Past Su News : April 2002

21 April : Su in 'The Vagina Monologues'
The Vagina MonologuesSu Online is excited to announce that Su is set to appear in London's West End in Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues.

Details have yet to be finalised but Su has agreed with the show's producers to appear for a short season of approx four or five weeks at the Ambassador's Theatre, beginning sometime in May once The Pirates Of Penzance tour finally closes.

The show has saw many high profile actresses make appearances over the past year or so, including Jerry Hall and Patsy Kensit among many other well-known names.

"Laurence Olivier Award Nominee For Best Entertainment

Eve Ensler's smash hit, The Vagina Monologues, has shocked and delighted audiences from New York to Paris and for this Autumn it will be doing the same.

The Vagina Monolgues gives voice to a chorus of lusty, outrageous, poignant, and thoroughly human stories. Having seen The Vagina Monologues, no one will ever look at the word the same way again."

The Vagina Monologues is a fantastic evening of women celebrating their private parts. A great night of adult orientated entertainment.

Click on the picture to visit The Vagina Monologues website.

More information on Su's appearance when full details are finalised.

21 April : The Pirates Of Penzance
Streuth it's Ruth!Sadly it has been announced that The Pirates Of Penzance will not be transferring to the West End after the mammoth nationwide tour ends early next month.

Su and the cast will go their seperate ways as a suitable theatre is not available to stage the musical.

Last night the show ended its run at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham with a rip roaring performance. On Monday the musical opens at the Hippodrome in Bristol for the penultimate week of the tour. The Pirates Of Penzance will end on Saturday 4th May after the final week of high sea frolics at The Lyceum in Sheffield.

Those Pirates Of PenzanceTo celebrate the hugely successful eight month tour, and commemorate it's closing, Su Online will have a special News feature on The Pirates Of Penzance at the beginning of May. This will include a look back at events of the tour and will also include some beautiful, but rarely seen, cast pictures.

Check back for May's first Su News Update for this special feature.

Don't miss it.

All the Pirates Of Penzance info you'll ever need just a click away.

21 April : Online Treasure - A Retro Su Picture
Found! A great picture of Su from the 80's, with the headline "Zany Su Helps To Spring Clean". Su is dressed in her Peggy Ollerenshaw outfit and looks to be having a whale of a time!

Go See

21 April : Su On 'Woman's Hour'

Su @ Radio 4'sWoman's Hour

Su was interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour last Saturday (13th April) on the subject of "Gay Best Friends".

Gay Best Friends: The GBF, or the Gay Best Friend, as epitomised in Bridget Jones's Diary, is becoming a "must have," for women.

Su Pollard, who has more gay friends than straight, and Richard Coles, presenter of Radio 3's Nightwaves and inspiration for the GBF character himself , join Martha Kearney in the Woman's Hour studio.

21 April : See Thru Website


Su is featured @ SeeThruWeb, the "Internet Filter and Webzine". They have a link to Su Online and a little tribute to Su, they say:

"Su Pollard - A Life In Pictures. At last, an opportunity to watch the rise and rise of comic genius Su Pollard from ground-breaking shows like Hi-De-Hi! to comic masterpieces like Oh, Doctor Beeching!".

21 April : Hi-De-Hi!
BBC Prime continues to reshow classic episodes of Hi-De-Hi!. At present they are at Series Six, originally broadcast in the UK in November/December 1984.

Hi-De-Hi! : BBC Prime
Tuesday 23rd April : 8.30pm
Opening Day
The new season opens at Maplins and the entertainments staff head down to the station to meet the first lot of campers of the train.

Hi-De-Hi! : BBC Prime
Tuesday 30th April : 8.30pm
Off With The Motley
Peggy is promoted to Stores Supervisor. Even with more money and responsibility she yearns to be back among the fun around the pool.


8 April : 'Pirates' Latest

As previously mentioned, Su and The Pirates Of Penzance cast arrive in Cambridge today for a week of fun and frolics at the Corn Exchange.

After this week's run the Pirates nationwide tour only has three weeks left; Cheltenham, Bristol  and Sheffield.

Pirates - A great night out

If you are near these areas, don't miss this great show.

8 April : Su in 'Gimme Gimme Gimme'
Linda & Heidi - Spot The Difference!Last night saw another chance to witness Su's fantastic performance as Heidi Honeycomb in the stand-out episode of Gimme Gimme Gimme's third (and possibly) final series.

BBC Choice repeated 'Singin' In The Drain' last night @ midnight. A real treat for all the insomniacs among us!

Never fear if you missed it as Choice are reshowing the episode again this coming Thursday (11th April) at 9.30pm.

In the meantime, pay a visit to Su Online's Gimme Gimme Gimme page.


1 April : Su Interview 
Su as RuthSu was very recently interviewed by the Cambridge News in association with her forthcoming visit to the Cambridge Corn Exchange with The Pirates Of Penzance on Monday 8th April.


HI De Hi's dippy chambermaid Peggy will doubtless go down in the history books but Su Pollard has done much more besides. JANE DENNY found out. 

Set for swashbuckling shenanigans aplenty Su Pollard will burst onto Cambridge's Corn Exchange stage as Ruth the nursemaid to Frederic in the forthcoming show The Pirates of Penzance. 

The show, which is currently touring Britain, sees Su fulfilling one of her dreams of a high-energy live action performance which also allows her to wear outrageous clothes. 

Famed for an odd dress sense it is said that when auditioning for Hi De Hi Su, who lives in Islington, London, wore odd socks. 

Readily admitting to having an eye for colourful attire Su said: "My pirate uniform is all red and gold and big boots and showbiz I may wear it to Sainsbury's."

This would not be too surprising as she once wore a beaded dress made especially for her one-woman show by the BBC in the supermarket. 

The dress cost 5,000 and is the most extravagant purchase Su has ever made. 

Su, 52, is single and need not worry about the expense too much because an almost 30-year career in the entertainment industry has feathered her nest quite nicely. 

Hi De Hi, which attracted audiences of 15 million, ran for 58 episodes until the late 80s. Su has recorded numerous singles including You've Lost That Loving Feeling in 1986 and a compilation album, The Collection, of songs last year. 

A first book called Hearts and Showers, all about "how men have got their heads in the clouds", was published and somehow Su also found time to record a fitness video Sensible Slimming, too. 

Happily single Su has slimmed her life of a significant other but says "men are fantastic, know what I mean". But "women," said Su, "just have so much to do that they just get on with it."

Perhaps just getting on with it explains the nationwide success of her one woman show A Song, A Frock and A Tinkle which followed the 1987 tour of the Su Pollard Show. 

For Su it's about "being quite happy to swan about and do what I want when I want", and that might, after Pirates finishes, mean being in a film. 

Pirates will be performed, in association with the News, from Monday, April 8 to Saturday, April 13. 

1 April : Pirates News

Su and Mike in Oxford

Following last week's successful run at the Apollo Theatre in Oxford (that's Mike, who works at the Apollo Theatre, with Su in the picture above), Su and the cast & crew of The Pirates Of Penzance open today at the Opera House in Manchester for yet another week of swashbuckling adventure!

The Manchester stint ends on Saturday 6th April and Pirates moves to the Cambridge Corn Exchange on Monday 8th April.

Rob, Su and David in Buxton

Another picture - this is from when Pirates visited the Opera House in Buxton earlier this year, in late January/early February. Pictured with Su is her old pal Rob and, er, me! And before anyone wastes time and effort on an email - yes we had partaken a few "light refreshments"! Happy Days:)

All the Pirates Of Penzance info you'll ever need just a click away.

1 April : You Rang, M'Lord?

Su as Ivy in 'You Rang, M'Lord?'

You Rang, M'Lord? continues to be broadcast twice daily on cable/satellite channel UK Drama in the UK until, at least, mid April

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