Review: Snow White

The big difference between this Snow White and others I’ve seen is that the seven inhabitants of Snow White’s forest refuge are played by real dwarfs. Each is able to establish individuality so the relationship between them and their beautiful fugitive has real emotional charge.

Their delightful Snow White is Rebecca Trehearn proving that sweet innocence needn’t be pale and insipid. Her charm and genuine niceness had little girls in the audience firmly rooting for her. I’ve rarely heard so many young female voices so vociferous with advice for their heroine.

As the queen, Sue Pollard in a glittery black dress is more demented than wicked, stomping about in frustration when thwarted and engineering some nice hissing and booing.

Andy Collins’ Muddles has instant rapport with the audience, shaming reluctant adults into making fools of themselves and being especially good with the young volunteers on stage. His finest moment is a wildly anarchic Twelve Days of Christmas.

Shane Dalton sings well as a nicely stuck-up prince. Shaun Curry looks sinister as the queen’s henchman but isn’t given enough villainy or comedy to make much of an impact.

Overall it’s a fine family pantomime and those dwarfs really make a difference.

The Stage
December 2005