted for the first opinion with a Romeo, Jamie Doyle, making his professional stage debut and a Juliet, Anjali Jay, with a little more experience but still young. Both these young actors coped extremely well, giving a “street cred” reading to the roles which fitted in with the overall rough and ready telling of the story which had been opted for.

Although one lost some of the poetry in this conception of the roles, at least the intense romance was preserved and gave some credibility to the melodramatic finale of the play. 

Jamie Doyle, in particular, handled his lines with skill and made his Romeo a young, coltish yet endearing boy who falls for a pretty face without realising the consequences.

On occasions, particularly in the second act, he managed to give the role back its poetry without losing his overall concept of the character which I found impressive. He certainly justified Mr Bryden’s selection of him and I look forward to seeing how he and his career develop as I suspect it will be well worth watching.

Anali Jay did not quite impress me as much. She read her lines well but her Juliet was too “little girly” for my taste. I felt if she thought a little less about “the acting” and was more spontaneous she would have been a better counterpart for Mr Doyle. But it is a difficult role and I thought that, given my expressed reservation, she coped well.

As did the rest of the cast, although one had to admit that the two featured players deserved their billing. Su Pollard was a down to earth Nurse; the fact that her previous job and experience in some renaissance holiday camp had left its mark on her bustling movements and forms of speech did not detract from the warmth and sincerity she brought to the role.

Edith Evans she was not, and all the better for it, I say. Her playing of the part fitted in with the carry-on in Verona as portrayed by Mr Bryden and very good she was in it.

Gerald Harper, too, showed what an experienced thespian can make of Friar Lawrence. This was no bumbling cleric but a sincere churchman with compassion and authority. His handling of the situation was that of an understanding schoolmaster faced with a difficult problem in the classroom and his distress when the solution went wrong was understandable; a lovely performance.

It is perhaps invidious to single out any of the other well played performances. Keoran Flynn was a fine upstanding Montague which matched Simon Scott’s Capulet. Both their ladies were well represented by Wendy Morgan as a fire-eating Lady Capulet and Mary Ryder as a more understanding Lady Montague; Mercutio and Tybalt were made excellent sparring partners by Gus Gallagher and Daniel Williams. In fact, a fine cast who played their part, whether big or small, well.

Mention should I suppose be made of Mr Bryden’s coup de theatre in making the Prince of Verona a voice from above with the sonorous yet mellifluous tones of Sir Donald Sinden but this was just one of the many directorial touches which went to give lustre to the production. My only reservation is that I found the opening street brawl a little to close to home in view of some of the recent unhappy events on the London streets but perhaps I am a little too oversensitive.

All in all this was a good, well played, understandable evening of theatre and, judging from the applause at the end from a mostly school aged audience, one that is very acceptable to the next generation of theatre goers.

I know if I were “doing” the play for my GCE this production would be all that I would need to make sense of Mr. Shakespeare’s doomed love story; a good mark to all concerned!

[ News Source: www.indielondon.co.uk ]

January 31, 2006: 'You Rang, M'Lord?' - Complete Series Two DVD + 'YRM' News
• Less than a week until the You Rang, M'Lord? Complete Series One DVD is available to buy, comes news that The Complete Second Series DVD will be released on Monday 3rd April 2006.

Artwork for this second DVD is still under wraps. Thanks to everyone who sent emails to Su Online over the last few weeks. All your support and encouragement is much appreciated and with this level of interest it would appear that these DVDs are going to be very successful. Here's hoping the other series' will see DVD releases too.

Don't forget that You Rang, M'Lord? is being shown each weekday morning on the UKTV Drama channel this week, and the following two Saturdays at midday too. [See below for further details]

January 31, 2006: Su on TV - You Rang, M'Lord?
You Rang, M'Lord? : UKTV Drama - Tuesday 31st January : 10.15am
Come to The Ball. Chortles with the gang whose faces you'll recognise from 'Hi-De-Hi'. Mabel finds a purse in the street and Ralph decides to hold a ball for all the servants. Many hearts begin fluttering as everybody hopes to seize the opportunity to dance and flirt with others. Lady Lavender, who is still pining for her dead parrot, begins to cheer up and breaks the formality of the occasion by adding a variety of ingredients to the punch. Starring: Paul Shane, Su Pollard, and Jeffrey Holland.

You Rang, M'Lord? : UKTV Drama - Wednesday 1st February: 11.00am
The Truth Revealed. Perry and Croft set in the Twenties. When Sir Ralph discovers the truth about George and Lady Agatha he decides to put an end to his rival. The perfect occasion arises when Sir Ralph invites the Meldrum household, including the servants, for a weekend at his country home. Starring: Paul Shane, Su Pollard, and Jeffrey Holland.

You Rang, M'Lord? : UKTV Drama - Thursday 2nd February : 10.55am
You Rang, M'Lord? : UKTV Drama - Friday 3rd February : 05.10am
Mrs Lipton's Nasty Turn. Club singer, entertainer and general funnyman Paul Shane stars as the cheeky scoundrel Alf in the sitcom from the minds of Perry and Croft, who's comedies 'You have been watching'. Ivy finds out the truth about Alf's orphans, and Miss Cissy decides to go into politics. Starring: Paul Shane, Su Pollard, Jeffrey Holland, Brenda Cowling, and Catherine Rabett.

You Rang, M'Lord? : UKTV Drama - Friday 3rd February : 10.55am
Well There You Are Then...!. The Meldrum family fortune hits rock bottom, and Lord Meldrum is forced to sell the family silver. Any faint hope of salvation lies in Lady Lavender and Cissy, who are full of practical suggestions. The reality of the situation dawns on Lady Agatha who realises she is better off with her rich husband. And James Twelvetrees finally realises he needs Ivy. Great British sitcom, from Perry and Croft. Starring: Paul Shane, Su Pollard, and Jeffrey Holland.

You Rang, M'Lord? : UKTV Drama - Saturday 4th February : 12.00pm
Fair Shares. Paul 'Ted Bovis' Shane is a decidedly more devious character in the butlers and maids sitcom from the masters, Perry and Croft. Upstairs everyone is wondering whether Ivy has told Sir Ralph that she saw his wife in bed with Lord Meldrum. Meanwhile downstairs, Alf Stokes is still wheeling and dealing to get the best return on the shares he's been promised. Starring: Paul Shane, Su Pollard, and Jeffrey Holland.

You Rang, M'Lord? : UKTV Drama - Saturday 11th February : 12.00pm
Beg, Borrow or Steal. Alf the butler pawns his Lordship's silver cigarette case in order to get the money to buy the Union Jack Rubber Company shares which Lady Lavender has now given to Henry. Starring: Paul Shane, Su Pollard, and Jeffrey Holland.

January 28, 2006: 'Romeo & Juliet'
Romeo & Juliet 2006The first week run of Romeo & Juliet, at the New Wimbledon Theatre, finishes this evening. It's been a fantastic start to the new UK tour of the production.

Su is relishing her role as Nurse and hopes as many of you as possible will make it to one of the theatres along the way.

The passion of Romeo and Juliet is destined to end in tragedy. A fast-paced production from Birmingham Repertory Theatre and The Touring Consortium, of Shakespeare's tragedy. With Su Pollard as the Nurse and Gerald Harper as Friar Lawrence. Directed by Bill Bryden.

Next week Romeo & Juliet will be playing at the Theatre Royal in Su's hometown of Nottingham.

Theatre Royal,
Royal Centre, Theatre Square
Nottingham NG1 5ND
Tel: 0115 989 5555

January 28, 2006: Su, Andy & the crew!
• A dressed-down Su and Andy Collins, and the crew of the Rhyl lifeboat.

Su, Andy & crew of Rhyl lifeboat

Photo by RNLI. Please click on the picture to visit the RNLI website where you can donate to this wonderful organisation. Your support is vital in training and equipping volunteer lifesaving crews.

January 28, 2006: 'Tayside Courier' - Lifeboats send out own SOS
The Royal National Lifeboat Institution charity has issued an urgent SOS to help its volunteer crews. 

It is appealing to schools, shops and other businesses to sign up to its annual fund-raiser, entitled Save Our Soles, on January 27.

The SOS day encourages people to wear trainers to their school or workplace and, in doing so, donate a minimum of £1 each to the charity. Limited edition RNLI SOS day shoelaces are also available for those who are not allowed to wear trainers. 

Television favourites, including Su Pollard and Andy Collins, have already lent their support. Funds raised go to the vital training of volunteer crews.

The charity pointed out that training is more important than ever as fewer than 10% of new volunteer lifeboat crews come from a professional maritime background. RNLI crews need the best training available but this costs money and, as a charity, the RNLI relies on public support. 

Su Pollard said, “I was shocked to learn the RNLI rescues an average of four children a day, but without the support of the public the volunteer crews would not be able to continue to save lives.”

Those wishing to register for a supporters’ pack should contact RNLI Scotland on 01738 642999 or Email sos@rnli.org.uk.

January 28, 2006: 'My Pembrokeshire' - Panto stars put best foot forward
www.mypembrokeshire.comPanto stars put best foot forward for RNLI Save our Soles (SOS) Day

Hi-de-Hi! star Su Pollard and Andy Collins, of Garden SOS and Family Fortunes, are urging people from school pupils to office workers, across Wales, to banish the January blues and start 2006 by having fun and raising cash for the RNLI. 

The celebrity pair who are currently starring in Snow White at the Pavilion Theatre in Rhyl, visited the resort's RNLI boathouse yesterday (5 January). They urged the Welsh public to ditch their formal footwear on SOS Day - 27 January and pay at least £1 to wear their trainers. 

Su and Andy met with the volunteer RNLI lifeboat crew who give up their own time to save lives at sea. They found out how important it is for the crew to be fully trained to do their job in the safest way and that is why every penny raised during the RNLI's second SOS day will fund that training. 

Su says: 'We've seen so many children come in through the doors over the pantomime season. It's such a good feeling to see them laughing and having fun but it's important to remember that being young and vulnerable also has a darker side. The dangers of the sea are often neglected and sadly it's children that are at most risk. 

'I was shocked to learn the RNLI rescues an average of four children a day, but without the support of the public the volunteer crew would not be able to continue to save lives. That's why it's so important for everyone to banish those January blues and have fun on SOS day to raise funds for a very worthy cause.' 

Andy says: 'The RNLI provides a vital voluntary lifesaving service to the coastal areas in the UK and Ireland. I most strongly support the RNLI's SOS campaign to help educate children and to raise awareness of the RNLI's work amongst the younger generation.' 

For further details and a support pack to join in with RNLI SOS day, visit www.rnli.org.uk/sos, email sos@rnli.org.uk or call 0845 121 4999.

January 14, 2006: 'Romeo & Juliet' - Revised dates
Here are the revised, and confirmed, dates for Romeo & Juliet, along with Box Office numbers for each theatre:

24th - 28th January - NEW WIMBLEDON THEATRE [ 0870 060 6646 ]
31st January - 4th February  - THEATRE ROYAL, NOTTINGHAM [ 0115 989 5555 ]
6th - 11th February - LIGHTHOUSE CENTRE, POOLE [ 01202 685222 ]
14th - 18th February - NEW THEATRE, CARDIFF [ 029 2087 8889 ]
21st - 25th February - EASTBOURNE THEATRE [ 01323 412000 ]
28th February - 4th March - CIVIC THEATRE, DARLINGTON [ 01325 486 555 ]
7th - 11th March - SWAN THEATRE, HIGH WYCOMBE [ 01494 512000 ]
14th - 18th March - THEATRE ROYAL, GLASGOW [ 0141 240 1133 ]
28th March - 1st April - GRAND THEATRE, WOLVERHAMPTON [ 01962 429 212 ]

Touring the UK in Spring 2006, this fresh, stylish production is directed by Bill Bryden, best known for his landmark production of 'The Mysteries' at the National Theatre which won an Olivier, Evening Standard and Variety Award for Best Director.

Joining a talented young cast are Su Pollard as The Nurse and Gerald Harper as Friar Laurence, both highly regarded stage actors whose television credits include 'Hi-De-Hi!' and 'Hadleigh'.

[ Romeo & Juliet - 2006 Tour ]

January 14, 2006: 'Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs'
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, Su's panto for Christmas 2005, is done and dusted, Su thanks everyone who took the time to go along to a perfromance. the show was a rip-roaring sucess!
January 14, 2006:  'Hi-De-Hi!' & 'You Rang?' Double Bills!!
The UKTV Drama channel is treating comedy fans to a double bill of Hi-De-Hi! and You Rang, M'Lord? every mid-morning this coming week.

Please check your listings and set your viseos/hard drives or Sky + to make sure you don't miss out.

January 4, 2005: Confirmed 'You Rang, M'Lord?' DVD artwork
• Here is the confirmed artwork for the, long awaited, You Rang, M'Lord? Complete Series One DVD. As you can see the from the cover this does, indeed, include the Pilot Episode.

You Rang, M'Lord? - Complete Series One DVD

The DVD is available to buy from Monday 6th February 2006.


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