Express Yourself: Life Choices: Su Pollard

Actress Su Pollard, 57, is single and lives in North London

Always the same or always game?
If I find a dish I really like, I’ll eat it until I can’t stand it any more. In a restaurant, I’ll sometimes order something I’ve never had before – I recently had venison and thoroughly enjoyed it and once, in Hawaii, I ate some sort of fish which wasn’t squid but had blue ink inside. That’s about the most adventurous I’ve been.

Experimental or tried and tested?
I’m not a very good cook and I don’t really enjoy it but I will try recipes that don’t have too many ingredients. It’s a great feeling when something turns out well. I’m very good at doing roast cod with herbs and tomatoes.

M&S or D&G?
I mix and match. I really like Accessorize and I’ve always liked Topshop. The Diesel shop in New York is one of my favourites, too. Designers I like are Giles Deacon and Basso and Brooke. 

Victim or setter?
I regard my own style as quite individual. 
I remember going to C&A when I was four years old and knowing exactly what I wanted – a blue and white polka-dot smock dress with yellow ties. I like to be a bit imaginative and will happily wear a tie 
with a dress if I think it will work. 

Until you drop or avoid at all costs?
If it’s for something essential, I don’t mind but I couldn’t spend a whole day wondering around the shops. I can’t stand all that getting undressed then dressed again – I’m more of a spur of the moment shopper.

Beach or piste?
I don’t mind walking along a beach but I don’t like sunbathing. I once went skiing when I was at school and I learned the French for “help!” It came in very handy because I was hopeless and fell over a lot. My ideal holiday is a city break. I love New York in particular. 

Quantity or quality?
If you live for quite a while you can accumulate a lot of friends so I suppose I’m a bit of both. Some of my closest friends go back 40 years and I’d like to think that if I live another 20 years I’ll make even more friends. If not, I’m more than happy with those I’ve got.

Intimate dinner or big bash?
I love dinner parties where people end up telling you things they wouldn’t normally ever mention. It’s nice to see people letting their guard down and having fun. I also love big parties where you go from one person to another and think: “They seem nice.”

Mary Poppins or Cruella De Vil?
Mary Poppins. I’m not a mother but I am a godmother. My sister doesn’t have any children either; they’ve never been in the remit but I think that as long as children are polite and well brought up I’m happy to spend time with them.

Aggie & Kim or Wayne & Waynetta?
I have people in once a week to give the house a thorough clean but I’m not averse to tidying up every day and making sure everything is in the right place. I need order around me and I can’t remember the last time I went to sleep after a party without cleaning up. 

Boy racer or Sunday driver?
I don’t drive but if I did I’m sure I’d be a boy racer. I’ve never wanted to drive because I manage perfectly well with trains, planes and taxis. I couldn’t stand the responsibility of driving and journeys of more than 40 minutes bore me rigid. 

Minimal or cosy?
Neither. Minimal means you have one chair – I hate that but I don’t like a cosy look either. I’m theatrical, I’ve got bright colours – lemons and greens and reds – all over my home; it’s very bright. There are paintings all over the walls and a television made out of metal which I just like to look at. 

Alternative or aspirin?
I guess I would be aspirin; I’d definitely go to the doctor if I wasn’t feeling well. I never take melted seaweed or anything like that. I’m always pretty healthy. 

Bin it or recycle it?
I recycle and am really conscientious about it. I’m really pleased that a lot of companies which use ridiculous amounts of packaging are now being targeted. It’s so wasteful.

Jane Fonda or Jim Royle?
The show I’m doing at the moment is an hour-and-a-half long with no intervals which means I get a tremendous workout every day. When I’m not working I do a 40-minute workout three times a week which involves Pilates and skipping. I devised it with my sister and a sports injury adviser and touch wood, its proving to be a good regime. 

Gadget girl or technophobe?
Technophobe. I’m waiting for everything to come out on a wristwatch. Come on Sony – please, please answer my prayer. I’m not logged on or webbed in – I’m not interested in any of it.

Daily Express
June 2007