HI-DE-HI star Su just loves dream role in the smash-hit musical Annie

HI-DE-HI actress Su Pollard is set to take to the stage in Hamilton.

Comedienne Su has been cast as the evil Miss Hannigan in a production of the hit musical Annie.

The musical comes to the Townhouse on October 13 for a five-day run.

And earlier this month the 60-year-old television actress visited Hamilton to publicise the show and speak to the Advertiser about her career in show biz.

After declaring her love of the River Clyde, Su said: “We have travelled from Glasgow and it’s marvellous.

“I am so looking forward to working here, I think it is going to be really nice.”

Susan Georgina Pollard was born in Nottingham in 1949. After finishing an apprenticeship at The Arts Theatre, Nottingham, Su had her television debut in 1974 on Opportunity Knocks.

Her rendition of I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say No, from Oklahoma, was popular with the talent show’s viewers but she was placed second ... to a ‘singing’ Jack Russell!

However, she put the disappointment behind her and after a few appearances in musicals, landed the part in Hi-De-Hi that made her a household name.

She played chalet maid Peggy in the sit-com that ran for eight years from 1980 and was set in Maplins, a fictional 1950s British holiday camp.

Su has also displayed her singing and acting talents in a one-woman show.

And Su was as bubbly and vivacious as ever when she met the Advertiser to talk about the latest venture in a career that spans over 35 years.

Looking much younger than her 60 years and wearing a floral dress and hair band adorned with flowers, Su said she loved being in Annie and added: “We have had a fantastic time doing the show.

“We are very fortunate because it is such a popular show and it is 30 years since it started.

“I would imagine there is no one in the world that doesn’t know Annie.”

She added: “The children who feature in the show have been really sweet and we are very fortunate that we are able to use local ‘orphans’ from the relevant stage schools.

“We are lucky that they have been well drilled and are disciplined – it has been marvellous and they are so excited because they love being in Annie.”

Su was happy playing warped Miss Hannigan, likening the role to the “Wicked Queen in Snow White but without a tiara”.

“She is obviously absolutely addicted to Jack Daniels and she secretes these bottles all around the orphanage,” added Su.

“I like to think that she gets a bit of sympathy because all she does is have to look after these terrible orphans who tease her to death and make her life a misery.

“ She never seems to have had a boyfriend, and if she has it is so long ago she can’t even remember.

“You can see Miss Hannigan’s decline throughout the show; it is a fabulous part.”

With a role in ITV sitcom Benidorm planned for next year, Su continues to work hard but she adds: “It’s lovely to be able to be involved in something like this where you get the chance to do a bit of acting and a bit of singing, so with a bit of luck I would like to combine the two until I am 90.”

“The main thing is, I like to keep as busy as I can; a girl has got to earn a living.

“And not just that, I am very lucky, so however long I can do it, I’ll keep going – fingers crossed and keep eating the porridge.”

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Thanks to Carla Callaghan
Hamilton Advertiser
August 2009