Past Su News : September/October 2002

23 October : Su Update
Su is currently enjoying a week out from the Annie tour. 

She is relaxing this week at her home in London, spending time with her parents and friends.

Annie gets going again next Tuesday (29th October) at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham.

23 October : Having It Off
Word reaches us that Su was considered for one of the lead characters in BBC sitcom Having It Off, starring Antony Cotton of Queer As Folk and Absolutely Fabulous 4.

"The names Judi Dench, Su Pollard and Elizabeth Hurley were bandied about willy nilly, as ideal ‘Jolene’ candidates", the actress who now plays Jolene revealed in a recent interview.

23 October : Su:TV
Hi-De-Hi! : UK Gold
6.00am, 1.00pm, 7.00pm
Every day

Classic episodes of the holiday camp favourite, with Su as Peggy.

23 October : Su Online in 'Web User' Magazine
Web User - Oct 02Su Online is featured in the latest issue of 'Web User' magazine here in the UK.

The magazine boasts on its cover that it is the "UK's best selling internet magazine", so being allocated a third of a page feature is very welcome.

As well as using one of the Su charicatures from the Gallery, the magazine also has a screen shot of our home page and little titbits of info and gossip on Su, including mentions for The Pirates Of Penzance and Annie.

Issue 42 of Web User is available until 29th October.

23 October : 'Annie' - First Stop
Leapin' Lizards! This is described as one of the most captivating and delightful musicals of all time. Annie tells the popular story of the 11 year-old orphan at the mercy of the mean tempered matron Miss Hannigan (Su Pollard - Peggy from 'Hi-De-Hi'). The cast also includes Mark Wynter ('Venus In Blue Jeans') and Louise English (star of film and stage including Bugsy Malone and Me and My Girl).

Annie runs away from the orphange to find her parents, but her freedom is short-lived and she is returned to the furious Miss Hannigan. Fate takes an unexpected turn when local billionaire businessman Oliver Warbucks decides to host an orphan for the Christmas season, and Annie is chosen as the lucky candidate..ah! Annie and Warbucks develop a bond and Warbucks decides to adopt her after first promising to make every effort to find her real parents. The announcement of a 50,000.00 reward for Annie's real parents causes chaos as hundreds of imposters come forward. All is not what is seems and the imposters are exposed. Annie and her 'Daddy' Warbucks are finally reunited.

Source - First Stop, Ireland.


14 October : Su interviewed on Irish radio
Su on Radio FoyleSu was interviewed on Radio Foyle in Londonderry last week.

Su and the cast of Annie were in Ireland on week three of the musical's tour. Su, and the children from the cast, were interviewed by Susan McReynolds, with Su chatting about Annie in particular and her career in general.

Annie opens on tomorrow evening at the Grand Theatre in Swansea.

14 October : Shenanigans with Miss Hannigan!
Leapin' lizards! One of the most captivating and delightful musicals of all time came to the Belgrade this autumn.

Annie starred Su Pollard (Miss Hannigan), Mark Wynter (Daddy Warbucks), Louise English (Grace Farrell) and Jemma Carlisle as Annie the orphan.

The musical features the classic songs Tomorrow, It's A Hard Knock Life and You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile.

Huge sets, beautiful costumes and wonderful performers, both young and old!

Source - This Is Coventry

14 October : Su:TV
As previously mentioned, UK Gold is currently reshowing Hi-De-Hi! three times each day.

The cable/satellite channel are also to broadcast the entire third series of Gimme Gimme Gimme this coming Saturday evening.

Su, of course, starred in episode five of the third series, entitled 'Singin In The Drain'. She played Tom's singing teacher, the curiously named Heidi Honeycomb!

The Gimme extravaganza begins at 9pm with episode five beginning @ 11.40pm.

Gimme Gimme Gimme - Series Three
UK Gold - Sat 19th October : 9pm

Heidi Honeycomb


9 October : 'Annie' Update
Annie, now in the third week of the tour, is receiving rave reviews from all, critics and theatre goers alike, who see the show.

This week 'The Stage' has given the production, and cast, a resounding "thumbs-up".

Annie reaches the Grand Theatre in Swansea next Tuesday (15th October).

Catch it while you can!

Annie - Information & Reviews

9 October : 'Hi-De-Hi!'
Hi-De-Hi! continues to light up UK Gold's (and UK Gold Plus 1) schedules three times a day, everyday, this month, with series' one to three of the show.

Even Glasgow's 'Evening Times' has been caught up in the nostalgiafest, picturing Ted (Paul Shane) and Spike (Jeffrey Holland) in their TV section earlier this week.

9 October : 'Annie' - Lincoln review in The Stage
Annie - TheStageAnnie, at the Theatre Royal in Lincoln, is reviewed in this week's 'The Stage'...

Annie - Lincoln/Touring

Jemma Carlisle and Su Pollard in Annie at the Theatre Royal, Lincoln.

To say that Chris Moreno's production of this perennial favourite brings the Theatre Royal house down would be no false statement. The audience loved it and Jemma Carlisle as Annie steals the show. All credit to her because it takes some stealing and her success is a tribute to her talents which include singing, dancing and acting her heart out. 

Su Pollard as Miss Hannigan and Mark Wynter as Oliver Warbucks are the big stars and use all their experience to make this a show to remember. They are very ably aided and abetted by a high-quality support cast, all of which deserve individual mention were there the space available. 

The direction of Chris Colby, David Kort's choreography and Mark Crossland's musical direction pull together with excellent lighting and sets to make this a production worthy of any West End stage. 

Every song and production number is greeted with enthusiasm by the audience. There were few who would not willingly sit through it all again. 

This production of Annie tours the UK until the end of November and anyone with the foresight to buy a ticket will not be disappointed. The sun doesn't wait until tomorrow to come out – it shines all over the stage.

By Bernard Bale
Picture: Richard Johnson 


5 October : Su Interview - iC Coventry
Su @ IC Coventry'iC Coventry' interviewed Su last week. The feature mainly covers Annie, which has been wowing the crowds at the Belgrade Theatre this week.

Su's so bad - she's good! 

She's hitting the bottle, hates kids and wants to find the man of her dreams.

Yes, Su Pollard is having the time of her life being thoroughly nasty and wicked.

Hi-De-Hi’s one-time sweet-natured chalet maid Peggy has been transformed into a booze-guzzling harpy for family musical Annie. Su appears as mean orphanage boss Miss Hannigan and says she has no worries working with both children and animals.

“The dog’s a little excitable,” she admits, “but the children are superb and the music is so great. I’ve always wanted to be in Annie because I just love the music so much. We’ve got a brilliant cast and, frankly, I’m having a ball. It’s fantastic.”

One of the reasons Su is enjoying going on stage every night is she gets the chance to play a real horror.

“Miss Hannigan doesn’t like these kids at all,” screams Su with delight. “She can’t stand them and they can't stand her. But, poor cow, she’s not got a lot going for her, has she? She’s desperate to find a man, but she’s got no chance.”

It’s a complete change of character for Su who first came to public attention playing Yellow Coat wannabe Peggy in long-running TV comedy Hi-De-Hi. Her career has been busy every since and she’s is a veteran when it comes to touring. She was on the road earlier this year in Pirates of Penzance and will be starring in Annie before heading off to panto to play another audience-hissing nasty in Snow White.

“I love touring and going to new places,” she insists. “I just wish Annie was a longer tour, I really do. It’s great to be in a show that’s so popular and it is something the whole family can come and see.”

Meanwhile, she has plans to revamp her stage show for the Edinburgh Festival next year and she’s been working with Lenny Henry, Mel and Sue and Martin Clunes doing a voice-over for a new children’s series called The Little Robot.

“I voice a character called Miss Nosey,” she squeals with laughter and happily heads off to slip into the guise of Miss Hannigan again and practice being mean to a few more kids.

By Marion McMullen.

5 October : 'Hi-De-Hi!' - UK Gold / 'You Rang, M'Lord?' Update
Hi-De-Hi! on UK GoldUK Gold are once again digging into the BBC archive...

As of Monday 7th October they begin repeats of Hi-De-Hi! thrice daily, beginning with episode one, from series one, 'Desire In The Mickey Mouse Grotto'.

Throughout October UK Gold have Hi-De-Hi! series one to three scheduled for broadcast.

Some UK television guides and magazines mention this, including 'The Look', the Mirror's Saturday magazine. They have included this classic picture of the cast with the caption:

"Hi-De-Hi! campers! Smiles all round for the staff at Maplins - UK Gold, 6am, 1pm and 7pm."

Su and Paul in You RangUnfortunately UK Gold say they have no plans, at present, to repeat You Rang, M'Lord?

Many of Su's fans adore this other classic BBC comedy, and indeed it is one of Su's favourites too. She plays Ivy Teasdale, in the series set in 1920's London, alongside Paul Shane and Jeffrey Holland among many others.

The series ran for four series between 1988 and 1993.

If and when it does appear in the schedules you'll find all the info you need right here.

You Rang, M'Lord? - Complete Episode Guide

5 October : 'Annie' Reviews
Annie - iC Coventry

The endearing tale of a little American orphan and her rags-toriches lifestyle is brought to life by a near 60-strong cast in Annie.

Childhood memories from the 1981 film came flooding back as Jemma Carlisle plays the title role in the show which tells the tale of a 12-year-old girl whose dream finally comes true when she is plucked from the cold, evil Miss Hannigan into the home of the warm, loving billion-aire ‘Daddy’ Warbucks.

Jemma and ‘Daddy’ - actor Mark Wynter - give outstanding performances which have the audience smiling one minute, their eyes filling up the next. Some may remember Miss Hannigan actress Su Pollard as downtrodden Peggy in 1980s comedy Hi-De-Hi.

Su gives an amazing performance with plenty of laughter-filled moments. Annie is an ideal show for anyone of any age and is altogether a good night out.

By Samantha Clark.

Annie - Reviews Gate

25 yrs old and can still weave its magic: Su Pollard in top form.

The most optimistic of all optimistic musicals, Annie, now more than 25 years old, continues to waft its spell. It has lively numbers, a heart-string pulling story and . . . most importantly . . . children and a dog.

Annie is set in the American depression. orphan Annie goes to spend Christmas with the fabulously wealthy Warbucks who adopts her. Attending one of President Roosevelt's cabinet meetings she even saves the country's failing economy by reminding the President 'The sun'll shine tomorrow'. The young people in the audience don't notice the unlikelihood of this political doctrine and adore the archetypal story of poor orphan who's saved into wealth and comfort.

Su Pollard leads the team in a more than whole-hearted performance as Miss Hannigan. It's vintage Pollard, great fun to see live and it's a shame the role doesn't offer her even more opportunities. She has a deliciously raunchy singing voice and I particularly liked her trio with arch villains Rooster (Matthew Hewitt) and Lily St Regis (Amanda Sim).

Young Jemma Carlisle brings a great naturalness and charm to Annie in a role that could otherwise be unbearably saccharine. Mark Wynter is a genuinely warm and friendly Oliver Warbucks.

By Rod Dungate.

4 October : 'Annie' Update

Su as Miss Hannigan

Annie is now almost at the end of its Coventry run. Week three sees Su and the cast in Londonderry, at the Millenium Forum, commencing next Tuesday (8th October).

The show is going great and Su is having a ball playing Miss Hannigan

4 October : 'Hi-De-Hi!' - Boxed Sets Information
Hi-De-Hi! mystery solved!The Hi-De-Hi! boxed sets "mystery" has been solved!

The BBC have informed Su Online that the VHS and DVD sets will be available again next March. As well as the pilot episode and entire first two series' the set will now also include a, so far unspecified, Christmas special too.

Great news.We hope this has cleared up some of the confusion that resulted from the sudden withdrawl of the long-awaited collection.

Hi-De-Hi! - Su Online Scrapbook

Hi-De-Hi! - Complete Episode Guide

29 September : 'Gimme Gimme Gimme' 3 DVD
Gimme DVDAs mentioned in our previous news update, Gimme Gimme Gimme series three is released on VHS and DVD on 11th November.

Not long to wait for the opportunity to enjoy a certain Ms Heidi Honeycomb in sheer unadulterated digital quality!

This is the artwork for the DVD. Click the image for further info on the release.

Su as Heidi in 'Singin' In The Drain'

29 September : Su News - Bits & Bobs
M Mag - 28 Sep 02• Su was mentioned in yesterday's 'M' Magazine, the Daily Mirror's Saturday mag.

Scott Mean, who stars in Sky One's football drama Dream Team, was describing his Fantasy Day and when asked where he would wake up, he answered:

"Butlin's holiday camp in Bognor Regis. It's a fun place, and I might meet my favourite actress, Su Pollard"!

• The Theatre Royal in Lincoln was all over prime time news programmes here in the UK on Thursday. Su, of course, was starring in the first week of Annie there and the musical's promo poster was very visible in many of the reports.

Annie is popular but the real reason for the intense coverage was that a certain Jeffrey Archer was, until Wednesday, working at said theatre!

29 September : Su for Harry!
Some of you may recall members of the Su Pollard Shrine, and indeed SuOnline (News - 26th May 2002), mentioning that Su would be ideal for the role of Professor Trelawny in the third Harry Potter film.

Professor Trelawny

The character is a divinity teacher at Harry's boarding school, Hogwart's, and apparently her similarity to Su is quite uncanny.

There now appears to be renewed interest in this idea just as the second Harry Potter film is set for release. What's more is that the musings are coming from the forum at the official website of HarryPotter co-star Chris Rankin.

Su for Harry Potter 3? Who knows? Watch This Space!


25 September : Hi-De-Hi! - TV
Reinforcing its standing as a comedy classic, Hi-De-Hi! is included in the schedules of, at least, three TV channels here in the UK over the following weeks.

BBC Prime - Fri 27 Sep : 11.15am

BBC 2 - Sat 28 Sep : 4.55pm

BBC Prime - Sun 29 Sep : 12.30pm

BBC Prime - Fri 4 Oct : 11.15am

BBC 2 - Sat 5 Oct : 5.30pm

BBC Prime - Sun 6 Oct : 12.30pm

And from Sunday 6 October UK Gold are reshowing retro Hi-De-Hi! episodes daily, beginning with Series One, episode one!

25 September : 'Annie' - On The Web!
AnnieAs previously mentioned, Annie opens tonight at the Theatre Royal in Lincoln. Good luck to all involved from Su Onilne:)

Annie information is also featured at another couple of websites this week:

RNID : One of the most captivating and delightful musicals of all time is delighting audiences on its UK tour. Starring Su Pollard, (Peggy from Hi-de-Hi), Mark Wynter (Venus in Blue Jeans and Go Away Girl) and Louise English (star of film and stage including Bugsy Malone and Me and My Girl).

Arts In SussexArts In Sussex : Following its West End success, this lavish and slick production of a timeless and ever popular musical stars the irrepressible Su Pollard as the mean Miss Hannigan, Mark Wynter (Sweet Charity, Phantom of the Opera) as the kindly billionaire Daddy Warbucks and Louise English (Eastenders) as Grace Farrell. Set against a Manhattan skyline in the era of the Great Depression, Annie The Musical follows the rags to riches story of an eleven year old orphan without a friend in the world, except her faithful dog, Sandy. Annie's only hope is to escape the orphanage where the tyrannical Miss Hannigan makes life a misery and with the arrival of Daddy Warbucks her dreams finally can come true.

19 September : 'Annie' - Opening Soon
Annie - Opens 25th September 02After weeks of rehearsals Annie finally opens next Wednesday (25th September) at the Theatre Royal in Lincoln.

Su stars as Miss Agatha Hannigan, the drunken spinster who is in charge of the orphanage where young Annie resides. 

The nine week tour, visiting Lincoln, Coventry, Londonderry, Swansea, Cheltenham, Brighton, Blackpool, Darlington and Southsea, between September and November, and is set to be a huge success for Su and all involved as ticket sales have been very good.

Su Online wishes Annie, and Su, all the best!

Click the Annie picture for further info.

19 September : 'Hi-De-Hi!' Sets - Problems
Hi-De-Hi! Boxed SetsThere appears to be problems with the availability of the Hi-De-Hi! VHS & DVD Boxed Sets.

Online stores Amazon and Black Star both say they don't have any more for sale. Members of The Su Pollard Shrine, at Yahoo Groups, who brought this to our attention, have also found it virtually impossible to purchase these long-awaited releases.

If any news on why this has happened surfaces we will let you know here.

19 September : Gimme A DVD!
The third series of Gimme Gimme Gimme, in which Su appears, is to be released on DVD (region 2) and VHS on November 11th 2002.

Heidi and Tom

Su guested in episode five of the series, 'Singing In The Drain', playing Tom's singing teacher, Heidi Honeycomb.

More info as soon as it is known

NB Gimme Gimme Gimme series one is available on video and DVD, but series two isn't. Neither does there appear to be any plans to make it available in the near future.

19 September : Snow White
The Theatre Royal in Lincoln now have an information page dedicated to Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs. Take a look at Su's pantomime for 2002's festive season by clicking here.


6 September : The Stage

Su is in this week's 'The Stage'. She is featured in the Theatre sections 'Production News', that news being the forthcoming Annie tour...

Su Pollard appears as Miss Hannigan in the national tour of Annie, presented by Chris Moreno Ltd. She is joined by Mark Wynter (Oliver Warbucks), Louise English (Grace Farrell), Jemma Carlisle (Annie). Chris Colby directs, book by Thomas Meehan, music by Charles Strouse and lyrics by Martin Charnin. September - Theatre Royal, Lincoln (25-28), Belgrade Theatre, Coventry (30-Oct 5); October - Millennium Forum, Londonderry (8-12), Grand Theatre, Swansea (15-19), Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham (29-Nov 2); November - Theatre Royal, Brighton (4-9), Grand Theatre, Blackpool (11-16), Civic Theatre, Darlington (19-24), Kings Theatre, Southsea (25-30). 

For further information on Annie please click below. External links to selected theatre websites have now been added.

Su Online 'Annie' page

6 September : Hi-De-Hi! On TV

Su on BBC2

BBC2 have Hi-De-Hi! listed in their Saturday afternoon schedule for the next few weeks.

Hi-De-Hi! : BBC2
Saturday 7th September : 5pm
Saturday 14th September :

6 September : Su Online's Second Birthday!!
Two Years Old!On Tuesday 10th September 2002 Su Online will celebrate two years of bringing you all you ever wanted to know about Su. Yes! It's our birthday!

It seems like only yesterday that we first launched ourselves onto an unsuspecting, news starved, Su public.

We hope you have enjoyed the Su News, Pictures, Articles, Gossip and much more we have brought you over the past 24 months, 730 days, 17,472 hours - yes, okay, TWO YEARS!

Stay tuned as there is much, much more to come over the following months.

To mark the occasion we hope to have the remaining Su:TV sections live around the 10th, so be prepared for more screen captures than you can possibly ever genuinely need!

6 September : Playback Advert
Playback PromoPlayback are currently including the Hi-De-Hi! VHS and DVD boxed sets in their advertising/promotional campaign.

The ads also feature Last Of The Summer Wine, 'Allo 'Allo and Open All Hours, and use the tag line: "Clear Off!...and get some Classic BBC comedy from Playback"!

6 September : 'Hi-De-Hi!' - TV Plus "Golden Oldie"
Teletext - TV PlusFollowing on from the news story, at the end of August, on Hi-De-Hi! featuring as ITV1 Teletext's "Golden Oldie", the tribute is now available to view at Teletext's website.

The info is identical to that included in our report but the site does also include a fab picture of Su as Peggy, not originally included on TV.

TV OldieThe Hi-De-Hi! feature is also currently online at the TV Oldie website, in their "Classic TV Revisited" section. This is likely to be only available temporarily.

To visit either of these websites please click the respective pictures.

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