Look Out Basil... Su's On Her Way!

Watch out Blackpool - Su Pollard is hitting town next week!

"I've already got the social calendar arranged," says Su, who is starring in A Happy Medium at the Grand next week: "There are five girls in the show, it's quite a small cast. We've let Basil Newby know we're coming!" 

Su Pollard's enthusiasm is infectious. It's quite possibly the first interview I've ever done where the only question I've had to ask is 'how are you?' That sends Su off into a discussion which touches on just about everything - from the luxurious Darlington hotel she is speaking from ("They always look after you") to her two minor criticisms of Blackpool ("You have to change trains in Preston to get there. 

And there is only one restaurant where you can get really nice fresh vegetables.") 

Most importantly, she looks forward to her visit: "I like Blackpool. 

"The people are fabulous, and you get great sandwiches. As I recall, it's lost its way a bit and they are trying to work it out. I hope it doesn't change too much. 

"I can't wait to get back to the ballroom. 

"I like going and watching them all dancing, all the lovely ladies with their silver shoes and their husbands twirling them around." 

Su, last seen in the resort in Annie, is also enjoying her starring role in A Happy Medium, which tells the story of Ellen Small, a woman who wants to make contact with her dead sister to fulfil a promise made years before. "It's a great play," says Su: "It's funny, it's fast, only a couple of hours long and you can take kids as young as six. If you're into Shakespeare it wouldn't be your thing. 

"It's not subtle, it's just good fun. 

"We have already had spiritualists and people who are into the psychic world along to see it and they have really enjoyed it. I can promise a good fun night out."

This Is Blackpool
March 2004