Su's Talk Show

Trying to get a word in edgeways
when talking to Su Pollard is like tryingto stop an avalanche with a smallplastic fork. 

This woman produces more words per
second than the rest of the world combined and you feel sure that
somewhere is a cable plugging her intothe National Grid. 

But it is an energy she certainly needsfor her current role as Ruth in Pirates Of Penzance, which plays at Hanley's Regent Theatre next week, with Gary Wilmot as her co star. 

"It's a fabulous part in a fabulous show", she says. "I get a great cossie - big boots, big belt. The director said to me, 'are you sure it's not going home with you?'. I love it to bits. Look out for me wearing it." 

One thing's for sure, this is not your traditional representation of Gilbert and Sullivan. 

"The show's all tongue-in-cheek. Much more sexy than D'Oyly Carte. They're all gagging for it. The girls, the pirates, me. It's such a laugh. Real rollicking entertainment. But the music is as Sullivan wrote it. We're all good singers." 

It sounds the perfect manic role for Su who made her name as the ever-eager
but forever-disappointed Peggy in Hi De Hi, but whose first TV experience was as a runner up to a singing dog on Opportunity Knocks. 

But Su's still rabbiting about The Pirates Of Penzance. 

"You should see Gary Wilmot. He's got these great leather trousers. It's down to them that he's got his own fanclub. And they're not all nubile young girls. There's mums and matrons and grannies. And lots of kids. The kids love the show. It's like panto." 

Su has lost a stone during the run of Pirates Of Penzance - quite handy since she recently made a video called 'Sensible Slimming'. 

"It's so energetic", she says "But I just love it. And I love touring. I get to stay in nice hotels and I have a really good time. I like to talk to the other guests." 

I can well believe it. 

By John Woodhouse 

The Sentinel
October 2001